Marine with Twins Ch. 01


Marine was walking down the street. Her hair flipped in the cool breeze, across her face. Her purple skirt whipped around her thighs hugging her butt, and her tight black cut of t-shirt extenuated her boobs as the wiggled a bit when she walked. She was walking down her street, when she felt a vibrating in her thigh. She reached down and pulled out a phone that was going off. She read the front of it. “Tom K.” She smiled to herself and wondered WHAT could he be calling her for, although she had a pretty good guess.

She flipped open the phone and the conversation was pretty brief and direct. It ended with Marine heading a good 100 yards towards a tall white house with a silver mustang sitting out in front of it. Tom had seen her from his window, and invited her over. She agreed and that’s where she was heading. He lived with his twin brother Bill, but he wasn’t home. This would give Marine some alone time with Tom, that she had been craving ever since she last was with him. So she stepped onto their grass and helped herself into the house. She tiptoed around the house hoping to catch him off guard and surprise him. She peaked through an open door. No one. Suddenly Marine jumped and almost hit the ceiling. Some body’s fingers had quickly tickled her side stomach making her jolt.

She immediately knew who it was, and she came down from the air to land in Tom’s hands as he wrapped her in a hug that pressed his chest against her back. He kissed her neck, and used a hand to part her hair away. Marine turned around and looked at his eyes. Their green shone through the lengths of his hair looking back at her. Marine wrapped her hands around his waist and pulled him into her. She kissed his chin and was rubbing his back. He took her hand, and led her into the playroom they had downstairs. It was spacious. White walls, brown couch that connected to make a large square of cushions. Huge TV, mini bar, game systems, work out equipment, etc… Marine helped herself to jumping over a bell bar to land on the huge square couch. Tom proceeded to follow her as they both kicked of their shoes getting comfy.

Tom turned on the TV, and Marine lay down beside him on the couch, pressing her head into his chest. He draped his arm over her shoulder and rested it on her stomach. He was warm, she though to herself. She took in his scent, and touch was making her tingle. The TV was on mute. It was quiet, and comfortable. Tom leaned his head over and kissed Marine’s forehead. She looked up at him, and kissed his lips. Softly. They kept kissing. He took Ankara escort her bottom lip between his teeth very lightly and nibbled. They would keep kissing. His hand was stroking across her belly on her soft skin that her shirt didn’t cover up. Marine’s skirt was riding up too. Barely covering her panties from his view. His hands were stroking her up and down. Her flat belly was soft and warm. She slid his hand down her leg. Her felt the hem of her skirt and started to peel it back. Revealing more and more of her leg. They were still kissing. Her panties suddenly came into view. They were black sheer. Covered her pussy with a nice tight fit giving her the sexist look ever. His fingers started to rub her pussy through the thin material. He would rub her clit with his thumb and trace her lips with his other 2 fingers.

They kept kissing. Marine put her hands, one behind his head, and the other on his waist. Marine started to unbuckle his pants. As she did so, she slipped out of her own skirt. Laying there in her panties and a small shirt. She slipped his belt out and his jeans, he kicked off. Tom’s cock sprang up and the sight of Marine’s ass in those panties as she was lying stomach down with his cock in her face. She looked at it for a second; she could feel its warmth. Tom kissed Marine on the top of the head, and Marine took his shaft in her tiny delicate hands. She began to stroke it up and down as she placed its head against her lips and started to kiss it. She too kit further in her mouth. It tasted good. Warm. She liked the feeling of her mouth being full of him. She took him further and his cock hit the back of her throat. She didn’t gag. She had cured that. She would take him in and out, farther and farther. He was wet with her saliva, and her hand kept stroking the base of his shaft. Marine used to other hand, to pleasure herself. She was using her fingers to rub her own pussy. She slipped them under her panties as she was pressing them in and out, between her pussy lips sending a tingling sensation with each thrust. She kept taking his cock; he was obviously not too far from coming. So she pushed him harder.

His cock started to pulse and grow a bit larger, so she knew he was going to burst. She wanted to take it in her mouth. She kept licking and pushing, and suddenly a gush of hot sperm flew into the back of her throat where she quickly swallowed, ready for the next burst. He kept coming, and he pulled out of her mouth, and Marine started to take it in the face. Most didn’t get on her face. She wiped it off with her hand Ankara escort bayan when Tom settled down. Tom sat up and kissed her. Marine hadn’t finished herself yet, but Tom didn’t know that. He got up, and took Marine’s hand asking her to join him in the shower. Marine politely declined, she wanted tom to finish her up, but she wasn’t going to ask. He went into the bathroom and shut the door and Marine heard the water turn on.

