Milking Her Huge Udders


Devon was the owner of a brothel that was known far and wide for entertaining just about any sexual fantasy a man could dream up. He was a shrewd businessman with a good reputation. He treated his customers right, he treated his working girls right. His creativity helped maximize both his profits and his customer’s pleasure.

He offered both the basic and the elaborate. He always had fresh, new ladies ready to please for those who craved variety. He arranged “party packages” of ladies to entertain at private events. He catered to those who wanted to dominate or be dominated. He could arrange role play sessions where men could dress as a king with multiple slave girls servicing him, or perhaps he might wish to be receive sissy training dressed in panties and a bra. A variety of equipment was provided in intimate, private rooms where his clients could enjoy being edged by a dominatrix or be the teacher during a naughty schoolgirl spanking session. There was nothing else like it.

What was it you desired? Devon could make it come true.

He prided himself on his enormous variety of women in various shapes and sizes and all with unique skill sets. The brothel had such the reputation that men came from across the country just to experience it. Some had saved all year for the chance to enjoy the pricier high-end sessions that could be complex and extend for hours.

It was an experience that once had would never be forgotten.

Another reason why his establishment was so popular wasn’t just the variety of choice but the way he structured the fees. He divided his clients into three main groups. There were the voyeurs, who were the men with little money, whom Devon arranged one-way glass in some of the rooms for. They would file in, cocks erect, standing behind the glass watching either an orgy, prostate massage or men busy licking pussy at the sumptuous Pussy Feasting Table. These men were given ten minutes to watch and ejaculate, although most didn’t last that long. These were his budget customers, but he was able to file hundreds of them thru a day and it added up.

The second tier made up the bulk of his customers-the men who just wanted sex and about an hour to accomplish it. They could request the various scenarios described here, sometimes there was a slightly higher fee if their fantasy required a bit more set up. The Pumping Room, for instance, was at a slightly higher cost as the customer was paying not just to fuck a pumped pussy but to prepare the woman with a preliminary shave, pussy oiling and then the experience of pumping her pussy with a see thru pussy pump. They were paying for the entire experience, the foreplay of getting their woman ready and the unique, exquisite fucking of an enormously swollen, puffy pussy.

The top tier were Devon’s highest paying clientele. These men were usually high-end executives or business owners whom pursued their fetishes with great intensity and were extremely specialized in these particular proclivities. They usually wanted something specific and came prepared to pay for it.

This is why Devon’s Milk Bar was the most popular wing of his establishment. It serviced the many men who had an interest not just in big breasts, but in huge, especially procured, milk filled udders. These men wanted a lactation experience they could not get anywhere else. They found their desires on a milk menu which listed a variety of options suited for any budget. Many men opted to simply watch and stroke, some paid for fondling and sucking on as well as milking a pair of fully engorged tits. The girls were also available for breeding sessions, it all depended on how deep the man’s wallet was and what he wanted to experience.

Devon had a full size, fully operational milking parlor where dozens of his girls were brought in after spending the day filling up with milk. This was the first phase, where the customers could observe and then select the girl they wanted for the evening. What they were witnessing was the result of state-of-the-art udder growth management. Devon’s herd were all fed a special patented diet rich in protein and special growth hormones. Part of their daily regime included routine breast massage treatments and nipple training sessions. Udders were both measured and weighed regularly to track their growth Milk was pumped every evening and with the diet and stimulation program going every day, the women would begin to fill up again over night. By that evening their tits were absolutely enormous and at their peak. They were ready for a long night of being fondled, suckled and machine milked. Some of the ladies who had whopping 60-70 inch tits felt the weight of the milk nearly unbearable as their udders filled, so by early evening they were very antsy and eager to be milked. They looked forward to being selected by customers for time in the private milking stalls.

