I am the Chatelaine of the Royal Palace of the King and Queen of the small secluded kingdom of Pansensual. As you know, our country, the country of your birth, is one whose history and culture have always been dedicated to pleasure and the sensual and carnal nature of humanity. To us the erotic is ultimate. It is our business, our code and our creed. It colors, shapes and defines our lives and we are a happy and peaceable kingdom. It is with a profound sense of noblesse oblige that our rulers continually strive to push the limits of their personal ecstasies so that “as above, so below” the pleasure standards of the populace will also continually rise. Now that you have reached the eligibility age of twenty-one and are of age to be taken and indentured by the State as a sexual supplicant of the Kingdom I am pleased to inform you that in this spirit of erotic excellence you have been hand-selected by me and summoned to serve the Pleasure of the High King of the Realm, to fulfill his deepest erotic needs and pleasure requirements at court and his personal desire for the mysteries and seductions of the feminine.

It has been my duty to visit the various domains of nobility throughout our lands in search of the perfect feminine presence whether it be found in the body of a woman or a man. I have searched all of the great manor houses and castles and chateaus to observe the ladies-in-waiting and the hand-maidens of the baronesses and duchesses as well as the body servants of the earls and viceroys and counts throughout the Kingdom in order to procure a most exquisite pleasure trinket for my Lord King. I have searched for, interviewed and sampled the finest, loveliest and most delicate, nubile, sensuous young ladies. I have fucked and fingered, probed and sucked all those I deemed to possess an abundant complexity in physical attributes and possible uses for the pleasure of His Royal Highness and sadly found them all lacking in the perfection the King demands, until I found you. You shall be a gift of tribute to the King from his subjects upon whom taxes will be levied to provide you handsomely with your material comforts and your education for the rest of your life. It is my duty to provide the King with only the very best, the sweetest, most supple and tempting feminine sex trinket imaginable. She must be ardent and able to play-act and convince cleverly and to perform so artfully that she becomes his heart’s desire, always changing with great mutability to meet the sexual needs of her ruler and those in his favor.

I am commanded that her body must be exceptional, flawless, her face comely and sensual, her long thick tresses a shining cascade of ringlets and curls and her attitude subservient and possessed of a willingness to obey and please. She need not be experienced as I am to train her thoroughly in the amorous arts and I will condition her body and her stamina to the peak of performance perfection. The King decrees that she must also possess the potential of a wanton and naughty feminine sexual appetite like that of a little whore to counter-balance her docile and innocent demeanor so that he may have the pleasure of drawing her fire forth from her and using her sexual cravings to fuel his demanding fantasies. She must sometimes play at being a coquette and at still other times she must reveal a shy girlishness. She must be intelligent and quick to learn as she will be expected to become, with time, accomplished in conversation, manners, hospitality and entertainments, the arts, politics, the sciences and most importantly the intricacies of eroticism. She must come to us naïve and fresh yet poised with a willingness to learn and excel in the sensual arts of the flesh. She must expect and even more she must desire punishment if she fails to please his Lordship in even the most minor of ways. She must make absolutely no demands upon the King at any time except when he wishes to play that she dominates him for his own amusement and arousal.

She must possess excellence in movement and form. She must dress at all times with impeccable sexual candor in the finest fabrics and colors and designs, exhibiting herself, accentuating her breasts and hips, ass and legs, making sure that her clothing leaves the opportunity for her every orifice to be fondled, opened and probed, inviting and available to the King or his Queen at their every beckoning. She must also be available to any visiting Statesmen or Noblewomen whom the King desires to reward with her charms. She must hungrily suck or fuck her liege lord every time his cock is made available to her and she must never cum unless first given permission to do so.

