Me and Coach J


It was late November in the school year, right before Thanksgiving weekend, and I walked down the hallway to my last period of the day after lunch, it was P.E, of course, and it was actually one of my favorite classes for a reason. I was a senior in high school. I was never a small student for their my age though; I was 18 years old, 6’2″, 250 pounds, with size 13 feet. I always stood out in among my own peers and throughout most of the school. I was never interested in men that much, but sometimes there would be guys that I just couldn’t stop staring at sometimes, especially when they had big feet or an appealing body for my style. I hid my feelings really well though. I never made any weird gestures in front of my friends or family.

I walked into the huge gymnasium into the area where my class sits on the left side of the blue colored bleachers to call for attendance, the other class sat to the right. I usually sit in the middle of the crowd so I wouldn’t be so noticeable, but it was inevitable, when mostly everyone was there, my P.E. teacher Mr. Smith wasn’t quite the eye candy to look at, he was older, mid 50’s, grey hair, lanky body; the regular old person.

We really didn’t do anything with him, which was good for most of us. He would only sit at a small, 2 person table at the bottom of our side of the bleachers. Only the occasional time when he would tell us to dress to give us a grade and do some simple exercises. Though this time, he sat with the other P.E. teacher at that same table, who also happened to be the football coach for my school. He was a beautiful man in my opinion. He was in his late-20s and had a light golden skin tone with huge arms and a nice round belly that hugged his waist which is what made him look even bigger than what he already was; he was basically made out of both fat and muscle. Though the part that I liked the most was his huge feet. Even from afar they looked huge for his body. He was about 6’6″ in height. He had previously asked me twice to play football in my previous years, however, I rejected his offers.

That same day he came up to me after class to talk to me in his office, which was in the locker room. It was a rainy day so he canceled practice for his players, giving him the chance to talk to me with no one to intercede. I walked with him to the office, trying not to stare at his huge ass as we walked while the other students were facing the opposite way going home. We then turned to the hallway that the locker room was in. The empty hallway had the smell of sweat and musk, it filled the air.

We walked into the empty locker room, then into the small office inside of it. He let me go in first and then him into the simply furnished room. It only consisted of two desks and three chairs. One desk with a computer against the wall and the other one had a wood top and metal sides with nothing else on it, you were able to look under the desk fully to see the desk chair. You could tell the desk chair was worn in. I sat on one of the other two chairs on the other side of the desk, facing the worn-in desk chair and the wooden top.

He sat down on the desk chair and it lowered a bit from his heaviness, he moved forward and I could see his huge belly rub on the edge of the desk as he talked to me about football and all that kind of stuff. I still refused his offer, even though he said some convincing points, but he understood I simply just didn’t like the sport after all of the refusals.

We both stood up and his staggering height was kind of scary. When I gave him a handshake to leave, his huge, strong, and meaty hands covered mine without even trying. I looked down when I gave him that handshake, and through those huge baseball mitts of his, I noticed a huge pair of grey basketball shoes on his feet. You could tell they were a bit used, but they had to be at least a size 16 from what I have seen. Even with his wide, heavy frame, they looked enormous for his size. I got rock hard staring as his deep, firm southern accent startled me out of the trance I was in. “I see you’re surprised at the size of my feet,” he said, letting the firm grip go while looking down and wiggling his huge shoes around.

“Yeah, those are really big. What size do you use?” I asked.

“These babies are a size 18 and a half, but I usually wear a 19,” he responded.

“Woah, now that’s huge. Way bigger than my 13’s, Coach.”

“Yeah, yours aren’t small either but compared to mine, but they do look like it. Maybe you can wear my shoes one day… besides, you’re still growing aren’t you?”

“Possibly, Coach, but maybe not that big.”

“You never know. Wanna see how they feel?”

That would be pretty cool to compare… I wondered.

“Sure, Coach!” I shrugged.

He sat on his desk chair and I sat down on the one facing his desk. I noticed a huge bulge in his basketball shorts. He was trying to hide it under his soft, round belly as he started to untie his huge shoes. I could barely hide mine either as he pulled his Ankara escort huge feet out of his enormous basketball shoes. The thick black socks released the smell of his huge sweaty feet as it filled the small room quickly. “Sorry son, it’s been a really long day. Morning practice can be a killer, plus today I supervised my players during lunch in the gym and my P.E classes” he said.

