Me, joe and his gf


First let me tale you about me I’m 23 black male 6ft 195 muscular
I’m in college and work as a dishwasher for a wine bar in northern Florida

I have been working with this guy named Joe( hipster covered in tattoos very skinny)
for atlease 4 weeks now and
We became close we would smoke weed together and chilled all the time
But only at our job but
this time I went to his house it was a really nice house
By the beach very relaxful so
when we got there he introduced me to his girl friend
(she was a little on the chunky side but her eyes and smile could pull any man in)
So after a few hours of smoking and drinking wine someone knocked on the door my ex Rachel
(she was curvy and had some big tits)
things just started getting weird after that
She started make out with joe being the man I am I got upset and began to stand up and
When I did they both dropped to their knees and started to rub my cock though my
Shorts I got hard immediately
(I really never thought about of men like that but I’m a free spirit
So I was willing to try it)
as my cock popped out they started to lick my cock and Kate got up
While they we’re about to make me cum and Rachel know it she could always know when I
Was about to Sex hikayeleri cum they both stop and everyone began to strip when joe pulled out his cock
I started to stare its like Rachel know what I was think she waved me over and told me to suck
I started to lick it it was a good 5 in she grabbed my head and pushed forcing me to take the
Hole thing it slid down my throat now she began to bob my head it felt so good to two girls
Joined me as we all licked on his cock he moaned then began to cum everywhere I stood up
So I can finish but then Rachel and Kate both told me to fuck them I so I told them to both
Put their ass in the air so I begin to stroke Kate and using my finger with Rachel then I would
Switch between them bout then I yell I’m but to cum they both drop to there knees to swallow
My seed when I exploded it want everywhere as we all lick the cum of each other the two’s girls began to eat each other out again I looked a joe and his cock was fully hard again I grab
It and put it in my mouth (this is when I finally came to truth that I’m bisexual) as soon as
I began sucks I’m cock got rock hard I told him that I wanna fuck him and he turned over and said yes but grab the lube
(this was my first anal I talk to Rachel Sikiş hikayeleri about that but was would always say no because it hurts)
I pored it on I’m 7in cock and slowly stuck it in it was so tigh and warm I never felt anything like this before and I really like it I begin pumping hard watching the two girls play with each other hearing all the moaning in the room made go
Even faster I feel like I’m about to cum I scream then Rachel said I want you inside me
I want your kids
(me and Rachel have been off and on for a while she was my best friend
We meet when I was in highschool and I love her in ways no one will ever understand but ever time we tried to date something went wrong but I believe she will probably be my wife) when she said that I starred at her and smiled so I pull out of him and went straight for her like
A beast (she knew I wanted kids with her but she would never let me cum in her) as I begin to fuck the shit out of her I felt someone playing with my asshole I look back and it was joe and he smiled and said its my turn I bent over a little bit and he put his cock inside me ( I was in to this Rachel would put a strap on and fuck me sometime I’m in to that) it made me go faster I
Scream I’m a but to cum and I did in her Erotik hikaye that’s was honestly the best feeling I ever had it was like heaven as Kate began to eat the cum filled pussy joe was still fucking me I was enjoying every minute of it I pulled his cock out of me and dropped to my knees and told him I want him
To cum in my mouth I jerked him off till him shot a big load in my mouth with the cum in my mouth I made out with the two girls fter that I got up put my clothes on and left with out a word as I jump in the Honda and went home and really thought about what just went down the wine and weed really started to get to me so I want to bed the next day I had atlease 500 calls for joe and Rachel so I texted them and told them that we should meet as a group and talk about this but the more the day went on I was getting more and more eager To talk To them
I like sex and I loved how the night went but will it ever happen again
So we all three decided that we will meet again at Joe’s house at dawn
Work want fast as I kept thinking about it so when I pulled up To the house Rachel was already I just kept thinking this is gonna be interesting and oh it did

To be continued
I’m very new
to this I wanna become a better writer
please be a honest as you can
Even if it’s kinda harsh
the only way I’m get better is with opinion and advice
So again Tell me what you think be honest I can take it and
if you want I will finish the story

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