Masturbation Party

Big Tits

Although Danny saw it in him, he’d refused to believe it, until now. He drove his car, trying not to think. The streets were almost deserted, because of the weather and the hour, the snow muffling the noises of the world, making it seem as though he had somehow entered a strange, new world.

He had, in a way. He’d come from the farm for University, the only one from his high school class to do so. And now it was winter, in Minneapolis, and it was lonely. He’d been lonely since September, since the achingly uncomfortable orientation, when he didn’t know what to say to anybody. They’d all seemed so different than him, so much more at home here in the city.

He’d made a friend, sort of. Danny. His dormmate. It was an obligatory relationship, at first. But, they had quickly developed into more than that. A study buddy, a lab partner, a bit of human contact in this lonely, empty city. Somehow Danny had guessed his secret. It felt good to finally let it all unravel and have someone see it and know it. Somehow, Danny had guessed that all his life he’d been a slender, shy farm boy who dreamt, not of tractors or soil, but of the men who worked those fields, their shirts clinging to their bodies made hard by work.

It had been an awakening then when, after hours of working together at the table in their dorm, Danny stood up and stretched and Douglas could clearly see that outline of Danny’s fat erection beneath his sweat pants; and when Danny saw him gaping, he smiled a little and said: “Sorry, but Chemistry always makes me hard.”

They laughed, but that had been the end of it, just then. But, Douglas sat awake at night thinking about what he’d seen and for the next while, whenever he reached down into his briefs to grab at his own throbbing manhood, he thought of Danny.

Weeks went by and finally exams were over. Danny was out somewhere, celebrating. Douglas had stayed home to drink alone and masturbate. In the early morning hours, Danny came home. Douglas was still awake, watching a movie in his room with his headphones in, feeling relaxed and for the first time, almost himself. He didn’t hear Danny come in. When the movie was finished, he went to the bathroom they shared and found Danny completely naked, masturbating in front of the computer.

“Oh my dear Lord,” said Danny, looking for a place to hide.

Douglas walked into the bathroom as if he hadn’t seen anything. He peed, flushed the toilet, and then took off all his clothes and walked back out of the bathroom. If he were to look back at that moment, he would think to himself, how very unlike me, but now here he was driving to a party and he wasn’t exactly sure who he really was anymore.

Douglas was as hard as he’d ever been. By the time he returned, Danny had thrown on a pair of sweats and was preparing an explanation. Douglas felt the sweat rush of shame and adrenaline he would chase forever after. The words died on Danny’s lips as he looked at Douglas, naked and erect, standing before him.

“Can I join you?” asked Douglas.

Danny let his sweats fall back to the floor. They stood close together, their left hands on the others’ ass, right hand pumping furiously, eyes locked. They came quickly, Danny first and Douglas seconds later; they were close enough to be spattered by the others’ thick, hot cum and to smell that smell that always smelt like relief.

The next day, Douglas went home to the farm for the holidays. He’d been looking forward to it for months, since he arrived, Eryaman Escort really, but now he didn’t want to go. He wanted to stay and explore this new world he had stumbled upon. Danny suggested they should talk by Skype, and they did, always late at night, and always naked and longing.

Douglas woke up with pictures of Danny’s cock on his phone. Douglas slipped off that morning, urgently, for his own photography session.

Danny broached the subject slowly. Maybe it hadn’t been a complete accident that Douglas had found him there, naked, that night. And then: it wasn’t his first time. He’d grown up with some guys and that’s what they did. Yes, he’d said gently, he still saw those guys, and he liked it that way.

At first, Douglas was floored, disappointed. He went into radio silence. He thought and brooded. He got a text from Danny that said: You should come to a party, after the break. I’ll introduce you. He ignored it and thought some more.

The crazy thing was that when he was in high school, plotting his way off the farm, he’d spent wide-eyed nights staring into the darkness fantasizing about being at a party with a bunch of naked guys, jerking off together. He’d imagined so much more than that, but it always started at a party, getting undressed, feeling the others watch him, their gazes strolling contentedly down his body toward his thick, unflagging cock. And now, here it was, his fantasy come to life, beckoning to him. And he was afraid?

