Married Heat – Fun at Work


*** from my MARRIED HEAT collection ***

Ralph Campbell pulled his white work van into the driveway of Mr. and Mrs. Reyes’ home – situated in one of the most posh neighborhoods in the city. Ralph parked, got out of the van, and walked to the passenger side to open the door for his wife, Hope. He then began to untether and retrieve his work ladder – stored on top of the van – which he used for cleaning and maintenance on the outside of the Reyes house.

Hope walked to the back of the van where she opened its double doors. She then collected her cleaning supplies and equipment, to be used on the inside of the house. She also gathered Ralph’s tools and supplies.

Once he secured his ladder on the side of the home, Ralph moved to the back of the van and helped Hope remove the cart she used to move her supplies around the home. Hope then finished loading up her cart before looking up at her husband, who said to her, “You look good in that outfit.”

Hope smiled. She was wearing plain linen pants and a simple, thin, long-sleeved, v-neck cotton shirt that fell well past her waist. Regular work clothes for her, though the pants were tight around her bottom. Hope turned around, lifted the back of her shirt, and stood on her toes – showing off said bottom to her husband and causing his brow to raise.

She then moved toward him. The couple shared a tender kiss before Hope moved her cart toward the side entrance of the house. Ralph watched his wife for a few seconds as she walked away – he loved her walk – before gathering his equipment and setting up shop at the front corner of the home.

“Hi, Hope!” Amanda Reyes said as she answered the door. “Ralph is here?”

“Yes, ma’am. He’s in front, preparing to clean the roof.”

“Nice. You two don’t waste time, do you?”

“No, ma’am,” Hope said with an obligatory smile. “I’ll start in the living room.”

“Thanks, Hope. You two always do such amazing work,” Amanda said as Hope wheeled her cleaning cart into the home and began moving it toward the front of the house.


Hope Campbell spent most of the morning cleaning the ground floor of the Reyes’ two story home. She had made her way into the kitchen, her last stop before heading upstairs, when she again saw Mrs. Reyes.

“Hope, I have to go run an errand. I shouldn’t be long. I’m not expecting anyone but if you could listen for the doorbell in case anyone stops by, that would be great.”

“Of course, Mrs. Reyes,” Hope said as Amanda searched through her purse for the keys to her vehicle.

Mrs. Reyes then left as Hope stood and waited. She listened as she heard the garage door rise, Mrs. Reyes’ car engine purr, and then the garage door close. Hope wore a mischievous grin while retrieving her cell phone from her back pocket. She sent her husband a text:

Hope: Come inside


Ralph had long since finished his work cleaning the roof and was trimming the bushes bordering the front of the house when he received Hope’s text.

Ralph took off his work gloves, placing them and his shears, under his ladder with the rest of his equipment. He made his way to the bathroom where he washed his face and hands. He then searched for Hope.

After entering and exiting a few rooms, Ralph was heading toward the stairs to continue pursuit of his wife. He then spotted her. She was sitting in the middle of a plush light gray couch in the living room. She was still wearing her long sleeve v-neck shirt but she was no longer wearing her shoes…or pants.

Ralph smiled as he admired his wife’s thighs, partially obscured by her lengthy shirt. Her legs were also crossed, making him anxious to know if she had also removed her panties while disrobing.

“I saw Amanda leave,” Ralph said as he stood at the entrance to the living room studying his wife’s body.

Hope nodded, staring at Ralph with a sultry smile. “Yeah.”

“How long will she be gone?”

“Not long.”

“So we shouldn’t waste time,” Ralph said before moving toward Hope.

“No,” she said as she sat up and uncrossed her legs, though she was still obscured by her shirt.

As he reached her, Hope unfastened Ralph’s jeans and pulled down on the ribbing of his underwear until his stiffness slid out. She then wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft and stroked him, making him harder.

“I thought we didn’t have time to waste,” Ralph said while enjoying her massage.

“We don’t,” she said before licking her lips. She then slid his tip between them, taking half of his erection into her mouth.

She moved her head back and forth, swirling her tongue around his rock hard dick. Just as Ralph’s head began to fall back, she slid him back out of her mouth.

Stunned by the sudden halt in pleasure, he looked down at his wife. “Now you’re ready,” she said, smiling as she saw how wet she made him. Hope then motioned for Ralph to get on his knees.

Ralph obliged as Hope slid the bottom of her shirt up to reveal that she had, indeed, removed her panties. Ralph placed his hands Şanlıurfa Escort onto his wife’s petite hips and ass and pulled her closer to the edge of the couch.

