Meet Me in the Dressing Room

“Sophie? Is that you?”

Sophie turned from the display she’d been looking at to see Alana Andrews standing there with an incredulous but wide grin on her face. They’d been hall mates in college some 3 years ago, but she hadn’t seen her since.

“Alana! Hi!” Sophie slung her intended purchases over one arm and rushed over for a hello hug. Alana’s embrace was surprisingly tight. When she let go her hands drifted down and lightly brushed Sophie’s ass as they fell away.

“Sophie, I haven’t seen you in ages! Let’s go grab something to eat and talk. Do you have time?”

Sophie held up the arm. “I just have to try a few things on first and then I’m free for the rest of the afternoon. Come wait so you can tell me what you think.”

Alana nodded and followed Sophie to the back of the store where the fitting rooms were. She sat on one of the small upholstered seats in the softly lit area and watched Sophie enter the room opposite her. She also watched the ass of the fitting room attendant as she walked by on her way back to the front. The woman was wearing a tight pencil skirt with all of her very round ass on display.

“Alana!” The sound of her name snapped her back.


“Where are you — right out front?”


“Okay, I’m going to try the white one on first…” Sophie’s voice drifted off when she heard the fitting room door click behind her. She turned to see Alana had entered and was softly closing the door behind her. “Alana, what…?”

“Oh! The door wasn’t shut all the way and I figured it would easier if I was in here instead of you shouting over the wall.” Sophie watched Alana’s eyes take in her state of undress. She’d already shucked her jeans and had been standing facing the wall about to unhook her bra. Alana’s eyes snapped back to her face and she smiled mischievously. “You can finish trying your stuff on, “she mockingly held a hand over her eyes. ” I promise not to look.”

Sophie laughed. “You’re seen me in less. It’s no big deal. I was just surprised when I heard the door open.” She turned to face the hooks on the wall of the fitting room while Alana walked to the mirror. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Alana begin to touch herself. She was lifting and pushing her tits together with her hands causing bursa evi olan escort the cleavage to swell over the neckline of her low cut tank top. Then she lifted the edge of the top and examined her stomach. Sophie could see a smattering of beauty marks across Alana’s torso. With her other hand, Alana began to stroke her tummy, turning this way and that to better examine it. Her skin looked soft in the dimmed lights.

“You can never trust the lights in here,” Alana snorted. “Damn department stores put in this lighting so you think you look hot in everything and spend all your cash.” “Unh…yeah, “Sophie stammered. She’d been so distracted watching Alana that she’d stopped undressing. Her face felt hot. She hurriedly pulled the straps of her bra down and undid the clasp. Her tits bounced free and instinctively she tried to hold them with one arm, but at a full C they were a bit too large to be fully contained. She grabbed at the white dress she’d hung and started to step into it. It was a white sundress with a sweetheart neckline and halter straps. It was empire-waisted and loose — perfect for summer. The hem hit about 3” below her ass and was decorated with eyelet trim. She was just adjusting the front when she heard Alana move behind her.

“You’re so lucky. My ass never looks that good in dresses.”

Sophie peeked out the corner of her eye again and saw that now Alana was looking over her shoulder at her own ass in the mirror. She had one hand on either cheek — lifting and separating them as she bent forward. Before Sophie could say anything, she straightened. Sophie quickly turned her face back to the wall so as to not be caught staring. She took a deep breath.

“See,” Alana began. “Yours is so perky. It’s big, but not too big, and it has such a nice shape.” Sophie felt Alana’s hands cup her ass. First, her hands were gentle, and then firmer as she gave it a squeeze. “So lucky,” she breathed again. Her hands began kneading Sophie’s ass cheeks, pushing them up and then apart. Sophie gasped. She could feel her pussy begin to ache and she placed her own hands against the wall for support. She didn’t know what to say, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to stop either. She hadn’t been with a woman since college, and even altıparmak escort then it had just been some silly kissing in front of a bunch of boys for laughs. This was already further than she’d ever gone. On her next pass, Alana’s thumb drifted over Sophie’s engorged clit and rapidly moistening pussy. It was just the barest touch through her panties but Sophie moaned loudly, surprising herself. Without thinking she bent deeper at the waist and thrust her ass out towards Alana while bracing herself more firmly against the wall.