“Don’t worry Coach the smell doesn’t bother me,” I replied.

“Alright then… I guess we’re both used to it.” He smiled in a way that I found so sexy.

He handed me his left shoe. My hand looked so small as I grabbed it and felt it’s large rubber sole. I felt the weight of the huge shoe let made my wrist drop. The aroma from the shoe just stiffened my cock and let it get wetter than before.

“Damn Coach, these are some heavy shoes, how do you walk with these?” I said.

“Guess I’m just used to it. Big feet means big shoes, and big shoes tend to be heavier” he replied with a chuckle.

He untied his other massive shoe. I put the other shoe next to mine to compare, and it looked massive next to mine, they looked at least 2 inches longer than mine. I was in awe as I felt my cock harden and ooze precum in my pants. I looked at the small tag on the large tongue of the shoe and it read 19 as I tried to take a whiff of his enormous shoes without making it look suspicious. Then, he pulled out his other huge foot out of the remaining shoe. He then gave me that shoe and the stench was twice as strong since he just took it off.

When I started untying my shoes, I heard the desk chair creak and a clunk on the desk in front of me. I looked up and I saw him leaned back with his enormous black-socked feet crossed diagonally on the empty wooden desk in front of me. He put his arms up and stretched his legs and body while he exhaled all of his breath. He closed his eyes and said “I told you they were huge.”

“Yeah Coach, they’re the biggest feet I’ve ever seen in person” I replied.

The smell was entrancing as all I wanted to do was sink my nose into his huge, sweaty, socked feet while I was talking to him. He wiggled his huge toes and stretched his enormous feet, making them look even bigger as he comfortably laid back on his small chair.

There was a sudden silence as I was still taking off my shoes to put them in his.

Then, he asked, “You good at giving foot rubs?”

I thought he would never ask such a thing. I decided to lie a bit to have a good reason and not seem so eager to get on them. I said

“Sure, my parents showed me how to give massages, they told me that I’m pretty good. I can give it a try on your feet.”

“Well then, if you say so, go ahead. I’ve had a long week, been needing a rub for a while, better to do it with you than anyone else,” he said with a smile, still having his eyes closed.

I proceeded on with it. I was so excited and my cock was so hard I didn’t know where to start. I peeled off his huge socks from both his feet and the smell just bounced on to my nose, reasserting the hard-on I already had. His thick, long toes looked so appetizing with his enormously sweaty pinkish soles filled with lint from his socks. His big toe was more than twice as big as my thumb and his two long toes were at least over an inch long and around half an inch thick. I started applying pressure on his lower arch and heel to go from the bottom up. My fingers sunk into his thick skin and he was just in deep pleasure. He let out a deep groan and a low “Fuck yeah” after a few seconds of me starting, followed by a “damn that’s so good.” I could tell he loved what I was doing.

After rubbing on his huge soles, I grabbed one of his feet and lifted it to compare it with my torso. His huge feet literally covered my whole torso. His toes were almost at my neck.

“Damn, they really are big, aren’t they Coach?” I asked.

“Yeah, they’re bigger than your torso.”

He lifted his huge toes up to where my face was. The smell of his huge toes filled my nostrils and my cock hardened even more.

“You see how big they are, they’re bigger than your head,” he responded with a surprised tone.

“Damn wow,” I replied as I grabbed his huge toes and rubbed them firmly, getting in between every huge toe and rubbing on the toe-jam and smelly skin.

His big toe was so long and thick, it’s sheer size compared to my hands seemed surreal. It looked so tasty as I stared and pressed at his huge toes, I wanted to put my mouth on it and suck on it like a giant sweaty pacifier. He wiggled them and the bending and wrinkles of them just hardened me even more. If I would touched my cock it would have burst with cum like never before.

When I took my hands off to stretch and rest my hands a bit, he stretched his huge leg forward and he put his foot huge right in front of my face.

“I know you want it, now lick my soles clean and serve me!” he demanded.

“Yes sir” I replied as I quivered in fear.