He then positioned his wet tip on her wetter lips before easing himself inside his wife. He watched – as always – her facial expression as he filled her up, Hope gasping as Ralph reached her spot. She then wrapped her legs around his hips before he could slide back out, grabbing his face and looking him in the eyes as she said, “I told you… we don’t have a lot of time. Fuck me.”

She then allowed her body to fall against the back of the couch. Ralph, tightening his grip on his wife’s hips and ass, began thrusting in and out of her. Hope grunted and further tightened her legs as beads of sweat formed on his and her forehead.

The force of Ralph’s fuck began to, at first rock, and then move the couch on which Hope sat. Ralph then slowed down, allowing himself to slide almost completely out of her as he noticed something on the carpet beneath him.

“What?” Hope asked, agitated that he was no longer plowing her into the back of the couch.

“There’s a stain here on the carpet,” Ralph said. “Looks like coffee.”

“Are you serious right now?”

Ralph smiled as he said, “Sorry.”

Hope then used her legs to pull her husband back inside her. As Ralph returned his focus to Hope, she once again relaxed and closed her eyes.

Ralph grabbed Hope’s ass, pulling her to him as he continued his long, firm thrusts into her. He then slid one of his hands beneath the back of her shirt.

Just as his fingers reached her bra the couple heard the garage door open. They froze.


Amanda walked through the garage entrance to her home and into the kitchen area. She then looked around and listened for Hope before hearing an odd bump.

She sped toward the staircase in the open foyer, which was right around the corner from the living room. When she reached the staircase she saw Hope and Ralph. They were carrying Hope’s cleaning supply cart upstairs.

Amanda smiled. “You two are amazing,” she called to them as they reached the top of the stairs. They then sat the cart down and turned toward Mrs. Reyes.

“Hope, I can’t believe you are already done with the downstairs. It looks great. And Ralph, the roof looks fantastic.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Ralph said as they both gave an obligatory smile.

Amanda walked back toward her office as Hope and Ralph waited for her to leave their line of sight. The couple then gazed into one another’s eyes.

“I’ve got to get back outside,” Ralph said.

“OK,” Hope said, continuing to stare at one another.

Ralph gave his wife a kiss before forcing himself to descend the staircase as Hope watched him walk away. She then closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and smiled as she reminisced about their brief tryst.


Hope received a text from Ralph just as she was finishing cleaning the master bathroom:

Ralph: Wrapping up

His timing was great as she would soon need his help bringing her cleaning cart back downstairs.

“They are amazing, Amy. The house looks amazing,” Hope could hear Amanda saying as her voice moved closer. “The Campbell’s keep our home looking incredible. They are worth every penny.”

Hope smiled as she realized Mrs. Reyes was on her phone talking to a friend. She then placed the last of her supplies on her cart and began to push it out of the master bedroom.

Just before reaching the top of the stairs she looked down and saw Mrs. Reyes with her phone held to her ear and walking toward the living room. Hope’s eyes then grew as a feeling of terror enveloped her.

She turned toward her cart, obscuring the front of her pants as she slid her hands down the front of them. She wanted to ensure she had put back on her panties from her earlier rendezvous with her husband and not left them to be found by Mrs. Reyes. She then breathed a sigh of relief as she stood and waited for her husband.

“Oh, wow, Amy…” Amanda continued on her phone with her friend, “…she even got out that coffee stain I was trying to hide in the living room when I repositioned the couch. I can’t believe she even saw that!”

Hope giggled. She then heard the side door to the house close. Seconds later Ralph appeared and ascended the stairs to help her move the cleaning cart back downstairs.

Amanda emerged from the living room as they were moving toward the side entrance. “Here they are,” Amanda said as she spotted Hope and Ralph. She then sped toward the Campbells as she wrapped up her phone conversation. “Hey, Amy, let me talk to them and I’ll call you back.”

Hope and Ralph slowed their pace and looked at one another as they neared the side entrance. They then stopped and turned toward Mrs. Reyes.

“Hey, I wanted to ask you two something,” Mrs. Reyes said. “By the way… magnificent job on the house, as usual. Hope, how did you even see that stain underneath the couch? I was trying so hard to hide it and Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan forgot to tell you about it.”

“Umm… vacuuming,” Hope said as Ralph’s eyes bugged.

