Man In A Uniform


Walking into the bar in California by the Golden Gate Bridge the sound of the blues entered through her ears making her feel so sensual. She could not control the movements of her body as the beat of the music entered her spirit. Her hips swayed with the music as she walked up to the bar and ordered a Coors Light. Her attention from being one with the music was broken with the sound of laughter and talking from several men in uniform next to her. Eyes of blue caught hers as she scanned lower down his tight muscular body as she took him all in observing every detail. The uniform not concealing a thing as he slowly moved towards her. A sigh entered her as she smiled and winked at him. How confident he was as he approached her and offered to buy her a drink.

He asked her name and she told him it was Tulip. His name was Stubby. “What a name,” she thought. Allowing her eyes to travel down his crotch. His eyes following hers were causing him to become semi hard. She realized it was in no reference to the size of his cock. She wittily said to him as her French manicured fingernails reached for his cock and squeezed, “You are definitely not stubby.” His eyes widened and with a shy smile he said, “No, definitely not the reason for my name.” A slow soft moan came out of her mouth as her head tilted back allowing her long dirty blonde hair to fall to the side. She continued to stroke his cock as her fingers began to travel up seductively up to his belt and then over his stomach. Resting her hands over his chest and staring into his eyes. “What a broad chest he had.” The two just stared hungrily; it was a moment as if nobody was around. Billie Holiday song, “Come Rain or Come Shine” started to play as she started to mouth the words into his ears “I’m gonna love you like nobody loved you….” Leaning back she smiled at him and then back to his ear she allowed her warm breath to escape in his canal as she whispered, “meet me in the bathroom lover.” Kissing his ear softly she moved towards the direction of the bathroom.

He was in awe as he watched her in those pair of faded jeans as her hips swayed from side to side. What a full arse she had, and how they filled those jeans. He knew he wanted to feel that arse as he was deep inside of her as his hands grabbed hold of it. Her long dirty blonde hair flowing down her back cascading so delightful as she moved. “What a woman,” he thought. He picked up his beer and took a drink and then moved over in the direction of the bathroom.

The moment he entered the bathroom she grabbed him and kissed him. Her tongue slid deep within his mouth tasting all of him. The feeling that surges through two as tongues meet for the first time sending shivers through their bodies. Pulling him closer to her body as his hands fell upon that arse, and hers on his as they pulled their hips closer and closer to each other. Their Samsun Escort bodies swaying to their own music, one of desire and lust, were creating such pleasure. Twisting and turning as they began to lean against the vanity. He was pressing into her body as her arse was on the wet surface. Pulling her up on the vanity as they kissed her legs wrapping around him as his cock pushed into her pussy. Still clothes but the sensation of the two meeting and rubbing together that inspires that wetness within her body and his hardness to protrude outwards. Bodies roaming over each other as their hands fumbled for their tops as they humped each other through their clothes.

He would not allow her to remove his shirt just yet. He wanted to see all of her and began to tug on her gray turtleneck sweater yanking it over her head. How her hair looked all muffled as he placed his hands within her locks and stroked her soft hair. His eyes focusing on her full round white breasts as he pinched her semi hard nipples. So perfect the shape of the areola so round as her nipples were growing to look like the tips of pencil erasers. So pink, so pointy. She could only moan as his hand roamed around and around in circular strong motion. The palm of his hands and fingers moved ever so over her breasts. To his amazement they kept growing. He wanted to taste them, to allow his mouth to explore them between his mouth and teeth. Down he went and his head was buried within her lovely full breasts. Just suckling as her fingernails and hands pressed into his head. So hungry was he as her moans of pleasure escaped her being. She could not control herself either as her mouth moved towards his neck and she licked whatever part of his revealed skin she could. Oh that ear. She found that ear and began to nibble on it as his mouth worked miracles on her breasts.

His mouth traveled up now. Up over the top of her breasts licking and kissing up her neck. Under her chin and then up to her cheeks. Her green eyes gazing at him with half open and closed eyes as her mouth opened to take him. Her bare breasts against his chest as the buttons rubbed against her. She wanted to be in control and wanted to make him cum. To cum hard. In their kissing it was like their bodies were wrestling. As she finally was the one standing as he leaned against the sink. She stood in front of him as she leaned back and pulled on her nipples for him and rubbed them pushing them together. She moved back with wry smile as his hands reached for those beautiful tits of hers and then she swayed her hips as she began to unbutton her jeans. Turning around she bent over and removed them to give him full view of her arse. So round the kind you can hold on to doggie style. The kind of arse you can get buried into as one fucks. She was totally naked before him now as she turned around and moved towards him. Samsun Escort Bayan He was no fool he knew she wanted him in a big way.