I felt intimidated when Ankara escort bayan he said that at first, but I slowly moved my head closer and hovered my mouth over his big toe and sucked on it. He teased me and rubbed his huge bulge as I licked and sucked all over his huge toes, cleaning in between and sucking on every single one multiple times. I then moved on to the soles of his huge feet. I passed my tongue from his heel all the way to where his toes were. I loved the feeling on my tongue on his rough soles as I licked them all the way up. He was enjoying every second of it.

After I was done cleaning both his huge soles and toes, he took his feet off the table and stripped down to his underwear. I couldn’t stop admiring his body. His huge hard dick and balls dropped like weights falling on the floor. It had to measure at least 9 inches from the looks of that huge bump down there.

I couldn’t stop myself. I walked to him and sat on his legs facing him, feeling his huge bulge on my smaller one and his belly rubbing on mine. Facing him, we stared at each other and instantly lock lips. His warm, meaty tongue caressed mine as we enjoyed both our bodies rubbing on each other. He then let go and I gasped for air while he quickly put his mouth on my neck and started sucking on it like a vampire. It felt so good just him holding me, trying to take the life out of my body little by little. His huge hands left me immobile as he tried to push myself against him. I let out a moan or two during that amazing moment. After a few seconds, we locked lips again and kissed vigorously for about another minute or so. He then pushed me off and grabbed my head with his huge hands and puts it on his huge nipple. I sucked on it continuously and then switched to the other one, as if I was a baby sucking the milk out of their mother. They were so soft and felt so good to suck on. I rubbed his belly and caressed his soft love handles which made him feel even more pleasure. He let out a good couple of deep moans that kept me rock hard all the way through that moment. “Fuck, I think you’re a keeper, boy.”

He opened one of the locked drawers on the left side with one of the keys and pulled out a condom that read “Magnum XL.” My heart started racing when I read those words. “Get on the table little guy, you ready?” he asked.

“I always have been, sir, give it to me,” I replied.

“Good, now get on the table, bitch,” he responded while he smacked my ass and rubbed his huge hands on my meaty cheeks. Each of his hands almost covered each of my ass cheeks.

I got on the table butt naked and faced down on the table with my cock dripping pre-cum. My hard-on remained intact since I thought how deep he was gonna go into me. I couldn’t believe how this was real. This is all I ever wanted, and now I had it. Better make use of it while I had the moment. I knew I was ready. “Give it to me daddy,” I said while I moaned.

“Mmmm, I like that boy!” he asserted and then smacked my right ass cheek.

I heard him snap the condom on his huge cock and felt him rub it’s head on my tight asshole. I felt two of his huge and thick fingers go inside all the way through. I moaned a bit when I felt those fingers go in and out of my tight ass. He said softly and sexily: “Boy this is just a preview. My ring finger is a size 16 and my middle finger is a size 20.” I gulped and couldn’t even imagine how big and thick his cock was from the size of his fingers. “Don’t worry, I’ll go slow,” he said hesitantly. His head then slid inside and I clenched and moaned. It felt so wide and thick inside me already, and it was just the first two inches. By this point I was hyperventilating. He then pushed in another inch and I let out a moan. It was painful but felt so good at the same time. He groaned and slid in a bit more. From what I felt, his huge cock had to be at least 6 inches long. For how far he was already in, I didn’t feel his pad or his ball sack. He then went in more and I clenched more and let out a few moans.

He grabbed my shoulder with his huge hand and pushed out, then in even more than before. It felt like his head was gonna go into my intestines already. I feel his condom end and go inside my ass, but his cock continued to go in. I was so scared. Then at one point, I feel his huge, sweaty and heavy ballsack smack against the bottom and his pubes rub against the top of my opened crack. I let out another moan and he asked: “you ready, boy?”

“Yes, master” I pleaded.

He pulled his huge rod out again and then thrust the front half in and out of me. I felt his power and strength on me as if I was nothing. His hand on my shoulder tightened and his groans became louder. He began to thrust in deeper and harder. He shook the whole table and I thought it was gonna fall from his strong thrusts.

After a good amount of full cock pushes on my behind, he let out a loud and deep moan while he left all of his cock inside me as feel his strong cum gush into the condom and stretch it even farther Escort Ankara than it was already stretched inside me from his over-sized cock. He then pulled it out and turned me over. His cock was so big. Even in his huge hands it still was astonishing. It looked well over 10 inches. My mouth oozed with saliva as I saw the end of the condom hang with the cum he released. I gulped my saliva and then rubbed on his love handles and belly to get him going again. “You know we’re not done here,” he said

“Oh yeah, I never want to be done,” I responded.