“Well, thank you for taking care of that for me. Everything looks great. And the outside as well,” Mrs. Reyes said, turning to Ralph. “The yard and hedges look immaculate.”

“My pleasure,” Ralph said.

“I wanted to speak to you about something if you have a couple of minutes,” Mrs. Reyes said, motioning for the two to join her in her den.

“Of course,” Hope said as the two followed their employer.

“I have a friend, Amy Martin, whose regular cleaning crew is out of town,” Mrs. Reyes said as they all took a seat. “She is having a rough time finding someone to clean her home. And I was just raving to her about what great work you two do for me here.”

Hope shook her head. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Reyes, but our schedule is already pretty full.”

“Are you sure you can’t possibly squeeze her in? She is a close friend of mine and I promised her I would try and connect you two with her.”

Hope looked at Mrs. Reyes for a few moments as she thought about their packed schedule. She then glanced at Ralph – who looked dubious – before reaching for her phone to access her digital calendar.

“Any time you could find for her would be great,” Mrs. Reyes said. “She is a really good friend and I’d love to help her out. I told her how marvelous you all are.”

Hope looked up from her phone and smiled at Mrs. Reyes. She then continued to scan her calendar, periodically shaking her head.

“If you could just meet with her?” Mrs. Reyes said. “Maybe you all could figure something out?”

Hope nodded. “Sure, Mrs. Reyes. We’ll meet with her. Do you know what would be a good time for her?”

“Umm… what are you doing right now?”


Amy Martin’s home was several streets away in the same neighborhood as the Reyes’ house. The Campbell’s had no evening plans, other than resting after they left Mrs. Reyes, so they didn’t mind spending a little extra time to do their best client a favor.

Ralph and Hope pulled into the Martin’s driveway and were immediately greeted by a smiling, waving Amy Martin standing in her front lawn.

Ralph parked at the front curb. He then grinned as he looked at Hope. “Remember when we were the ones wanting to make a good impression for our clients?”

Hope turned her head away from an approaching Mrs. Martin to conceal her giggle.


“As you can see…” Mrs. Martin said while walking the Campbell’s through the hallway that connected the foyer to the den, “…our home is about the same size as Amanda’s. She just raves about the work you two do. I have a crew of three that regularly clean for me but they are on an extended vacation.”

Amy then stopped walking and turned toward the couple. “I know Amanda mentioned that you are already pretty booked, but it would be great if you could find any time in your schedule for me. I’m throwing a big party and I am desperate. I’d definitely make it worth your while.”

After a few seconds Hope asked, “When are you having your party?”

“The day after tomorrow.”

“Oh,” Hope said. “So you need someone tomorrow.”

“Yes,” Amy said before biting bottom lip.

Hope looked at Ralph who signaled his displeasure before turning back to Mrs. Martin. “I’m sorry, Ma’am, but that’s our only day off.”

“Well, I’d be willing to double your fee.”

“It’s not an issue of money, Mrs. Martin…” Hope said.

“Look,” Amy interrupted. “Tell me what it will take. I’m desperate here. This party is in a little more than 48 hours and it could be a huge boost to my husband’s career.”

Hope and Ralph glanced at one another as Mrs. Martin continued. “Plus I’m going out of town tomorrow and I need someone I can trust to be here without me or my husband here. With my cleaning crew gone I don’t know anyone else.”

Hope and Ralph glanced back at one another with wide eyes. Hope gave an obligatory smile as she looked back at Mrs. Reyes and nodded. “What time do you need us here tomorrow?”

Amy’s face brightened. “Oh my god, you’ll do it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Hope said.

As Amy gave Hope a huge hug, Hope and Ralph looked at each other… and gave one another a huge smile.


Amy Martin gave the Campbells the extra copy of keys to her home along with her security code. Mrs. Martin was leaving town that night and not returning until the morning of the party so Hope and Ralph were on their own time frame as far as when they would be cleaning the next day.

The couple then went home and discussed their plans for Amy’s home before sitting down to dinner. After dinner Ralph continued to contemplate all that had been discussed earlier with Mrs. Martin.

“I wonder if she is really going to pay us double our fee,” Ralph said to Hope as he placed their dishes from dinner into the kitchen sink and she began to wash them.

“Does it matter?”

Ralph Escort Şanlıurfa shrugged. “Not really. But it wouldn’t hurt.”

Hope shook her head as she kept her focus on the dishes. She then grinned as Ralph continued to stand. “May I help you?” she asked.

