Madame Jolene


Wednesday was just another day: long hours at the office and the typical 5 o’clock traffic rush. I was finally through with my day. I hit the time clock, and was on my way.

That’s when I noticed my phone ringing.

“Unknown caller,” I thought to myself, “it’s been a rough day, do I dare answer the phone right now? I could take a chance. Who knows, I could win the lottery, right? No way. I just want to get in my car and tune out. Go home, put my lounge pants and sit on my patio.”

There was the phone again. I had a new voicemail. “What the hell, I can check the voicemail. I don’t actually have to talk to anyone.”

“Hey handsome, it’s Jolene. I’ve been missing you. We should get together this weekend. You won’t be disappointed! Call me!”

I have not seen Jolene in over a decade. It has been far too long since I have seen her. She had a way of making everything more interesting.

Jolene and I never really dated. We were more of the friends-with-benefits variety. Then she started dating some stuffy corporate-type, so my window was gone. But she’s calling me again, after ten years. She must have lost the boyfriend, which can only be a good thing for me.

I started my car, and began my drive home. Though I shouldn’t have to tell you, today was different than the other days. My mind was flush with ideas of what Jolene and I would get up to this weekend. I have learned plenty since we were together last. I would imagine she has as well. It will be like going to Sex Ed 302: the Advanced class. I nearly ran a red light, I was so engrossed in imagining Jolene’s soft thighs!

After dinner, I called Jolene.

“Jolene, it’s Brian. I got your message. I was driving, and was unable to answer my phone at the time. So, whats going on this weekend now?”

“Well Brian, my divorce from Michael just came through last week. I’ve been trying to decide what to do with all my new free time. I came across some photos of us from way-back-when, and had to see what you were up to. Are you free this weekend then?”

Divorced – ha, good riddance. I would definately take this opportunity, thank you.

“Ya, my schedule is clear this weekend. Once I get home Friday night, I can be free for whatever. I usually get home around 7:30.”

“Great! I’ll see you around 8!” Click.

My mind couldn’t keep up with all the thoughts that began rushing into my head. What does she have in mind? Friday night wouldn’t get here quick enough.

For the rest of the week, Jolene was the only thing I could think about. Lucky for me, the remainder of the week seemed to speed by. Before I knew it, Friday was here. I made sure the fridge was stocked, that the sheets were washed. Cleaned up around the house, because there’s no telling where we’ll end up.

I had everything as ready as I was able, and now there was just enough time for a quick shower. Quickly I wash up, getting in a last-minute shave and a splash of cologne for good measure. I grabbed a button up shirt, some chinos and a pair of loafers. I want be sure I still impress her after all these years.

7:53 PM

I looked at the clock, like I was a primary schooler waiting for recess. This was going to be good. I began to fidget, getting nervous, starting to think the worst of things.

7:55 PM

knock knock knock. *gulp*

It’s go time. Time to find out how we’ve changed. Time to find out if were still like we were so long ago. Here we go.

I open the door, to find a stunningly gorgeous woman in a full-length royal blue kimono dress looking back at me. Her eye shadow matching the golden hues of the dress. I was instantly speechless. I felt like my tongue had swollen up, and all I was able to do was breathe.

“Hi Brian,” she comments as she strolls right up to me, giving me a big hug and kiss. She smells like lavender, just like I remembered she used to. Completing her look was a moderate sized hardcase luggage on wheels, that would not look at all out of place rolling through the Tokyo airports.

“Felt like bringing a few things, did you?” I chuckled, “Come Şerifali Escort on in.”

“A girl’s got to be prepared. After all, she never knows where she may find herself at the drop of a hat.” She puts her luggage in the corner, and wastes no time. Almost immediately, we are back in the familiar embrace of one another. It felt like time stood still.

Her skin was incredibly soft and smooth. She had learned well to take good care of yourself at every opportunity. I took her by the hand, and led her to the bedroom. I had no intention of waiting any longer than necessary.

I brought her luggage into the bedroom and set it aside. I turn and faced Jolene, “this kimono is exquisite, but it’s gotta come off!” I undo her sash, and open the kimono where I am met by the perkiest pair of b-cup tits and a pair of thongs that match the kimono. “You always were a stickler for the details.” Her skin appeared sun-kissed, as if she had spent the afternoon at the beach, but I knew this not to be the case. She had always had a natural-tanned look to her.

“Not so fast, sailor,” she said, as she interrupted my attempts to peel her from what left she was wearing. She pulled me back to my feet, kissing and pulling on my lips. She wanted to make sure she drew this out as long as she could.

