Magic Gloryhole


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I was in beautiful Holland, land of tulips, and on business when the fantastical events of this story take place. My presentation had gone well and I was done early for the day, so when I passed the Escher Museum on my way back to my hotel I decided to stop in.

I wasn’t too familiar with the works of Escher. I found them to be odd representations of impossible realities.

There were staircases that led back to their beginnings and walkways that turned into waterfalls, but the water didn’t always flow the right way. If you haven’t seen his drawings before now would be a good time to stop reading to take a quick look. My tale will make more sense if you do.

I had spent about a half hour perusing the confusing hallways of the old building that at times seemed like it was itself one of his prints adorning the walls. I hadn’t yet had lunch so I made my way to the cafeteria in the basement for a bite.

After lunch I needed to use the restroom. Wandering around the lower levels of the maze-like structure I finally found one. Then upon exiting I discovered I was lost.

I wasn’t too concerned. It was a public building after all. I was bound to eventually find a way out.

Turning a corner I found a newer looking display. This one was a mod sculpture of sorts. It looked like a big white free-standing melamine wall. It was about six feet long and maybe seven feet tall with two rows of holes. The first row of holes was slightly lower than waist high and the upper row was placed so that if one crouched about four inches lower you could see right through into the other side of the room.

I was intrigued. Somehow, when I looked through the hole the shadows didn’t seem right so I had to take a closer look.

Maybe it wasn’t the shadows. Maybe it was the lighting, I don’t know. Anyway, I started to explore the piece. I looked through each of the holes. Yep, something was wrong on the other side. Then I walked around it and peered through the other way only to notice the same effect.

Next, I stuck my hand through one of the holes. It didn’t feel off in any way. I stuck it through another. This time I was startled to find that someone was on the other side and they were also poking their hand through the wall.

I called through a hole but he didn’t answer. Walking around the wall I caught a glimpse of his heel just as he came over to the side I just left.

Again, I spoke into a hole, only to be met with another silent response. I looked through an upper hole again, then waved my hand on the other side. He was waving to me as well but through a lower hole.

I waved again. So did he. I looked through the hole he had been at but the trickster had moved to a new hole. I waved in that lower hole and he waved back through an upper hole.

Slowly a strange thought began to dawn on me. I experimented to test my hypothesis. Putting one finger through a hole I saw my antagonist copy my move. I wiggled my fingers and so did he. I beckoned him to the center hole by crooking my finger but he was beckoning me to a lower hole.

I dashed over to catch him at the upper center hole with success – of sorts. Before me I saw the zipper of his pants. I looked up to see if he was peeking over the wall but he was not.

I looked again, moving closer to the hole. He also moved closer. Testing my hypothesis again I broke a social norm by reaching through the hole and touching the front of his pants.

Below I felt my own pants being touched. I watched him touch me, noticing the exact shade of my gray suit, then looked back to compare. We had on the same suit. My dawning realization took form and I knew that he was me reaching through the wall to wave at and touch me. The wall itself was another impossible Escher.

My mind reeled. I was staring at my own crotch, inches from my face, but displaced from a lower hole on my side of the wall to an upper hole on that side.

A strange thought seized my imagination then. Casually, in the past, I had considered sucking my own penis (It’s not gay if it’s your own.) but had put it out of my mind when I could’t reach.

I squeezed and rubbed myself through the wall, simultaneously on both sides. My penis grew erect on both sides as well. I had just unzipped and was seeing my own hard dick for the first time from an inferior perspective. I could only do this because I had the reassurance that this appendage was mine and not some dirty dicked stranger’s. I had touched it a million times before. With some uncertainty, I had tasted little dabs of my cum a few times before too. Just then an accusing cough from behind me caused me to jump in alarm.

I turned to see that I had been caught by a uniformed employee of the museum. I zipped up quickly, greatly embarrassed, and worried about the repercussions; in a foreign land no less, while on a job. Would I be arrested…and then altyazı porno fired?

The intimidating man spoke, “About once a year we catch someone doing that. I work nights. I’ve done it a lot too.” His last comment relieved some of my fear. “Come with me.” We went to an office where I filled out some forms: Name, address, length of stay, etc.