As the girls filed into the milking parlor this evening, their arms were secured behind their backs. They were all fully Kurtköy Escort nude, clad in only metal collars, wrist and ankle cuffs. Customers stood behind one-way glass watching as they entered. Their enormous, heavy tits caught the men’s attention immediately. All small talk ceased as the they watched the parade of swaying, bouncing udders as the girls made their way down the two rows of milking stations. Each girl was clad only in a collar, ankle and wrist cuffs. Each girl obediently took her place at a station, leaning over a padded support bar and resting her chin in a support cup. They were positioned so that two girls faced one another, their faces inches apart. Their heads were secured with locks to the underside of their collars so that they stayed in place, big udders hanging below them, looking silently into each other’s eyes. Their arms were still tightly secured behind their backs and leg spreaders were attached to their ankles, keeping their feet far apart. The customers selecting a girl for the night stood watching, cocks throbbing, hungry eyes scanning for the most luscious tits they could find. The lowest tier men in the voyeur room spread their legs apart and stroked faster as they took in the glorious sight. Watching the girls restrained, bent over face to face, udders hanging, was extremely arousing.

All the men waited in anticipation, eyes fixated, as the milking assistants came into the room and switched on the main milking machine engine. It gave a mighty woosh and started up. Once the indicator confirmed that all the stations were operational, the next step was lubrication. The assistants walked down the rows and dipped gloved fingers into warm oil and began to massage it onto each pair of full, swollen udders. Soon all of the tits were coated and glistening, gently swinging to and fro.

Once the udders were oiled up nice and slick, the assistants would take the two black rubber rimmed vacuum suckers at each station and carefully attach them to one nipple, then the other. The initial suction instantly tugged each nipple down into a clear milking tube, stretching it considerably. A collection hose ran from each milker into the main milk tank where the rich, creamy milk would be collected and sold that same evening. This was another way Devon maximized his profits. Fresh milk right from the udder commanded top dollar.

When all the girls were hooked up, an electronic buzzer went off, and the main vacuum engine started up. The men stood, enraptured, as the sucking devices began to rhythmically tug. The smooth, oiled udders were being stretched and pulled over and over as the machine stimulated their sensitive, swollen nipples. Soon, soft moans began to fill the room. The women so desperately needed this after their long build up that day, swelling up completely with milk. They had been trained to crave being milked because it meant blissful relief. They all quietly stood, bent over, hypnotized by the rhythmic sucking of the machine, yearning for their tits to start giving. Eventually, most of the girls would be chosen by a customer and would be led into a private stall. The others had the night off and would complete their milking in the parlor, exciting entertainment for the line of voyeurs coming in to watch the erotic display.

For now, they were all locked onto their frames as the second tier customers were making their choices. Many of the men knew one another and would compare notes about breast size and milk yield. They each enjoyed trying the many new milkers that were added to the herd, discussing among themselves which girls had the biggest, most milk filled tits. Everyone was jealous of those who had actually had the good fortune to secure an evening with one of the few 75-inch pairs of tits. Those girls were almost always pre-reserved for the top tier clientele and unavailable.

Once the men had selected one of the girls, assistants on the floor of the parlor were notified. A button was pressed on the main machine and the suction on the girl’s nipples was stopped. The devices would stop tugging, then release and detach. The men observed how red and swollen the nipples were. It was mesmerizing. They knew too, that the girls had not yet orgasmed, and that would greatly increase the milk flow, often causing the milk to squirt powerfully out of the nipples into the air as the women shook and cried in pleasure.

The men were all really looking forward to helping make that happen.

Each customer was led down a hallway where they would meet their chosen milker. She would be standing quietly, waiting for her customer, arms still secured behind her back. Many men had their favorites and she would know exactly how to please them. Most men paid for the second tier silver package experience. This included tit massage, nursing, spanking, pussy licking and of course the opportunity to attach and operate a milking device, emptying the full udders and keeping the collected milk to drink or masturbate Maltepe Escort with. Breeding cost more, which some men opted to pay for, but many simply wanted the opportunity to milk an enormous pair of tits. Both milking and breeding one of the herd was costly, but Devon knew what he had. Nowhere else could you find an experience like this, so he exploited every option with his system of tiers. It brought in lines of lust filled men who would wait their turn for one of the prize milkers.

