Love in Darkness


This is my first erotic story, so comments and feedback of all kinds welcome!


I awoke to the feeling of His hands on my body, brushing against me as gently a the silk sheets I was cocooned in, Moaning, I became aware of His breath on my skin, warmth on my chest. I spread my legs for him.

Take me…

He chuckled, and placed a kiss on my collarbone, hands tracing patterns on my abdomen.

“I have a present for you.” He murmured into my ear.


I arched my back to brush my chest against His, electricity zapping through my nipples and going straight to my groin making me moan louder.

He chuckled again.

“Not yet, love.” Feathering His lips over my sightless eyes. At my confused expression, He added, “Soon.”

He slipped a hand under my shoulders and another under my knees and lifted me out of the warm king-sized bed and into His arms. As the slightly cooler air hit my naked body I shivered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll warm you up.”

I snuggled into His warm and strong embrace, loosing track of the turns we were making in the big house. I didn’t care where we were going, I trusted him completely.

I soon heard the familiar sound of a heavy door being opened right in front of me. We descended three steps into the dungeon. The air in here was warmer than the rest of the house. He did it on purpose to prolong the fun we had down here.

Even knowing the tools and toys that were kept down here, I still stayed in my half asleep state.

Gently, He set me down on my feet, only letting me go when He was sure I wouldn’t fall over in my hazy state.

As I listened to him turn to close the door, I caught another sound.

Breathing, shallow and erratic in front of me, a few paces away. From the sound of it the person was lower than my 5’4″ frame, and they were gagged.

Probably the ball gag, it was His favorite.

I was curious, what did He have planned?

He stepped in front of me and took my face in His hands. Tilting my head back to meet His much taller height His lips claimed mine, His tongue pushing its was into my mouth in a passionate kiss. I let him Çankaya Escort take complete control – that was how we both liked it.

His hand snaked down my body and found my half hard erection. With His tongue in my mouth and His hands on my member, I was at full-mast within seconds.

I was still worried through my arousal. What did He have planned with the mystery person on the floor? The idea of him using this person to pleasure himself made me extremely uncomfortable.

Sensing my conflicting emotions, He broke the kiss for air.

“He’s for you, love.”

For me? I didn’t want anyone else but Him. I was hurt that He would give me to another man to be taken.

“Don’t worry,” He soothed, taking me into His arms and rubbing my back. “Trust me.”

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, finally coming to a decision. I rested my forehead on His muscled chest.

I could feel Him smiling as He dropped a kiss on the top of my head.

Maneuvering us so He was behind me, I could feel His impressive hardness in the small of my back. He was more excited than I thought.

His expert hand went back to my cock, and instantly all thought was driven from my mind. I stopped thinking all together and let him manipulate me. In the beginning I was afraid, but now to place all of my trust in Him, all of myself in His care was a huge relief. He thought, He worried, so I didn’t have to anymore. He protected me, He would never let me be hurt again.

He guided me forward a few steps, never once leaving contact with my throbbing cock. He kissed my shoulder before He pushed me down, following me to my knees. Like magic He was suddenly rubbing lube all over my cock and rolling a condom over me.

Seeing me balk at the notion of topping, He breathed in my ear:

“Trust me, love.”

I sighed, relaxing again into him.

After He was positive I was lubed up enough, He shuffled us both forward about six inches. The tip of my cock brushed up against something soft and warm. Instantly the man began to make panicked noises through the gag. I reached out and felt a smooth, hairless Keçiören Escort ass like mine in front of me.

He was directing my cock towards the man’s opening, and I let Him control me. He slid me forward another few inches, putting more pressure on the man’s sphincter to let my cock in.

After a few seconds, I felt the head pop in an inch. The man’s muffled cries were getting more frantic, I was amazed at the intense heat and pressure surrounding me.

“It’s all right, he came to me and agreed to this.” Giving me reassurance before I realized I needed it. I already knew He wasn’t capable of rape.

He stopped me before I could enter the man any further by putting His hand on my hip. Trying to keep myself from disobeying, I focused on tracing little circles on the man’s ass cheeks.

Another surprise. I felt cool fingers covering my own entrance with lube. This wasn’t what I was expecting, but I groaned long and loud when He entered me completely with one slow thrust. He didn’t let me get too tight anymore.

The momentum of His thrust drove me further into the man’s ass. The feeling of His cock rubbing my prostate and the man’s inner muscles around my own member almost drove me over the edge right there.

He halted all of my movements. I struggled for more friction to put me over that delicious edge, but He held me firmly trapped within the strength of His embrace. After a few seconds, I stopped fighting. Feeling my submission growing and the edge fading from imminent view, He released His iron bear hug, and returned His hands to my hips.

In one sharp push He had me fully enveloped inside the man. From then on, there was no rest, the gentleness was gone.

He pounded into me, jabbing my prostate relentlessly. Every trust sent my cock deep inside the man’s ass; I must have been hitting his sweet spot as well – the sounds he was making into the gag were pure ecstasy.

His breath on the side of my neck turned to nips and bites, before soothing the sharp pains with His tongue. One of His hands left my hip to tweak my nipple.


I cried out as my Etimesgut Escort orgasm caught me by surprise. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever had, with bright colours lighting up my dark world. Dark, but never again sombre.

He groaned at the feel of my ass muscles squeezing His cock like a vise. He bent me over the man’s smooth and sweaty back, sandwiching me between them, thrusting even harder.

I was still hard in the man’s ass. Surprisingly I could feel my balls tightening again. He could always make things happen that I never thought would.

Like happiness.

Pretty soon I was tottering on that edge once again. I had lost all track of time, nothing else existed except the ass surrounding my cock and the amazing lover behind me.

I could sense everything about him, from every individual ridge entering me over and over again, to His tense weight on my back. When He growled in my ear, I understood every word spoken through gritted teeth. He was on the brink, but He was holding off for as long as possible.

“He’s a virgin.”

I exploded for a second time. The sensation of the orgasm blocked everything else out, it was even more intense than the last. I couldn’t tell how long it lasted, I have never cum so much at one time.

I woke up a few minutes later still draped over the nameless man. He was lying still and quiet now, he must have cum sometime. Maybe even multiple times like me.

I marveled at the thought. It has never happened to me before.

The now limp cock pulled out of my ass, and I whimpered at the loss. I felt so empty without it. His gentle embrace drew my own cock out of the man’s hole. Strong arms lifted me off the floor and deposited me on the sofa.

I couldn’t get to sleep without His heat next to me, so I listened as He unrestrained the nameless man, and deposited him in the large cadge in the corner with pillows and blankets covering the floor.

He was holding me again, lifting me off the couch and carrying me up the stairs. I didn’t hear the door close, or the echoing of His steps through the hallways, or the bedroom door. The next thing I knew He was beside me in the king-sized bed, drawing the blankets up around us.

With His arms around me tight, I was safe. I never had to fear anything ever again.

Snuggling into His warm embrace I felt truly at peace. He murmured in my ear quietly, and the words filled me with warm joy.

“I love you too,” I whispered into His chest, and fell into a blissful slumber.

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