Marcie and Leo Ch. 25


There are times Marcie and I have tender moments. They happen a lot and I treasure them greatly. Then there are times when we get downright passionate with each other. As I have stated before on many occasions, we are not in the lifestyle all the time. We do not pursue other partners, nor do we do anything to show off to others or vice versa. We use some of the techniques to accentuate our lovemaking on occasion.

It all started on a regular weeknight. I made it home at a decent hour and we enjoyed a wonderful simple dinner before we adjourned to the living room to have some time together. It started out innocently. She was working on her tablet while I was checking some emails from old classmates who reconnected after the reunion we went to. It wasn’t until I heard her tablet being placed on the coffee table that I looked up and saw her edging towards me. I put my laptop on the coffee table as well and held my arms out as she sat in my lap.

Marcie is a fit woman. I say that because she is beautiful. I also say that because she has all her curves in the right places and exploring Çankaya Rus Escort her curves is a privilege I indulge as much as I can. It was as I was holding her on my lap that my hand trailed down her back and cupped her gorgeous ass. We started with gentle kissing. It took a little before our kisses deepened and my hand slipped inside her jean shorts to feel a lack of underwear. I was surprised a little.

“No underwear, my pet?”

“No, Master. Your pet loves having open access for her Master,” she responded.

I went back to kissing her before she slipped out of my grasp. I was looking at her questioningly before she placed herself onto my lap with her rear end facing upwards. It didn’t take a genius to know what she wanted. I planted one smack on her butt before she spoke.




This was repeated around nine times before she pushed her waist up and undid the shorts. She wiggled her hips as she slid them down a little before she pushed herself down again. I resumed Keçiören Rus Escort spanking her even though I varied it with rubs between her legs to elicit moans from her.

“You’re driving me crazy, Master,” she moaned as I kept rubbing her area.

It escalated from rubbing to sliding a finger inside to tease her before she started squirming.

“I need you now!” she exclaimed.

This was accentuated by her struggling to undo my belt before I reached down to help her. I started to undress while she started to stroke my cock. She started to get a little rougher before I had a chance to stop her.

“Do you need me to fuck you right here, my pet?”


I looked at her before she smiled.

“I’ll meet you in the bedroom.”

I followed behind as she walked into the bedroom. By the time I made it in, she was already looking in her toy drawer. She threw the cuffs onto the bed before she turned towards me. She removed her tank top. I had the cuffs in my hand as she slipped onto the Etimesgut Rus Escort bed and put her hands in position. I cuffed her hands like she wanted before I started to kiss her neck.

“Fuck me, please.”

“Not yet,” I said.

I could tell she was getting impatient. She was helpless to stop me as I kept kissing down her body. As I teased her, she was squirming. My lips started kissing down her midsection and her legs opened instinctually.

“You bastard!” she yelled as my tongue touched the tip of her clit.

I started slowly licking her up and down, savoring the dew forming on the lips. I was enjoying her as she moaned for me, encouraging me with her sounds. It only took a little while before I climbed on top of her and started to take my bride. I started with the slow, deep strokes while she thrashed underneath me. It didn’t take long before I started pounding her. When we finished, I took my time undoing her cuffs as she recovered. It was after I threw the cuffs over the side of the bed that her arms went around my neck.

“That never gets old,” she whispered before our lips made contact.

“I love you,” I responded back.

We spent the rest of the night in bed holding each other, kissing each other softly and just being with each other until we felt like it was time to hit the shower and get ready for bed. I love being with Marcie. She is good at drawing out what she wants from me without overdoing it. She just gets me.

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