She started to play with herself again. Rubbing her nipples through her shirt and masturbating herself again. She kept this up until she heard a small noise, and whirled around to see Bill standing behind her. She stopped suddenly and blushed, embarrassed. Bill was just smiling at her, and he even had an apparent boner in his own pants. Bill came around the front of the couch and took his own shirt off. Marine was REALLY horny now. Both Kaulitz brothers in one day? Wow. Marine smiled to herself. Bill undid his pants and kicked them off as he climbed onto the bed. He climbed onto Marine laying on top of her on the huge square couch. He reached on hand up her shirt as he started kissing her neck. Lightly biting her in sensitive places. He was massaging her boobs and his cock was pressing against her already wet panties. She took off her own shirt and undid her bra and threw them to the side. She was under his naked body in all but her panties. But her body told her to get rid of those too. And she quickly did, with the help of Bill’s teeth. Hehe. She giggled with the tickle of his tongue. He kissed his way back up to her nipples, and he would flick his tongue over them and suck on them. They both sat up.

Bill sat up, as Marine swung her legs over him. She was mounting him. His dick was pressing the center of her legs where her already wet pussy lips were ready to receive him. She leaned into his body into kind of a hugging position. And he thrust his cock head and shaft up into Marine. She gasped at the rough start, and he kept repeating the motion. Marine would bounce up and down on his rock hard cock while her pussy was grinding it, rubbing and stimulating her clit. Her boobs bouncing up and down pressed against his chest. She looked up, eyes shut and moaned. He was bigger than Tom was. She liked that feeling. She wasn’t long from having an orgasm. Bill suddenly stopped pumping her pussy. Marine opened her eyes and looked at him.

Standing just behind Bill was Tom. Who had taken a very fast shower. Marine was very taken aback. She was sitting there, still on Bill’s cock, and Tom was standing there Escort Ankara naked. She could tell from both of their smiles that something was different. They weren’t confused or worried. Tom walked around the back of the couch and straddled Marine. He started kissing her back and neck. Marine looked forward at Bill, and with a quick kiss he kept fucking Marine. Marine was having her first threesome with 2 of the hottest guys alive! Marine started to go with it. Ridding Bill up and down, long and hard inside of her. Tom was licking and kissing her. Rubbing his own cock hard. Bill stopped again. He could last a while it seemed. He pulled Marine off him and lay her down on the couch, stomach down. Marine was comfy. Nice couch and two hot boys with her. Bill got in front of her and she took his dick in her mouth. She was on her hands and knees. Pushing her whole body forward to suck him off. She felt a slight pressure in her ass.

Tom had started to penetrate her pussy again and fuck her doggy style. Oh Marine was going wild. She was giving head while getting fucked. The ultimate sensation Marine had ever felt warmed up in her body. She wanted them both in every way possible. Bill continued to fuck her mouth, his shaven cock slipping past her lips and down her throat. Tom was digging his own cock up her pussy and ramming her ass hard. He was rubbing her ass as he did it, massaging it. Bill was getting sucked as he reached around her chest and started groping and playing with her boobs as they were swinging and swaying under her chest as she was getting rocked back and forth on her knees. Marine started to feel Bill cumming, judging from his face and how hard he felt in her throat. He pulled away, and Marine sat up and fell into Tom’s arms as he continued to pump her pussy with his hard cock. Bill was standing up, stroking his cock as he shot loads of sperm onto Marine’s naked chest, face and legs. Some even got on tom’s cock as he continued to pump Marine with it. Marine was moaning so loudly.

Bill continued playing with her tits and Marine started to come too. She exploded inside of herself and some of the juices leaked out between tom’s hard strokes up her pussy. Her body convulsed and she was shaking from pleasure. Tom Started to come too. He didn’t pull out though. He kept fucking her through his orgasm. He pumped her pussy for another minute till his orgasm wore down. They all three lay down on the cum covered couch. Marine was between Tom and Bill. All three spooning. It was hot. They were all smiling. They lay for a few minutes, each sneaking a feel off the other. Marine was smiling to herself. It was great. She reached behind her and held Bill’s dick in her warm hand. He got hard again. Marine smiled wryly to herself. It’s time to go again she thought.

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