Metalwear Pt. 02


Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

Synopsis: Marla designs exotic and erotic fashions, with Kelly’s able assistance. Marla’s newest fashion line is coming to fruition.

It was no surprise when Marla showed up in Kelly’s office with the first test samples for the new Metalwear shoes, boots and gloves. They would be the first items of the product line to go on sale, but that step was still months away. Marla had assembled plans and initial designs for many more garments, outfits and accessories that would fill out the new Metalwear collection.

In the boxes she hauled into Kelly’s office there was quite a collection of goods. The styles were modern and the metallic colors diverse, but all were bright and very shiny. In many respects the shoes looked like Marla’s previous lines, sexy and fashionable, with tall spike heels. Some traditional pumps with ankle straps, others were very strappy, but elegant, sandals. There were ankle boots and traditional boots, to the knee, as well.

The gloves were a sophisticated cross between traditional leather gloves and the gauntlets worn by medieval knights. But they were constructed in a mix of flexible and rigid metallics — flexible at the joints, and rigid elsewhere.

As in the past, Marla wanted Kelly to try them all on, wear them for some period and model them for the staff.

Kelly was a little surprised when she realized that instead of traditional closures, buckles, snaps or buttons, all of the items came with fasteners that required a unique ‘key’ — an odd blend of housekey and small wrench. The mechanism was unlike anything sold at Nordstrom’s, or even Home Depot.

The shoes, boots or gloves would be closed around the wearers’ foot or hand and then latched closed with the special key. Each key came with a necklace chain, for the wearer to keep handy, and be displayed as a fashion accessory. All agreed that it added to the aura of the new Metalwear designs. Marla was certainly proud of that aspect, but Kelly wasn’t that impressed. Knowing her lover’s proclivity for bondage, she foresaw trouble. Kinky trouble, but trouble nonetheless.

With Marla’s help, and under the watchful eyes of a couple of her team, Kelly tried on a pair of the shoes. She stood up carefully and took a few tentative steps around her office.

When she smiled and nodded, her audience breathed sighs of relief. If Kelly was comfortable, then Marla’s designs would be blessed with success, they all believed.

“Apart from the tall heels, they feel fine. Just like leather heels,” she said. And stepping over to a large mirror, she added. “They do look wonderfully pretty and sexy. The chrome shine sure draws your attention.”

Everyone there, happily nodded their agreement. “That’s the idea.” One of Marla’s assistants said, proudly.

Kelly wore them, or ones like them for the next several hours, with no issues. She was used to wearing the extreme heels. Marla loved them and Kelly had been wearing shoes and boots like them since the introduction of their initial, leather product line. Later Marla requested that she try the boots and the gloves, as well.

The boots, like any other, extended up to just below the knee. They too had high heels, but otherwise they provided no unacceptable issues. They did seem a bit stiff, and that lack of flexibility around the ankles, prevented Kelly from taking her usual long and graceful strides. She was forced to take shorter steps, and focus a bit more on maintaining her balance. It was a little annoying, but she agreed that most women would be able to deal with it. She admitted that the slightly stiffer Metalwear material did provide a bit more support, and actually seemed to ease some of the soreness normally associated with walking nearly on tip-toes.

Again, everyone was relieved, and complimentary.

The gloves, though, were a different matter. They were fiddly to put on, and Kelly struggled to close and latch them with the key. Being right-handed, she especially had trouble securing that one, with her left hand already in the glove.

“Perhaps I should have put on the right glove first.” She concluded.

“Yes, then you’d be a bit more dexterous closing the left one.” Katherine, the sales manager agreed.

Kelly spent a while testing the gloves by wiggling her fingers, picking up pens and papers, and typing on her keyboard. They did allow sufficient movement for her to accomplish most of the normal tasks, but they were cumbersome, and she quickly became frustrated. Her sense of touch was so very limited by the hard-surface of the fingertips!

She almost gave herself a black eye when she went to rub at a wayward eyelash. Picking up a coin was almost impossible and izmit seks hikayeleri she dropped small things all too often.

When she decided she’d had enough, she found that Marla had picked up the key and wouldn’t give it up.

