Milky Boobies!


“Hey sis, it’s Chels” Hailey heard her big sister on the other end of the phone and she instantly smiled. “Got a funny story for you, and really can’t tell anyone else so I thought you’d appreciate it.”

“Cool, I want to hear it,” Hailey said enthusiastically – her older sis was always good for a wild story since they had both left the house to go to enter the working world after college.

“Well, I went to lunch with Kristin, you know, my pregnant friend, and she made a comment about how big her boobs were and that they were starting to leak,” Chelsey said. “When we got to my place, I played all innocent about it and said I didn’t get it, how could her boobs get bigger, yadda yadda yadda and so I finally convinced her to show me.”

“Oh my God, Chelsey, you’re nuts. What happened?”

“Holy mother of god they were huge, Hay. Bigger than you!” Chelsey exclaimed. “So I asked if I could see them leak, and she hesitated but I grabbed one anyway and gave it a squeeze and it started to drip!”

“That must have been so weird!” Hailey said, matter of factly. She was starting to get turned on, but wasn’t so cool about the ‘bigger than yours’ line… did you really need to say that? Hailey thought.

“Right, so anyway I quickly licked it up and she was amazed! She smiled at me — emotional Escort Bayan pregnant women — and I smiled back and went back down and sucked her dry!”

“You tasted it?”

“It was so weird! She almost had an orgasm it was so strange. Anyway… another first! We’d never done anything like that before, and she kept thanking me over and over.”

“Wow sis! You’re a freak!!!” Hailey said laughing. She really missed her sister and while extremely entertaining, she found herself getting jealous over the thought of Chelsey sucking anyone else’s tits besides her own. “I can’t believe all the stuff you’re into, but then again I’m the main beneficiary… so thank you! Wish I could suck on your friends big boobies. Sounds like fun! So how’d it taste? Would you want it on your cereal?”

Chelsey giggled at the thought. “No, you know I like skim milk on my cereal. I’m actually kinda pissed because I probably ingested like 100 calories or something from those tits.”

“Oh come on, you’re skinny as a rail, some boob juice isn’t going to change that!”

“I know, well anyway, wanted to tell you that. It’s kind of weird now, not sure what will happen when we see each other next!” Chelsey sounded a big concerned. “I’ll figure it out. Love you Hay.”

“Love you too! Thanks for turning Bayan Escort me on with a good tit sucking story!”

“Ha! You’re welcome. Night, Hay.”


Hailey hadn’t thought so much about the story until her phone rang again days later. It was Chelsey again.

“So… remember the milky boobies??? Well, I told Kristin about how you asked how her milk would taste on cereal because I thought she would think it was funny… and she did! And she wants to know! So she’s coming over tomorrow to have cereal… and she’s bringing the milk!!!”

“Oh my God Chels, you’re crazy. Well let me know!”

“Just thought you’d think it was funny, Babe. Will let you know for sure how it tastes!”

“You’re too funny. Is Kristen brining it already in a container or are you going to milk her over the cereal bowl??? Save some for your coffee, too! What else are you two gonna do? I know you probably can’t go down on her, but she could help a sista out…”

“You’re always thinking Hay. Gotta run, love you, g’night!”

Hailey didn’t hear from Chelsey for a few days, and decided to call.

“Hey, so I never heard about your big date with Kristen. What happened, Chels?”

“Ok, so that was very, very cool! We had a blast. I actually had her take off her shirt and Escort bra – Hailey I never realized that pregnant women really look hot — and asked her to lean over a bowl of raisin bran. Then I squeezed her boobs and squirted milk into the bowl! It took a long time, it doesn’t come out very fast, but I kind of had to get it going by sucking a little first so that was fun.”

“Wow, so she didn’t feel kind of like, you know, a COW?” Hailey laughed.

“Ha, no Hay, she was a good sport, and liked it as much as I did. And it really did taste good! And very healthy, I’m sure. “

“So what did you do after that?”

“We kind of laid around after dinner on the bed; she left her top off the whole time as it was more comfortable for her and awesome for me! I felt the baby kick, too! I took off my clothes for a bit and we laid and talked and I rubbed her a lot and sucked her tits every so often for more. We made out a little too. It was a really nice night, she kept saying that it’s just what she needed!”

“Wow, you’re such a good friend, Chelsey,” Hailey thought about how lucky she was to have such an awesome, and hot, sister. “I love you!”

“Love you too, Babe,” Chelsey answered. “You know, when we get preggers someday we’ll have to do this so you can experience it too.”

“That would be awesome! Thanks for thinking of me!”

“You bet. Think you’ll take care of yourself tonight thinking about me milking some pregnant chick?”

“Oh, I’m already half way there, sis! Good night!”

“Now THAT’s hot. Good night babe. Sleep well.”

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