Love Uncertain Chapter 3


On Sunday morning I had gotten up early and left the house quietly, not wanting to wake Jessica. She usually likes to sleep in on Sunday. I went out for a run in the cool of the morning. It is my favorite time of the day, when everything is quiet and still. I got back home and made my way quietly up the stairs and started down the hall to my room. When I neared Jessica’s door, I noticed that it was open just a few inches. Out of curiosity, I tip toed to the door and peered in. Jess was just coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, her hair pinned up on her head. She looked so damned hot. Her full, ripe breasts looked as if they were about to spill out the top of the towel. The bottom of the towel just barely covered her sexy ass as she moved from the bathroom door to the edge of the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and began to apply lotion to her arms and upper chest. I know I should leave, but, I am frozen in place, taking in the show that is playing out before me. Jessica loosened the towel and let it fall to the bed. It was then that I got my first look and my stepmother’s glorious naked body. Her breasts sat high and firm on her chest. Her small nipples sat like rosebuds against her porcelain skin. They immediately became erect as she spread the lotion across her breasts. I watched as she closed her eyes and sighed heavily as she rubbed the lotion in. Her delicate hands continued down her slim, flat stomach. I could see a small tuft of well-trimmed reddish blond hair just above her pussy. I could feel my cock trying to escape my running shorts as I watched her hands glide down her long, sexy legs as she applied the lotion. Jessica stood and turned to go to her dresser. The sight of her beautiful tight ass almost made me come in my shorts. I have always loved the way her bottom looked as she walked, but, to see it completely bare was total ecstasy for me. As she pulled her under things out of the drawer and began to dress, I hurried toward my room before Jess caught me watching her. When I got to my room, with the image of Jessica’s naked body burned into my brain, my cock escort was aching. My balls were screaming for a release. I dropped my shorts and began to stroke my shaft slowly. I sat on the edge of my bed, imagining Jess kneeling in front of me, asking to stroke it for me. I closed my eyes and began to stoke faster… There was a tap on my bedroom door as it opened. “Lucas, what would you like… Oh, My God!” I jumped, startled out of my state of bliss. I looked up and saw Jessica standing, wide-eyed, looking at my quickly shriveling cock in my hand. Her mouth was open in obvious shock. “Jess! Please!” I jumped up and tried to pull up my shorts as I turned away. I could feel my face beginning to turn red with embarrassment. “Oh, shit! I am so sorry!” Jessica said as she turned and beat a hasty retreat from my room. I was so embarrassed! What must Jessica think of me after catching me jerking my dick? She probably thought I was some kind of pervert. She would really be appalled if she knew it was her I fantasizing about as I whacked off. In any event, I couldn’t stand the idea of facing her. After pulling myself together, all I could think of was to get out of there so I wouldn’t have to. At least until I could come up with some explanation. I quietly opened my door and peered down the hall. There was no sign of Jess. Her bedroom door was closed. I made my way swiftly down the stairs and out the front door. I ran to my Jeep, backed out of the driveway and headed down the street. All I could think of was to get away. I had no idea where I was going to go. I drove around all day. All I could think of was what Jess must be thinking. She must be so disappointed in me. She has to be thinking that I am some kind of perverted monster. She would probably want me to leave. Finally, that evening, I decided to go home. I had no where else to go. All I could do was face the music. There was no really good explanation, so, I would just have to apologize and hope Jess would forgive me. I pulled into the drive and trudged to the front door. The house was quiet. I snuck quietly up the stairs bayan escort and made it to my room without seeing Jess. Her bedroom door was closed. I left the light off and lay down on the bed. I had put off the confrontation that was sure to come. At least for a little while. I lay there in the dark for about ten minutes and then there was a soft tap on the door. “Lucas? May I come in?” Hesitantly, I replied, “Sure, I guess.” Jessica opened the door and stepped inside. I couldn’t look at her, I was so embarrassed. Here it comes. I am in trouble now. Jess closed the door and made her way across the dark room. “Why are you sitting in the dark?” she asked. She switched on the bedside lamp and sat on the bed next to me. “I want to talk about this morning,” she began. I kept my head turned away, still not able to look at her. “Okay.” Here it comes, I thought “First of all,” Jess began, ” I owe you an apology” “No, I’m sorry…” I began. “Shhhh. No, it was my fault. I should have knocked. I should have respected your privacy. I wasn’t thinking, and, for that, I apologize.” ” But I was… I mean…” I stammered, turning red with embarrassment again. Jessica put her hand on my arm. I looked at her for the first time since she had entered my room. “What you were doing is your business. It is perfectly natural and healthy. It just took me by surprise. I didn’t handle it well. That was my fault.” She saw the way I was blushing as she spoke. ” There is nothing to be embarrassed about, Sweetheart. I know you masturbate. Most everyone does. Hell, I masturbate! You just didn’t lock your door!” Jessica laughed, trying to lighten the mood. Jessica stretched out on the bed, facing me, her head propped up on her hand. I rolled onto my side and did the same, facing her. For the first time, I looked directly at her. She was wearing a pair of light blue yoga pants sitting extremely low on her hips. Her white tank top hit just above her naval, revealing a very sexy portion of skin at her waist line. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She looked so damn sexy. I could feel my cock start escort bayan to become erect. I tried not to think about it. “You masturbate?” I don’t know why I said it. It just came out without my thinking. “Yes. I have…, how do I say this? I have needs too.” It was her turn to be a bit uncomfortable. “You said it was nothing to be embarrassed about,” I smiled, seeing the blush on her cheeks. “It’s not. It’s just that…well, I have urges too, you know!” “Oh, really? Tell me about these urges.” Seeing her embarrassment, I was feeling a little more emboldened. Jess reached out and punched me playfully in the gut. “I have shared enough for now! Tell me about yours. Who do you think about while you’re doing it? One of those little nubile young hotties from school?” What could I say? How could I tell her that she was the one I desired? “No, no one from school.” I watch Jess closely for her reaction. Jess looked down as if studying something on the bed. She whispered in a soft voice, “Do you ever think of me?” I swallowed hard. If I was ever going to let her know how I felt, I guess now was the time. “You are all I ever think about. No one can compare to you. No one is more beautiful, more, well, sexy, than you, Jess.” Jess looked up at me. Tears filled her eyes. I wasn’t sure what that meant. “Seriously?” “I am dead serious. I can’t keep my mind off you.” I continued, “I can’t help it. It is all I can do to keep my hands off of you.” Jess moved closer on the bed. She put her hand on my face and looked directly into my eyes. “Then don’t try, Sweetheart.” Jess pressed her soft lips to mine. Her lips parted slightly and could feel her tongue brush against my lips. Opening my mouth, I welcomed her tongue inside. Nothing I had ever experienced could compare to my stepmother’s sweet kiss. I wasn’t sure what I should do. Jess moved away from my lips and began to softly kiss my neck. “You can touch me. I won’t break, I promise,” she whispered in my ear. “Jess, I don’t….I mean, I’ve never….” “It’s okay, baby. I want to feel your touch. Take your time. Explore my body.” With that, Jessica sat up, pulled her tank off over her head and lay down on her back. “I am all yours, Lucas.” I had dreamt of this moment for months. Now Jessica lay half-naked on my bed, offering herself to me. I was excited and extremely nervous at the same time.

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