“Hey come on, Marla, give. I have work to do.”

“Oh no. You haven’t given the gloves enough of a practical test, and we need to see how you adjust to them over time. I can see that they’ll take some getting used to. If you can’t learn to live with them, how can we expect the customer to? And if they can’t, we’re screwed with this product.”


“Nope. Now come on, you need to show off the boots and gloves around the office, like you always do with our new stuff. And you need to practice. So come along.” Marla said. And she left no doubt that Kelly was stuck.

So together, they again made the rounds. And Kelly shook hands, and opened doors, and demonstrated her dexterity, or lack thereof. And she did get better at all manner of tasks, as time went on.

And her hand’s shiny, metallic coverings did look pretty, and sexy, as intended. The gloves quickly drew everyone’s attention as she moved about.

It was when she had to use the ladies’ room that things started to go badly. It became clear that the lack of feeling in her finger tips, was a major disadvantage when it came to such personal tasks. She wound up getting pee on her gloves. Gross!

And when she washed them in the sink the skin of her fingers and hands got wet, and she couldn’t completely dry them.

The thought of having to take a shit, and wipe herself afterword was truly frightening.

Sanitation would always be a problem, she decided. And when she embarrassingly mentioned it to Marla and the team, they had no real solution.

Of course, Marla made her wear the boots and gloves all the rest of the day, and she was still wearing them when they left for home. Kelly had driven in that morning, and she was able to handle the task going home, wearing the Metalwear. But it was difficult. The gloves still made her hands clumsy, and the tall boots and their pointy heels made it difficult to find the pedals. A couple of times, stopped at traffic lights, she caught other drivers watching her hands. The shiny gloves sure were attention getting. That was a good thing, she decided. At least for the product line.

“See. You’re getting used to doing everything just fine with the gloves on. And if you can, our customers can. That’s a relief, isn’t it?” Marla said, along the way.

Kelly nodded. “Well. So far. But I’m still worried about other, normal tasks.”

“Oh, you’ll be fine.” Marla replied, dismissively.

“When are you going to let me out of these things?” Kelly asked waving a chrome-covered hand and wiggling her fingers.

“Well, I think we need a longer test. Particularly with the gloves. I want to complete twenty-four hours in them, at least.”

“What?” Kelly screeched. “You want me to eat and sleep and shower with them on? No way!”

“Yes way. We need a complete test. It’s not like they’re going to rust in the shower. And you do need to test out a full bathroom trip.”

Kelly made a horrified face.

“And I want to see how they feel when we have sex, tonight.” Marla added, with a lascivious smile.

Kelly just groaned in response.

At home, Kelly struggled to do even simple, everyday functions, if they required any dexterity from her hands and fingers. Making dinner that night and eating it were tasks fraught with dropped utensils and spills. Kelly remained frustrated, but Marla was supportive.

By the time they were ready for bed, Marla was pleasantly surprised at how competent Kelly had become. Her test subject still complained, but admitted that she was indeed getting the hang of it.

When the time came, Kelly was even able to unbutton her blouse and unzip her skirt. Marla had to help her, though when it came to stripping off her latex panties and removing her front and rear plugs. Those toys were now inside her most of the time.

Kelly felt really silly standing naked but wearing the Metalwear accessories.

She initially resisted when Marla invited her into the shower. It was an often-enjoyed playtime, under the warm spray, before settling into bed, all clean and squeaky, and horny. Marla, though was insistent, so she found herself in their big shower stall washing herself, and Marla, with her stiff, metallic gloves.

The boots made loud tapping noises as she stepped around on the tile. It all felt and sounded so very weird.

Washing and massaging each other, they suffered no scratches from the Metalwear, and Marla actually professed enjoying the feel of the things as Kelly rubbed her with the soapy gloves.

Finished though, even though they dried with their big fluffy towels, and the Metalwear was designed to drain, Kelly still felt clammy underneath the gloves and boots.

She also had to suffer through a session on the toilet, where wiping herself was an agonizing adventure. She couldn’t feel much with the gloves covering her fingers. And their clumsiness made wiping difficult and messy. She was revolted when she had to wash her hands, afterwards, and saw the mess that was left on her gloves.