Keeping our lips locked, her hands came up and began to unbutton my shirt. Before I realized it, the buttons were undone, and her hands were caressing my chest. I forgot how much I really missed her touch.

She continued to caress my chest, while working over my belt and chinos with the other hand. “Unh, let me help…”

“Shh, just enjoy yourself” she whispered. Her hands traveled across my body like tour guides in this foreign land. I felt the pants and boxers fall, though she never let my attention drift from her lips.

“Thats better. Now I can see what I’m working with.” She stepped back to admire my physique, as she teasingly slid her kimono closed again.

I fussed. “What makes you think I want to stand here naked, while you are apparently putting your clothes back on?”

She just winked, “Don’t worry, You just have to be patient a moment.” And with that, she strutted over to her luggage. Her kimono was held in just a way, that I couldn’t miss watching her ass. She pulled out a tiny black pair of yoga pants. These things must have been a size too small, because they looked like they wouldn’t fit any adult. Giggling, she stood with her back to me as she slipped out of her thong, and into her yoga pants. What was she up to?

She flicked her royal blue thongs at me, as she continued to giggle. “Hold those for me a moment, will you dear?”

I leaned over to pick them up off the floor, when she approached me. She had another pair of yoga pants in hand. “Slip these on, I don’t want any disagreement.”

Intrigued, but not wanting to miss out on anything, I complied. Over the years, we had done plenty of strange things, but neither of us ever had a complaint.

It took a few minutes of me fumbling, but I was able to get these tiny pants up and in place. They did nothing to hide my package, though I think that may have been the point.

Smiling with approval, Jolene dropped her kimono off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. “Oops,” she chirped, as she turned around. Stopping to pick up her beautiful kimono, she bent at the waist, then turned and made sure I was checking her out.

I was, and she could tell for sure. Standing six feet away, she could see my yoga pants straining. She blew me a kiss before grabbing her wrap and standing again. I watched as she strutted and placed her kimono on her luggage bag.

“Don’t want my beautiful clothes getting messed up now, do we?”

I shook my head. It took all my attention to take in what was going on. She walked right up to me, and began running her hands over my pants. She claimed she was checking for a good fit, but I knew better. Her hands ran across my bum, giving it a playful smack.

“You look good in these,” she complimented, as her hands came Göztepe Escort to rest, atop my stiffening rod. “I’m glad to see you enjoy these too.” She took hold, and began to apply pressure as she stroked me through my new pants. “It’s been quite a while, I want to make sure we last as long as possible. Hence the pants, we can tease and tease until we are ready to continue,” said with another wink.

9:50 PM

With me in hand, she lead me over to the bed, pushing me backwards until I was on my back. No words exchanged. She climbed up after me, looked me in the eye and gave me a kiss. Then, as quick as she climbed up, she had spun around and straddled me, so that her covered derriere was in front of me. She had put us in a clothed 69!

Her bottom only inches away from me, I reached out to caress her. I had missed her so, and was taking every opportunity to enjoy myself. She wiggled her bottom briefly, then I felt her rest her head on my leg. She was tracing, stroking and teasing me in ways I would have never imagined.

Following her lead, I worked my hands down from her waist, over her bottom and between her legs. I wasn’t exactly sure how far she intended to take this, but I didn’t care, I was in. I ran my hands over her lips. Delicate. Slow. With pressure. Flicking. I did everything I would have normally done in this position, and she was loving it.

We must have spent twenty minutes working one another over like this. It was wild. I would get a good rhythm going with her, and before I would finish her off, I would change my pattern. Likewise for her, driving me mad, then changing.

The wildest though, had to be about halfway through our teasing. She was stroking and fondling me with both hands through her suggested pants. I was busy focusing on her, but I could not ignore what she was doing to me either. She had one hand on my cock, my balls in the other hand, and that was when I felt her lift her head off of my leg. She placed her mouth over my cock and the added warmth of her breath was almost too much. She had to slow down for a while after that one.

11:00 PM

We must have brought each other to the brink of orgasm half a dozen times. Looking back, I have no idea how we survived that long. Finally, I could take it no longer. I wanted to suprise her, so as she continued to play with me, I worked my hand into her tight little yoga pants. This was no small feat, but boy was it worth it.

She let out a slight moan, and that was all I needed. Grabbing the waistband of her yoga pants with both hands, I slid them down until I exposed her ass and honey pot. I got back to work between her thighs, though no longer worrying about the barrier between us. While my tongue and fingers were exploring her femininity, her activities had slowed. Her moaning increased. She was putty in my hands now.

