Me And My Bangalore Days Part – 4


Me And My Bangalore Days Part – 4deleteddeleteddeletedWell, today I thought of just penning down few experiences from my daily life here sometimes within my flat or maybe outside.Sometimes intentionally and sometimes completely unintentionally. Whatever if it includes a bit of exhibitionism and nudity I love it and it gives me a different feeling altogether exposing myself to complete strangers who mean no harm otherwise. Over a period I have completely lost my inhibitions doing my things around the plantation and elsewhere. For people who are new to me and wants to know more, you can read my earlier posts at ‘me and my Bangalore days 1,2, 3 and 4. Am sure you will love all that I have shared so far and that will also give you a better picture of me as a person.This is something that happened just few weeks back and now almost a regular thing. I stay at yelahanka old town near bagalur. I stay alone in a 1 bhk flat there and have a maid who comes everyday for the daily washing and other chores. I generally stay in very little clothes in my flat and she might have seen quite a bit of my skin before..So am not much fussy about all that. It so happened that the latch to my bathroom door broke down and that kinda keeps the bathroom door open and even if I close it..It slowly opens up though not fully but a part of it. The maid has a key to my flat so she has full access to the flat when she wants..She comes..Cleans and goes away. So the other day it was around 12.30 in the noon and being a Sunday I woke up late and was in the loo.I actually forgot that the door was not latched and a certain part of it is open and anyone from the hall can look into my bathroom properly. I anyways stay alone so nothing much occurred to my mind and I opened my frock that I was wearing and was sitting on the toilet seat when suddenly I heard the main door open. At first I thought who might it be but then saw through the opened door, the maid crossing the hall and getting inside the bedroom with the jharu. I was all naked and was thinking what to do but the kinda girl that I was I thought of going with the flow and not caring much. Yes I had the thought of what would the maid think but I remember her having seen me many times in very little clothes or maybe topless but not fully nude. I anyways kept sitting in the toilet seat and was waiting for her to come out of the bedroom into the hall. After sometime she was in the hall and saw the bathroom door open and had a glimpse of me inside. From out she told that the door is open but I told that the door latch broke last night.I intentionally was spending more time inside and waiting for her to finish the jharu and now when she had to mop the floor she was telling wat to do as she has to fill the bucket with water. I told her no problem she can come in as I will take time…She slowly entered the bathroom and was initially not looking at me..I was standing beside the toilet seat which I flushed already. I was all naked and she was filling the bucket. Sudden rush of wetness filled my pussy and I felt nice standing fully nude like that in front of her. Just to break the ice I started talking to her and joked saying its all ok as I can’t help as the door lock is broken and till its fixed it will be a problem (I actually showed helplessness) to which she went to the door and was seeing the latch and said yes what to do its broken. Anyways not a problem! Saying this she was looking at me and smiling too…Hehehe..The ice seems to have broken and I without any shame didn’t mind wearing anything. She went out to the hall and started mopping the floor and I like that only came out with the toothbrush and Escort started brushing my teeth roaming all around the hall fully naked. In between her mopping she was looking at me and suddenly said be careful not to come like this in front of the dabbawala who comes with the food and both of us started laughing. Well, the ice broke and these days am totally shameless in front of her and its been 3 weeks now still I haven’t latched the bathroom door. She’s used to my nudity now and few days back on her insistence took a full body massage completely naked from her too as I was having body pains and really she was very good at it. Yes, I have taken enough care to see that she doesn’t have any idea about my other side of life of what I like doing as that would possibly have chances of me getting exposed. She has seen me take bath, do shit, piss and everything and even sometimes she goes to piss keeping the door open and I have seen her that way. I like this nasty and voyeuristic side of mine and gives me a nice wet pussy.Now, this next incident happened just last saturday evening. This is another incident which was short but had things that I love doing the most. Getting nasty with cheap people in the open without getting caught. It was around 9.30 at night and I got down at