Me and Jace


This is my first story so please be gentle when you leave comments! Hope you enjoy!!

Our world is built civilization, the ability to live with one another without killing each other. We have created manners and rules to survive. The closer you are, the more rules there are (and the more dire the consequences when the rules are broken.) Siblings have many rules they live by in order to coexist. Examples include: no snitching, respect each other’s privacy, and no interfering with each other’s friends. That was it; he was my brother’s friend, if you want to be technical one of his best friends. That was just foundation of why it was so wrong.

When I first meet him, he was hanging out with my brother at our house. He was the kind of kid, boy that made jokes about everything and always got into trouble. He was kind of like my brother but less innocent. Under all his goofiness you could see he had seen hard time. He worked, went to school, but there was spark of knowledge in his eyes that made me think he had seen some things. Me I was his friend’s older sister. I am a voluptuous twenty-one year old woman standing at 5’2″ (though everyone swears I’m 5’0″) I have dark black long curly hair and light hazel eyes. I have a nice firm C cup chest, with a nice round perky ass. I’m one hundred percent Latina. I don’t know why he captured my attention seeing as he was a taller skinny boy (around eighteen) dark hair, dark eyes, half Mexican half Italian. I don’t know why, but he did.

The kiss was amazing; he started soft but firm and when I didn’t push him away he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer. His tongue brushed my bottom lip and my mouth opened for him as I gripped his arms. He backed me up against my hallway wall and slipped his hands down to my waist and pinned me there, his hips grinding slowly and deeply into mine. He moaned and I started to stroke his hair as he sucked on my bottom lip. When we broke apart my lips felt tingly and he trailed kisses to my neck. I moaned as he did and I tilted my head to give him better access. He trailed down even further with his kisses and started to move my shirt to expose more skin. I shivered and grinded on him as he got closer to my breasts. My shirt had no more give and he stepped back and tugged it over my head. When I felt the air hit my skin and realized what I was doing I side stepped to make room between us

“We can’t.” I said not being able to move further away. His eyes were bright and his face had a little color in it.

“Why not?” He stepped forward to close the space I put between us. He leaned in so his lips brushed mine and murmured “You’re over thinking this.”

“What about my brother?” That was the Sinop Escort real (and probably only) reason he hesitated. My brother was his best friend and he would consider this betrayal on both our parts. From the look on his face he was thinking along the same lines. I was afraid he would step back and stop this while he could. Instead, he just cupped my face leaned in and said

“I would prefer not to think about him right now.” The truth was I felt the same way. So all the guilt and fear I had (hell all the reservation too) I put them aside and I kissed him. His lips were amazing and softly damp. His hands slide down to my shoulders and around my breasts, down to my hips and behind me to cup my ass. He pulled me close and dropped his head to my shoulder. He kissed it lightly and then lightly grazed his teeth, making me catch my breath. His left hand came up to my bra and scooped the weight of my breast into his hand. I leaned my head back and moaned as he put his mouth on my nipple and began to suckle. My knees went weak and I felt pleasure and heat in my core. This immediately made me wet. He sucked harder in response and lightly nipped. My hand went to his head and pressed him to me. He discarded my bra and switched between nipples. I was in heaven, in pure delight. He pulled away and they were flushed, swollen, and glistening. He looked into my eyes opened my brothers door. I was going to say something but my brother had a full size bed versus my twin.

As we walked in he took off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. He was very light skinned and had a slim build. You could see his muscles with his shirt, defined and hard. His nipples were erect and there was a faint impression in his jeans that showed his manhood getting there too. He claimed my mouth and backed me up to the edge of the bed. I tumbled backward, sprawled out before him. He lowered his hands to his hips and in one amazingly sexy fluid motion pulled down his pants and boxers. I looked from his face down his slimed toned abs to his hard member. He was semi hard, baby smooth, and beautiful He climbed on the bed; his form on top of mine. His hands went to my hips next, to rid my body of any material between me and him. His hands were nicely rough and made my body tingle in response. He kissed me again hard and longingly. He moaned into my mouth and started to cup my breasts. His kisses were like lava and wine: slow, hot, sweet with an undercurrent of more, and going straight to my head. It wasn’t until I felt it did I realize that one his hands had left my breasts to go to my thighs. He placed it gently and began slowly creating circles on my thighs with his middle finger. As he got farther up my hips began to move Sinop Escort Bayan restlessly. He stopped at my nether lips and sucked on my bottom lip with his. He bit lightly and tugged on it with his teeth. As soon as he let go his fingers went inside me. He curled them inside me while his thumb pressed on my clit. My body reacted by arching as my voice filled the air “Oooooo… Oh my God, oh my God…. Oh yes… please, please… Yes, please.” I didn’t know what I was begging for. I guess I was begging for more. More motion, more fingers, more of him! Instead of giving it to me he moved his fingers from inside me.