He responded days later: I’m thinking. Hours later he got a picture of Danny, using a selfie stick, sitting in the middle of four other guys, all naked. It was captioned: the gang.

And so it happened that with just a little more gentle nagging, Douglas found himself driving to a party through the snowy, silent streets, feeling again like he was entering some new dimension.

The apartment was in the basement of a three storey walk-up in Dinkytown. He walked down. He knocked, expecting the worst, or not knowing what to expect at all. A young man opened the door. He introduced himself as Patrick; he was slender and sunken cheeked, not unlike Douglas, but with a tousled mop of curly hair, where Douglas’ was cut short. He was dressed comfortably in a t-shirt and black track pants. His feet were bare.

Douglas felt his heart rate decrease slightly. The round of introductions began. Anthony: tall, dark, and handsome, a cliche of sorts, smiling, but shyly; Ethan: louder, lanky, but with serious dark eyes; and Ryan: big, broad chested, in a Twins cap, he was older, he’d brought the beer. And then, of course, there was Danny, inviting him in, telling him to sit.

They sat and talked for a while, there were beers passed around and to Douglas, the room seemed to be getting hotter. And then it was time.

“We’re going to hotbox the bathroom,” said Patrick. He’d just returned from blocking the vents and turning on the shower as hot as it would go. “Should be ready in a minute or two.”

Drugs were produced. Two joints. Douglas had smoked before, on a camping trip with his cousins, but he hadn’t expected to tonight, and he was thrown slightly. His eyes met Danny’s who gave him a look of reassurance.

“Onward,” Anthony said, pulling his shirt over his head.

“We get naked now,” said Danny. “It makes it better. Trust me.”

Onward, Douglas thought, pulling off his shirt, unzipping his pants, pushing them off awkwardly, and Sincan Escort then, at the last minute, after he saw that everyone else was already naked, lowering his briefs and following the others to the bathroom.

The bathroom was filled was a dense steam and as the joints were lit and the six boys piled in, the heat and the smell assaulted Douglas’ senses in a way that seared the memory into his brain. He felt, with no small rush of exhilaration, the press of other bodies against his; he felt himself start to sweat, the beads forming at his spinal column, the humidity in his armpits; he felt his own cock become hard and he shoved it up against the mash of bodies; as he smoked, he felt the worries in his brain subside and he felt, acutely, all the joyful possibilities of life and how they were already his without him having to do a thing; he felt, now, a hard cock pressed into his ass crack, rubbing itself against him as if it were preparing to nest; at the same time, Danny was in front of him, putting his hands on his hips, drawing him closer and pushing their cocks together.

“Having fun yet?” asked Danny.

“I am, I really am.”

And then someone opened the bathroom door and they all spilled out into the relative coolness of the apartment. It felt to Douglas that he was seeing it all over again for the first time.

Douglas, Danny, and Anthony collapsed together onto a leather couch. Ryan, whose apartment it was, put porn on the tv. Patrick brought out lotions and tissues, and everyone settled in, stroking their cocks and watching everyone else. Douglas had to be careful. He didn’t want to cum yet, but every time he touched his cock, it felt like he was about to explode.

Danny noticed and said: “Hey man, don’t worry. There’s a round two. I’m about to go in like three seconds.”

Ethan, from the easy chair across the room said: “Hey, are we still doing ‘Come on the New Guy’?”

They all looked to Douglas. He said: “I don’t see why not.”

With that invitation, Ethan got up, cock in hand, and when he was in position, with a few strokes, he fired a splash of warm cum across Douglas’ chest. The rest lined up behind Ethan, and with varying accuracy, spilled their cum onto Douglas, until he himself, without much choice, joined them. He looked down at himself, covered in the cum of other men, dirtied, stained, marked, chosen. He rubbed his fingers through it, and then brought it to his mouth to taste it. He smiled.

“Thanks for having me.”

