Making the Most of Chloe Ch. 02

It had been a long, booze filled night for the two girls. Having started around seven they’d gone into the town centre to meet up with Amelie’s friends for dinner so that Chloe could be properly introduced only to move across the street into Vodka Revolution. They were sat in a private booth where a buy one get one free voucher had amounted to twenty eight pitchers stacked along the small table to be divided by seven people. They were up to the challenge and as the night wore on and the brightly coloured liquids disappeared along with a few shooters the girls were on the dance floor moving their hips to the latest indie hits, hands on hips with cloudy eyes.

“I think we should get out of here…” Chloe murmured into Amelie’s ear, her hand moving from her friend’s hip down to the small of her back, her fingertips sliding underneath the thin, silky material to trace out the small of her back. “If we go now, we’ll miss the line…”

Amelie was listening to Chloe’s words but at the same listening to the music, she took Chloe’s hand as she sang along with the words, twirling Chloe around her body with a grin, “I like girls… they like me. They look so good in their satin jeans… You could be the one and my only. I wanna be faithful but I can’t keep my hands out the cookie jar.” Amelie grinned, knowing this was one of Chloe’s favourite songs as she pulled her close once more, moving their hips together in a slow grind, her hands slipping down to Chloe’s ass to give it a little squeeze as she said into her ear. “You see I got this problem, I need help tryna solve it you see meeting after meeting and I’m still a cookie whore…” Dipping her head Amelie started to kiss over the curve of Chloe’s neck, her tongue dragging over the fair skin only to nip just below her ear as they moved to the music.

“I don’t know about cookie whore…” Chloe teased as she twirled Amelie off of the dance floor, waving to Amelie’s friends as she grabbed their purses. “Come on you… before we end up going to a club and not getting in till six in the morning…”Chloe laced their fingers and tugged her out of out of the club, stepping out onto the street and getting into one of the black cabs. “Uh, crap where do you live?” She asked with a little laugh, curling her arm around Amelie’s hips as she pressed a soft kiss to her cheek.

Amelie paused for a moment, genuinely thinking about this only to grin, “I live by Wine Warehouse! Take me there please drive!” She said proudly only to turn and press her lips firmly to Chloe’s, parting her lips bursa yabancı escort as she slid her hands over Chloe’s thigh, pushing her skirt up the creamy flesh. “Mmm can’t wait to get you inside,” She murmured, her fingers sliding slowly up the inside of Chloe’s thigh and touching over her panty line as she sucked on her lower lip. “Hm, excited there are we?” She asked, able to feel the wetness already soaking through the lace of her panties. Looking behind herself to check the driver wasn’t looking she slid her fingers into the panties and ran her fingers into Chloe’s wetness and gently teased her labia with the tip of her fingers, it really turning her on to see how worked up Chloe got over her. She ran her fingers over her clit, feeling the swollen nub and smiling to herself especially when she heard Chloe gasp. “Shhh shhh he’ll here you!” Amelie hissed with a smirk only to sink two fingers into Chloe’s hot, tight pussy and start fucking her with her fingers, rough and hard the way she liked it as her lips moved over her neck. Amelie kept her fingers moving, curling them to drag along her front wall the whole way home, only stopping when she knew they were getting close only to pull her fingers free and suck them slowly clean in front of Chloe.

“That’ll be five pounds twenty, love.” The taxi driver said happily, having been watching the whole thing as best he could in the rear view mirror. He turned on the interior light and winked at Amelie as she handed over the money. “Have a good one ladies!”

“We will!” Chloe laughed as she climbed the few steps up to her door and opened it, “Now — you — you missy…” She spanked Chloe’s ass playfully. “Get up to my room, get naked and wait for me okay? Okay?!” She laughed, pulling Chloe in for a fierce, messy kiss only to spank her ass again.

“Okay! I’m going, I’m going!” Chloe winked and all but ran up the stairs ahead of Amelie to do as she was told.

