Memories of Daddy Pt. 4


“What took you two so long?” My father and I froze in the front door. My mother was walking out of the kitchen, a cup of coffee in her hand. It was just past 5:00 a.m. I’d forgotten she woke up early to go to work. “Are you okay, Rosie?” my mother asked, walking past me on her way to their bedroom. And, before I could answer, “How’s the car?” “Nuts are stripped,” my father said in a completely normal voice. He walked closed the front door, walked into the kitchen and took out a cup off the shelf. “We’ll have to go back for it later.” “So, you’re alright?” My mom asked from the door to their bedroom. “What happened? You fall down or something?” I looked down at my bruised knees. When I did, I felt a trickle of my daddy’s cum leak out of my pussy. “Damn girl messed with the tire before I could get there,” daddy grumbled around his coffee and shook his head. My mother, his wife, snorted. “Good thing your daddy came for you, little girl,” she said and walked into their room. “Yea,” I called Çekmeköy escort bayan after her. Shifting my gaze to my daddy, I said, “It was good.” My daddy looked away, put his cup on the counter and walked past me without looking at me. “Go on and get to bed, Rosie. We’ll go get your car when you get up.” He went into the bathroom and closed the door. Alone in the living room, I wondered if I had just dreamt the past two hours. I closed my bedroom door, sat on my bed and hiked up my skirt. My daddy’s cum had made my thighs sticky. I slipped a finger into my swollen and stretched pussy. Bringing it up to my lips, I sucked on it and thought about what had just happened between me and my dad. I had tricked my father into coming out that night. I had stopped at a hotel on the outskirts of town and called him to say I had a flat tire. When he got there, he found me hot and wet. And refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer. I was determined to fuck my daddy Escort gebze as I had been wanting to for weeks. As I knew he had been wanting to for weeks. It took some doing. He wrestled with it. Hell, he wrestled with me (literally). But, he was no match for the lust that had grown between us. A lust I refused to let go unfulfilled. It was my greatest wish come true when my daddy began finger fucking me in the parking lot. His rough hands only made it nastier, more illicit. With my pussy juice still dripping from his fingers, I led him toward the room I had rented before he could change his mind. I closed the door to the hotel room and turned on the light. My daddy turned it back off and pushed me against the door. He slid down my body and pushed up my skirt. He spread my legs with those big, rough hands. The drapes were drawn and I could barely see his outline. But, I felt his mouth when he started sucking on my pussy just fine. Sighing with raw sensation, Şerifali escort I felt my knees go weak. My daddy plunged his fingers into me again and again and again. I came almost immediately, crying out, “Oh, daddy!” My father straightened up. He placed a finger on my lips. I was still panting, but I got the hint. Taking my hand, my daddy led me to the bed and sat me down. I heard him undo his zipper and I gasped out of anticipation, lust and greed. He kicked his pants off, impatiently.He grabbed me from the back of my head and said, “You’re gonna suck my dick.” And, before I could even say, “Oh yea, baby!!” I had a mouthful of my daddy’s sweet, hot, thick meat. I sucked on my daddy’s cock for all I was worth and it was the best thing I had ever tasted! I sucked and sucked and all I wanted to do was to keep on sucking. My father rammed his dick down my throat. He pushed it in between my teeth and gums. He slapped me in the face with it. And, just when I thought he was done, he pulled out of my mouth. “Lay on the bed,” someone said. As I climbed on the bed, I thought he didn’t sound like my daddy at all. Just some rough, hot, horny stranger who was shoving his dick into me. My cunt was on fire! It was so hot. So fucking hot. On the bed, I spread my legs as wide as I could for him.

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