Once the men had led their girl into a private milking stall, most would start with a long udder fondling session, as they moved the woman about into various positions so that her big heavy tits were hanging in front of them or pointing down towards the ground so they could lay on his back underneath them. Faces were buried between giant milk filled tits, hungry mouths drawing in nipples and sucking. Some wanted to breastfeed like little babies while their cocks were stroked. Others put their girl on all fours with her neck locked between the restraining bars, then milked her by hand as she sighed with pleasure and release.

But each customer was mindful to set aside the bulk of his session to operate the milking machine itself. They relished prepping their women just like the assistants in the milking parlor, taking great care with the oiling, their hands roaming and kneading the soft, supple tits. They luxuriated in the incredibly erotic sensation of handling those huge beauties, feeling their weight, anticipating the sights and sounds of those tits getting a good workout on the machine. Then they would turn the milking machine on and attach the vacuum suckers to each teat. The nipples were caught downward in the suction as the machine latched on. The women would moan softly, reveling in the wonderful feeling of being attached to a milker again, anticipating the relief they had needed for hours.

Most of the men focused first on their girl’s pleasure, knowing that a good orgasm would get that milk really squirting. With persistence and intensity, the men would stimulate their girl’s clit with their tongues or fingers until they had her shaking and crying with pleasure. Her udders would deliciously jiggle as waves of orgasmic pleasure swept over her. The men would then quickly disconnect the vacuum suckers at just the right moment, resulting in gushes of milk squirting out of swollen nipples. The men would immediately get into place and wrap their lips around one of the big teats and suck as if his life depended on it. He may then choose to get into position so that she stroked his cock, murmuring to him that he was a good boy, encouraging him to nurse as his cock tingled and throbbed with pleasure.

Other men had their own techniques. Some enjoyed getting their girl immediately hooked up to a machine, leaning over a specially crafted milking frame. Once the machine was busy tugging at her swollen nipples, the man would pull a chair up behind her and settle in, spreading her ass cheeks and eating her pussy. He would slip a finger deep into her pussy, working his tongue and finger, getting her nice and wet until he could feel her thighs trembling. In a moment, her cries would mingle with the moans and sighs of the other girls up and down the hallway in other private stalls, deep in their milking sessions. Writhing and shaking in ecstasy, her tits would suddenly begin to give in great bursts, milk shooting down into the suction tubes. The man would then tongue her asshole, making her moan with pleasure as her milk squirted in thick streams down the tubes. All of the milk would then be collected until her tits emptied completely. The man would then take the milk and carefully pour it into the bottles he had brought with him. He wanted to save it all, to take a part of her with him, until he had enough saved up to pay another visit to the Milk Bar.

Every Sunday evening one of Devon’s top tier customers would arrive. His name was Gary. He was a very busy stock trader. He was a man who had little time for relationships but always had time for sex. And the sort of sex he was looking for was exactly what Gary was looking for.

Gary was a big guy. He was tall with a big hairy belly. He was very close to bald at this point with a puggish nose and a pair of gold frame glasses. Not exactly a head turner but his wallet more than made up for that. Gary could buy his thrills and knew he could get them regularly. The Milk Bar catered perfectly to his milking fetish. He would show up on time every week with his black duffel bag to a prearranged appointment with his favorite girl, the prize milker named Lucie.

