Meeting my Sir for the First Time

The knock at the door set the dog off, and I hastily glanced at the clock while trying to corral the hound. “Shit,” I muttered to the dog. “He’s early!” It was 7:55 and I still wasn’t finished getting ready. Close, but I wanted to look my best.

Embarrassed, I opened the door to meet my date, awkwardly fumbling through the ‘he’s a good boy, just big’ introductions, rambling from nerves. I could feel the flush coloring my cheeks, deepening because he stepped inside and firmly closed the door with only a smirk and a nod, not saying anything.

“I just need a few more minutes,” I stammered, moving toward the bathroom but sweeping my arm toward the couch. “Make yourself at home.”

“Come here.”

“No, I just need a minute!” I babbled. “Perfume and lip gloss, I’ll be right out,” I finished, as I darted to the bathroom

I spritzed my favorite scent into the air, twirling underneath the mist. My lips already had a long-wear color on them, so I just needed to swipe on the clear gloss and run a brush through my hair one last time and I’d be ready to spend an evening with my Sir, for the very first time.

As I was leaning over the bathroom counter to apply the gloss, I noticed movement behind me in the mirror. He stood in the doorway, a hand braced against the top of the door jamb. Our eyes met in the mirror and he quietly inquired “Did you…tell me no?”

My back stiffened and my hand holding the wand stilled.

“Bend over the counter.” That wasn’t quiet. My mouth opened, forming a silent ‘Oh’ as wetness flooded my core. “You’re getting spanked, but how many depends on if you followed instructions. Lift your skirt.”

My insides clenched and my pulse raced. Earlier, he had instructed me to put my small metal plug in my ass and remove my panties. Tentatively, I fisted the hem of my black dress on either side of my thighs and pulled the material up slightly, mortified at knowing the purple jewel would be visible between my cheeks.


I inched the material higher, until my entire ass was exposed to his eyes.

“Good girl. You’ll get five on each cheek.”

Before I could fully process his statement, his hand came down hard and fast onto my right cheek. My hips surged forward, and I didn’t have time to cry out before the loud smack and sting were repeated on the left cheek.

“How many was that?” I was asked through the mirror.

“One,” I replied.

“Try again.”

Oooh, right. “One, sir.”

“Good girl. Count them for me.”

My breath came in pants and moans as the remainder of the spankings were doled out, getting progressively harder. My lip gloss forgotten, my pussy soaked, all of my cheeks flushed and warm. I watched his eyes roam across my ass, a seemingly satisfied look on his face.

“Turn around,” he instructed. I did, lowering my skirt across now-sensitive flesh, as he tugged me out of the bathroom and back to the living room. He led Hd Porno me to the couch, before turning my body away from his and bending me over the arm. I could feel the heat radiating off my ass.

His hand between my shoulder blades pushed my upper body into the cushion, forcing my dress to hike up, exposing my ass to him again. However, with my ass so high in the air, my wet pussy was also visible. I felt his left hand push my skirt even higher above my hips as I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being undone.

This was what I wanted, right? To be played with, pushed beyond my normal boundaries? Before I could sort the frantic thoughts careening through my head, I felt his cock slide through my wet folds. He notched the tip into my opening, and I inwardly chastised myself when my ass tipped up, inviting him to grab my hips and bury himself in a single stroke.

“Ooooooh,” I cried out, feeling his cock stretch me as his fingers dug into my tender, pink ass cheeks, involuntarily pushing back to meet his thrust.

“That’s a good little slut,” he growled. “Take it. His hips drove into me again and again, his right hand eventually snaking around my waist to grind two fingers into my clit.

The wet sounds of his cock fucking my dripping pussy filled the room, interrupted only by his heavy grunts, the loud slap of his balls against me, and my unintelligible whimpers.

He withdrew completely, paused, then drove himself back inside me, groaning “Fuck, you’re tight.” His skillful fingers continued the rough torment of my clit, while his left hand drifted over my ass, his thumb zeroing in on the plug in my ass. He pressed the toy deeper into me while sharply pinching my clit, and my body took over, grinding against him… his fingers, his cock.

“Sir,” I whined, as he continued the push/pull play with my plug.

He started driving his cock in me harder, his right hand fisted in my hair, pulling my head back. His hand found my chin, with two of his fingers pushing into my mouth, roughly pulling my face to the side. I could taste my juices on his fingers. “Look at me,” he demanded, finger fucking my mouth.

“You don’t get to cum until later,” he continued, breathing hard, still pounding into me, but with slower, longer strokes. “Little sluts without panties need to be punished,” he continued, adding another swat to my ass before pulling out.

The “Nooooo!” left my lips when his cock left my pussy. I was jerked upright and spun so fast I collided with his chest, reaching out for him as his mouth came down hard on mine. His tongue pushed into my mouth, his right hand peeling my left hand off his chest and wrapping it tightly around his wet cock.

He pulled my hair back, kissing down my neck as he brutally fucked my hand like a sleeve, squeezed firmly inside his, growling in my ear that I needed to find my panties and that I was going to behave. His hand left Türkçe Altyazılı Porno my hair to slide over my ass, pushing the plug in deep again through my dress, and I felt another wave of wetness flood my pussy.