Returning my I.D. to me he said, “You can’t visit this museum or wall again.” Then he paused and seemed to size me up, “But if you want, a wall can visit you. A better wall.” I looked at his face. He flashed a friendly disarming smile. My shame left me and I nodded.

He continued, “This other wall is better. Not only is it not fixed in one inconvenient place like the one down the hall. But with the new wall first you do one thing,” Here he winked at me. “then you do the other thing. You’ll know what to do. But a word of warning, it’s like time travel, well, displacement actually. So while the wall is turned on, err, buzzing, under no circumstances step away from the wall. Parts might stay on the other side and be separated from you. You wouldn’t want that. It would be…grizzly.

That night I slept fitfully only to be awakened by an unknown hum. I got up for a drink then noticed the wall. It had appeared on the side of my room opposite the door. It was clearly a wall of similar construction except it only had one hole.

I bent down and looked through the hole but saw nothing. Seeing the on/off button I hesitated then pushed it. The wall came alive with a joyous buzz. Tenuously, I reached through the hole. I explored the face on the other side and after concluding that it was in fact mine I stood, lowered my boxers, and eased up to the hole.

My penis fell through to the other side glancing off the chin of my other self. Cold fingers gently lifted my flaccid dick to not-so-feminine lips. The blowjob was unpracticed but felt quite nice. Not as good as my wife’s but I could tell “he” knew what I liked. I humped carefully. In a few minutes I would be on the other end and I didn’t want to hurt me.

I felt those familiar feelings churning up in my loins. Knowing I would cum soon I had to decide if he wanted me to cum in his mouth or not. A catchphrase of mine is that: “It’s not a blowjob without swallowing.” I knew he had voiced the same sentiment as often as I, and therefore knew just what to do. I knew I wouldn’t mind. It was mine after all.

My knees shook a little, my orgasm hit me like a bolt of lightning, cum rose up within me and erupted out of me like a rocket blast. My closest friend was a good sport and kept sucking until I was done, but not so long that it was too intense.

His mouth relaxed but stayed in place until we each pushed our off buttons and the machine’s buzzing ceased. I was relieved carnally, but also relieved of the fear that I would have accidentally pulled too far back and lost my favorite part.

I stepped back from the glorious wall. It chirped. I saw the hole become opaque and fill in. When I looked up there was a mask shaped hole where my face was intended to go. I could chicken out and not return the favor. But I would only be cheating myself. The guard didn’t say anything about a paradox but…

I stepped closer, this time noticing a retractable strap. There was a small label, “ANTI-RETRACTION STRAP. TO AVOID INJURY.” They were serious about not pulling out. I wished I had seen the strap on the other side or lower side, or whatever. I placed my face into the opening, fastening the strap behind my neck.

Nothing happened. I reached up to tap the on button. Again nothing happened except the machine gave a little chirp. I tried again and the wall buzzed, returning to its reanimated state.

A soft penis touched my face. I owed myself this. Reaching out with my lips I failed to find anything to suck. I knew it was there since I had already experienced the reciprocal pleasure. Nervously I found it with my fingers and stuffed it into my mouth. I wasn’t sure how to proceed but I knew what I liked done to me so I figured I would do that. My cock grew hard. It felt much bigger than I thought I was. He thrust slowly back and forth while I sucked, attempting to give the best head I could.

I knew it had been a pretty short BJ so I knew the end was near. I had to do it right and swallow. I remembered that he would cum then go soft while I held his shrinking cock in my mouth. Of course, I didn’t want to remove my face until we had each pressed our off buttons. With a few jerks I felt it jerking slightly as streams of cum jetted onto my tongue. It tasted reassuringly familiar.

With tiny drops of aftercum leaking into me I thought of the words “auto-fellation” and decided I could make a habit of it. It wasn’t so bad and I hadn’t even noticed anything disgusting or unpleasant about the job.

A moment later my phone rang, in a Dutch accent I heard, “This is Johan, from the museum. Just checking that you are alright, amatör porno you didn’t retract?” I confirmed that I was doing fine. He seemed to want to know if I enjoyed myself, and more, he wanted to know if I enjoyed myself in both roles. Without revealing too much personal information I, ambiguously, admitted that I did. He informed me the wall would visit me again the next night.

