Maddie in Cancún Ch. 06


Will was yelling at Maddie in anger across the table through the noise at the popular Cancun nightclub. Will and Maddie had been fighting since they left the hotel that evening. He felt that her outfit for the night was inappropriate.

“You look like a fucking slut!” he yelled over the music. Her mouth dropped.

“It’s no different from what I always wear out, get the fuck over it!!”

Will looked away from her. In truth, Maddie’s outfit was rather daring, it was a seductive red mini dress which stopped just below her ass. The dress was strapless and, designed to highlight her large breasts, it revealed generous amounts of cleavage and, in addition, it had an exposed front which opened up with strappy rows dropping into a V base at the belly button exposing her breasts still further.

Ever since they had left the hotel room, she had been getting all kinds of looks from men, and it was making Will jealous. He wanted to go back to the room so she could change into something less revealing. The fact of the matter was that Maddie looked hot tonight. She knew it, Will knew it, and every man they had passed between their hotel room door and the club knew it.

Things had been strained between Will and Maddie throughout their vacation. On the second night of their vacation, Maddie had flirted with Sam, another holidaymaker, and ended up cheating on Will with him. Will had even witnessed them fucking in front of him on the beach. After that incident, Will had stormed off and gone out and got very drunk. The next day, Will and Maddie had patched things up again. Will was unaware that while he was out, Maddie had been having a threesome with Sam and his friend Greg!

“Just get over it!! You’re just jealous because men want me, which is obviously a whole more than you can say for the women around here tonight!” she yelled back.

At that moment, Will felt the fire brewing in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to leave her and walk right out the door.

“Fuck you! God damn it! Why you gotta dress like such a fucking whore?”

Will stood up to leave and without another word or even a backwards glance at Maddie he stormed out.

Maddie was shocked that Will had just walked out on her like that. After sitting there for a minute, not knowing what to do, Maddie decided to just get drunk. She ordered three shots and headed to the dance floor. The music was soothing, and all around her people were swaying to its rhythm. Unsurprisingly Maddie had a lot of male interest, she accepted several offers to buy drinks and danced with several different guys, she was still angry at Will for the way he had spoken to her and was determined to have a good time despite him.

The drinks kept coming and Maddie and was soon feeling giddy and light headed. She had many dance partners and wasn’t short of attention, nor the odd cheeky grope of her ass. She was starting to feel horny from the drinks and all the attention and she was still angry with Will she decided she was going to get fucked tonight and not by Will! She found herself looking around the club hoping to spot Sam but he was nowhere to be seen.

Realising that Sam wasn’t going to show up tonight, Maddie started to check out other guys in the cub. She decided she wasn’t really interested in any of the guys dancing with her and she looked around the rest of the club. She spotted one guy in particular who kept looking over at her but who hadn’t approached her all evening. When he saw Maddie look over, he turned away to talk to his friend.

“You should go over and talk to her,” the man’s friend encouraged him.

“Look at her, I could never get a girl like her” he protested. “She’s surrounded by guys!”

“Don’t be so sure,” his friend laughed, “she’s coming over.”

Maddie examined the guy as he walked up to him. He was quite tall, about six foot and he had a nice body, she thought. He didn’t look like he worked out, but he was trim. He was lightly tanned and had thick dark brown hair and Maddie found herself imagining running her fingers through it.

“Are you waiting for someone?”

He looked up at her and said in a soft but masculine voice, “No, I’m not.” She noticed he had a British accent.

Taking the initiative, Maddie smiled and sat down next to him as she said, “Well good because neither am I. I’m Maddie.”

He smiled back at her and said, “I’m Ben, nice to meet you.”

“I noticed you watching me,” Said Maddie, would you like to dance?”

“I don’t really dance…” Ben started to say a little shyly but Maddie took his hand and pulled him toward the dance floor

“I want to dance with you,” she insisted.

Meanwhile Will had joined Beth and Richard in another bar. He was chain drinking beers and complaining to his friends about Maddie

“I can’t believe how she’s been acting this holiday,” Will’s words slurred a little as he was already getting drunk. “We make up after she goes off and fools around with some other guy and now she goes out dressed like that and acts like I’m the one with the problem”

Beth Trabzon Escort and Richard tried to encourage Will to go and find Maddie and make up. “she’s probably as upset as you are,” Beth argued. “Just go and talk to her take her back to the hotel and make up.”

“Yeah, Richard agreed you can’t break up over something so silly!”

