Memories Ch. 04


(Author’s Note: Lucas has penned another memory he can’t share with his family. Read his other memories on Literotica: 11/05/2019,,
11/25/2019, and

Life goes on. I keep getting older and occasionally a memory that makes me smile pops into my consciousness. I tell the best of my memories to my family and they record them in a pair of journals kept by my daughter and granddaughter just for that purpose. This is not one of those memories. This memory I can’t share with them but I can offer it to you as long as you don’t find a way to repeat it to my family.

It was the summer after graduation from high school. I was already working second shift in the torpedo factory supporting the war effort. The summer was ending and former classmates were wandering off to school, war or new jobs in other states. It was a Friday night and one of the last parties was happening in the apartment of a woman who had graduated two years earlier.

I didn’t have my own apartment. I was still living with my mother. I paid her a token rent that included meals and laundry, continued use of my room as long as I stayed in school and the freedom to come and go as I pleased. I couldn’t entertain girls there but economically, it made moving out foolish.

I got off work about eleven pm, stopped at home for a quick shower, dressed in a nice pair of pleated trousers and a buttoned downed shirt and headed for the party. I arrived just before midnight. There were only a half dozen partiers still there. Even though it seemed early, it was late in the summer and, many of the attendees had things to do over the weekend and had already left.

I found the kitchen, poured a drink and talked for a few minutes with an under aged girl who was just leaving. By the time I got back to the living room there were only two folks left. Kim was the owner of the apartment and she wasn’t leaving. Margery was the other. She had no place to go.

We talked for a while before Kim told us she was tired and headed for the bedroom. Margery wasn’t concerned about being left alone with me. Margery was two years older than I was. She was also the woman guys called when they just had to get laid.

I had had an encounter with Margery earlier that summer. At another party about six weeks ago, Margery had managed to guide me into an empty bedroom and close the door.

I don’t often admit it, but I wasn’t the most sought after guy in high school. Based on my observations while taking showers after gym class, (that’s physical education class to the younger generation), I had more than enough of the required equipment but it wasn’t well known. Add that to my natural shyness, avoidance of varsity sports and unwillingness to advertise, it wasn’t a surprise that I graduated from high school a virgin. I didn’t advertise that fact either. Actually, I convinced myself that remaining a virgin for eighteen years was not an exception to the norm. We also did not have access to porn back then so I was also pretty naïve. I had a general idea about the process of sex but failed to pursue the few opportunities I had to prevent seeming foolish if my assumptions were mistaken. In other words, I was a basket case worrying about making a fool of myself during my first attempt to get laid. Things weren’t getting any easier. The older I got, the more uneasy I felt about the first time. I didn’t realize that everyone had a ‘first time’ and worked through the process somehow.

So, there I was, alone in a bedroom with Margery. I was acutely aware of the vast difference in experience between Margery and me. While Margery was alive with the possibilities, I was frozen with internally generated anxiety.

Margery kissed me quickly, istanbul travesti stripped off her clothing and crawled up on the bed. She lay, naked on the bed, smiling at me and patting the bed encouraging me to climb up alongside her. I started to do just that when she said, “Take off your clothes first.”

Her comment struck at the center of my anxiety. I had failed the test before I’d even written my name. I expected her to give up on me, get dressed and leave me alone in the bedroom. Fortunately, she interpreted my oversight as urgency to get to her naked body and not as the inexperience it really was.

I managed to get naked without losing my balance while taking off my shoes or trousers. I was surprised that already had an erection. Erections seem to be an automatic male reaction to viewing a naked female. I soon as I was within reach, Margery reached for my erection, stroked it firmly, got up on her knees and put it in her mouth. That wasn’t my idea of sex, but it felt so good that I didn’t stop her. Within minutes, I was cumming in her mouth, another surprise for both of us. “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?” she asked.

She had no idea how long. In another surprise, I didn’t get limp. At home, in my bedroom, masturbating in bed, I always went limp after cumming. Not so this time. Margery kept working my erection with one hand while she swallowed and rubbed the excess spunk off her mouth and cheeks with the back of her other hand. She lay on her back with her legs spread and pulled me between them.

