Making The Best Of It


Vanessa stood in the foyer of the chalet, staring out the open front door in dread. The snowstorm that had been swirling around the mountain chalet since noon seemed determined to linger around the entire evening and through the night, as well. It was not a welcome sight outside, yet here she was about to venture out into the middle of it in nothing but a loose yoga top and shorts and a pair of winter boots.“Hey, the snow’s coming in. Gonna go out already, or what?” Jake goaded from the stairway, his mini HD cam at the ready.Vanessa’s gal pal, Lottie, flared her eyes at him. “Give her a second. It’s freezing out there,” she said. She wrapped an encouraging arm around her beleaguered friend and sighed, “College boys. Stupid stuff like this is like breathing to them.”“I heard that!” he said. “And yes, yes that is true.”Lottie smirked at him again. “You’re such a jock,” she said mockingly, yet hiding a glint of tease in her blue eyes from Vanessa.“Why am I doing this?” Vanessa asked anxiously.“You lost the bet!” Jake said.“We lost the bet,” Lottie conceded, hanging her head.“That I get,” Vanessa insisted. “But why am I doing this?”“That was the wager!” Jake declared.“That was the wager,” Lottie sighed, her head hanging lower.Vanessa grumbled, “You said you were a ‘pool shark’, Ms. Color of Money, and we lost because of you!”Lottie looked at her sheepishly. “Sorry. My shots just didn’t have any ‘English’ on’em tonight.”“‘English’, my ass,” Vanessa scoffed.Devante, a tall, cool, dark young man, came over and said, “Apologies. Jake can’t help being a jerk when he sees an attractive woman looking all nervous.”Vanessa’s brows peaked. “‘Attractive’?” she thought.“Look, you really don’t have to do this,” Devante said.Lottie smiled. “Oh, no, no. We’ll honour the bet. We don’t welch. We’re responsible women.”“Lottie!”“Sorry, Vanessa!” Lottie chuckled. Deep down, she was just as excited as Jake to see her friend do this.“Okay,” Devante sighed, he smiled warmly at Vanessa, “Hey, you’re a real trooper. Really cool.”That –and his mocha-skinned handsome face– seemed to placate her a little. “You’re pretty cool yourself… for a college kid.”“Here,” he offered her a shot glass of whiskey, “to keep you warm and give you a bit of courage.”“Courage maybe. I doubt the warmth, but thanks,” she replied. She took the glass and swiftly downed the shot of whiskey. She breathed out a stream of air as the liquid fire rippled down her throat.“On the count of three,” Jake announced.Vanessa turned to face the door again.“One… two… th–”“Ahh!!” she screamed and charged like a maniac into the wall of snow and wind.The other three crowded together at the doorway. They all clapped as Vanessa ran in circles through the snow flailing her arms, Lottie and Jake chortling, Devante wincing in sympathy.“You call that ‘frolicking’?” Jake laughed.Vanessa scooped up some snow and tried to throw a snowball at him. That wasn’t a great idea. The feeble snowball just scattered in the wind and now her bare hands were wet and frozen. She resumed hopping around hopelessly in the snow.“Hey, that’s good enough,” Devante called to her.Vanessa turned around, breathing hard. The snow was piled higher than her boots, frost clinging to the goosebumps on her bare legs. As she huddled her arms around herself, she shuddered, “It’s fucking freezing!”She motioned to run back. Both Jake and Lottie held up their hands.“You’re not done yet!” Jake prompted. “Camera’s still rolling!”“Oh for God’s sake!” Vanessa groaned. Then, amongst the whipping snow and rush of polar wind, she took a deep breath and belted out a strained rendition of “Winter Wonderland.They all joined in other three joined in singing the chorus, then she took another deep breath and continued gamely through the next verse. Eventually, though, she broke down threatening to do unspeakable things to the snowman known as “Parson Brown” right there in the the “fucking meadow” if she wasn’t allowed to go back inside right this second.“I’m not familiar with those lyrics, are you?” Lottie mused, blinking up at Jake.“Alright, alright! Enough,” Devante declared, beckoning her with his hand. “Come back in.”Not needing to be told twice, she scrambled back into the chalet and into the blanket Devante held open for her.“You did great!” Lottie said, shutting the door before rubbing her arms.“D-d-don’t touch me, t-t-traitor!” Vanessa mumbled, her teeth chattering.Devante wrapped his long arms around her and gave her back a brisk rub. He felt her head nestle against his chest as she shivered. He quite liked that, and she seemed to settle in approvingly.“Okay!” Jake declared. “Next round! Oh, unless the ‘elders’ need to turn in early.”“Oh, you are so on, you little brat!” Lottie needled his arm with her finger. She nudged Vanessa. “Ready to show these young bucks what a couple of real women can do?”Before Vanessa could reply, Lottie and Jake darted back into the chalet, making it sound like the luxurious abode was filled with hordes of raucous partygoers rather than just the foursome. She frowned, wondering how her friend seemed to be able to shed half her age and behave like a college sorority girl so easily in less than a day.