Often the King will simply wish to have her reclining or seated beside him as he administers the matters of State so that he may leisurely finger her and stroke her and gaze upon her languid beauty. Her constant availability and vulnerability are key elements of his royal pleasure and thus she will always attire herself in a way that emphasizes her beautiful and shapely young body while presenting absolutely no barrier to the King’s explorations Bostancı escort and in a manner that maintains the King’s cock in a desire state of nearly constant engorgement and erection. At times the King may desire her to be at his side during matters of State such as parades and receptions wearing the traditional parade dress of a Sex Trinket. She will wear the tantalizing artifice of a bustier accentuating her breasts, the jeweled collar which signifies her status as a sexual trinket, her leash and to highlight her desirable and magnificent ass and proclaim its value, an elaborately decorated butt plug that trails long delicate transparent filament strands set with small sparkling diamonds that appear to be spilling from her delicacy hole.

The King’s mastery over his subjects and his dominion over his enemies relies in part upon the image of power and stamina that he presents. To have his large hard cock and the bulging outline of his abundant package clearly and publicly visible and displayed against the fabric of his velvet trousers is his wish and decree and she must strive to maintain his cock’s arousal as a symbol of his prowess and authority during his audiences with his subjects. Her subtleties of flirtation and seduction and her teasing and tempting expressions and postures and the brief caresses of her gloved finger-tips against his loins will keep the King hard as well as everyone else who observes her saucy antics!

However, if the King becomes vexed with boredom during the administration of courtly duties his trinket must know to lie with her face in his lap and suckle his cock to stimulate him whenever he subtly demands it of her with the motion of his eyes. At the conclusion of his administrative duties each day she will relieve him privately, drinking deeply and quietly of his cum and then massaging his entire body with scented heating oils until he falls into a relaxed slumber. The trinket will be honored to be of service to her King on particularly trying days when he may become so enflamed that he will grab her by the hair and force her face onto his cock and explode convulsively and roughly into her mouth before the last of his tiresome subjects has even exited the room. On still other days when he has been well-pleased with his subjects he may take her face tenderly in his hands, looking deeply into her beautiful long-lashed feminine eyes and pump his cum silently and in slow rhythmic strokes between her relaxed, softly opened lips and onto her waiting tongue. She will be his pet and his comfort, his toy and his love. Yet, when a trinket happens to have a man’s anatomy and a bi-sexual, cross dressing verve such as yours she will also be permitted and expected to maintain her own sexual enjoyment of the moist and musky pleasure chambers of the female body and she will hone her skills so that she can please any woman with equal skill to that of her skills with a man and she will always take delight in plumbing the depths of a lady’s cunt, filling it with her swollen cock while dressed beautifully in satins and laces and frills of skirts and lingerie.

Mademoiselle, I find it amazing that I have been fortunate enough to discover you and I realized when I first saw you that you embody all that it will take to fulfill these requirements and to satisfy the King’s royal expectations. You have been found to exemplify the most beautiful flower of femininity in all the land though you have the body of a man. Now it is my task to make you into the most accomplished courtesan in the kingdom.

I have selected you after a number of days of secretly observing you as the maiden-in waiting of the Duchess of Grandeur. I observed you to be pleasing and willing in manner toward the Duchess and I see that though you are a young lady you show unusual talent in the pleasuring of a high-ranking female with a natural skill and a breath-taking degree of submissive femininity and respect for the nobility. While the Duchess and I visited and socialized you knelt in service before her dressed in your tiny little white cotton nightdress with the baby blue bows of ribbon at your breasts and wearing your little lace trimmed white ankle socks and black patent leather slippers. You softly and unobtrusively licked and fingered her cunt and her anus with such gentleness. You made her cum so sweetly that she moaned in mellow sighs during the course of our conversation and I melted with my own desire for you. Such a precious nymphet!

I became captivated later that evening when I first saw you dressed in skin-tight black leggings that cradled your ass and pelvis so snuggly and wearing your little plush trimmed black leather ankle boots, your tight little red leather bolero jacket that revealed your smooth belly and tiny button of a navel as it hugged your high and eager little breasts. How sweetly you wore your tiny little fur-trimmed gloves and the black fur ear-muffs that held back your streaming tresses. I was tingling with interest. We supped around a glowing fire on the veranda that chilly evening and when you served the mulled wine Anadolu Yakası Escort to the Duchess’s male guests and stroked their cocks with those little gloved hands my clit ached and burned like the embers as I watched you. You teased the females’ decoratively clamped nipples that floated on their creamy heaving breasts. Supported and held aloft most invitingly by their shelf-bras their breasts rose and fell with their deep breathing and their nipples elongated and protruded like I knew their hidden clits were doing. When you boldly removed the clamp from one of my nipples and rolled the passion-swollen tidbit on your tongue, sucking it gently, it took all my strength to maintain my professional composure.