Then there was a break. Remaining naked, the watched a television show, but mostly laughed and talked and smoked a bit more. They enjoyed the freedom of nudity, but also, that particular feeling when you get up to get a beer from the fridge and you feel everyone watching you, and so that walk to the kitchen becomes a momentous occasion.

Round two began without warning. Douglas went to the bathroom and he came back to find Patrick on his knees, sucking Ryan’s dick while he reclined in the easy chair. The others were watching, but Douglas saw Ethan’s hand slip in between Danny’s legs and he felt a twinge of jealousy, which was quickly displaced by the feeling of Anthony behind him, pressing himself into Douglas’ ass, his strong hands holding Douglas firmly by the hips.

He felt Anthony’s hot breath on his neck: “Don’t be alarmed,” he said gently. “You can watch if you want. No pressure.”

Douglas thought for a moment, but then Etlik Escort said, “No. No, I don’t want to watch. Show me.”

With that, Anthony softly, but firmly pushed him down to his knees, turned him around, and presented his hard cock for him to suck. Douglas tentatively put it into his mouth, tasting its saltiness, and the wonderfully sweet smell of sweat and cum. Anthony let out a low groan, and Douglas wanted him to make more of those sounds, so he took him deeper, then out just to the tip, then back down again, his lips putting just the right amount of pressure on the throbbing head of Anthony’s cock. He pulled off again, then back down, burying his nose in the thick patch of dark pubic hair, breathing it in deeply. When he pulled out again, he felt drool running down to his chin and he heard Anthony make that sound again, a deep, melodic groan that seemed to come from the depths of his soul.

Anthony pulled out. He said: “God, if I let that go on any longer, I’d be done for.”

They moved back into the living room and Anthony guided him so that he was kneeling on the couch, supporting his elbows on the back on the couch. Suddenly, he felt the most amazing sensation he’d ever known (up to that point); Anthony was gently probing his asshole with his tongue, licking the back of his ball sack, and then plunging in for more. It was wonderful.

For a moment, he watched Danny sucking Ethan’s cock, but then he looked around the room where Ryan was eating Patrick’s ass. It was a magical moment to see the hunger and the desire meet their fulfillment, to hear the grunts and groans echoing across the room, to see bodies engaged in that ancient ritual of lust actualized. He looked to the ceiling and sent his moans heavenward, as a skillful tongue touched and soothed his darkest secret.

After a while, firm hands spun Douglas around, and he was surprised to see that at some point, Ethan had replaced Anthony, and when he was offered, he went hungrily after Ethan’s cock also; it smelled like a walk in the woods after the rain and it was shorter, but just as thick. Ethan stroked his hair and offered enthusiastic encouragement.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Patrick on the couch, facing him. Ryan was behind him and even though he couldn’t really see, he knew from the tousle-headed boy’s expression that Ryan’s cock was in his ass. He had to stop sucking Ethan’s cock to watch. Patrick’s face was slack, his softening cock swinging between his legs, his eyes empty of everything but that moment. It was like he couldn’t see in front of his face.

The others were shouting encouragement as Ryan’s strokes became more rhythmic and forceful; with each push, both boys grunted, unconscious, driven along by their bodily needs.

At no time in his life had Douglas ever wanted something so much. It surprised even him. He felt a thick feeling in his mouth and all around his body. He hadn’t understood who he was up until this point.

And then it was over. Ryan pulled out, spraying cum everywhere. The others hooted and cheered. Douglas went back to Ethan’s cock, which he took with renewed vigor, forcing it deep into his mouth until Ethan couldn’t help but cum into the back of his throat. Again he felt the satisfaction of having bested another, satisfied another’s hunger, quenched the thirst, briefly.

Danny was on the floor kneeling, sucking Anthony’s cock. Douglas slid in underneath, jacking off while sucking on Danny’s balls. It came up in him quicker than he thought it would. There was nothing that could hold it back. He came, ferociously. It was everything he had dreamed about.

That night, he drove back to his dorm through the empty streets, this time with Danny in the passenger seat. It was snowy and cold, but he felt something new. The streets began to look like home.

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