bagalur crossing from a bmtc and was actually in the mood too. I knew this is a bus stop and at this hour many different kind of people will get down there on the main road to the airport. On the sides of the service roads there are plantations and the service road has tall grasses and broken road and stones. Very fewer people actually walk through that service road but surely some still do as I have seen them often. I was wearing a jeans and top and as usual had no panty in. I walked till that service road stretch near the tall grasses and was thinking what to do when I saw someone coming in that same lane not very far. It was tough to guess the age from that far in little lights but I was in the mood for some fun so didn’t give much thought about the age thing. I quickly opened my jeans and lowered it till feet and sat down to pee. Though I was not actually pissing but I had to make it look like that. My entire ass was out in the open n I faced the road and was in that sitting position. The man almost came there and was walking past me and saw my nude ass like that. He looked like someone in mid age over 45 to 50. I just loved that situation and saw him stand a bit in distance and was watching me. I without giving much thought stood up and kind of pretended to get surprised seeing him there. In kannada he was saying something and pointing on the road where I was sitting like that. I said in hindi that I was pissing as I had no option and while saying I was facing him and took up my pant and buttoned it while giving him a full view of my bush down there. I saw he has been continuously looking down there and just to break the ice I went a bit near him and said what to do I had to pee and there’s no loo here. He was saying something and kind of smiling too. I winked at him to which he said something in kannada I didn’t understand. I thought of taking the next step and see what he does. So without thinking much I just lifted my top to my bra and showed him. He just saw both sides of where we were standing and came close and started to touch my boobs and press it. I stopped him and signalled him that we can go inside the plantation which was just beside the service road. The area was anyways very dark and the main road street lights hardly showed up anything this side, so just to show him more while I was speaking I intentionally opened Escort Bayan my top fully and in that bra went directly inside the plantation. I saw the man following me inside and I tried looking for a bit of an open space between the trees to do my acts. Once I found the space I kept my top there on a heap of dry grass and got rid of my bra and now standing there in just my jeans and I turned back to see him almost there and in no time he was standing in front of me.Would continue the rest in my next part and be rest assured there are lots that happened inside. I would be looking forward to hearing from you all and write nasty comments and your thoughts about me as that would encourage me to go out more and explore more cheap and unsuspecting strangers. I love what I do and love it without being known and caught. So till it maintains my secrecy am good to explore all the nastiest and taboo part of life I was already inside the plantation and by the time he followed me and was standing just next to me I was only in my jeans and standing with nothing on top but naked stiff nipples waiting for some nasty stuff. Wasting no time he grabbed my boobies and started sucking and pinching them…Aahhhhhhhh..I just loved it getting used up like that. While he was sucking my boobs I tried grabbing his cock from his shabby pyjama kinda pant. In no time his pants were down and inside he had a shabby underwear which looked very old. I lowered it down and out came his black cock filled with thick bush of hair and it smelled of damp and dry urine.I was still wearing the jeans while in the act so thought of getting rid of it. While I was opening my jeans I saw the man kept his underwear and pyjama beside a tree and go stand beside the bush..Looked like he wanted to pee. By that time I had opened my jeans and was completely naked and the feeling of being that way with that mid-aged man in that jungle gave me a very wet pussy.I saw him pissing and the rush of lust made me go near him and was standing next to him watching him piss. At the fag end of his pee I caught his cock and all the piss was now running through my hand. Once he was done I bent down and started licking the little drops left on the tip of his cock. Mmmmmmmm..It tasted so bitter and raw. I was feeling damn nasty…Fully naked with that roadside monger in that jungle licking his piss from his cock…Aahhhhhh. While in the act I started gobbling the entire throbbing black nasty cock and giving him deep suck…Ahhhhhhhhh…It was pure nasty pleasure that gave in. In my own ways, I was trying to make him understand to use me like a nasty slut and treat me