With her yoga pants pressed down against her thighs, I took advantage of my view, and slipped my fingers between her dripping lips. She let out a slight gasp, as she leaned forward against my legs, all but slowing her own teasing of me.

Slipping in and out was all but effortless, she was ready for anything I was willing to give her. I used some of her juices and slid back to her puckered little button. I noticed her moan as she pushed back against me when I did. I smiled, knowing now that she was open to my suggestions.

Taking full advantage of her willingness, I slipped two fingers between her lips and one between the cheeks at the same time. Cliche, but she wasn’t stopping me. “Uuuunh,” she gasped as I filled her. At this point, all she could do was support herself against my legs.

I was working her, both front and back, with her only inches away from my face, and she was unable to speak. Alternating speeds as well as depths, there was no routine to get used to. Keeping Jolene satisfied, I would bring her right to the edge again and again. Everytime she got close, I would change my pattern and my speed. Sometimes I would take a short break, to kiss and caress her, still pleasing her, but always certain Ümraniye Escort to string things out as much as I could.

At this point, Jolene was unable to do move. Everything I did would drive her crazy. I would never completely leave her un-teased, and she knew it. There was one point, I was letting her cool down a bit, I kept my hand between her lips, but would not move it, while I allowed her to focus on my kissing her elsewhere.

12:15 AM

Other than rocking her hips to my lead, Jolene hadn’t moved. By this point, the neighbors must have known what we were up to. I brought her to the edge, and she began to drive her fingernails into my legs.

Feeding into her excitement, I coyly asked her “do you need to cum, baby?”


Granting her request, I placed one hand against the small of her back, being sure I had her completely under my control. I told her that I would let her, but she must ask permission before she does. Jolene put her head down, knowing what was coming next.

With my right hand against her back, I vigorously drove three digits deep between her lips and back. It was only a moment before I heard from her again.

“Will you let me cum for you now?” Jolene whimpered at me.

“Not yet, hold it in,” I would tell her, chuckling to myself as I tortured her.

Not another minute went by, and she was at it again.

“Ca-Can I?” I almost did not hear as she asked.

“Almost there,” I teased. She bit her lip and I could hear her struggle.

I did not hear her ask again. I anticipated her request, and asked, “are you ready now?”

“…please…,” she whispered, fighting to contain herself.

“Be a good girl, and cum in my mouth!”

In one move, I repositioned so that both my hands were on her booty, pulling her tightly to me. I slipped my tongue deep inside as she began to convulse. If it weren’t for where I was at, I would swear someone was being attacked. Boy was she a screamer.

I was only able sneak gasps while I finally pushed her over the edge. It must have been about five minutes of continuous climaxing, and she she was going crazy.

When she was finally done, she collapsed. I was able to roll her over, so that she laid next to me, while she regained her composure. A few minutes later, Jolene was able to catch her breath, and began to come to again.

Jolene told me that it was now my turn. She climbed back on top of me, putting her dripping pussy in my face. “You know the deal, you can look, but you cannot touch,” she chuckled, as she positioned my yoga pants out of the way.

She gyrated herself there, as I watched. In no time, I was at attention, and she was off to the races. Briefly playing with my head, to be sure she had my attention, before taking all of me down to the base. She swallowed everything I had, and played with my balls as she went.

Staring at her wet lips as she gobbled me was intense. In almost no time, I was about to blow. “Will you let me cum for you?”

“You made me wait, and now it’s your turn,” she said, as she sat up and refrained from touching me.

“Unh, can I change your mind?” I asked, with my member twitching in the wind.

She giggled, “If you beg, I may be nicer than you were.”

“Uhhh,” I acknowledged, “Jolene, honey, will you please, please let me blow my load for you? I don’t think I can hold back much longer.”

I knew without a doubt that she was grinning ear to ear now. She heard exactly what she wanted.

“Good boy, this time I am not going to stop until you fill my mouth. You have to tell me before you blow.”

And with that, she dropped her lips to mine, and took me back in her mouth. Her hands all over my shaft and balls, as she took me to the edge.

“Unh, baby, I’m about to…” I gasped as I was about to finish.

She flicked me in the nuts, and then went into overdrive. The pain she inflicted was moderate, but I did not have a chance to acknowledge it. I shot my load deep in her throat, and she swallowed effortlessly. Thirty-seconds later, she dismounted me.

Laying down next to me, both exhausted. She wiped the last of me from her lips, and had me lick her finger clean.

“Mmm, you know what I like. Not lets get some rest. You still have to bathe and dress me before I leave.”

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