Makenna’s Nautical Adventure


With the sea breeze in the air, we sail into Sunset Bay, California, in the evening.  A full moon radiates brightness all around us, as we see the peaks of the shore eerily showing through the dark, misty fog.  But it is also warm…sultry and moist.

We drink our margaritas, your bikinied body next to mine, I look into your impish eyes, and we start to kiss. Your wonderful, toned teen body, conditioned for your incredible running feats goes well with my own fit, tanned body, as we start to pleasure ourselves with our kiss.

Your wonderful full lips, Makenna, feel so soft and firm to my lips.  Our noses play tag, and our hands wrap around each other’s body.  Your bikini looks so enticing in the moonlight, highlighting the small but exciting curves of your luscious, incredibly gorgeous body.  Your nipples poke through your top, while your tight g-string bottom gently shows the crevice of your clit in an inviting, hide-the-tent sort of way.

You look SO alluring as I kiss you, and my fingers brush against your nipple.  I groan into your ear, brushing away your lovely, alluring hair, and feel your hand on my back.  You whisper into my ear… “Michael…take me here baby…please!!”

I whisper back…”MMMMM….you arouse me Makenna, so much.  God, I’m horny for you, and need you”!!  I reach around and untie your bikini top, and watch it fall to the deck of the boat.  At that time, the ocean becomes less calm, the waves become more and more pronounced.

My mouth moves down your neck and your body, my lips surrounding your nipples and Keçiören Escort licking and biting your small but incredbily exciting breast.  My breath starts stuttering as the effect of your sexual presence on my body starts to manifest itself.  The winds start growing stronger and stronger as we keep on loving each other.

As the boat rocks back and forth in the increasing winds, you turn your body around and straddle my mouth with your groin.  Makenna, I can see your crevice so clearly, and even smell its enticing musky odor through your bikini bottom.  I reach around and hold your tight, small ass and I hold your pussy to my face, while you reach into my trunks to fondle my hardening cock.

I am SO hard for you, you grind your pussy into my face.  I have to have access to your pussy, Makenna, so I strip your bottom off and take in the FULL scent of your delicious, tight teen pussy!  You strip off my trunks and we are both naked on the deck of the boat.  I start to eat your pussy, while you suck my cock, in our naughty, knotty, nautical 69.

A huge draft rocks the boat harder, as the salt water starts to fly over the side of the boat, its mist invigorating our senses.  We use our mouths to stimulate and masturbate each other, so thrilling in its sexuality, and so lively in the impending storm. 

The rain starts to fall lightly, as the winds have picked up and sends the mist all over our bodies. We roll and hump each other’s faces as we turn each other on orally. Makenna, your Etimesgut Escort incredibly body feels SO incredible as we undulate on each other’s face.

Finally, your legs buck and jam your juicy pussy into my face, Makenna.  Your luscious skin, so thrilling against my skin, move with horny passion as you cum all over my face.  I buck my own ass up and down, my cock being taken by your mouth as you hungrily lick and suck at it.

Your teeth accidentally bite into the folds of my cock as you cum torrentially onto my face. I love the sweet taste of your pussy as my energized cock goes up and down your throat in sheer lust.  Finally, we abate temporarily…as does the calm before the storm.

You stand up and lean onto the skiff pole, like a wall in a room, spreading your body to the rear, pointing your tiny rounded ass toward me as you maintain your balance.  I come up behind you and grab around your lithe body, fondling your tits, pulling your luscious hair, and start to push my cock into your pussy, and take in my cock until I reach its hilt.

Doggy style is so basic and guttural, and we are both insanely horny at this time. Slowly, I pull it out of your pussy, all the way to the bulbous head, and push it back in.  God, it’s so fucking thrilling, Makenna!  Fucking you Doggy style…I buck my hips and jam my cock up and down in your pussy, your legs moving in tangent as you reach down and move your body as I slam my stomach onto your ass.

Sooo hard, so deep…we moan and shout Demetevler Escort our primitive sexual moans into the now heavy wind and sheets of rain pouring down.  The moon can still be seen through the transparent rain clouds as I keep on fucking your ass.  We are insane in our lust, fucking without shame and with great delight!

I keep on pounding your pussy, with you shoving your ass into my stomach to get every inch in your lustful pussy. The weather gets harsher and harsher until the thunder strikes. Even though the boat is rocking violently, to and fro, starboard and port, we maintain our life-love grip between our bodies. At that time, I cum HARD and FAST and DEEP into your pussy! 

My pulsating cock is SOOO throbbing so fully in your energized, explosive vagina. Your screams of lust at being fucked from behind are animalistic, and your pussy juice lets out a torrent of cum!  God, in all of creation this is the most basic, most EARTHY of feelings…cumming during sex with a partner who is just as horny! 

I pulsate all my loads of sperm deep into your pussy, finally pulling out as the last bit of sperm dribbles down my shaft, and you shout, “Oh, Michael…..Michael!  OH FUCK OH FUCK ME MICHAEL…..!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD MAKE ME CUM! Oh Michael…DAMN!  FUCK!!  I’m CUMMMMMMMING…..”…!

The rain and the wind die down, as our passions are completely spent.  Out on the sea, in the harbor, the moon appears lazily over the horizon, as we lay down on the deck, embraced, after that incredibly sexual encounter.

Makenna, your sexual passion knows no bounds, and our lust for each other will only grow and grow, as our bodies lay amid the rain and our passionate cum. And in that moment, I know, I will love you now, and love you forever. No matter our age difference, no matter our situation and experience going forward, we are in each other’s souls, and our libidos, for life.

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