“Come on, don’t want them to have all the ‘fun’, now,” Devante said with a smirk, offering his arm.Vanessa sighed, slipping her hand through. “I had been hoping for a quiet, relaxing weekend.”He shrugged. “You and me both.”“No more surprises, okay?” she begged as he led her down the hallway.-0-“I declare this session of The Emancipated Hot Mama’s Club open!” Lottie had announced as she and Vanessa pulled up in their SUV to the mountain chalet the previous afternoon. “Let’s have some fun!”“Hooray! Let’s start with the booze!” Vanessa whooped.They climbed out and ran over to the edge of the slope. It was a gorgeous sight: a pristine, endless blanket of immaculate white covering the hills and valleys below and a magnificent canopy of blue above. It had taken them until late afternoon to get there, but it was well worth it.“It’s so beautiful!” Lottie hollered.Vanessa concurred. It was the first time she returned to the rental chalet since her divorce two years ago and Göztepe Escort she immediately regretted not coming sooner.Lottie inhaled deeply. A tingle coursed through her lungs. “This mountain air is exhilarating! It’s almost better than sex!”Vanessa chuckled, shaking her head. “You said that about lunch back at that dive of a diner.”Her friend desperately needed a new metaphor to express excitement. Then again, Lottie would know. Since her divorce three years ago, and with both her kids now in college, she had a new lease on her promiscuity over the past year, diving deep into the Tinder scene.Truthfully, Vanessa was a bit envious.“Okay, enough of that,” Lottie said, pulling at Vanessa’s arm. “Let’s check out this chalet you’ve been raving about.”As they trekked back to the front door, Vanessa said, “You’re going to love this place! It has an outdoor jacuzzi, a game room, floor-to-ceiling windows”She punched in the key code to the automatic lock and swung open the door.As they peered inside, they suddenly froze… just like the young man on the stairs in front of them wearing nothing but boxer shorts and socks, holding a toothbrush in his mouth.A bemused smile curled Lottie’s lips. “It has a half-naked man…”“Uhh…” Vanessa uttered.“Um…” he responded.Lottie regarded Vanessa as she pointed at him. “Does he come with the place?” Clearly, she didn’t mind if he did.“Hey, Jake. Why’s the door open? It’s freez…–” Another young man emerged from the upstairs hallway sporting only a towel around his hips, his ebony skin still sparkling from his shower. He also turned into an instant mannequin. “Uhh…”“Oh my God, there’s two of them,” Lottie chuckled. “The perks just keep coming.”Overcoming their initial shock and after some abbreviated introductions, the two women allowed the guys to hurriedly go and put some clothes on.“They’re kind of cute,” Vanessa chuckled softly while they waited in the foyer.“They’re also likely half our age, like probably the same age as your son,” Lottie said, she said with more excitement than concern. She shrugged and grinned. “I mean, not that it’s a problem.”Vanessa eyed her. “What do you mean not a problem? I meant they’re cute like little boys caught with their pants down cute. What are you thinking?” she scolded. “Of course this is a problem. What are they doing here?”They soon figured it out together when the two young men returned. It was pretty simple: the rental property had been accidentally double-booked for the weekend.To everyone’s relief, they settled the issue fairly quickly and amicably. They didn’t bother trying to reach the property owners; the location was remote and they would have to drive back to the town forty minutes away to connect with them. It was a large 4-bedroom chalet, so there was plenty of space. They had all planned to be in and out of the place over the weekend, so it wasn’t as if they would be bumping to each other, hanging around all day, driving one another crazy.The age gap was a bit awkward for all of them, but they’d make the best of it, regardless.So after some quick bedroom assignments, the two college sophomores helped the couple of forty-something divorcees bring in their belongings from the car. Everyone was elated to know that between the four of them they were well-supplied with liquor for the weekend.That first evening, the guys even quickly earned their brownie points by offering to share the dinner they had already been preparing. While Devante worked in the kitchen with some assistance from Vanessa. Jake ‘entertained’ playing bartender and by mixing drinks at the whims and direction of Lottie.“Mmm. Looks good,” Vanessa remarked, regarding the stew cooking in the pot as Devante stirred. “Your mother taught you to cook?”“My dad,” he replied.