“That’s my boy!” he said as he rubbed his hand on my shoulder, literally massaging it with barely any force on his end. I looked down again at his cock, and his condom was small for him, he still had a few inches left of bare skin on his cock that the condom could never cover, even if you stretched it as much as possible.

As I hung on the edge with my asshole aching, my cock was still oozing lots of sticky precum on the desk.

“Here, let me clean that for you,” he demanded.

He kneeled down and slurped on the head of my cock. I moaned as I was literally about to cum inside of his mouth. “Oh god, ugh yes!” He kept on sucking and licking my hard cock with his huge thick tongue. The suction was literally invigorating as I let out another loud moan just a moment before my cock burst with a river of cum. He swallowed it all like if it was a glass of whitewater continuously running down his throat. His tongue licked all over my head as I started to slowly finish shooting my cum.

I let out another short breath after he finished on me. He stood up and attached his lips to mine so swiftly it felts like opposite magnets rubbing on each other. His cum-filled mouth felt sticky and warm but so pleasuring at the same time. I didn’t know if it was his huge tongue taking over mine or the fact that his mouth tasted good with cum inside of it; maybe it was the mixture of both. Just his tender tongue and lips on mine are what aroused me. My limp cock was gaining strength again as he kept on kissing me aggressively. “Oh yeah, baby” he murmured in his deep voice. He groaned and moaned in symphony with mine as we kissed for several minutes.

He let go and pop kissed me one more time before pulling on his shorts. “You want more of this, boy?” he asked.

“Yes, of course, Coach,” I replied.

“Well, you’ve got yourself a keeper, heh. Just play football and you won’t regret it, trust me.”

“Alright then, Coach. Just for you.”

He kissed me sensually for another minute before we both got dressed to leave. We were there for over an hour already. I had to get home before my parents did. I left the locker room with him when we were both ready. He offered me a ride home, and I for sure wouldn’t decline it.

He owned a nice pickup truck. It was white with nice big chrome rims and other accompanying accessories that made it look a bit more aggressive. I opened the heavy door and quickly got in and closed the door since it was starting to rain. He then sat on the other side. He looked so huge in his seat, even though the truck was very roomy, his head was close to the ceiling of the truck, and his knees almost touched the dashboard. I noticed the smell of feet and musk also roamed in here as if he just took his shoes off. I got a bit hard in my pants as I inhaled the smell. He adjusted himself and then he asked if I could hand him his sandals that were in the back. I twisted my body back and searched the back seats to find these huge Under Armour memory foam sandals behind my seat that looked like small boats on the floor. I grabbed them by the strap and looked at the tag of them as they read 19 under the US heading of the tag. I took a whiff of the memory foam and my hard cock re-stiffened in my pants.

“Now that’s what I like to see, boy, ” he said smiling.

“I know you do, sir.”

I handed his enormous slides to him and he took his shoes off once more. I adjusted my bulge a bit. He threw the huge shoes with his socks in each shoe to the back and the smell left a trail of where the shoes went, strengthening the musky smell inside the car. It started raining as his huge foot covered the brake pedal and his meaty hand covered most the gear changer.

As we backed up, I couldn’t help to look down at his huge feet pushing and releasing the brake. His bare feet covered the whole sole of the slides, which I found very hot. He put in on drive and we were off.

When we were out of the school, he drove with his left on the wheel and the other firmly rubbing on my thigh and on my hard-on. I loved it dearly as he drove with a sexy smile painted on his face. He then put his strong warm hand on my shoulder as I noticed he wiggled his toes in his slides and adjusted his hard cock under his shorts. He turned into my neighborhood and I my heart dropped when he grabbed firmly on my bulge. I moaned loudly and he groaned and let out an “Oh yeah, baby,” as he rubbed on my groin. The rain increased and he made the wipers wipe faster. Then he just kept his hand on my shoulder and the smell of his sweaty feet continued to intensify inside the cabin, as his damp socks and his feet mixed into one, which kept me stiffer than a tree trunk.

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