He abruptly released me and stepped back, continuing to slowly jack his cock. I was immobilized at the beautiful sight of his fist moving up and down his engorged shaft, squeezing drops of precum from his tip. He broke my trance, growling “Panties. Now.”

I shook myself the rest of the way out of my haze and moved down the hall to my closet. I grabbed a black lace thong from the top drawer, stepping into it and pulling it up over my hips. When I returned to the living room, I saw he had tucked himself back into his jeans, his erection visibly straining.

“Let’s go,” he said, motioning toward the door. I grabbed my purse and keys off the small table, but he extracted the keys from my hand. The sheer cockiness of that gesture had my nipples beading into tight nubs.

He opened the door, guiding me out and locking up behind me, pocketing my keys. Once at his vehicle, he politely opened the door for me, and then in the most ungentlemanly fashion, he reached under my skirt, pulling the front of my thong up until it wedge firmly between my pussy lips.

After he slid into the driver’s seat, he reached across and belted me, his lips at my ear whispering “Leave it,” as I squirmed to get comfortable. As he pulled away, I had to ask: “So um, don’t you need to…” I paused “Don’t you need to finish, Sir?”

All I got in return was a terse “Yes” followed by “Spread your knees wide. Keep them like that until we get to the bar.” I complied, spreading my legs.

“Good girl. Now lift your skirt above your hips and hold it there. Rub those panties into that wet cunt of mine until I tell you to stop.”

I did as I was told, writhing from the exposed feeling and from the friction of my thong pressing against my clit, my need to cum to overtaking my rational thoughts.

Before long, he was pulling into the parking deck at our destination. “You passed some,” I said, pointing to a few prime parking spots, as he continued to the second floor.

“Address me as Sir, and put those fingers back to your pussy.” Yikes. More growling, this time through his clenched teeth. I pressed my fingers back to my damp thong and continued rubbing, deciding it was best to keep quiet as we passed the second floor and headed to the ramp leading to the third.

The third floor only had a few vehicles, so he parked toward the end, close to the stairs and elevators, then killed the ignition. Even though I was starting to pant, he commanded “Don’t stop,” and exited. He came around to my door, opening it and releasing my belt.

His cock was out, hand hand squeezing the shaft, still ridiculously hard. He presented it in front of my face. “Open,” he said, pressing Brazzers his glistening head to my lips. “Keep rubbing.”

I shocked myself, so turned on that I didn’t hesitate in sucking him into my mouth and rubbing my pussy, right there in the parking deck where anyone coming up the elevator or ramp would see.

He cupped his straining balls and stroked his shaft, more of his precum flooding my tongue, his cock driving into my mouth, making me drool.

After a minute or two, I started grinding into my hand, trying to tell him from around his cock I was so close. He stepped back, leaving strings of saliva and precum dripping from my chin, ordering me out of the car. I moved to wipe my chin, but his fingers wrapped around my wrist, halting me. “Did I say you could do that?” he inquired. “No sir.” My hand dropped back down.

“Good girl. Lower your panties to mid-thigh and hold your dress up,” he instructed. “Higher, above your waist… now spread your legs.”

He fisted his wet, throbbing cock, roughly jacking himself as he stepped forward and leaned in, shoving the head of his cock between my wet folds. I let out a long moan as he pressed hard into my swollen clit, sliding back and forth, making me sway with his movements.

“Tell me you want my cum,” he commanded, gripping my wet chin, thrusting faster, harder.

“I want your cum Sir,” I whispered.

Two more brutal strokes and he grunted loudly, throwing his head back, groaning and grinding his cock head into my pussy lips. I felt the thick ropes of his cum coating me as his cock continued its assault on my clit.

When he stopped coming, he ordered me to keep my dress held high before tucking his cock back into his jeans. I became self-conscious, standing next to the car with my wet chin, my plugged ass and cum-covered pussy on display, my panties now down around my knees, wondering belatedly if there were cameras.

He ran his hands over my hips, sliding them down my legs, grabbing my thong and slowly sliding it back up. “I need a napkin!” I blurted out, grabbing his wrist. “Please sir,” I added, chastising myself.

“No you don’t baby,” he replied, pressing my thong into my cum-coated pussy, pulling it higher until was wedged in my ass. Grinning, he spun me around, admiring the wet, trembling mess he made of me, the plug in my ass, the line of cum starting to run down my inner thigh. He slapped my ass hard, twice on each cheek, making me flinch as he reminded me he was my Sir, before lowering my skirt.

He spun me back around to face him, his left hand wiping first my chin and then his jeans, the fingers of his right hand going between my thighs. On a laugh, he declared “Fuck, you’re a sloppy dream,” before pulling the dripping line of cum up my leg and rubbing it into the crotch of my thong. He proceeded to grind the cum-soaked fabric against my needy clit before slipping his fingers inside, sliding them though my wetness and his cum.

Pushing those same fingers into my mouth and pulling me close, he dropped a quick kiss to my forehead and a longer one on my lips. “Let’s go eat, my little slut,” he laughed, grinning at me and reaching for my hand. “Time to get to know each other. What’s your name?”

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