like a whore because that’s what was what I wanted that time.I was licking and sucking his smelly balls and all the smell was so damn raw. My hands were filled with his piss and pre-cum slimy liquid and I loved the slippery feeling.Mmmmm. After some nice suck I stood up and using my fingers parted my pussy lips and showed him. I haven’t quite trimmed it so my wet twat had bit of bush down there which made it apt and raw. He saw me pointing to my pussy and started fingering me roughly…I was leaking like hell…Ahhhhhh. While fingering he was continuously smooching me and I loved that wet and nasty feel. He got down and started licking my juices from my nasty hairy pussy. I lifted my 1 leg and placed it on his shoulder and made him go deep and deep inside lapping my whorish hole. While he was doing that simultaneously he also started fingering my asshole. He spat on his fingers and inserted it slowly in my asshole while his lips kept on lapping my slutty pussy.I was literally moaning softly taking care not to make much Bayan Escort noise. In sudden ecstasy I started squirting and also leaking piss. Knowingly he kept his tongue there and I was literally leaking all over his face…Ahhhhhhhhh. Loved seeing his face filled and all wet with my piss all over. Now I wanted him to fuck me badly and didn’t care for any condom as by now am used to getting fucked without condom. To make it look more inviting I fingered my puss after the piss and licked my own piss and juices mixed and did that looking at him. He still had a dark hard cock which was still throbbing hard. I asked him to lie down and once there I spat on my hands and made his cock moist and lubricated and went on to sit on his cock like I do while I shit in that position.In no time my nasty pussy had his entire hard tool inside me and I started riding him hard while he was pressing and pinching my nipples and ass cheeks. I just loved the feeling of getting fucked like that by that cheap mid aged roadside monger and the way he was using me like a cheap prostitute. Ahhhhhhh..Am still getting wet remembering. This is was going on and on and in between the nasty that I was while he was fingering my asshole I was also sniffing and licking his fingers giving him more reasons to treat me cheap and nasty. I loved the mushy smell and the hungry look in his eyes. After a damn deep fuck I stood up and was thinking what to do next…He also got up and went to the bushes where he left his clothes and took out a pack of bidi and took 1 out and started to light it. He offered me 1 and I readily agreed and took one too. Yes I smoke too but cigarettes so this was just to go with the flow. It was very strong flavour but I didn’t make him feel that am not used to it and puffed along. While smoking he kept on looking at me and rub his cock…Like an obedient slut I went close and took it in my hand and started giving a handjob. Ahhhhhhhhh…It was so damn great in that moment I just wanted to be like that in front of many cheap men looking at my body and shagging themselves…Aahhhhh. Soon I was on my knees giving a full blowjob with occasional licks and spitting on the cocktip and licking it dry. I could feel him whimpering in pleasure and on the verge of blasting cum. Looking at his face I took the entire load in my mouth and he went on and on shooting salty creamy cum inside. Mmmmmmmmmmnnn… I just love to taste this stuffs from my several encounters with these kinda men..Love feeling that slutty and humiliated. I didn’t swallow it this time but spat the entire load on my naked boobs and started rubbing and massaging it all over my naked body by looking at him. My entire body was now filled with his gooey cum and I was smelling so very different. After he was done I bent down and again sucked a bit to squeeze out whatever I could left in his prick and swallowed it.Once done I saw him going near the bushes where he left his clothes and started wearing them. Like I was a whore whom he fucked and now done moving out. Well..I didn’t mind that and it’s that what I like to be used up without any attachments bullshit. I too wore my pant and top and since I wasn’t wearing any panty this time I thought of not wearing the bra too and wrapped it and put it in my back pocket of the pant. The man saw that and asked me where I stay to which I didn’t reply. Once we both were clothed we came out of the plantation onto the service road and I hurriedly looked for any bus which was going towards yelahanka old town and got in just to ensure that he dosen’t get to know where I actually stay.This has been a norm for me and I love enjoying these exciting erotic pleasures without getting caught as I keep my social life very different and I think no1 from my flat or neighbours still know about this other side of my life…A nasty whore who loves eating and swallowing cheap cum from stranger cocks…Mmmmmmm

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