Ma Petite Mort Ch. 01

Foreword: All persons in this story were/are 18+ and consenting adults.


My first sapphic experience was with my old best friend. One night lying in my bed, she had chewing gum and I asked her for one, to which she jokingly said no. She took her chewing gum out of her mouth and smiled at me, saying “here you go” and holding it out, so I shocked her by taking it from her fingers and putting it into my own mouth.

We were laughing together and she asked for it back, so I said no. She tried sticking her fingers into my mouth and by then we were getting closer. In the end, I held the gum between my teeth and told her she could have it, but not with her hands.

She did as she was told and leaned close to my face, taking the gum with her teeth and in the process, brushing her lips against mine.

Before I knew it, we were playing back and forth with the gum and our lips were touching for a little longer each time.

In the end, the chewing gum was disregarded and we ended up pecking each other’s lips. We fell asleep around 6am in each other’s arms with smiles on our faces.

As weekends came around, we knew our time together would be consistent. It started slowly; stealing kisses in bathrooms at parties and orhangazi escort whispering sweet little nothings into each other’s ears. We’d text each other counting down the hours until we could leave a party to be in each other’s arms.

One night, she was lying down in my bed as I sat astride her and we french kissed. She ran her hands down my back and through my pyjama pants, ran her finger around all of the spots that made me flinch with pleasure. That was when it all became serious.

Before long, I found my way inside her bra and she found her way inside mine. We took each other’s bras off and spent our time kissing and fondling each other into the night.

One night, her hand left my chest and found its way between my legs. Through my pyjama pants and knickers, she ran her finger up and down my slit, as I kissed her and played with her tits, enjoying every minute of it. Before long, my hand also found its way between her legs, she was wearing pyjama pants, but no knickers, and through her cotton pants I could feel the gooeyness and wetness of her pussy.

I told her I was going to the toilet and quickly slipped off my knickers, putting my pyjama pants back on. I wanted her to feel of me what nilüfer escort I could feel of her.

We quickly resumed what we were doing, both topless, wearing nothing but thin cotton pants, rubbing each other through cloth and fondling each other’s tits, kissing hungrily and biting on each other’s lips.

It carried on this way, until one night, her hand found its way inside my pyjama pants. Her fingers were warm and she sighed with pleasure inches from my face before kissing me again, rubbing her fingers against my bare pussy with all of my juices leaking all over hand.

I did as she did and followed suit, running my hand down her side and inside her pyjama pants. I was shocked at how warm and wet she was as she lay on her side and opened her legs wide for me.

I rubbed on her clit and she moaned slowly into my ear before plunging a hesitant finger deep inside me. My chest rose and sunk as I breathed heavily, in pure ecstasy and excitement of exploring this taboo.

Not before long, we lost the pyjama pants and were naked together under the covers, my fingers inside her and hers inside mine. We’d suck on each other’s tits as we played in each other’s wetness, never tiring enough to sleep.

She’d türbanlı escort always pull my pyjama pants down when she wanted me, and then she’d whisper ‘take these off’ into my ear when she wanted my knickers off too. I’d always reply ‘if you want them off, take them off’, and she’d do as she was told, this is something I remember that really turned me on.

One night, she was on top of me, her wet pussy was on my thigh and she rubbed herself against me while kissing me and groping my tits. She was moaning quietly as she got herself off against me.

She stopped kissing me and ran a finger from the bottom of my pussy to the top, before leaning down with her head between my open legs, and giving my clit just one appreciative little lick.

I moaned out loud and she turned herself around so her face was right in front of my pussy. She started to lick, slowly at first, running the tip of her tongue from the bottom to the top; stopping at the top to give my clit a little more attention.

Before long, she was licking and sucking my pussy, sucking hard on my clit and lips, looking up into my eyes as she did. It was a pleasure I’ll never be able to explain. She did it so well! Once she’d brought me to orgasm, I got her under the arms and brought her back to the top of the bed to return the favour.

I copied as she did, teasing her clit with my tongue. I couldn’t hold out long, I wanted to taste her. By the end, I had my face deep inside her pussy and her juices all over my face; I never wanted it to end.

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