“Ah, good for him,” she said. She leaned in front of him to get a good sniff.Devante got a nice whiff of her red hair as she leaned in.“Mmm. Smells delicious,” she said, “I want to taste it.”He obliged, letting her sample the spoon.“Mmm,” she repeated once more, savouring the spiciness of the stew with a smile.Watching her lick her lips was curiously satisfying to Devante.“More vodka,” Lottie requested, holding her glass out.“Um, you’re going to be able to hit the slopes tomorrow with a hangover?” Jake noted.“Here’s a tip: don’t ever be a party-pooper at a girlfriends’ weekend escape,” she said, poking him on his bicep. “Besides, Vanessa and I are going to spend the morning detoxifying by doing yoga in front of that magnificent panorama window over there. So keep’em coming.”“Yes, ma’am,” Jake replied grinning.“Tip number two: If you want to survive this weekend, you’ll never call me that again.”“Sure thing,” he said, pouring more vodka into her glass. He winked. “What should I call you then?”She winked back. “We’ll see how the weekend goes.”God, this mountain air really was exhilarating.Throughout a lively dinner, Vanessa kept kicking her friend’s ankles under the table as Lottie’s flirting ramped up. Unfortunately, it seemed to have the effect of spurs to her libido. Jake seemed more than a willing partner in the fun, as well, with Devante doing his own best to curb his friend’s enthusiasm and not make an ass of himself… again.After dinner, they all helped to clean up –the guys sheepishly conceding that they only did so because the two older women were there– then the four of them separated. Lottie and Vanessa escaped to their bedrooms to recharge after a long drive. Jake and Devante played video games in the game room.“So whaddya think?” Jake asked, his eyes on the big screen television.“About me kicking your ass again?” Devante replied as his team scored another touchdown. His skills as a quarterback translated to the digital fields just as well. “Booyah!”“I mean about our unexpected guests?”Devante shrugged. “No problem having a couple of mature ladies around.”“‘Mature ladies’,” Jake scoffed, “Dev, they so do not look like they’re in their forties.”“You expecting them to be using walkers? Spitting out their dentures?”“My mother doesn’t look nearly as hot as them.”Devante frowned at him, leaning aside in his easy chair. “Man, do you Göztepe Escort Bayan often measure a woman’s hotness against your mother?”“Just saying the weekend got a lot more interesting.”The intriguing thoughts running through his head were enough distraction for Devante to score three more touchdowns against him unanswered.The next morning, Vanessa and Lottie were already in the middle of their yoga session in front of the wall-to-wall windows –a glorious view spread out before them– by the time Devante and Jake came downstairs in their snowboard gear.“Looking fine, ladies,” Jake said, casting an appreciative gaze at their Downward Dog from behind.Lottie peeked upside down between her legs, her cherry blonde hair falling to the mat. “You’re welcome to join… if you can handle it.”His eyes fixed upon the whisper of black fabric shrink-wrapped around her toned bottom, Jake muttered, “Um… handle?”His friend held him back. “We’re hitting the slopes. Wanna come?”“We’re good,” Vanessa said. She swooped her head down and up, arching her back into a deep Cobra. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled. “How about we make you boys some lunch for when you come back? A return of favour for dinner last night. Hopefully, it’ll be as delicious as your cooking.”“Thanks, I’m sure it’ll be just fine.” Devante nodded, apparently distracted. He winced as he watched her deepen the stretch, curving her neck back, raising her feet till they patted the top of her head and her ponytail swished against her butt. Inwardly, he also held a deep admiration for her impeccable form and the way the light brightened her long, red hair.“Hey, looks like some clouds heading our way,” Jake said, nodding through the windows to the distant sky.Devante snapped out of his trance. “Let’s get going already. Catch ya later, ladies.”After the two headed out, Vanessa shook her head and giggled, “Such youthful energy. Should harness it in a can and sell it.”“You don’t use a can to harness that type of energy,” Lottie giggled.Her friend eyed her cautiously. “No more surprises this weekend, okay?” she warned.That wasn’t for them to decide, unfortunately, as the clouds did roll in directly towards them, swallowing the blue sky with a thick veil of grey. Along with them came blankets of snow and a fierce wind. By the time Jake and Devante stumbled through the door just before noon, the storm was in full effect.Suddenly realizing they were going to be shut in together for the rest of the day, the group made the best of it. They dined on a hearty lunch the women had prepared: chili, soup, cornbread and macaroni salad. Their conversation was even livelier than the evening before, everyone getting nice and comfortable with each other, the age gaps seemingly non-existent. Jake and Devante were surprised at how much bolder and open the two women were… well, Lottie was, anyway.She already came up with a nickname for Jake, teasingly referring to him as “Golden Boy” due to his dusty blonde short curls of hair, his smooth complexion, bright blue eyes and a self-aware cockiness.Lottie even thought of a nickname for Devante which she ran by Vanessa as they stood together by the sink. “How about ‘Young Man-dingo’?” she whispered.