Marla took note, and provided her standard answer, “you’ll get better with practice.” Kelly just groaned, in response.

It was again weird to crawl into bed wearing the boots and gloves. But Marla continued to refuse to remove them.

Making love was also a frustrating challenge. Marla though seemed to enjoy it. The Metalwear touch on her bare flesh was a different kind of eroticism. Like sex with a robot — mechanical. The cool, hard metal was a unique turn-on. She’d never really expected that. When Kelly inserted one of her metallic fingers inside her, it felt just like one of their plastic vibrators, but on the end of her lover’s hand. The feelings were oddly different — more delicate and special than the artificial cocks provided.

That night, despite her frustrations and restrictions, Kelly had a couple of highly enjoyable orgasms, and Marla had several of her own.

Afterwards, as they relaxed, ready for sleep, Kelly had one last maddening episode when one of her spike heels got tangled in the sheets. She seemingly lost her mind, and tore up the bed, while she tried frantically to free her foot from the tangled sheets. Marla made it all worse by laughing at her struggles.

They wound up tangled together, Marla still chuckling and Kelly huffing and puffing, but free of the bedding.

They fell asleep, tightly coupled, after that.

In the morning it was more of the same for Kelly, struggling to perform her normal morning rituals and eat her breakfast while secured in her Metalwear.

When Marla chided her, she admitted that she was indeed getting used to her metallic fashion accessories, but didn’t particularly like it.

“See,” Marla said, smiling. “You and everyone else can and will get used to my new designs, and they’ll all love them too!”

“I suppose. I certainly hope so, for our sake.”

“No worries.”

“One thing that bothers me.” Karla said as they were in the car on the way into the office.


“The fasteners on the Metalwear items. The boots and gloves. Why do they lock? It’s not just a fashion statement, or so you can keep me in them.”

Marla chuckled. “No, it’s not just for you, or for me.” And she paused and winked at her lover.

“It was actually something that came up when I was finishing our Latex line. A request from some of the BDSM customer group. I didn’t add it to the latex things as it just didn’t seem to make sense. They wouldn’t be secure. Someone could always just cut their way out. And I didn’t want to insert steal belts to really make the outfits truly lockable.

“But with the Metalwear it was easy to integrate the special little key and lock into the fasteners. I just designed it in. It’s no big deal for straight customers, the people I’ve talked to think it’s a little exotic, kind of kinky. But as long as they have the key, it doesn’t bother them.

“But the BDSM crowd will love it, I’m sure.”

Kelly, laughed, grimly, “like you do when you lock me in?”

Marla reached over and rested her hand on her lover’s thigh. “Oh, come on lover. We’ve only played at those games; bondage, I mean. I’m not some sadist; not into hurtful discipline.”

She paused for a moment, then continued. “Although I admit that I have had fantasies, I’d never push you into anything heavier than what we already do. I love you and I think our relationship is perfect.”

Kelly was relieved and happy with Marla’s explanation. She was comfortable with Marla being the leader in their relationship. And despite her lover’s sometimes devilish abuse, she did often enjoy the things Marla did with her and to her. She supposed that being locked into the Metalwear was kind of bondagy. And some of Marla’s games were painfully humiliating. But despite herself she enjoyed them in some perverse way. And they did make her horny, and lead to some fantastic sex.

Back in the office, as the process required, Kelly provided feedback on each item, and minor changes were planned for implementation before the products would be finalized and things moved onto the marketing, manufacturing and sales phases.

And as all of that was going on. Kelly wound up wearing Metalwear, damn near all of the time. At work and at home. All on Marla’s insistence. That hadn’t been the case with the leather products. It had begun with the Latex, especially with the vibrating plugs. It became a constant, with the Metalwear.

She wasn’t thrilled to always wear the crazy, five-inch hells that were standard on all Metalwear shoes and boots, but she couldn’t fight her domineering lover, especially since Marla controlled the special keys that secured them onto her feet.