Bending over Amelie carefully took off her high heels and flexed her sore and tired feet, biting into her lip at the almost orgasmic feel of not having the pressure on the balls of her feet any more. Making her way into the kitchen she grabbed a bottle of Evian, Ibuprofen and a handful of ice cubes in a glass. Running up the stairs after Chloe she smiled at the sight in front of her when she walked into the room; Chloe naked, spread across and sliding her hands over her gorgeous body, playing with her own juices and letting out the occasional soft gasp as she pleasured herself. bursa sınırsız escort Her light pink lips were swollen and thicker than usual, covered with her own juices as she made sure to touch every inch of herself. The way her chest rose and fell and the look of pleasure on her face went straight to Amelie’s clit as she set the items down on her dresser. “Did I say you could play with yourself? How dare you start without me.” Amelie said with a faux stern tone. “Keep your eyes closed and — and get on your knees… spread your legs nice and wide so I can see your lovely pussy.” Amelie smiled and undressed herself, smirking when she got the best idea ever. Once Chloe was in position she took the ice cube and moved up behind her, running the ice along her swollen lips only to grin when she heard Chloe gasp. She could smell Chloe’s hot sex and it turned her on even more, just wanting to bury her face into that soaking wet pussy and lick and suck her till she came all over her. Amelie briefly wondered if Chloe could squirt but didn’t ask, just bit at her inner thigh playfully.

“Oh! You bitch! Is that ice?!” She cried out, leaning away from the cube and biting into her lip.

Amelie didn’t reply, she simply moved the ice cube up to Chloe’s clit and worked it in slow circles around it and then dragged it down, pushing it against her entrance, enjoying the soft gasps and sighs that were coming from Chloe’s lips. Sliding two fingers into her Amelie pulled the cube away, dragging it down her inner thighs instead as she fucked her pussy, leaning in to lick what she could from behind, collecting the other girls juices with her tongue. “…want some more?” She asked coyly; already aware of what she was going to do to Chloe that night. Her own pussy was soaking wet, her clit swollen and neglected and she wanted them both to get off before they crashed out from the sex and alcohol.

“Mm, yes… come on… you’ve been teasing me all night….” Chloe all but whined as she spread her legs further, invitingly for her lover. “Please…”

“Oh… yeah, keep begging baby, I love to hear you beg.” Am teased as she reached into her toy box and retrieved her ‘Fun factory’ share XL dildo, taking it and easily sliding the curved shaft into her own soaking pussy, groaning quietly in pleasure at the feeling of being filled by the silicone shaft. Adjusting it a little she shivered at the pleasure it was giving her. She took some tingle touch lubricant and stroked the six inch webbed shaft till it was görükle escort slick and then got onto the bed behind Chloe, sliding her hands over her ass only to spank it lightly. “Are you ready for me?” She asked, a tease present in her tone as she knew this would give her a shock.

Chloe nodded eagerly, having been touching her clit the whole time she had been waiting and now she was eager for some attention that didn’t come from herself. She pushed her hips up to give Amelie more room and bit into her lip in anticipation.

Working her muscles around the small shaft inside her, Am took hold of her cock and pressed it slowly into Chloe’s waiting pussy, smiling when she heard Chloe gasp. “You like that baby?” Amelie asked, moaning as she turned on the bullet and felt it start vibrating against her needy clit.

“Fuck — yes! Oh, god… just — just — move.” Chloe demanded, pushing back needily onto the

cock and moaning as it filled her even more, stretching her tight walls apart as she curled her fingers tightly into the sheets.

Am didn’t waste any time, she curled her fingers around Chloe’s hips and pulled her back onto her dick and started to pound into her, moaning in delight as the bullet moved deliciously all over her clit. Slipping her one hand down from Chlo’s hip she started to rub her swollen clit as she thrust into her, moving her whole body forward with each of her thrusts. “God — you’re — you’re so sexy,” Am moaned as she kissed at the back of Chloe’s neck as she thrust in again.

The sound of their skin slapping together and the pants and moans erupting from both girls lips filled the otherwise silent house. Despite the winter weather neither girl felt cold as the friction of their bodies burning up kept them warm. The bed creaked beneath them as Amelie pushed Chloe face first down onto the satin sheets and started to fuck her harder and deeper, loving the feeling of making her friend writhe on the bed and scream out in ecstasy. She could feel Chloe’s juices slipping down the shaft onto her own pussy, mingling with her own wetness and slipping down her thighs. It was only a matter of time before Chloe, from all the previous stimulation came but Amelie kept thrusting in even as Chloe’s wetness seeped down the cock and onto her own pussy, just crying out her name as she fucked Chloe into another orgasm that left her flat out on her front across the bed, gripping the sheets as Amelie soon followed her over the edge.

“God… that was… wow.” Amelie panted out as she removed the dildo from herself and dropped it down onto her dresser, rolling onto her front to kiss Chloe lazily. “Business hours are over baby!” She sang with a small grin, pulling the covers over them.

Chloe rolled her eyes, messing up Am’s hair as she curled into her body, “… I am burning your Flight of the Conchords dvd.”

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