I cried out in feeling so frustratingly close. He smiled. His smile told me his wicked thoughts. He wanted to make me want him; to make me hot and frustrated enough to do anything, say anything. He wanted control. Me, I wanted to give him that control. I wanted him to have me in any and every way. God, what was this kid doing to me? I was such a good girl. Now I was ready for this boy, no man, to take me on my brother’s bed and have me in every way.

He stood on his knees above me. His erect member looked so hard. He was about 8 inches of pure thick man! In that moment I couldn’t help sitting up and grabbing his thighs. I ran my fingers up and down, softly trailing on his thighs. I look up at him with innocent eyes. His eyes look hungry and a bit surprised. I laughed as he moved restlessly in front of me. I moved my hands up around his shaft and laid my hands flat on his belly. The way he looked at me made me want to do all of the dirty things flashing in his mind. Maybe they weren’t in his mind (although I doubt it, he is a male) but they sure were in mine. So I wrapped my arms around him, cupped his ass and brought my mouth to his erection. His eyes never left mine, as I wrapped my lips around his tip. It was hard and hot yet his skin was soft. I opened wide and took more and more as I adjusted, bobbing as I went. I stopped and started suckling him, went back to bobbing, and suckled again. He closed his eyes in pleasure and his hips bucked into my mouth. I heard him clench his teeth and I saw his hands turn to fists at his side. He was fighting for control. I stopped, loving how out of control he got. He looked down and I removed my mouth and stroked him. I lifted his penis up and licked his sack. As I suckled and licked I hummed softly in the back of my throat. He gasped and I hummed my way up his shaft as a continued my attentions. When he started to thrust into my mouth I let go and laid back propped up on my elbows, smiling and waiting.

The look in his eyes was a cross between surprise, amusement, and mostly pure frustration. Oh, this was going Escort Sinop to be fun. He knelt over me as the many emotions played over his face. He closed his eyes and took a breath that seemed to go to his toes. He leaned over me and began to kiss me again. I put my arms around his shoulders and pressed him to me. I started to wrap my legs around him and he stopped me. He pinned my legs to the bed and lifted his upper body out of reach. He used the pressure on my legs to open them. He rubbed my thighs and traced my groin. He looked me in the eyes as his hand entered me. I close my eyes as explored me and rubbed me until my hips moved against his hand. He found that sweet spot inside me and began to flick his fingers, I gasped and writhed under him. He slowed his fingers and that made me moved more, desperate to feel him. He sped up slowly until he was flicking quickly and I came, screaming my pleasure and his name.

My breath was ragged as he moved above me and placed his erection at my entrance. His hand held my hips in place. I wanted to arch up to meet him, but he held me firmly; he let me feel the power in his arms. I was excited he could hold me down. He would take me when he was ready and I would wait. He entered me slowly. I was wet but tight and he had to work his way in. He filled me up like air in a balloon. He was so thick and hard. When he was all the way and I could feel his balls on my ass. He shuttered above me and began to thrust in and out and back in. I heard his balls slap against me over and over. I moaned at the feel of him thrusting in me. I waited for so long to have him. He loosened his grip on my hips and my legs wrapped around him to let him in deeper. He picked up the pace and shifted until He hit the spot deep inside me. I met each thrust with one of my own. I was on fire and he was water; I needed more of him, so much more. He lowered his head to my neck and his teeth grazed over the base of my neck. He gently bit over and over, each bite harder than the last. I shuddered as he bit me, nipples and thing low inside me tightening. I felt my orgasm build as moved against him in wild abandonment. I need release! He tore grunts and primal sounds from my throat and he pumped into over and over. He moved down on his elbows grunting with the force he put into each thrust. He bit a trail down to my breast and bit my nipple. That bite took me over the edge. My body arched and I screamed, somewhere in there I said his name and God’s. My eyes closed and I felt him thrust three more times before he came yelling my name. He collapsed on top of me, trying to carry as much wait on his elbows as his strength allowed. We both lay there, trying to gather our strength and breath. He finally slide out of me and rolled over. He dragged me into his arms and we fell asleep.

I don’t know how much time later it was but I was awakened to the door slamming shut and my brothers face above with an incredulous expression, and a glint of hunger is his eyes,

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