Marlon Ch. 03

Big Tits

“OK, let’s go ahead & get this one on one over with.”

Marlon said as he strode into the break room, interrupting the new intern, Sierra, & I’s conversation.

“I’ll take care of you after I’m done with him!” he exclaimed flashing his big white smile at her.

I couldn’t help but notice her blush & tilt her head down a little…I began to wonder if he was banging everyone in the office! Either way, I stood up & walk after him trying to keep up with his big strides, unashamedly checking out his powerful legs & shoulders crease his dress shirt from behind.

He opened his door for me & I walked in, receiving a slap on my butt for going first, making me jump a little!

“Hey stud, what if someone saw?”

I asked as he closed the door.

“Oh shut up, no one saw, besides it’s not like anyone here either doesn’t want my dick, or hasn’t gotten it already.”

He said confidently as he walked up to me, gripped the hair on the back of my head & tilted my face to his, his other hand reached up & gripped my jaw & a little of my throat tightly making me gasp.

“A better question would be why are you still clothed in my office?”

I gulped around his hand, my face going a little red, & began to kick off my shoes, then undo my pants & slide them down along with my boxers. My cock was already rock hard. He released my face & I lifted my shirt off.

“Now that’s how I like you, little white cock sticking right out for me, now get on your knees & suck this big black cock.”

I moaned as he growled those words to me & slunk down to my knees between his legs, he sat on his office chair, & undid his belt, sliding his pants down to his ankles. His cock hung at half mast so I used my hands to rub his balls & shaft, working him harder & harder as I drooled over his tip, before long his cock was proudly sticking straight up in the air. I sucked his tip & pumped his shaft a little, still letting my saliva coat his thick black cock before sucking him properly.

“Mmmm fuck I love the way you suck, such a good little white boy. Love it when you warm me up, gonna fuck that tight little intern after this & already have a threesome set up with her & that tight bodied little runner friend she has.”

I sucked him harder something just turned me on about the thought of him just destroying white women & men! I felt his hand cup around my head & then curl under my chin, feeling his cock enter & exit my throat repeatedly getting a guttural groan from him again.

“Look up at me bitch…and spread your legs, I wanna get a pic to send to your girlfriend, love it when your little Escort Bayan white cock is framed in the back ground, that’s it, now push your cheek out with my cock head…”

I did as he said & looked up, I knew my face was red from choking myself on his dick, my eyes watering, & now my left cheek punctuated with his bulbous cock head. He snapped a pic chuckling as I went back to sucking him.

“Haha oh shit! Looks like you won’t be missing my cock that much tonight, she said she’s glad you’re warming up for her cock tonight!”

He exclaimed before standing up & gripping my head, his legs starting to piston in & out of my mouth & all I could do was grip his big thighs as he fucked my face. Soon I felt his cock start to swell & I put one of my hands covering his big balls before he pushed his cock into my throat & kept it there as he pumped load after load into my throat, I was able to swallow most of it.

He sat back down & I cleaned his cock off with my tongue & sucked him a little more so he was primed for Sierra next before standing up & getting my clothes, receiving another loud smack on my ass from him!

I spent the rest of the day wondering what Amanda had in store for me tonight & casually wandering past his door to hear the unmistakable sound of his big balls smacking against Sierra’s big ass & catching her moans through the door.

I made my way home finally & walked in to find Amanda seated on the ottoman in our living room, I dropped my bag along with my jaw seeing her there in black fishnet stockings, a tight black crop top, her hair pulled back, black leather gloves, sunglasses perched on her nose, & a cap on! She looked so…commanding!

She stood up without a word & walked up to me, my back against the wall, my breathing getting a little heavier as she looked me up & down, she put one hand on her hip, the other on the wall, next to my face.

“Welcome home slut, ready to be my bitch for the night?”

I nodded weakly as she reached down & gripped my balls & hardening cock.

“Get in the shower & clean your bitch ass up, then go to the bedroom & get changed for me, I’ll be waiting.”

I showered quickly I wanted to see her face when I dropped them for her!

I made my way back out to the living room, but she wasn’t there. I found her on our balcony smoking a cigarette, but she’d added her big black strap on to her attire! I was so horny I walked out slowly, hoping she’d like the show. I got a stern look from her as she pulled a long, slow drag & faced me.

“Show me that ass you little white slut.”

I turned & arched Bayan Escort my back, pushing my butt out towards her as I pulled my shorts off, revealing my little red thong. I was rewarded with a little smirk as she twirled her finger for me to turn around.