But will was having none of it he insisted that it was Maddie who needed to apologies and make up with him and he refused to talk about Maddie anymore and just kept sullenly drinking more and more alcohol

Beth decided to send Maddie a text to let her know where they all are and suggest she come and talk to Will.

On the dance floor Maddie moved into a space a little way away from the group of guys who had been dancing with her and began dancing with Ben. She grabbed his hips and pulled him closer, until their bodies were lightly touching. Doing his level best to keep up with her moves, Ben in turn placed his hands on Maddie’s hips. She began to swivel her hips in erotically exaggerated circles.

She was moving more seductively now and had the attention of several of the guys who had been dancing with her earlier. Maddie turned her body around and wiggled her ass in Ben’s crotch as the men watched the show. On the dance floor, Ben’s friends watched as he pulled Maddie in close by putting his hands on her ass. Maddie let her hands explore Ben’s torso and chest through his shirt as they danced and then she grabbed his firm ass and rammed him to her, feeling a large cock through his jeans.

The next song was faster and Maddie wasted no time as she playfully took Ben’s hands and put them around her waist as she stood with her back turned away from him and started to wiggle her ass against his crotch in a way that made them look like they were fucking standing up.

Maddie even leaned forward to touch her toes as Ben held onto her ass banging into her cheeks as they moved around on the floor. Several men seated at the bar started to clap their hands as they watched Maddie dance with him.

Ben had his hands wrapped around Maddie’s waist but he now moved them up until he was cupping her tits. Ben started to massage them in his big hands as Maddie twisted her head around kissing him on the lips. The men at the bar and on the dance floor were really getting into this now, watching intently as Maddie continued dancing with the tall handsome man.

The song finished and Ben led Maddie off the dance floor, “Come on, I’ll buy you a drink,” he said.

They took their drinks to a corner booth, partially blocked from the rest of the bar, where they would have some privacy. They sat close to each other, Ben could feel the heat of Maddie’s body her leg pressed up against his and her breast brushed his arm.

They sat there, drinking their drinks, Maddie was definitely starting to feel the alcohol. They made idle chitchat to find out about each other. The conversation turned to sex, Ben told her that sex is important to him and it’s a strong part of his life. Feeling exactly the same way she told him she agrees completely. He smiled at this and Maddie can feel herself react to him. He has a sweet charm about him even with the slightly rugged looks and the strongly sexual nature.

Just then, Maddie’s phone beeped, she took it out of her bag to check it and sees that it is a text from Beth:

Hey Maddie we’re in La Taberna, Will’s here also. You should come down he wants to make up with you

“Anything important?” Ben asks as she finishes reading the message

Maddie shut the cell phone and dropped it back in her bag “Nah, it’s not important,” she said. She dismissed Will and her friends from her mind, focusing on the man in front of her.

“You’re beautiful,” Ben told her, and he leaned in and kissed her very lightly, almost a feather touch of lips and then began to pull away. Maddie slipped her hand behind his head and pulled him to her for another kiss, this one strong, passionate and hungry.

When they broke the kiss, they were both breathing a little harder, Ben could hear the lust in Maddie’s voice as she said, “So, should we go?”

“Definitely,” Ben said, putting his hand on Maddie’s thigh and giving it a little squeeze that sent shivers through her body.

As they walked out, it was gratifying for Ben to know that the hottest girl in the club was leaving with him. Outside of the club, he kissed her several times, a little more intensely each time.

“Come on,” Maddie said. “My hotel’s close, we can walk.” Maddie was still pissed at Will and she decided that taking Ben back to her hotel room would be far more satisfyingly vindictive than going to his. Will might even walk in on us, she thought viciously.

Entering Maddie’s hotel room, the two lovers sprawled on the double bed, kissing passionately. Ben’s hands cupped Maddie’s ass, squeezing her firm buttocks through her skimpy red dress as his tongue explored her mouth kissing her enthusiastically. Ben couldn’t believe he’d got the hottest girl in the club back to his room!

Ben Escort Trabzon moved his hands to Maddie’s large tits cupping and squeezing them in his hands, wanting to unveil them he eagerly pulled the top of her strapless dress down, tugging it down slowly revealing more and more of her breasts until finally the tops of her areolas appeared then the nipples. Ben kept pulling the dress down until it was just below the bottom of her breasts, Ben’s eyes bulged when he saw her naked breasts tumble out. Her firm tits stood out proudly, the perfect globes revealed in their naked splendour. My god, he thought, they were huge! taking hold of the erect nipples between his fingers he began rolling them sensuously causing Maddie to moan into his mouth in appreciation.

