Mark’s Dark Desires Chapter III

Female Ejaculation

Again, the same as last night, as she turned around, he was gone. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She had to feel her brother’s cock deep inside her, wrap her lips around him and suck him dry, feel his lips on her nipples or licked the folds of her young pussy. She wanted him so badly that her body ached to feel his touch.Kayla stepped from the shower and quickly dried off. She wrapped the towel around her body and as if she was walking on air, she walked down the hallway towards her brother’s bedroom door. His door was closed as she reached for the knob and opened it slowly. As she opened the door, she found Mark lying on his bed stroking his cock to hardness once again, she let the towel drop to the floor and now stood completely naked in front of her older brother.Chapter IIIAs she stood there, she couldn’t believe that she was the one that finally had to initiate between them what they both desired so strongly. Some guys were such fucking chickens when it came to girls. Here she thought she was seducing him when it was actually her that finally succumbed to her sexual lust for her handsome older brother. She never thought in her wildest dreams that she would be standing here, naked at the entrance to her brother’s bedroom.Mark looked at his sister’s gorgeous body as she stood in his bedroom doorway. Her deep dark tan accented by the smallest of tan lines. Her large breasts were a pale white mound of flesh topped by her puffy erect nipples. His eyes moved down over her smooth belly to her hairless white pussy mound. Her pussy lips were puffy looking and glistening with her juices.“Oh my fucking god Kay, you look so hot!” he said to her.“I need to feel you inside me, please Mark,” she begged him.He looked deep into istanbul travesti his sister’s gorgeous eyes and patted the bed next to him. She moved over and sat on his bed, reached out and replaced his hand with hers, circling the thickness of his huge cock. Her small fingers softly moved up and down his thick cock as if measuring the size. Her pussy juices trickled onto his bed as she longed to feel his cock inside her.He moaned softly as she bent over and licked the head of his swollen cock. Her tongue gathered a small amount of pre-cum as she swirled it inside her mouth, tasting the saltiness of his juices. Her tongue gently circled the rim of his engorged cock head before gliding down the length towards the base.She softly cupped his balls and caressed them in her fingers. She licked at his balls before gently taking one into her mouth. Her brother moaned out as his sister licked and sucked at his balls. She worked her way back up to his huge purple cock head. Another large drop of pre-cum was waiting there for her tongue to lavish.Mark leaned back on his bed just as he felt his cock glide inside his sister’s hot wet mouth. Her tongue swirled and caressed his cock head as she sucked him in and out of her mouth. His cock glided past her soft lips as she took a good four inches of cock meat inside her mouth. It felt so good to him, finally feeling his sister’s sweet lips circling his throbbing shaft.“Oh fuck Kayla. That feels so good!” he moaned out as she sucked her brother’s rigid cock.He wanted to pleasure her as well, so he reached out and pulled her up and over him until they were in a 69 position. Her soft thighs were on each side of his face as he pulled her hips down until her istanbul travestileri wet pussy was only fractions of an inch away from his mouth. He took in a deep breath, smelling the scent of her arousal. The musky scent of her arousal sent waves of pleasure through his already completely aroused body.He ran his tongue up and down the length of her opening, grazing her erect clit softly each time. She moaned in pleasure with his cock in her mouth. The vibrations of her moan created additional pleasure sensations through his throbbing cock. Her juices flowed over his face, covered his cheeks as his tongue thrashed about her pussy.“Oh yes Mark, suck my pussy.” She moaned just before her brother’s cock slipped back inside her mouth.Brother and sister tasted and licked each other to the edge of orgasm several times. Each was very keen at sensing the other’s level of pleasure to cause the sexual build up to reach nearly unbearable amounts. Kayla was grinding her pussy down hard against Mark’s tongue as he held her hips firmly. He could hardly breathe as his tongue thrashed her pussy madly.Mark finally couldn’t bear it any longer, he had to feel the tight folds of his sister’s teenage pussy wrapped around his thick shaft. In one swift move, he lifted her off his face and was quickly positioning himself between her long legs. He looked deep and lovingly into his younger sister’s eyes as he pushed forward, his cock head spreading the lips of her wet pussy.As he lowered his head towards hers, their lips touched just as he pressed forward and his cock slid into the tightest and hottest pussy he had ever felt. Possibly it was the fact of doing something so wrong, so taboo but he was delirious with travesti istanbul lust and sexual excitement. More so than ever in his life, he had such strong desires to make love to this woman, his gorgeous little sister.Kayla felt the same way as her brother’s long thick cock pushed inward until she felt his balls touching her. She felt his throbbing shaft filling her, stretching her open as he slowly started making love to his little sister. His cock was perfect for her and the intense love and desire she felt for him could never be matched.“Your cock feels so good inside,” she moaned into his mouth as they kissed.“God Kayla, you’re so fucking tight sis,” he moaned back as his cock slowly pulled out of his sister’s pussy until only his cock head remained inside her.He slowly slid his cock deep inside her once again, holding there, deep inside her as he pressed his pubic bone into hers, creating pressure on her throbbing clit before pulling out slowly. Over and over he repeated the same actions, the same sensations as her sexual pleasure increased. Every third or fourth inward thrust, he would angle his hips slightly to one side or the other to trigger pleasure from new nerves inside her juicy cunt.He cupped her breasts and softly licked and sucked at her nipples while he fucked his sexy little sister hard and slow. Her nipples were like stones setting on top of soft pillows of breast flesh. He was driving her wild with desire as the sensations coming from both her nipples and her pussy caused her body to buzz with deep orgasmic pleasures.Mark made love slowly to his sister for almost ten minutes before he began to quicken the pace. Soon the lust consumed both of them and he was pounding her pussy with his huge cock. She was thrusting her hips up hard to meet his every downward thrust, trying to force him deeper each time. The sounds of their lovemaking filled the room as her pussy juices were really flowing now.He wanted this feeling to last forever, the feeling of her hot tight flesh sheathing his thick cock.

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