Imagine my delight when you served me at my appointment with the Duchess the next day wearing a flame red push-up bra and thong set beneath a red see-through scarlet chiffon dress with a frilly skirt so short that your blushing little bottom constantly peeked out from the hemline. I wanted to slap those sassy little ass cheeks right then and there, slap them and bite them and slap them again! It was when I saw the shapely outline of the natural curves of your buttocks and crotch that contrast so steamily with your perfect flat abdomen that I knew the King needed to sample your charms and that I would relish the honing of your talents. I knew you would become the jewel of my career.

As I prepared myself to leave that day, I glimpsed you pleasuring yourself against the water jet in the Jacuzzi with your head thrown back revealing your long shapely neck and emphasizing your soft white shoulders and I delighted in your miniscule golden bikini that was just visible beneath the water. Your shining wet mane cascaded down your back to your ass. Your naturally tiny breasts and coral nipples, free of the artful magnification provided by your bras, corsets and bustiers, made me yearn to suck them and pinch them sharply. I wanted to make you gasp. Your eyes were closed and your pretty lips formed a little O of intense enjoyment. I wanted to taste you with my tongue in the places the water jet pleased you.

Arrangements have been made with the Duchess and you will heretofore have the extreme honor and pleasure of being a sensual possession and courtesan of the Royal Court. As the King’s concubine, your official residence will be His Royal Highness’s Pleasure Chateau where you will await his command and pleasure with the tension of a coiled spring so deeply will you come to crave his cock and orifices. However, due to the priceless and endless fascinations offered him by the glamorous cocoa-pink cunt of your ass and the eager cunt of your mouth he will be likely to keep you with him nearly always, almost literally in a constant state of service. You will learn to be at all times in a state of high sexual readiness to respond to his needs and demands. I am authorized to offer any loyal house of the nobility the Crown’s political protection, abundant riches and substantial land entitlements for the possession of any young femme within their employ, service or protection that I find to be beautiful and desirable enough to train for the King’s needs. The Duchess received a fortune that tripled her financial holdings overnight for you, my beauty. Mademoiselle, I have selected you for the King and the King has made it Law.

That first day as I secretly watched you at work in the harem of the Duchess and before I realized your primary gender I noticed that whenever the Duke was present you made sure to bend over from the waist before him in just such a pleasing manner that it looked for all the world as though you deliberately wished to make your pretty wet little slit and your hard little glistening pearl of a clit clearly visible to him. I did not yet fully appreciate or suspect the levels of all your charms just then but with your position and posture you convinced me utterly that your genitals must be perfections of feminine lust though I could not see them myself from the angle where I was standing.

Though I am well trained and experienced your natural seductiveness made me catch my breath in a little gasp. Your long shapely legs were toned and defined so beautifully by the 4 inch arched angle of your feet in your punishing spiked Italian heels and were straight and beautifully muscled. As you raised your tight, curvaceous ass high making your short lacy white petticoats swish with a hushing sound your little pink skirt lifted up so that your rose-bud asshole clearly invited the gaze and the tongue of the Duke. You vixen! You flushed with self-made desire at your own audacity and your lips grew red and your nipples hardened and blushed as a kittenish little smile crossed your face.

I knew right then that you would please the King mightily as you had the rashness and fire of a very naughty girl, enticing the Duke right under the very nose of the Duchess who you knew forbade it! I could not see exactly what the Duke saw as he looked under your skirt but I saw the Duke’s cock rise and swell and his balls tighten and draw up beneath Kadıköy Escort his velvet hose and cod-piece. I saw you make him squirm with desire with the merest of circles of your rump and hips and at that time I assumed you revealed pouting little cunt lips to him, you bad little minx. Had I known that you revealed not only your precious femininity but so much more to the Duke I might have allowed the heat in my cunt to overpower me to orgasm. I watched as you caressed your own breasts making the nipples thrust against the fabric of your tight-fitting and transparent white stretch-lace blouse, your areolas darkened with a dusky flush of pink.