“Just as I thought, your bitch ass would fit right into that girly lingerie…you love it too don’t you slut? It even fits that little cock of yours!”

I blushed a little & brought my hand down to my cock, feeling a little exposed on the balcony. I walked up & leaned over to kiss her, her hands reaching up & gripping my neck, choking me a little as we kissed, then she pushed me away, still holding my neck, took a long drag & pulled me down to her cock!

I stuck my tongue out I drooled over her shaft & choked myself on her big cock. No way was I going to be able to deep throat her entire shaft! Amanda reached down & laughed while she pinched my nose shut, really choking me out, making me come up gasping for air which resulted in a slap on my cheek & a command to keep sucking her cock!

She was really getting into dominating me, I think her seeing Marlon fuck my face, bend me over, creampie me, & make me cum hands free let her know that she can be as dominate as she can be!

Amanda finished her cigarette & punched it out, gripping my hair & pulling me off her cock, now coated in my saliva & walked me inside to the bedroom. She roughly through me down on the bed from my hair making me call out a bit, but she walked around the room & lit a dozen candles, shut the lights off, then moved our big stand up mirror to next to the bed! She climbed in with me & started to roughly kiss again, her hands pulling my hair, gripping my throat, pinching my nipples, then her hand traveled down to my cock where I spread my legs, she gently squeezed my balls & shaft with one hand, then smack! Started to spank my cock & balls making me jump!

“Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck.!”

I exclaimed as she kept kissing me while punishing my balls.

“That’s what you get for being a bad little girl today…that’s right a girl, you don’t need that little white cock with me. And you’re a little white slut girl cause I saw you on your knees sucking that big black cock again today.”

I blushed as she sat up a little, gripped my thong, I raised my hips & she yanked them off. She leaned over me & bit my lower lip.

“Time to bend over slut!”

I flipped over for her & got on my hands & knees, but immediately she put her gloved leather hands on my upper back & shoved it down to the bed.

“Face down, ass up, that’s the why Escort I like my sluts!”

She quickly lubed up along with my saliva, I spit on my fingers & reached below my balls to lube my hole, I’ve been stretched by her & Marlon enough that I’m almost always ready to be fucked. Soon enough I felt her lean over me & start to penetrate, pushing every inch of that big black cock into me. I groaned & squirmed still, its girth is almost always too much, but took every inch.

Amanda started to fuck me slowly with every inch, picking up the pace. She leaned over & was very verbal tonight, degrading me, calling me a slut, her whore, a black cock bitch as she fucked me & all I could do was take it. We shifted shortly after so I was facing the mirror & could see her behind me, her big breasts heaving, her stomach flexing as she pounded me face down, ass up. She was biting her lip, gripping my hips & spanking my ass red as I moaned under her. Amanda soon reached down & gripped my hair & put a leg on the outside of my hip for leverage & really driving into me making me call out that I was going to cum soon!

She pulled on my hair hard so I was up on my arms & could see my cock flop with every powerful thrust she gave me, & soon I started to spurt out of my cum! This was the first hands free orgasm she’d given me! I moaned & my legs shook like a little virgins as she literally fucked the cum out of me!

I felt her slowly pull out & push me to the side so I didn’t land in the cum puddle, though my teddy was soaked with sweat I was fucked so hard! I saw her lean over & run her cock through the cum & drench her shaft & head in it before pulling me to my knees off the bed. She took her time circling me like her prey, shaking her cock in my direction making some of the cum fly off & land on my cheek & lips, which made her laugh. Eventually she took my head in her hands & pulled me onto her cock letting me clean her off. Soon enough she was clean & she pulled me to my feet kissing me, and then pushing my chest so I fell on my back on the bed!

She caught my legs as they kicked up & entered me for the second time in missionary! I moaned as she started to fuck me roughly again! From this position her leather bound hands gripped my legs, spanked my cock & balls, pinned my hands, & choked me as she fucked me good. I couldn’t believe how well she fucked me! Again my cock was diamond hard & I begin to cum all over myself! She fucked me till my cock finally stopped squirting over my stomach then stood up & I sat on the edge of the bed & softly sucked her cock.

I stood up & we kissed passionately I moaned my appreciation to her for that good fucking! She smiled & grabbed my ass calling me a good slut & told me that Marlon gave her some pointers & let her practice on some new intern we had hired. I almost came again from the thought of the three of them going at it!

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