“No,” Vanessa struck her down bluntly.Afterwards, Jake and Lottie went to their respective rooms to take a nap. Vanessa and Devante lingered at the dining table, sharing a beer and eating pretzels while playing cards. She had suggested ‘Old Maid’ in a playful reference to herself.Devante grinned and shook his head as he shuffled the cards. “Not even close. You and Lottie don’t look or act anything like old maids.”Her chin resting on her palm as she regarded him, she said, “Why, thank you, young man. So you’re saying we’re immature for our age?”“Not saying that either,” he said, still looking at his hands as he shuffled.Honestly, Devante was thinking that this was what was meant by ‘ageing gracefully’. It was like the two women had gained their second wind, renewed, rejuvenated, just enjoying life. It showed in their behaviour and in their looks, obviously taking care of themselves, but also mature enough not to worry about them. He was taken aback by how strongly attractive he found them to be.He glanced over at Vanessa as he continued to shuffle, noting how she was looking at him with a playful warmth. Her mellow maturity was proving to be a stimulating cocktail for the young man. It was going to be hard tamping down on that for the rest of the weekend.Neither of them could stop grinning as he dealt the cards.Upstairs in his bedroom, Jake was having trouble taking a nap and instead was wide awake and alert, staring up at the wooden ceiling.It was Lottie’s fault. She had confided in him her preferred sleep attire as they had made their way up the stairs.“In the raw?” he asked, intrigued.“Yeah.” Lottie nodded at him, smiling with her tongue pressed inside her cheek. “I like to feel the fresh sheets all over my body. Let my skin breath.”She then ran ahead of him up the stairs as Jake paused and looked up at her from behind. Her short-shorts and tight sports top had already left little to his imagination. The mention of her sleeping naked in the room next to his splashed the image of her nude, petite body in his head; it was more invigorating than a dunk in a tub of ice water.Lying in bed, still staring up at the ceiling, his hand slipped under the waistband of his shorts and gripped his twitching cock. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.It took him ten minutes and a sore wrist before he was finally able to fall asleep.Meanwhile, as she painted her toenails at the edge of her bed, Lottie was wondering if her teasing had any effect on the young man. For a fraction of a second, she told herself that she should probably behave.By the time she had moved onto her fingernails, she had long forgotten that sense of reservation.Neither Jake or Lottie came out until it was dinnertime which Devante and Vanessa prepared together. After their meal, they all settled in the living room to watch a movie.Devante shuffled through the available DVDs; the selection was meagre.“Kids Escort Göztepe movie. Kids movie. Bad comedy. Kids movie. Boring,” he listed dismissively.Lottie waved her glass of wine. “My kingdom for some porn!”As Vanessa covered her eyes in embarrassment, Jake’s dimpled chin dropped.“What?” Lottie grinned, amused with herself. “You two boys not of legal age to watch porn?”Devante cleared his throat. “Well, if anyone knows where they stash those, I’m game.”Lottie regarded Vanessa.“What?” Vanessa asked.“You’ve been here often enough before,” Lottie said, bobbing her blonde brows and nudging her. “Where are the goods?”All three of them looked at her. Eventually, she rolled her eyes and nodded her chin towards an almost hidden cabinet door in a corner of the room. Jake went over and checked. “Jackpot,” he announced.While watching porn at some point during the weekend wouldn’t have been an inconceivable activity for any of them, they probably would have never guessed they’d be doing so in the present company. However, when the movie started, they all howled and laughed at the horrible dialogue, acting and production values as they sat together –the women between the two guys– on the oversized leather sofa.“Oh my God. It looks like her chest has been inflated with helium,” Vanessa remarked about the actress. She tugged at the collar of her top and took a peek down. “I feel so inadequate.”Devante tried to make it look like he was stealing a glance, too.“Get to the sex already!” Jake hollered three minutes in.