Massage Table


I come over with my massage table and get all set up and ready to go while you take a shower and get all shaved and ready. You come in wearing only a towel feeling expose and very nervous. I instruct you to lay face down on the table. You lay down with the towel still wrapped around you but I grab the top of it and pull the sides out from under you and fold it back over your cute ass. You giggle and grab at the towel to try an cover back up. I push your hand away and tell you to knock it off. I fold the towel so it only covers the top of your butt, exposing the outside of your thighs. Then I squirt hot oil into my hands and then gently glide them up your back. I add more oil until your entire back is covered and glistening. Then I start pushing firmly and stroking up your back and across your shoulders then down your sides. It feels so good that you let a little moan of pleasure escape your lips. I increase the pressure until it’s almost to the point of being painful until I have all the muscles in your back nice and relaxed. Then I move down to one of your legs. Coating my hands once again in oil, I start stroking down your leg start just under your towel and going all the way down to your toes. I continue stroking down your thigh starting along the top and slowly working to the sides and along your inner thigh. I go further and further in until you feel like I’m about to graze along your pussy but then I stop and switch to your other leg. I repeat the process until your legs are all tingly and relaxed. Then I start bahçeşehir escort rubbing your feet. I go along the sole and between your toes.

As I rub them, I start to bring your foot up to my mouth. I playful nip one of your toes and you let out a little squeal of surprise and possibly a little delight. All done with your legs I pull up a chair and move to an arm. I place your hand in my lap and I start stroking down along your arm. As I pull your arm towards me your hand pushes up against my lap and you can feel my erection through my pants. You let your hand rub along it as I massage your arm. Just as you go to unbutton my pants I stand up and pull away to move to your other arm. This time you’re quicker and you unbutton my pants and pull my throbbing cock out. You gently stroke it while I stroke you. When I finish with your arm. I stand up and move to the head of the table and start working on your neck without bothering to button up. After rubbing your neck for a little bit, I take your head and position it so you are looking up at me. I use my thumb and open your mouth, then I guide my cock into it. Slowly I start fucking your mouth while I run my hands along your back. I run my hand down your arms and I grab your wrists and cross them behind your back so you can’t move them. Then I start going deeper into your mouth. Just as you are starting to gag I pull out and let go of your arms.

I instruct you to turn over and I reach into my bag bakırköy escort and pull out some soft rope. You turn over letting the towel fall to the floor and I grab your wrist and tie them together. Then I pull them up over your head and tie them to the legs of the table. I take your leg and tie around your knee, then I pull it up and over to the side of the table. You try to fight me a little bit not wanting to expose your pussy but I pull the rope tight and tie it off. Then I tie your other leg to the other side. I cover your eyes with a blindfold so you won’t know what’s going to happen next. I take my oil and I dribble it between your breasts and all the way down to your belly button. Then starting at your belly. I start spreading it out to the sides. I start working up your chest and across your breasts until they are covered in oil. I massage your breasts until you start moaning in pleasure, then I lean over you and start using my tongue to tease your nipples. I alternate between teasing and sucking on them until you are writhing in pleasure and as I play, my hand slides down your belly to between your legs.

I use my fingertips to trace the outsides of your mound. I tease you like this until you are begging me to be inside you. I stop and pull away from you. You hear me walk out of the room and you moan in frustration. A little while later you hear me come back. I climb on to the foot of the table and starting at the inside of your knee I start başakşehir escort kissing up the inside of your leg. I kiss up it and stop just before I reach your dripping wet pussy. Then I switch to the other leg. This time I kiss up your leg and when I reach it I kiss onto it. I start using my tongue to tease you. You taste so good that I bury my face into you and lick up all of your juices. I start licking your clit and along the inside until you are moaning and writhing. I tell you that you aren’t allowed to cum until I give you permission. I keep it up until you beg me to let you cum. When I finally give you permission you moan loudly and shudder under my tongues assault. I slow to a stop as your orgasm ends then I start kissing around your pussy for a little bit. I kiss up your body and onto your lips where I kiss you deeply letting you taste yourself.

Then I position my throbbing member at your entrance. You feel the head of my cock just starting to spread you open and as I kiss you deeply, I slowly but firmly slide myself into you as deep as I can go. I hold that position as you moan into my mouth, then I start fucking you. I start out slowly sliding out as far as I can go, then back in as deep as possible. I gradually pick up speed and I grab you by the throat and tilt your head to the side as I kiss and suck on your neck. Your moaning is driving me crazy until I am fucking you as hard and as deep as I can go. So hard you can feel my balls slapping against you. I am getting close and so are you again. I tell you to cum for me again and as your body starts to shudder a second time start to cum deep inside you as I moan into your ear. As I finish I slow to a stop and I start kissing you deeply on the lips again. I lay on top of you for a while, still inside you as I catch my breath.

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