Decision time. I had two choices. Back away, grab my clothes and run out of the room to my eternal embarrassment or push ahead as if I knew what I was doing. Margery pulled back my foreskin, placed the head of my erection between her pussy lips and rubbed it back and forth. I correctly realized she was lubricating me before I slipped inside her. Decision made. I pushed my hips forward and I slipped inside a woman for the first time.

The experience almost caused me to pass out. Fucking Margery felt infinitely better than masturbating. My hips seemed to know instinctively what to do. I pumped deeply inside her. Margery seemed to be with the program. She had her eyes closed and her legs came up alongside me.

“I supported myself on one arm and used my free hand to palm and squeeze her breasts. I was floating, feeling better than I’d ever felt, as we continued for the next five or six minutes. I began to feel another orgasm starting. Then I remembered that this was how women got pregnant.

I stopped suddenly and Margery opened her eyes. I said, “Margery, I’m going to cum again.”

She smiled up at me. “It’s okay. You can cum in me but try to hold off for another minute or two while I catch up.”

I didn’t exactly know what she meant but I started pumping my hips again and squeezing my pelvic muscles trying to postpone my orgasm. Suddenly, Margery began to shake and her body tensed. She bit her knuckle between her teeth and loudly took the Lord’s name in vain.

I stopped again, wondering what had happened.

“No. No. Don’t stop. Cum in me,” Margery implored me.

I pumped inside her even faster and came forcefully inside her.

We lay alongside each other for a short while.

“Thank you,” said Margery, “That doesn’t always happen.”

“You’re welcome,” I said not knowing exactly why she was thanking me. I thought I had hurt her in some way and she had hurried me along to end the pain. Eventually, Margery rolled out of the bed, found some facial tissues on the nightstand, cleaned her pubic area, dressed and left me to get dressed alone.

The following week I did some research in the public library. I gathered some information from the Encyclopedia Britannica and further information in the Anatomy/Biology section. I learned the names of the istanbul travestileri parts of a woman’s anatomy. What Margery had experienced was an orgasm and it was a good thing. My cumming was the male version of an orgasm and the spunk I expelled contained sperm necessary for fertilizing a woman’s ova leading to pregnancy. Who knew? I guess I was the only one who didn’t.

One article by a doctor, theorized that orgasms were necessary for a woman to get pregnant. I became worried the Margery was pregnant because she had had an orgasm. I knew of two girls who had gotten pregnant, they had reacted emotionally, and their parents forced them to marry the fathers. If Margery was pregnant, I’d have to marry her and I wasn’t ready for marriage and pretty sure Margery wasn’t the girl I wanted to marry.

Over the next week I thought about it. I reasoned that having an orgasm doesn’t always lead to a pregnancy. Her comment “That doesn’t always happen” led me to conclude that she had had orgasms before and not gotten pregnant. I replayed the short conversation we had afterwards and realized she was thanking me for her orgasm. She had obviously enjoyed it. I also learned that she’d probably know if she was pregnant within a month. By the time we met again at Kim’s party, I was sure I had dodged a bullet six weeks earlier. I also was now confident in my ability to seek and have sex.

So, here I was sitting on a sofa in Kim’s apartment, alone with Margery again. In the intervening weeks, I’d had sex three times, twice with the same older woman that worked with me in the torpedo factory. I was sure Margery and I were heading in that direction again.

We said “Hello” and sat looking at each other. She smiled. I smiled. She moved her head slightly in my direction and I closed the distance and kissed her and then I kissed her again. The third kiss was an open-mouthed affair my friend in the torpedo factory told me was called a “French Kiss.”

By our second kiss, I had my hand on her breast and by the third kiss, she had her arm around my neck and was pulling my body against her body. We were both breathing heavily as Margery began to unbutton my shirt. She got my shirt off between more kisses and then my undershirt. She stood up to remove her dress, slip, brassiere and panties. She pulled off my shoes and socks, stood me up and removed my trousers and boxers. We fell into a naked embrace and collapsed on the sofa.

Margery seemed to be in a hurry to have me inside her but first, I was going to show her something I had learned from my friend in the torpedo factory. I put one of her legs up on the back of the sofa, the other foot on the floor and leaned in to kiss her nether lips. She held her breath as I used my tongue to taste inside her vagina. She almost leapt off the sofa when I kissed and sucked on the small, hard nugget at the top of her pussy lips. I don’t know if she knew she could have an orgasm from just someone kissing and tonguing her pussy but she did after that evening.