Ralph moved his lips to within a couple of inches of her ear before saying in a low tone, “You sure can.”

Hope smiled a little bigger. She then looked over her shoulder at Ralph. “I have to finish these dishes,” she said before returning her attention to the kitchen sink.

Ralph looked over her shoulder. “You only have a fork left,” he said. He then placed his hands on Hope’s waist and kissed her several times from the base of her neck up to the back of her ear.

Hope went limp and her body fell back onto Ralph’s. He then wrapped his arms around her as he licked her ear, which made her body shudder. After a few seconds, Hope stood tall and turned to face Ralph, wresting herself from his embrace.

“Nope,” Hope said with a smile she was trying to suppress. “I have to finish the dishes and we have to get ready for tomorrow.”

Ralph gave a surprised grin. “So we can’t…?” he asked.

“No, Ralph,” Hope said, fighting to be serious. “We can’t.”

Ralph smiled as he watched Hope walk from the kitchen toward the bedroom – he loved her walk. He then called out to her just as she turned the corner to go into the master bathroom. “Not even a little?”

Hope leaned around the corner, still smirking. “No,” she said before disappearing back into the bathroom.

“Just the tip?” Ralph asked, walking toward his wife. He turned the corner to the bathroom and saw her cleaning her face as she shook her head and chuckled.

“We have a job tomorrow,” she said as she looked at him through the mirror.

Ralph moved toward Hope to put his hands back onto her waist but she spun around and placed a hand on his chest to stop him. “No, Ralph,” she said with a growing grin. “Tomorrow.” She then kissed him on the cheek and said in his ear, “Be patient.”

Hope turned back around to face the sink as she and Ralph gazed at one another through the mirror. He then nodded as he grinned. “OK. I’ll be patient.”

Ralph turned to walk toward the bedroom as Hope watched him through the mirror with a smile and silent giggle.


Hope sat silent on the passenger side of the work van as Ralph drove to Amy Martin’s house. She was exhausted as she watched the scenery pass by her window, questioning the wisdom of volunteering to start work at 6am. She then noticed a faint but familiar scent tickling her nostrils.

A suspicious Hope stared at her husband who was concentrating on the road. A small smile then crept onto her face as she said, “Polo Red? Really?”

Ralph flashed his own mischievous grin as he kept his eyes forward. “Yeah. What about it?”

“You know that’s my favorite cologne of yours.”

“Is it?”

“Since when do you wear cologne to work?”

Hope then leaned toward Ralph, putting her nose within an inch of his neck, and taking a deep breath. Sitting back and closing her eyes for a couple of seconds before exhaling, she seemed to be in heaven.

Ralph glanced at his wife before again facing the road. “Guess I forgot we were going to work.”


Once the Campbells arrived at the Martin residence, Ralph took his ladder off of the roof of the van and helped Hope pull her cleaning cart out of the back. He then gathered all of his supplies and sat them at the corner of the house. Turning to Hope, he asked her, “Did you need some help getting everything inside?”

Hope smiled. “You wanna help me?”

Ralph grinned. “Of course.”

Hope and Ralph carried the cart over the concrete path that led from the driveway to the front porch. Hope then disabled the alarm and unlocked the door.

The home opened to a staircase, similar to the Reyes’ home. Hope and Ralph pulled in her cart and supplies and left them at the foot of the stairs.

“OK,” Ralph said, “I’ll see you in a few hours.” He then turned to head back outdoors and begin his work.

Hope reached out and grasped his hand, pulling him back toward her until their bodies were pressed together. She looked into his eyes and asked, “Don’t you want to stay inside and… help me some more?”

“I’d love to, baby. But I have a lot to do outside.”

“You have a lot to do in here,” Hope said, rubbing her hand up and down the inside of Ralph’s thigh while noting his arousal.

Ralph smiled. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to say no to you?”

Hope closed her eyes as she let out a soft moan. “You shouldn’t have worn your cologne.”

She then moved her hand to Ralph’s chest, rubbing it for a few seconds before kissing it. “See you at lunch,” Hope said before turning toward her cleaning cart. She pushed it around the stairs and out of sight as Ralph watched her walk away. It was a couple of minutes before he could walk back outside.


It was almost 10:30 in the morning and Hope had finished cleaning the lower level of the house. The Martin’s second level was about half the size of the Reyes’ so she didn’t have much work left to do. Still, she couldn’t stop thinking about Ralph and how he smelled wearing his Polo Red cologne.

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