Maddie unfastened Ben’s pants and pushed them down his hips, reaching to wrap her fingers around his dick.

Maddie sighed as Ben played with her tits. “Ohh, mmm,” she breathed as Ben’s warm palms slid over their surface. She sighed again as Ben’s fingers teased her nipples. As his hands gently cupped and squeezed Maddie’s breasts, Ben softly kissed and nibbled her neck and shoulders. He marvelled at how firm Maddie’s young breasts felt beneath his fingers. His hands slid easily over their surface. Maddie moaned with pleasure as Ben’s hands worked their magic on her breasts.

Maddie’s hand quickened its movement on Ben’s now rapidly hardening cock and to add to his delight, she slipped her other hand down between their bodies to hold his scrotum, cupping his heavy balls as if she wanted to weigh them.

Maddie removed Ben’s shirt. He had a nice body, she thought, he didn’t look like he worked out, but he was trim. Maddie kissed her way down Ben’s chest and stomach until she reached his crotch. She pulled the shaft down towards her mouth. Moisture was forming on his helmet, starting to drip down the shaft. Her tongue flickered out and she began licking the head. She ran her tongue over the now rapidly oozing pre-cum. She moved her tongue down the shaft, licking the sides and under it then moving her head lower she licked each of Ben’s heavy balls in turn. Then she slid her tongue back up to the tip and around the head, willingly lapping up the pre-cum.

Maddie leant forward and Ben felt her hot breath on his balls before she lowered her full lips and engulfed the head in her warm, wet mouth. Hot breath surrounded Ben’s now throbbing tip before Maddie’s lips closed around the crown.

‘Oh my God!’ thought Ben ‘My cock is in her mouth! It feels so amazing!’

Maddie began to smoothly bob her head on his erection, she slowly worked it around her mouth, getting it very wet. Her lips stretched beautifully around his shaft as her tongue slid up and down his rock hard cock. he let out a sigh of fulfilment, her tongue was active in her mouth, and her hands pumped him. She pulled it forward a bit, tilting it away from him, and then she pushed her face down as far as she could, before pulling back to the top, and looking into his eyes.

She dived back onto his cock taking him deep in her mouth and used her hands to beat him off. She could only take about half the length, and she gagged several times at that, but she worked hard to pleasure him, breathing deeply through her nose, her hands pumping, occasionally looking up.

Her tongue whipped around the head, all the way down the shaft then back up again as her head bobbed back and forth, while her hands kept perfect time with her face, taking what her mouth couldn’t. Shaking her head back and forward and letting his cock push up against the side of her mouth. It was one of the best feelings ever for Ben as her tongue began to flick back and forwards on the tip and base of the head. She started sucking with the force of a vacuum and her hands trailed down, taking one ball each to roll around in the their palm and she deep throated his entire cock at once, swallowing it all the way up to the hilt, her nose nestled in his pubes. She held this position for a good ten seconds, before sliding back out and licking the head like a lollipop. She repeated this twice more and it was almost too much to bear.

Ben’s balls rumbled and his dick expanded. Maddie slid back to the last inch or so of cock and started thrashing her tongue around and using her hands to jerk off his shaft. Ben started coming and felt her suck and suck, as though she hadn’t eaten in weeks, until finally Ben stopped.

Ben took a minute to catch his breath after the fantastic blowjob Maddie had given him but once he had recovered he was keen to return the favour. He lowered his head to her perfect breasts and began to flick his tongue over the nipples. Maddie moaned softly in response as his touch further enflamed her desire.

“Oh Ben!” sighed Maddie, “suck them! Suck my tits!” Ben sucked Maddie’s left nipple deep into his mouth. “Yessss!” cried Maddie as he ran his fingers up her thigh.

Ben took one of Maddie’s nipples in his mouth, he sucked on it enthusiastically, feeling it grow even harder. Ben sucked on her Trabzon Escort Bayan tits with abandon, licking and nibbling her hard nipples. Maddie moaned loudly, grinding her mound against his waist and leaning her head back. Ben reached around and fondled her tight ass. He couldn’t get enough of her tits.

“Oh God yesssss!” moaned Maddie as Ben’s tongue flicked over her breasts.

Ben worked his tongue over their surface with broad, circular motions, coating them with a fine layer of saliva. Ben’s hands cupped and squeezed as his tongue flicked over the nipples. Maddie squirmed and moaned, lost in the sensations of the experience.

