Love story Within the Bayou of Houma, Louisiana


Charles Tate and I had been childhood sweethearts. Everyone within the bayou of Houma, Louisiana thought we were the perfect couple. But we discovered a terrible secret that tore through our love and hearts. We were half brother and sister. How could this be? How could this possibly happen? When we were eighteen years old we demanded to know the truth from our parents. My Mama told me that Charles’s father, Emmet Tate, had been a few years older than she and seduced by his charm and good looks and wealth. And they both swore şişli escort bayan never to let the truth be told to me and Paul for they didn’t think we’d become childhood sweethearts instead of just being friends. When Charles and I met up at the bench one hot summer’s day by the swamp where the alligators laid still on the bank of the swamp or slithered through the water to catch prey he told me he demanded the truth from his parents. I held my breath, “what did they say, Charles?” “My father told mecidiyeköy escort bayan me that your mother was the one who seduced him by wearing a very revealing summer dress and let him make love to her in his office,” he said. “My Mama said it was him who seduced her and not the way round,” I told him. “Oh Charles, what are we going to do?” Charles had brown hair combed back with tints of golden blonde on the top from the sun that lightened his hair. His eyes were blue like mine and were two or escort şişli three inches taller with muscular biceps and body. He grabbed hold of my hands in his as we looked lovingly into each other’s eyes. “I love you, Laney, I don’t care if we’re half brother and sister all I know is that I love you and we belong together. We’ll get married and have children and live in a huge house where people don’t need to know who we really are,” he said. Oh, how I wish that could be possible. Charles and I threw our arms around each other and embraced tightly unwilling to let go. Our hearts beating fast against our chests. I felt his warm lips kiss my left earlobe then run down my neck to the valley between my heaving breasts. I was wearing a light pink summer dress that was above the knee with short sleeves.

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