I knew that I must have you for the King and I knew I would enjoy training you as I have no other young girl. Your spirited nuances compliment your sweetness and your softness. Your body is true perfection. I find I am falling in love with you myself despite my years as a procurement professional in service to the King. I only hope you do not learn too quickly as I want to enjoy you thoroughly myself before the King’s cock makes its claim. I may then taste your charms only when they need honing with new techniques discovered and created by the Ministry of Sexual Innovation who are constantly at work on the young indentured subjects during their mandatory two years of apprenticeship.

Even though you have much instinctive ability you will need detailed training in the pleasure requirements of the Highest Regent in the Land as his cock is large and his appetite for the soft flesh of a beautiful girl such as you will be great. You will henceforth refer to me as Mistress as it is to me that you will come to learn your Craft of sexual agility. I am the most respected and sought after sexual artist and trainer in the land. I am twice your age and many thousands of nights of pleasure more experienced and it is I who will guide, discipline and challenge you to become the one person that the King will require above all others. Day after day from morning to night, I will put you through your paces until you faint from fatigue and then I will arouse you and work you harder still. Your value will be higher in the King’s esteem even than the Queen who was wed to His Highness by arrangement as a matter of State not of love. You will be his delight and his joy although you will be required to serve the Queen sexually when the King wishes to please her and desires to see you perform upon her. He may also occasionally require you to employ the newest techniques and toys in performances upon young slave men and women individually or in small intimate groupings for the after dinner entertainment of the court. You will learn to dance provocatively and to serve and sexually tempt the King’s guests. He may require you to seduce them to learn their secrets and their loyalties. He will secretly watch you performing these sexual favors as you will always belong primarily to him.

I will have to gradually and gently open the orifices of your virginal young body to mold it and physically custom fit it to accommodate the King’s size and power. His Highness will be well pleased and stimulated if you should experience and express a measure of pain and discomfort from the massiveness of his cock when he plunges it into you for it emphasizes your submissiveness and his command of you. Let him know that his regal manhood nearly overwhelms your ass-cunt. Whimper. Moan. However he wants the cunt of your ass to welcome him lovingly and hungrily as well. Rotate your hips and grind against him seductively, thrusting your ass-cunt up and down to engulf his huge cock. Spread your own ass-cheeks with your hands and beg him to probe harder and deeper inside you. Incite him to ass fuck you with all his fire and might. Beg him feverishly. When he does just that you will undoubtedly cry out in pain and ecstasy because that is what he will set out to make you do but know that it will serve to enflame his lust further and rejoice in your privilege to do so. He will exult in your total submission.

In preparation I will fill you, stretch you and condition you with the finest of instruments and exercises so that your ass-cunt may serve him with distinction. Beg him to pound the pleasure tunnel of your rectum with all his force. Wantonly beseech him to shoot his thick hot cum far up inside your treasure cave and when he does blow his magnificent wad and it seeps and oozes from you, present the delicious cum offering of your asshole to him so that he may quickly lick it from you and kiss it’s volume back into your hungry mouth. To reciprocate him you will learn the art of immediately turning him about to fuck his taut asshole while massaging his groin and buttocks, magnifying the King’s favorite punishment of love. You will then shoot your steamy load up into his ass, forcing his ass cheeks wide apart. When you have spent yourself within him and filled his sex chamber with your abundance, lick out his hole and pull your own cum back into your little pink mouth-cunt. You will lick and suck his asshole and dart your tongue inside to get every pearly drop. You will drink your own cum with the dessert spoon of your tongue from the demitasse cup of his ass-hole as he has just fed you on his cum scooped from your own anal receptacle, completing a double snowball, mingling both masculine sex juices in your stomach like a luxurious cum cocktail.

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