Married White Wives on BBC Ain’t No Sitcom on


Married White Wives on BBC Ain’t No Sitcom onHaving a hard time posting… this is the 3rd try.A song written for the radio…The first 3 verses could get airplay. The terms “BBC” and “” need to be spread to a wider audience. Artists like Naughty by Nature, Arianna Grande or Rihanna show you can play x-rated music if you’re careful how you say it.The last verse is for not-for-radio versions. This version could have actual samplings of married white wives on BBC. Slapping bodies as musical instrument. Like this vid————————————Married White Wives On BBCAin’t No Sitcom on British TVShe was at the produce section, checking out my packageAnother married white wife I’m gonna ravage.I ask her “Do you like what you see?You wanna try some of my BBC?”She say “BBC? British comedy?Not my cup of tea.”I say “Married white wives on BBCAin’t Escort no sitcom on British TV”“For the BBC craze sweeping the nationgo to for an education.”She say “BBC on I’ll take a look.”Another married white wife taking the hook.(Refrain)Married White Wives On BBCAin’t No Sitcom on British TVI saw her at baked goods getting a loaf of bread.she sees me and her face turns red.I say “I can tell you did what I said.”She says “That site been messing with my head.”I say “Interracial on Xhamster is addicting like crack.And now you’re wantin something big and black.She holds up her left hand.And points to her wedding band.She tells me ”I’ve got a man.”I say “We both know his 5 inches don’t satisfy.And we both know you wanna give my BBC a try.”She tells me “It’s time for me to say good bye.”But as she goes she sneaks a look at my fly.(Refrain)Married White Wives On BBCAin’t No Sitcom Escort Bayan on British TVI’m at Health & Beauty getting some shampooShe walks up and says “Hello, how do you do?”and bends over to give me a viewof her Queen of Spades temporary tattoo.I say “Looks like you’re ready to rendezvous.”She says “We have to be very discreet.”I say “Let’s meet. At the hotel down the street.”And now we’re running, running for the hotel room door.Now she buck naked, her panties on the floor.Now’s she’s coming, Big O number four.And I’m going to keep her coming, coming back for more.(Refrain)Married White Wives On BBCAin’t No Sitcom on British TVNow she keep texting me on my phone.She can’t get enough of the black bone.Another married white girl black owned.Poor hubby pushed to the friend zone.Poor hubby’s balls are turning blue.He has no clue.If only he knewwhat she dowith me and my crew.(Refrain)Married Bayan Escort White Wives On BBCAin’t No Sitcom on British TVHubby come home from work early one day.Now he watching us from the hall way.I tell her “Don’t stop. Get on top.Give your husband a show.Slide up and down my BBC nice and slow”I guide her, my hands on her hipsI tell him “See how I stretch her lipsAnd look how tight she grips.Now watch how she swing her hips.See how I spread her wide.Watch how deep I slide inside.”Bed creaking, bodies slapping, the hours go byI set her reverse cowgirl and spread her thighsI tell her look him in the eye and tell him whyHis little white worm can never satisfy.(Refrain)Married White Wives On BBCAin’t No Sitcom on British TVHer hubby tells her “I accept you have needs I can’t meet.But please, have some respect. Try to be discreet.”She tells him “Honey, I want a black baby. ”And I tell him “And she don’t mean maybe.Your wife has a need to breed.And we going to give her our seed.”And now we riding her bareback while she ovulatingWhile hubby sits in a corner masturbating.We each spread her wide.We each come deep inside.And now her belly’s getting bigger…

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