Lucie’s udders were a spectacle to be seen. She was by far the biggest out of all of the girls and was the object of envy from the other girls and for good reason. She was the star of the show and was always booked by Devon’s more moneyed customers. All the girls wanted to be her and all the men wanted to fuck her. She came to the brothel Tuzla Escort two years earlier looking to serve as an obedient, submissive breed cow, already with very big, appetizing tits. Devon saw the potential for much growth, so to speak, and immediately enrolled her in his udder enlargement program for the Milk Bar. She was fed a carefully crafted diet and growth hormones along with the essential tit and nipple training/pumping sessions. She was delighted when her milk came in, but the biggest surprise to everyone was how fabulously she responded to Devon’s training program. Lucie now sported an incredible 85-inch bust line. Her nipples had grown into big succulent baby bottle nipples. They jutted outwards, supple and erect, an invitation that turned men’s knees to jelly. Devon would often put her in the display window at the front of his establishment, causing a huge crowd of men to gather round. Lucie was an expensive toy. Men drooled over her like they would a Ferrari or Porsche. Most would never be able to spend any time with her, but she was a good lure to draw in more customers for the other girls.

She stood there in the window in her high heels, her wrists locked behind her back, docile and silent. An assistant would enter the display with her and fit her mouth with a bright pink ball gag. Her innocent eyes looking at the men as they pushed to get as close to the window as they could. The assistant would then bend her over a metal bar so that her tits hung down, and then proceeded to massage and tug them, making the men gasp and moan as they watched them swing and bounce off one another. A few of the men succumbed and squirted into their pants. The sight was just too much. For the men who had managed to keep their cum in their balls and not blow it all out into their underwear, they now were trying to compute in their heads if they could spare any money at all for a visit to the Milk Bar.

Lucie tended to have that effect.

Gary however, didn’t have to check his finances. He arrived and checked in thru the private entrance, greeting the assistant who led him to the private milking stall reserved in his name. He set down his things and unzipped his duffel bag. He removed his watch, set it aside and rolled up his shirt sleeves.

He then made his way to the observation room. This was a small, private arena with seats and an enclosed pen. He sat down in one of the comfortable, velvet covered seats. Another assistant came and sat down with him, holding a clipboard with Lucie’s growth statistics which they discussed for a moment. Then Gary leaned back as the assistant pressed a button on the wall. An automatic door then opened at the back of the pen, and Lucie stepped out, her blonde hair cascading down between her shoulder blades. Clad only in high heels, she gave Gary a gentle little smile. She swayed her hips seductively as she walked towards him, carefully balancing herself. His eyes were fixated on her absolutely enormous tits, big as beach balls capped with those fabulously, swollen nipples. They were hypnotizing.

At this time of day all of the girls were at full capacity, and Lucie actually had to wear little pink clamps screwed onto her nipples. She was so heavy, so big and full that her milk would otherwise leak unless they were held closed. Gary loved that she was at the bursting point like that. It made his cock throb to think about the bounty of milk she had to contain walking around on those precarious high heels. He always enjoyed inspecting and watching her like this before they began. She was very good managing in the stilettos but he could tell she was just a little wobbly this evening.

Gary leaned over, looking at the clipboard.

“Has she actually *grown* since the last time I was here?” he asked with a grin.

The assistant smiled. “She has indeed, Gary. Already broke past 85. On her way to 86. We’re absolutely delighted.”

Gary breathed out a whistle and his hungry eyes returned to Lucie.

“Jog, honey….” he said.

Lucie picked up the pace and began to jog as best as she could. Gary derived immense pleasure from watching her trying to keep up the pace, unsteadily, between the heels and her huge milk filled tits. They bounced and jiggled heavily, her nipple clamps keeping a firm hold on her teats which were about ready to burst. Gary sat, arms folded, watching the glorious spectacle. He watched her try to do a couple of small laps, then called out to her.

“Come here, dear,” Gary said, standing up. Lucie stopped, her eyes pleading at him. She really needed to be milked. Having her jog around bouncing her huge tits only made her even more desperate, and he knew it. That was part of the excitement.

He and the assistant made their way down into the pen. They had Lucie stand straight upright. Then Gary took the measuring tape and slipped it around her back. With help from the assistant, he wrapped it around the front of her massive tits, over her nipples and touched the end of the tape to the 85.5 mark.

“Incredible.” Gary breathed, getting hungrier by the moment. The assistant wrote some notes while Gary reached under each tit with his big hands and tested their heft. They certainly felt heavier. He was very pleased.

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