It became a standard part of their mornings. Like sipping coffee and watching the morning news. If Kelly wasn’t still wearing shoes or boots from the previous day and night, Marla would select a pair of Metalwear from their ever-growing collection, Kelly would put them on, and Marla would close their latches and pocket the key.

Sometimes, she would present Kelly with a pair of Metalwear gloves, too. Although Kelly complained about them in particular, over time and with a lot of practice, she became quite competent with both the boots and the gloves, at work and at home, under all circumstances.

Marla loved it, and Kelly actually became proud of her ability to function in the things. She also appreciated the compliments she received from the office crew, and anyone else she encountered, when wearing her Metalwear.

On a day like many others, Marla showed up with yet another product. This time it was with a pair of tall, thigh-high Metalwear boots. Of course, Kelly was unenthusiastic. Her partner had her sit while she unlocked her current pair of Metalwear shoes, and slipped on the tall boots. They covered her legs all the way to her crotch. And when they were fastened closed, and secured with their key, they were exceptionally tight and stiff.

Marla ignored her complaints as she stood up and hauled Kelly up onto her feet.

Kelly found the shiny new boots to be too stiff around the knees, kind of springy, and resistant to bending, they forced her to walk stiff-legged, and after a few tentative steps she fell back into her chair, with her long legs stretched out straight in front of her.

“Marla, these are just too stiff and ungainly. I’m afraid I’ll fall over.”

“Oh, now Kelly. We’ve been playing with them in the lab for a week, now, testing that aspect as well as the flexibility of the ankles and the height of the boot. What you’re wearing should be perfect for our you and our Metalwear customers, too.”

Kelly, had expected that answer, but felt the need to express her displeasure, nonetheless.

When Marla again dragged her to her feet, she did her best to continue testing her mobility and flexibility in the things. Walking around her office, she did become more stable, but still found her strides limited and awkward. Her knees didn’t want to bend, so her steps remained stiff-legged.

She also found that although she could kneel, with great difficulty, she couldn’t sit back on her heels. She had to kneel up straight, and in order to get up or down from that position she had to grab hold and pull herself up or down using the furniture. There was no way that she’d be able to squat.

She finally stopped in front of the full-length mirror mounted on the door to her office bathroom.

Despite herself, she couldn’t help but be impressed. The look, was spectacular. The chrome of the boots and the long lines and tall heels make her legs look even longer and sexy as can be. And her ass looked great, too.

Under her short skirt the things were fantastic, and she was certain that everyone who saw her would love the things.

If she can only learn to walk in them without falling on her face.

Watching intently, Marla smiled. “You do look spectacular, you know.”

Kelly smiled back. It was pretty cool.

“Okay, come on, let’s go out and show the crew. And you can practice more and provide feedback to the design team on our wonderful new boots.” And she opened the office door.

Kelly sighed, “yah, right. Have you tried them out? To see if they’re so wonderful,” she said as she maneuvered past her lover, out into the company’s offices.

“That’s your job.” And she followed that up by giving Kelly a swat on the ass, as she passed.

As she always did, Kelly began the tour of the offices, cubes and common areas of the building. With each step, walking in the things became a tiny bit easier, and she gained a little confidence. At least I probably won’t be falling on my face, she thought. The feedback from the crew was, as always positive. Everyone was complimentary. All commented on how sexy the tall boots looked, and several pointed out how much like an android Kelly looked — at least her legs did.

No matter how much she practiced, her strides were short and stiff legged. In the heels and without bending her knees, that’s all she could do. Marla, like several of the team, thought it looked sexy as hell.

When they came to the building’s central hub and its elevators to the second and third floors, Marla directed her to the stairs.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to climb stairs in these things.” Kelly said.

“Well, we have to try.”


“Sure, we. You and I. Like always.”

Kelly did like hearing that; they did make a great and loving team. So, she resigned herself and headed up the stairs.

She did have a tough time, but she made it to the next floor. She had to hold tightly to the rail and really strain to bend her knee enough to make each step. But she got there.

Marla was delighted, and once they were both on the landing, she grabbed Kelly in a tight hug and kissed her passionately. “I love you. You’re so perfect for me. My perfect partner.”

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