I didn’t go to bed the next night, choosing to stay awake lest I missed my chance at the wall. Brushing my teeth I heard the hum and quickly stuck my head out to see if it were really there.

Still naked from my shower and approaching the wonderful wall, there was the hole, waiting before me. Getting excited and fully hard, I just stepped up to the hole, strapped myself in, and hit the on button.

My stiff cock was immediately engulfed by my wet mouth. Oh, it was amazing! I had gotten better having thought about how to do a good job the whole day long. I was emboldened to fuck my face a little harder, still being careful to not make myself gag.

His lips wrapped tightly around my dick traversing the distance from tip to base, speeding to a tremendous crescendo. I came when he was frenetically trying to suck out all my cum. I slammed my hips up as close to the wall as I could, trying to get every bit into me. The phrase “It isn’t a blowjob without swallowing,” was ringing in my head so I had no second thoughts about dropping my full load in my mouth. It was amazing. It drained me in more ways than one.

My throat dry, I dashed to the bathroom for a quick drink of water then returned to the breathtakingly unbelievable contraption. It was still there and still too good to be true.

Swiftly, I stepped right up and without hesitation, stuck my face in the padded face hole, strapped myself in tightly, and hit the start button. Oh yeah, I was ready to suck my cock again. I loved my cock. I loved to get sucked. I loved to give myself pleasure. It was nothing more than oral masturbation. This was a perfect arrangement.

I knew what to expect and so knew how to give it. First I would wrap my lips tightly around my hard cock. Then I would engulf it completely moving from tip to base, building to a fast crescendo before I received my own cum in my mouth to swallow. I wouldn’t mind at all since I had given myself so much ecstasy only a short while ago. It was my cock, my mouth, and my fun.

I decided to focus on the moment to see how much I could actually enjoy sucking myself. A minute passed then a large, soft, spongy cockhead brushed across my face. I recognized the taste of cum smeared on my lips and licked it off enthusiastically. I opened wide to accept my penis into myself. Slowly the flaccid member entered. Just as I had been surprised the other day at how much larger I felt on the receiving end of my hard dick, today I was equally surprised at how much larger my soft dick felt in my mouth compared to when in my hand.

Standing at the wall and relishing the experience I concentrated closely on the details. From the perspective of the sucker as opposed to the suckee, I became acquainted with every vein, bump, and ridge as they slid through my lips and across my tongue.

It was wonderful to feel a dick hardening in my mouth. It grew and expanded like a fat sausage emerging from the sausage making machine. Also, like a hefty sausage it seemed unconnected to me. It was just a hunk of flesh protruding from a wall.

When my lips bottomed out I imagined I could see my curly hairs touching them, the vision was supported by the very real feeling of my lips nestled among curly hairs. Likewise, I created a picture of my dick filling me right to the back of my mouth. As it completed its growth it reached the back then began to crawl into my throat.

Something was wrong. I didn’t think I was long enough to go that deep. I barely touched the back of my wife’s mouth when she blew me. Additionally, I hadn’t gone into my throat when I gently fucked my mouth not twenty minutes ago.

I had to think. I had to remember. The unconnected dick pulled back and I took a breath. Then it resumed it’s forward movement. It was now larger, and harder yet again. When it touched the entrance to my throat for the second time there was some resistance. I gagged.

There it was buried to the hilt, plugging my throat. I think maybe three inches were past my tonsils. It was large and all-powerful. Most importantly, it wasn’t me! I simply couldn’t be that long. Or wide.

Quite involuntarily I jerked back only to feel the restraints digging into my neck. I was glad for the strap or I would have been injured. I was not glad for the outsider’s cock lodged in my helpless face.

Wide eyed and shocked, I objected by mumbling around the big alien dick which only served to make me know what it felt like to move my tongue on another man’s cock. Within the confines of the rubbery hole I twisted my face from side to side but there animasyon porno was no escape. The new man pulled back but only so far as to withdraw the shaft from me. The head never left my body. I opened my mouth as wide as I could so as to eliminate all distasteful contact. My objections had failed to make any difference.