“We want fucking! We want fucking!” Lottie cheered.The movie quickly obliged and then some. At some point during the vigorous, explicit and endless screwing and sucking on the screen, the catcalls and guffaws in the living room dwindled to mild tittering and chuckling. After several more minutes, only awkward silence filled the room.“Jesus,” Lottie remarked, “it’s like an outtake from a meat factory documentary.”Vanessa curled one foot up on the edge of the sofa, resting her chin against her bare knee as she watched. As her mind drifted, she turned her head aside and caught Devante looking at her. He quickly turned away, but not before a sudden blush warmed her cheeks. She dropped her foot back to the floor. The two stiffened as they sat beside each other continuing to avoid eye contact.Jake and Lottie made no such pretence, smirking at each other throughout the scene.“Okay, this is boring,” Vanessa said.“I hear that,” Devante agreed.“Game room?” Jake suggested. “Round of pool? Boys for ladies?”“Hmm? Can your pride handle being handed your butt by a couple of older women?” Lottie asked, grinning. “I’m pretty nifty with a stick and balls, you know.”“That sounds like a challenge,” Jake said, cocking his head back. “What are we wagering?”“We’ll decide later,” she said. “You two go and set up the table. We’ll clean up the kitchen and join you in a sec.”The two young men disappeared down the hallway.“Think they’re going to decide who gets the blonde and who gets the red-head tonight?” Lottie teased.“You’re shameless,” Vanessa replied, turning away to hide the blush on her pale cheeks.Lottie’s shoulders shook as she stifled a laugh, aware of how incorrigible she was. She patted her friend on the back. “It’s alright. I know you got dibs on the black guy.”In the game room, Devante watched with his arms folded as his friend pulled out his wallet.“Lottie,” Jake declared. “We both have blonde hair, so it makes sense.”“Right.” Devante smirked. “You’re not getting any tonight.”“Then we just spend the night making balloon animals,” Jake replied, slapping a condom into his friend’s palm.Devante shook his head as Jake left the room to call the ladies in. He regarded the little square packet and remarked to himself, “Man, I don’t think this is big enough.”Despite Lottie’s bravado earlier, she turned out to be terrible at billiards. Though she did everything in her power to distract the two guys by bending over and practically laying across the table, she and Vanessa still lost. They probably shouldn’t have made the wager before the game, and Vanessa definitely wouldn’t have agreed to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide which of the losers would payout if she knew just how bad her friend was at pool.So after her unprotected romp and brief karaoke session in the snowstorm, the group moved back into the games room for the next challenge: video game fighting. To everyone’s surprise, it was Vanessa who suggested it, and even more to their shock and awe, she was able to exact some measure of revenge by beating Jake handily in the finals of their round-robin tournament.“You’ve been holding back,” Lottie said, taking her aside.“My son’s got the same game at home,” she replied, blowing her fingertips. “I played it almost every day after he left for college.”The pre-decided penalty for the losers was a striptease on the pool table. Unsurprisingly, Jake bypassed Rock, Paper, Scissors and voluntarily jumped on top, quickly getting into the act, grinding and thrusting his hips to the stripper music chanted by the others. Within a couple of minutes, he was down to his shorts, on his knees, crawling around like a gecko, his hard abs crunching while humping his pelvis up towards Lottie as she filmed him with the HD cam.“Woo!” Lottie cheered. She nudged Vanessa. “Give me a dollar bill!”“No.”Before things got out of hand, Devante and Vanessa called the gaming challenges a draw.“Killjoys,” their counterparts both remarked.They returned to the living room where Devante got the fireplace going while they waited for Jake to get dressed and rejoin them.The warm feelings and conversation went long into the night with the bottles of wine the ladies had brought and a flask of rum offered by the guys fueling them. Lottie and Jake ended up leaning against each other on the sofa as they gazed into the fire. Devante and Vanessa sat across from each other in opposing club chairs, keeping one eye on their friends and one on each other.“I still feel like playing a game,” Lottie grumbled, as she watched Jake empty another bottle of wine into her glass.A thought crossed his mind and he sat up wagging the bottle in his hand. “How about spin the bottle?”“Yes!” Lottie said, sitting up as well.“No,” Vanessa replied.“Uh-uh,” Devante concurred. “We’re not kids.”“No, we are Goddamn not,” Lottie said determinedly, already removing the glasses and bottles from the coffee table in front of them. “We’re freaking adults.”

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