Me and Cj our first time


First off my name is Joe. I am 14 years old 5’6″ about 155lbs. I hay just have always been never been able to tell my friends or any of my family. Let me tell you about my brothers 11 year old friend CJ. He is probably about 5′ id say 90lbs. Blonde hair blue eyes. So sexy. Ever since i have been able to jerk off i have always pictured CJ.
It was probaly around 1:00 pm and it was summer vacation so i was home with my brother. CJ came over to hang out with my brother. Thomas (my brother) had a doctors appt to go to at 1:30 so my aunt came to pick him up just as CJ was walking in. CJ was kinda bummed because no one was home at his house so he had nothing to do. I told CJ that he could hangout with me until Thomas returned at 3:00. CJ was very happy, he walked into the living room and started channel surfing. I told CJ i had try on my new football gear and asked if he minded if i changed in the living room since i wanted to watch the program on TV. Of course he didnt mind so i went to my room stripped down to my boxers got my football bag and walked downstairs.
As soon as CJ saw me i could tell he was checking me out. I started to get hard thinking of him naked and sucking my cock. CJ didnt play football so i thought i could push my luck and strip down naked.
“Hey CJ you escort kahramanmaraş bayan dont mind me being naked in front of you while putting my football gear on do you?”
“Uh its fine i dont mind”
I took off my boxers and started putting on ter i made sure my football gear. After I made sure all the gear fit. I took it off and once again i was naked in front of this beautiful 11 year old. He changed the channel and i told him to change it back. He wouldnt. I told him to change it or i would kick his ass, still he wouldnt change it. i grabbed him picked him up and threw him on the ground and we started playfully wrestling. After a couple mins i pinned him and he tapped out. We were both sweating so he took off his shirt. he was still wearing his sweatpants and i told him if he wantted he could take off the sweatpants too. There it was me and him in my living room me buck ass naked with a raging hardon and him with his boxers on with his little hardon poking a tent in his boxers.
I decided to push my luck. I bent over to get the remote off the ground with my ass right in his face. I heard him let out a small moan, I looked at him.
“So you like looking at asses dont you?”
“Ye…yea kinda, they make me like escort kapalı gaziantep bayan hypnotized or something.”
I bent over in front of him, rubbed my ass and said hypnotize really sexy.
He pretended to faint. I thought this was my chance and i laid in top of him with my ass in his face and my face in front if his little cock. I sat there in that position for a couple of seconds and then i started to feel him kissing my ass and giving me a rim job. I pulled his boxers off and threw them across the room and looked at his about 5″ cock. I went to work on it sucking and sucking and sucking. I heard him start to moan. and he faintly said “Im gunna cum”
Seconds later he erupted in my mouth. It seemed like he went on forever, i would swallow a mouthful and seconds later there was a whole nother mouth full.
After he was finaly down cumming i turned around so we were mouth to mouth. We looked into eachothers eyes and started to makeout very passionatly. After about 15 minutes of making out he looked at me and said okay its your turn to unload. He had me get off of him and told me to lay down. CJ then got on top of me like i was on him. I went to work giving him a rim job and making out with his perfect kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan virgin ass hole. The way thay boy sucked my cock was unbelieveable he did great After about minute i cummed into his mouth. We lay there for a couple of minutes until he told me to stick it in him. I had him get on all fours and lubed him up with my spit.
” Joe please stick it in me please i cant take it”
With that said i rammed my 6″ into his ass hole. He cried out in pain I told him not to worry that the pain would be over soon. After a couple of minutes he started moaning and telling me he was going to cum again. I told him on the count of three to cum so we could at the same time. We both erupted him on the carpet and me in his asshole.
We both lay down him on top of me are dicks rubbing against eachother
“Oh Joe i love you so much i have always wanted you”
“CJ i love you too never leave me”
We started to makeout and eventually fell asleep in eachothers arms cuddling
A couple of hours later we woke up to the sound of car doors which meant my brother was back from the doctors. We both hurried to throw our clothes on and clean up the now dried cum on the carpet.
Just as Thomas was walking in the living room CJ was pulling his shirt over his head
“Hey guys what did you do while i was at the doctors?”
“Nothing bro i was just putting on my football gear while CJ watched a movie, Guys my carpool is hear so im going to football I will see you later. Oh and Thomas mom wanted you to call her when she got home.”
Just as Thomas walked out of the room me and CJ snuck a quick makeout.


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