Yanking on his belt she removed it hard this time. Placing her fingers within his waistband she allowed it to trail the tops of his boxers. Pulling him towards her she kissed him hard and long as her hand unzipped his pants and managed to remove his pants and boxers over his legs. Still kissing she pealed off the first layer of his top. Her fingernails traveled over his chest underneath his t-shirt. Scratching ever so. Stopping. Waiting for him to remove his shirt. He could see this with the motion of her eyes. He removed that shirt to reveal a body with muscles. This man worked out, and to her approval she let out a sigh at the sight of his body as the palms of her hands caressed him. Traveling lower and lower now. Feeling her pussy hair against his pubic hair. Just kissing as their hands traveled along bare skin.

Her lips traveled now over his cheek with soft kisses and licks. Then that tongue and mouth proceeded down his neck as her body traveled lower and lower, slithering. She paused over his nipples and just sucked them as he felt her harden nipples by his cock. What a feeling to have hard nipples pressed against the body, and especially by the cock! Her tongue flat against his skin then alternated with sucking. Such pleasure and sensation as his nipples were being nibbled and teased. Her tongue traveled again downward and paused by his stomach as her fingernails made circular motion over his lower body.

When was she going to touch his cock? How hard he felt. Like a rock as her mouth paid attention to that spot right under his belly button. Going from side to side her head was moving. That tongue exploring that spot. Then her flat wet tongue trailing cool saliva on his lower stomach alternating with the warmth of her breath. Watching her arse swaying and her hair. What a sight as she just crawled further down on her knees in front of him. Kneeling before him as he felt the warmth of her breath so close to his hardness. She was hungry for him also. She wanted to taste that pre cum emanating from his cock. She wanted to roll that cock deep within her mouth. To swallow it all up, however she wanted it to be good for him, and to make this feeling last for him.

Looking up into his eyes as her tongue darted out from her mouth. He was ready for those lips to be wrapped around his cock. She just teased him looking at him and licking her lips. Then she smiled a coy smile. His eyes pleading for her to take him as his head tilted back and his body sighed. At that moment she took him into her mouth quickly. Allowing his width of his cock to stretch her mouth. How much girth he had and she did not know if she could take him fully in. She pressed her head deeper and deeper over Escort Samsun his cock. She reached for his hands and placed them on her head. She wanted him to fuck her mouth. Her right hand was at the base of the cock as her lips started to suck him. His hands just stayed on her head as he enjoyed what she was doing.

She enjoyed his cock in her mouth filling her as her tongue glided over whatever part of the shaft it could get to. Her mouth caused little choking sounds as the tip hit the back of her throat. Swallowing up the juices that their bodies made. Such a pleasurable sound his cock made in her mouth as she tilted her head back to take in more of him. The rhythm of their bodies continued to quicken as his hands became tight around her head. His hands were pushing her closer and closer to his base. How excited she was as her body swayed forward towards him. Moving faster and faster over him as she sucked down those juices. Head bobbing over him as his desire increased for that release. Her cheeks tightening around his cock as his hips protruded forward and back. Never leaving her warm soft mouth as the tip of his cock withdrew and then plunged deep within her mouth again. Soft moans coming from this woman as he continued to drive his hardness deep within her. The way her body moved, as if in a dance, as she worked on him to such pleasure.

He heard the water go on but was unsure what was happening. Right now he could not care. His hands in her head pulling and pushing her into his cock as he was loosing all control. All he knew was this woman was causing him such pleasure. That is when he felt a cool sensation of water on the lower portion of his balls. Her left hand was soaking wet and caressing his balls. Her index finger and middle finger began to rub that spot right below the balls that can send a person over the edge. Stroking her fingernails in that area. What a sensation. His balls being squeezed ever so as her other hand was stroking whatever part of his cock that she could not take into her mouth. He felt he was close. She knew he was close.

Looking up towards his eyes she could see his face tightening. How she loved to watch a man so close to cumming as his eyes open and close. He was determined to keep his eyes focused on hers, but he faltered. He became lost in that moment. His breath let out one loud moan as his body went into convulsions. Sucking up that white, salty, thick cum of his as it hit her soft warm moist cavity. She swallowed all of it up every last drop.

His cock still in her mouth as he was in aftershocks and her hands stroked his stomach. Her fingers traveling up his body as she slowly allowed his cock to withdraw. Kissing it so softly as his body was so sensitive from aftershocks. Licking the shaft she started to crawl up his body and embrace him. Whispering into his ear, “I’m gonna love you like nobody loved you, come rain or shine…humming… Baby, let’s go to my place.”

**This is dedicated to all the servicemen and women from around the world that are protecting the USA. (Memphis, Party Animal, HeavyStick, Rob and anybody I did not mention) Thank you! Enjoy!

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