Making His Ex Wife Jealous


For the first part of this story, please go see my very good friend fireguy4187.

This story is written with his permission to include him in the story, and to continue where he left off. I also changed our names as well.


“What do you have in mind?” you finally send back.

How far will Dave let me take it? I think to myself. “You trust me, right?”


“Friday… I’m spending the night. I’ll be there before she gets the kids, stay until she drops them back off. The rest, you just have to go with me on it.”

“Just go with you?”

“I promise to be on my best behavior.” Well, best behavior is the same as naughtiest behavior, I think to myself.


You answer the door, speechless, looking me over. I have on my black lace corset, tight jeans to hug every curve, and my knee high boots. “Hi sweetie. I have so much fun planned for tonight.”

“Uh, I thought the point of tonight was to make Kassidy jealous?” you ask.

“It is.”

“So why are you trying to drive ME crazy? Teasing me like this?” you press, your eyes taking in every inch of me.

“Dave, come on now,” I move closer, leaning against you, wrapping my hands around your neck. “You were MARRIED to her. Kassidy knows your every button, your every reaction. And the ONLY way she’s going to actually be insane with jealousy, is if she sees me pressing those buttons for you, sees it written all over your face how much you’re turned on, how badly you just want to pin me against this wall and fuck my brains out,” I smile, biting my lip as I look up at you, seeing how much I’m already getting to you. “Right sweetie?” as I dig my nails into the back of your neck.

“Damnit, Sophia, you’re right,” you growl, wrapping your arms around me, wanting to pull me closer.

“I know,” I smile, Samsun Escort turning and walking into the house, knowing you’re staring at my ass.


Kassidy just walks in when she gets there. If her skirt was any shorter, the whole world would be able to see her ass. Paired with her high heel boots, I can see why guys fall all over her. And even without a key, she walks in like she owns the place, stopping when she sees me sitting on your couch. “Who are you?” She glares.

Just being in your house and she’s already jealous. I put on my biggest, most innocent, kill her with kindness smile, “Oh, I’m Sophia. Dave’s girlfriend. It’s so great to finally meet you!” I stand up, hugging her.

“Dave’s… girlfriend?!” She looks pissed. “You can’t be serious little girl.”

“Oh, I’m very serious, Kassidy,” I smile. “Besides, I’m not THAT much younger than Dave. Only 12 years,” I smile at her. 12 years younger than you is 12 years younger than her. She storms through the house yelling your name. I stay in the living room, giggling to myself.

“GIRLFRIEND!” she screams at you, when she finds you. You don’t answer her, you come downstairs, pulling me into the kitchen.

“What the fuck Sophia?! You could have warned me you were going to say that to her.” you try to whisper to me.

“Well, I know I shouldn’t have lied to her. But, you wouldn’t have let me tell her that,” I sit on your counter, pulling you closer to me, whispering in your ear, “And if you really want to make her jealous, it has to be believable.” I say, kissing down your neck, wrapping my legs around you. You wrap your arms around me, moaning “Mmmm Sophia.” I look over your shoulder, Kassidy is watching us. I watch her as gently bite your neck, making you grab my ass and thrust against me.

“DAVE!” She screams, making you jump. I bite Samsun Escort Bayan my lip and pretend I’m trying to not smile. “Dave, I really need to talk to you. JUST YOU,” she glares at me as she says it. You walk outside with her, leaving the door open. She rubs your arm as she’s talking, inching closer to you. She makes it obvious that she’s looking at your cock pulsing against your pants, probably imagining you fucking her again. You obviously want to walk away, and I’m happy to give you exactly what you need.

I lean out the door, “Dave, sweetie, I really need your help with something,” I smile.

“Of course baby,” you say, walking away from her. “Good night Kassidy,” you say over your shoulder. Once you’re inside, I half close the door, leaving it open a bit, knowing she’s still watching and I pull you against me, kissing you deeply, before hearing her storm away and slam her car door. I let go of you, letting you pull back, giggling & biting my lip.

“Sophia,” you say, not able to finish your thought.

“Come on Dave, I told you it was going to be a fun night. What’s wrong? Don’t want to play my game anymore?” I say, rubbing the bulge in your pants.

“She’s gone. You can stop teasing me now. We made her jealous,” you say.

“Who says I’m teasing?” I smile, unzipping your pants.

You pin me against the wall, kissing me deeply, my hand sliding into your pants, teasing your cock. I moan when I feel how hard you are already.

I squeeze your cock, pulling you towards me, and biting your lip. You squeeze my arm hard, pressing yourself against me. You kiss down my neck, making me moan, “Oh Dave.” You pick me up, squeezing my ass as you hold me against the wall. My mouth on yours, my legs wrap around you, my nails digging into your back.

You carry me to the couch, sitting down, me on your lap. I kiss Escort Samsun and nibble down your neck, as I pull your cock free, stroking you, feeling you throb in my hand, you moaning in my ear. I feel your phone vibrating over and over in your pocket, against my pussy, Kassidy clueless how much she’s helping us. You pull me closer to you, trying to pull my jeans down. I grab your wrists, pulling your hands off of me, sliding down to my knees in front of you. I slowly stroke your cock, licking base to tip, looking up at you as I do.

“No teasing,” you say as you pull my ponytail.

I open my mouth, taking your cock as deep as I can, stroking you with one hand, rubbing your balls with the other hand. I feel my panties and pants getting wet. Your head falls back as I start moaning around your cock, vibrating you. You push my head down, forcing yourself deeper into my throat, choking me. You force me to go faster, as I dig my nails into your thighs. You gasp, me moaning even louder, as you cum deep into my throat, me stroking you, making sure to swallow every drop of your warm delicious cum before looking up at you, smiling.

You grab me, throwing me over your shoulder and carry me up the stairs. You throw me down on the bed, peeling my clothes off of me. You hold my wrists down, kissing my neck, kissing my breasts, sucking my nipples, making me moan and squirm. You kiss your way down to my clit, licking just at the edge of my dripping wet pussy.

“I thought we weren’t teasing?” I laugh.

“You had hours to tease me, Sophia. Now it’s my turn,” you say, as you tie my hands to the headboard.


You’re still asleep. I pull on your shirt, barely managing to walk down stairs, and sit on the counter while I wait for the coffee to finish brewing. I hear a car pull up, and look at the clock. Kassidy is early dropping off the kids. Once again, she walks right in. I stand up and start making our coffee. “Dave, oh,” she says walking into the kitchen. I turn around, smiling. “Good morning Kassidy,” I say sipping my coffee, “Dave is still in bed. But I’ll be sure to let him know you were here when he wakes up.”

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