The stranger tapped his dick on my tongue then he squeezed out a big dollop of precum and smeared it all around my lips. I could feel them become slippery. When he was satisfied he started to abuse to my mouth. By the noises he made I could tell he was really really enjoying it.

I was trapped. This wasn’t me. It wasn’t my dick. It wouldn’t be my cum. And it wasn’t going to be fun.

As long as my mouth stayed wide open the foreigner explored the recesses of my mouth. It poked into my cheeks. It rubbed on my tongue both on top and underneath. He smeared my lips, again jerking out repeated quantities of precum each time. Of course, he inserted himself into my throat whenever he wanted to.

This went on for a while. My jaws hurt from being held open. Would it be worse to enclose myself around this unyielding tube? I tried to stretch my lips as far away from this musky manly organ for as long as I could but eventually it was worse to stay open. Furthermore, I suspected that being open just encouraged him to batter my throat.

It was a great relief to allow my jaws to relax. I heard him moan on the other side and I knew he liked it better. It occurred to me that he was going to go until he finished and I preferred him to finish quick.

The strap hurt my neck but the faceplate was padded – I leaned in closer to the hole in the wall and in doing so participated in assisting him to defile me. I wrapped my lips in his cock just as I had planned to wrap them on my own. He made a few thrusts more and I took the next step by giving it a suck. He moaned again which encouraged me. If I could make it good for him it would be better for me.

I threw myself at my task with intention. I sucked, I licked, I slurped. Everytime I added a new technique he moaned more. My jaws felt better and now that I was sucking he stopped going into my throat so much.

He stopped stabbing into the wall, standing still on his side with just a few inches in me. We both stayed still, I wondered what was next. But nothing happened. And if nothing happened it would never end. I figured he was wanting me to prove my involvement by fucking my own mouth on his cock. I guess no one likes a passive mouth anyway.

I bobbed back and forth as far as the pad and the strap would allow. I resumed sucking. I sucked hard and soft, fast and slow.

I knew he liked it because I could feel his cock twitching whenever I impaled myself deeply. With every twitch I hoped to bring him to climax. Soon getting him off was my only thought. My wife would tickle my balls or touch my ass but the wall prevented that.

I thought of my wife giving head trying to remember what trick of hers I could copy. I imagined being her. I willed him to finish. If I thought hard enough could I make my mouth so inviting as to push him over the edge?

Then a funny thing happened. Pretending to be my wife and seeing her, in my mind, with a big cock being pleasured by her and pleasing her I started to feel what she would have felt.

I too wanted to please this cock and I now felt pleasure sucking it. I grabbed my own dick down between my legs and stroked it while I sucked.

He began thrusting again and I timed my own counterthrusts to maximize our sensual coupling. He started to moan a lot, making love to my mouth. His magnificent cock pulled back and forth lusciously, sliding as slow as a clock’s minute hand. My lips were dragged along on the withdrawal then pushed under my teeth on the insertion.

For my part I made my lips into a perfect cocksucking “O” pulling gently on his shaft with my cocksucking lips.

In time, while jerking my cock, I jammed my mouth on his cock prompting him then to jam it into me.

Standing there with a long obscene pole sticking out of me, my orgasm started to build for the second time in an hour. I groaned and moaned with lust as my orgasm seized me. I’m sure he felt my grunting and this set him off.

His cock surged as a huge quantity of juice made its way out of this unknown partner and into my previously virginal oral cavity. The molten seed landed on my tongue like hot lava falling from the sky. It was slimy and wet. My whole mouth felt slick.

He jabbed around in me leaving his thickening cum as an unrequested gift. With my tongue I pushed out a large quantity causing it to dribble down my chest, to mingle with my chest hair, rather than swallow all of it. Though, I wasn’t able to avoid swallowing any.

When his business was done he pulled out with a pop. I heard the pop. The noise triggered in me memories of that same pop when my wife reluctantly let go of my cock. That noise always told me she didn’t want to stop and now it delivered a message to me as well.

We hit our off buttons. I made a bee line to the bathroom to clean up. My face was a mess. My chest was dripping with sticky cum and spit. And I had also added my own creamy batch on my deflating dick.

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