“Ooooh!” she cried as Ben bit down softly on one nipple. “Mmmm,” she sighed as Ben repeated the action on the other. “Oh fuck Ben, suck them!” demanded Maddie, “Suck my tits! Suck them hard!” Happily, Ben complied. Sucking as much of one breast into his mouth as he could, his tongue flicked at the nipple while his hand gently squeezed the other greedily.

Maddie was in heaven. Tremors of pleasure pulsed through her as Ben feasted on her breasts. A warm glow spread over her body as she gave herself up to Ben’s expert ministrations, hovering on the brink of orgasm.

Ben slid his hand along the inside of Maddie’s taut thigh, feeling the warmth radiating from her soft box. The dress was short enough to slide easily up with Ben’s eager fingers, and when they came in contact with the gusset of her panties, it was all Ben could do not to pull his mouth off Maddie’s tits and slide his tongue down between those shapely legs.

Instead, he continued to swirl and pleasure Maddie’s light brown nipples with his tongue, as he used his fingers to begin to rub the girl through her thin panties.

“ohhhhhhh…” Maddie moaned at the contact.

She was so wet, her panties were soaked. She jammed her hips forward onto Ben’s fingers, and her hands clawed at his head, bringing his lips back up to hers. They kissed with animal passion. Ben rubbed harder on Maddie’s pussy, feeling the material stick to the puffy folds of her vagina. He found her clit and rubbed it. Maddie pushed her hips harder up, and her tongue lashed out into Ben’s mouth.

“Uh-OHHHHHH!” Maddie moaned loudly, forced to break the kiss. “Goddd, Ben! -uh uh ngh ngh uhhhhhh! Oh, stop t-teasing meee! Put your fingers in me! Finger me, Ben AHHHHH! Fuck, make me c-cummmm!”

But Ben didn’t oblige the horny girl. He was enjoying the feeling of control, knowing that he was driving Maddie crazy with pleasure. He looked down at his fingers as they rubbed Maddie’s slit through the panties. Maddie’s red dress was bunched up around her waist, nothing more than a fabric belt now. Her panties, Ben discovered, were nothing more than a white thong made of translucent fabric. Her shaved pussy easily visible through them, as were her naked sex lips.

“Ohh… OHHHH!!! I– UH, NGH, NGHH! YOU–UH UHH!” Maddie, fed up with his teasing, reached down herself, and pushed Ben’s fingers hard onto her clit. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Her body was racked with its orgasm, pumping, shivering, shuddering. “OHHHH NGHHHHHHH!!!”

Ben could only watch as the hot brunette came under the pressure of his digits. Maddie’s fingers were white knuckled on his own, and her hand was shaking.

As Maddie lay recovering from her intense orgasm, Ben reached for the waistband of her panties and slowly slid them down her smooth thighs and then off her legs altogether, throwing them to one side. Maddie’s beautiful shaved pussy was revealed to Ben’s greedy eyes and he licked his lips in anticipation of what he would do to the sexy girl next.

Ben Knelt down on the bed over Maddie and reached out with his hand to stroke her hot wet slit, before leaning forward to place soft kisses around her clit. As Maddie started to moan softly, Ben pressed his tongue against her clit and began to lick, slurp and taste.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhh………..mmmmmmmm…” Maddie wriggled on Ben’s hot tongue…….oh, yeah…..”

Ben flicked his tongue out, running it along the length of her slit. Above him, Maddie moaned as Ben savoured the rich flavour of her juices. Ben began to explore Maddie’s cunt with his mouth.

Ben flicked his tongue over Maddie’s clit, eliciting moans of pleasure. He sucked gently on her labia, licking his tongue over their surface at the same time. He darted his tongue into Maddie’s entrance, lapping at the juices that flowed out to cover his face.

Maddie began to grind her pussy harder against Ben’s face. She felt the first stirrings of another climax awaken. Contractions began to ripple through the walls of her cunt, slowly building in intensity. Maddie rode Ben’s face with increasing abandon, grinding her pussy harder against his mouth as the pressure began to mount. She began to moan. “Eat me,” she cried, “Oh Ben! Eat my cunt!”

Ben’s tongue lapped eagerly between the folds of Maddie’s pussy. Juices were flowing freely from Maddie’s cunt, coating Ben’s face with their sticky warmth. Ben felt the tremors in Maddie’s body multiply in intensity as he flicked his tongue over Maddie’s clit. Maddie’s hips bucked, pushing her clit even more firmly against Ben’s tongue. As it continued its work . Ben sucked Maddie’s clit into his mouth. he bit down gently and flicked the tip with his tongue. Maddie’s body convulsed in response.

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