Before she was fully recovered from her first orgasm, I slid up and pushed my erection inside her. When I felt my impending orgasm, I paused and reached for my trousers.

“What are you doing?” asked Margery.

“Getting a rubber,” I said. “They’re in my wallet.”

“We don’t need a rubber,” she stated.

“I don’t want you to get pregnant.”

“I can’t get pregnant. I’ll never get pregnant. Forget the rubber and get back up here.”

I knew there was a story in her statement but now was not the time to hear it.

We finished on an orgasmic high and lay together on the sofa hugging and kissing for a long time afterward. “Why haven’t we done this more often?” Margery asked.

I didn’t answer. I thought it might be a rhetorical question.

“I want to share this,” she continued. travesti istanbul “What do you think?”

I had no idea what she was referring to but I didn’t think disagreeing with her was the right answer so I said, “Sure.”

Margery got up off me and the sofa. She took my hand and helped me up alongside her. “This is going to be killer-diller,” she said and she led me to the bedroom.

There was a dim light in the bedroom from a streetlight shining through a front window in the room. Kim was asleep in the double bed. She was wearing a long, satin nightgown that had slid up on one thigh as she moved on the flannel sheets. Margery sat on the bed in front of Kim and whispered to me to go over to the other side of the bed.

Margery slid in alongside Kim and told me to do the same. We lay there, in Kim’s bed with Kim between us. Margery began to stroke Kim’s bare arm and told me to do the same with Kim’s bare thigh.

“You’re sure?” I asked.

“Trust me. She’ll love it.”

I began to rub Kim’s thigh gently, keeping my strokes below the hemline of her nightgown. Margery watched me for a moment before she moved Kim’s hemline to high on her hip. High enough that is was obvious that Kim didn’t wear panties to bed. I looked questioningly at Margery and she nodded enthusiastically. I extended my touch to high on Kim’s hip.

Margery leaned in and kissed Kim’s neck. I continued long strokes along Kim’s thigh and up on her hip. Margery kissed Kim’s cheek and fondled her breast through her nightgown. I extended my touch to include Kim’s bare ass and lingered there.

Kim, responded, rolled on her back but didn’t wake up. Margery pulled up Kim’s nightgown, exposing her pussy. Then she pulled the top of Kim’s nightgown aside and began to kiss her breast. “Kiss her,” she said to me.

“You’re in the way,” I said.

“Kiss her there,” she said and pointed to her naked pussy.


“Trust me. She’ll love it,” she repeated.

I moved between Kim’s legs and did what Margery told me to do. Kim tasted differently than Margery. Sweeter and less salty and she had a larger clitoris. I focused on her clitoris and felt it grow larger between my lips. I also slid two fingers inside her vagina and rubbed the place behind her clitoris.

Kim’s body began to respond to Margery’s and my efforts. She began to writhe and squirm beneath us. Suddenly, she had an orgasm. I knew because her vagina was suddenly flooded with liquid. Margery kissed her as she woke up.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked.

“Sharing with you,” Margery said.

I moved my fingers inside her.

“Christ,” she said. “What was that?”

“A friend,” she told Kim. “Do that again,” she told me.

I moved my fingers again and kissed her clitoris.

“Ooo,” said Kim.

“Keep it up,” ordered Margery.

I did what she wanted and Kim had another orgasm.

“Jesus, that was wonderful,” Kim said.

“He’s going to fuck you now. Okay?” asked Margery.

“Hell yes,” Kim agreed.

“You heard her,” said Margery to me.

I moved up between Kim’s legs and slid inside her. She was tighter than Margery. Tighter than my friend in the torpedo factory. She had a natural resistance to my every movement. She forced her heels into the bed and met every movement with a corresponding movement of her own.

“I’m going to cum,” I said. “What should I do?” I asked.

“Stay right where you are,” Kim said and she brought her heels up against my ass to make her point. We came together and I fell on top of her with my face in her breasts.

I left the women sleeping, wrapped in each other at about four am. I found my clothes in the living room, got dressed and let myself out quietly.

The rest of the summer, and until the end of the war, was a smorgasbord of Margery, Kim and my friend in the torpedo factory, until the factory closed when the war was over. Kim went home to visit her ailing father and didn’t come back and Margery faded into the environment seeking other entertainment.

I went to work at Johan’s market.

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