Me and My Boy Ch. 11


Billy and I dozed contentedly in bed after our double fuck session, Billy’s two cumloads dribbling out of my well used ass, when the front doorbell rang. I looked at the bedside clock, it was just after 10 am. We weren’t expecting visitors so we both were happy to stay in bed and ignore the doorbell, but whoever it was continued pressing the bell. They were persistent. I got out of bed and wrapped myself in my short black kimono-style bathrobe and went to open the door. There stood Paul wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of very tight fitting grey shorts that showed the outline of his semi hard cock. His hairy chest looked bigger than before and his nipples stood out and were hard.

“Paul!” I yelled. “What are you doing here buddy? Come in, come in.”

“I had a free weekend, so thought I would come back and spend it with my two favourite hot guys,” he replied. Then he wrapped his arms around me, pulled me in tight and kissed me passionately, his hands moving down to grab my butt and pull me in tighter against his groin. I could feel his hairy chest and now steel hard cock pressing against me. He pulled the back of my bathrobe up and started fingering my hole, pushing one then two fingers inside me. “Mmmm that feels juicy,” he said.

“It should. I have two loads of Billy’s fresh cum in there.” He pulled his fingers out then stuck them in his mouth and sucked on them.

“And fucking tasty cum it is too,” he said. “Love to get it all out into my mouth.”

“Well I was going to hold it in as long as possible, but go ahead.” With that he turned me round, bent me over and stuck his tongue deep into my hole. I pushed my ass hole out and with a sloppy fuck fart felt Billy’s spunk start to run out and into Paul’s mouth. He lapped it up like a cat, licking the juices and my ass hole Ankara escort till I had no more left inside me. He stood, turned me round and kissed me so I could taste Billy’s cum in his mouth.

“Well that was better than the traditional welcome offer of coffee,” he said. “Can’t have you empty for long though – I haven’t cum for a week so get ready to be loaded up again. And where is my favourite young stud of a nephew?”

“I’m here Uncle Paul,” said Billy from the top of the stairs, naked with his big cock sticking out in front of him. “I was going to say hi, but you were busy being fed, so I just watched.”

“Bring your body and cock down here and give me a proper welcome then”. Billy raced down the stairs, his cock swaying from side to side and wrapped his arms around his uncle, giving him a deep kiss, the two of them alternating between pushing their tongue into each others mouth.

Paul’s shorts were bulging with his obscenely hard cut cock, the head almost poking out the top. I could see the outline clearly so guessed he was going commando. “You’re overdressed Paul,” I said and pulled his shorts down to his ankles. Watching my two favourite hot guys, naked with big hard cocks hugging and kissing had an effect on me, and even though I had cum twice that morning already, my cock started to harden and stick out of my kimono.

“So Paul, would you like a coffee after your drive or go straight to bed?” I said.

“Had coffee a little while ago from a garage. I’ve been horny for most of my drive down so I want to get my cock into someone’s mouth and pussy and the other’s cock into my cunt, so let’s go to bed,” he replied.

Billy grabbed Paul’s steel hard cock and lead him upstairs while I followed behind with my fingers wedged between Paul’s ass cheeks.

When Ankara escort bayan we got to the bedroom, Billy jumped on the bed on all fours and turned so his face was in direct line with Paul’s hard cock meat and low hanging balls. He started to tongue the piss slit where a large clear drop of precum had gathered. He then started to lick around the large mushroom shaped cut cock head, and flicking his tongue under the head where it is most sensitive. Paul was moaning loudly, holding Billy’s head in his hands and when Billy sunk Paul’s entire cock into his mouth said ” fuck yeah, suck my big cock boy. Suck it hard.”

I pushed Paul’s legs apart and pulled his ass cheeks wide so I could see his tight brown hole. Fucking hell it looked tasty as it twitched and puckered. I started to flick my tongue against his hole, lapping at it then pushing my tongue inside. His manly musky smell enhanced by hours of sweat while driving. I covered his ass with my saliva then started to push a finger inside his cunt, then two then three. I started finger fucking his cunt that had loosened up ready for a cock.

After a few minutes he stopped Billy and said “Easy there. I’m so fucking horny you are going to make me cum and I want my first load to be inside someone’s cunt.” Billy quickly switched position, now on his back with his legs wide and high in the air.

“Fuck my cunt Uncle Paul, shove your big cock in me. Ram it in balls deep and fuck me hard”. Paul didn’t need asking twice. He bent his knees slightly so his cock head was positioned at Billy’s hole, and while I was still finger fucking his own hole, he plunged his hard cock meat deep inside my boy, ramming it all the way in one thrust till his balls were nestled against Billy’s cheeks. “FUCKING HELL” Billy yelled. His eyes bulged, his mouth Escort Ankara was wide open. My boy liked to be fucked as much as I did. His hard cock was giving little spurts of pearly precum that only happens when the prostate is worked on. Paul had obviously hit the spot and as he started to piston in and out of Billy’s cunt more pearly liquid dribbled from Billy’s cock on his pubes and lower groin.

I spit into my free hand and started to rub it over my cock mixing it with the precum I had been leaking. I told Paul to push deep inside Billy and hold still. Then I removed my fingers from his ass and I pushed my hard cock slowly inside his cunt, feeling the hot silky passage swallow my cock all the way inside him. We positioned ourselves so Paul could fuck himself on my cock while pushing his cock in and out of my boy. I could feel his cunt loosen on my cock as it went inside his fuck chute, then tighten as my cock came out.

Suddenly Paul started gasping and his cunt tightened on my cock. He pushed deep into Billy and I could feel his ass muscles pumping his cum out of his cock and into my boy. There were at least five or six contractions that signalled a spurt of cum into my boy’s ass. That pushed me over the edge and I started whitewashing the inside of Paul’s fuck chute with my own spunk. As I did, Billy’s cock erupted in a cum explosion without being touched, the jizz flying high and landing on Billy’s chest and abs. Considering he had filled me twice already that morning with jizz, there was still a big load flying from his cock.

After we had all stopped spurting, we lay side by side on the bed, Paul in the middle with both mine and my boy’s legs across his. The room stunk of sweat, cum and butt-fucking.

“Now that’s what I call a warm welcome” he said. He turned and looked at me and said “Don’t worry, there’s still lots more for your ass.” I smiled knowing I was soon going to be fucked and filled just like my boy had been. “Later I want to talk to you both seriously. I have a proposition for you both.”

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