Alana took this as a signal and bunched the now forgotten dress at Sophie’s waist. Sophie’s panties were wedged in her ass crack, and Alana could see fat tawny pussy lips busting out on either side of the strip of material that was left. It was clear just by looking that Sophie was aroused. She was wet and it showed, Alana could see it gleaming on her inner thighs even in this dim light. She took her thumb and ran it over just the area where Sophie’s panties still covered and heard her moan again. Smiling, Alana grabbed the panties and pulled them tighter against Sophie’s hungry cunt.

“Oh, god,” Sophie whispered. What the hell was happening to her? She bit her lip to try to keep quiet. When she looked down she could see that her nipples had escaped the confines of the dress and beyond that, Alana’s legs between her own. She looked at the wall and smelled the plaster mingled with the aroma of her own wet cunt. “Alana…?”

“Shhh,” Alana whispered back. She’d wanted this to happen for a long time, and when she saw Sophie again she knew she had to try. Now she was getting her chance and she knew that is she could make Sophie cum in the palm of her hand she’d be able to fuck her whenever she wanted. Sophie didn’t know it yet, but she liked pussy. Alana grinned thinking about all the fun she could have helping Sophie reach that conclusion for herself before she pulled the sodden cotton out of Sophie’s snatch and replaced it with her hand. She began massaging Sophie’s proffered cunt with the heel of her hand while pinching her own nipple with the other. She wanted to eat her, but she didn’t want to scare her off so she’d have to be content with finger fucking her for now. She lifted her slick hand to her mouth and gemlik escort licked it.

“You taste as sweet as you look,” she said. Sophie moaned in response, but before she could speak, Alana quickly slid her middle finger into the wet pink pussy before her. Sophie jerked like a champion stallion and began fucking herself slowly on Alana’s finger. Her tits had completely swung free at this point but she didn’t care. She had her eyes closed and her teeth clenched — focusing on the sensation of Alana’s finger probing her . Alana added another finger and twisted them in Sophie’s cunt, reaching for her g-spot. She licked her other thumb and began circling Sophie’s puckered asshole which made her moan louder and tilt her ass higher for more attention. Alana could see that she was close and she wanted to make this good. She took her fingers out and replaced them with her thumb, fucking Sophie’s cunt hard and fast. Then she bent over Sophie and reached under to pinch her nipple. She pulled and twisted it getting it rock hard while she steadily mashed her thumb into Sophie’s drenched pussy. The sound of her wet cunt pulling and sucking on Alana’s thumb was getting louder as she got closer to cumming.

Sophie felt her body go rigid, and then begin to shake. It started in her cunt, and then her thighs before it moved all throughout her body. “I’m cumming!” She tried to whisper, but her blood was pounding so loud in her ears she couldn’t tell how loud she was. She pressed her ass into Alana’s hand and moved her hips in tight circles. “Oh yesyesyesyesyes..!” With a final grunt Sophie’s pussy locked and then released in waves. She could feel the gush on her cum flowing and then felt it hit the cool air outside as it coated her thighs. Her knees buckled but she managed to stay upright. She straightened from the wall and stepped out of her abandoned panties before using them to clean up some of her mess. Alana had stepped back after she came and was standing quietly, watching her.

Once she finished wiping up she looked at Alana and smiled shyly. She’d never done anything like that before, and she knew that the dressing room attendant would see them leaving and smell the sex in here and know what they’d been up too. At the thought, her smile widened.

Alana looked back at her relieved. If Sophie wasn’t freaked out now, then that meant she’d be able to get another crack at that pussy. She tilted her head to the side to better consider Sophie and the dress that she was almost wearing.

“I definitely think you should get the white one,” she said. “It looks great on you.”

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