Big Dick

She watched him descend the cliff from the other side of the cove. He moved confidently and fluently, and in no time he strode out onto the white strand. The beach was deserted, save for a flock of gulls idling in the shallows near a sandbank. He stood near the water’s edge, as though listening, looking out to sea. Two grey smudges floated on the horizon out west, odd, he thought, because no islands were marked on his map at this point. Only the lazy soughing of waves on shingle broke the silence, an indolent, sensuous sound. Then he turned around and looked in her direction. For a moment she thought he had seen her, but as she watched he was simply looking around to make sure he was alone. The strand was empty. Only she knew of this place. It was often deserted at the height of the holiday season, but she knew no one would be here in mid-October.

He stretched out his arms and looked up at the sun, soaking up its benign warmth and comfort. The vast blue vault was empty except for a few stationary cotton wool clouds. A gentle wind from the South rippled his white shirt, as he let his rucksack slip to the sand. He glanced around again more slowly this time, paying particular attention to the cliff top. Then he paused, as though listening carefully again, to be absolutely certain. Her heart quickened slightly; she knew what he was about.

He took a dark blue towel from his rucksack, unbuttoned his shirt and placed it carefully inside. Then he sat down on the sand, unlaced his boots and took them off. He stood up to unbuckle his belt, and then pulled down his shorts and underpants, placing them inside the rucksack. She was less than fifty yards away, concealed behind a large boulder at the foot of the cliff. He had an athlete’s build; his broad muscular shoulders and arms were tanned light brown.

He turned to look around him once more. Again, he paused, looking directly in her direction. She held her breath, her mouth dry as she stared at his limp sex. Then he turned and ran the few yards into the green Atlantic, plunging into the torpid ocean, kicking it into white flurries as his feet and arms sprang into action.

He was a powerful swimmer, and once out into deeper water he headed off parallel to the shore making for the headland to the right. He clambered onto the rocks at the point, and then dived back in towards the headland on the left. He covered the two hundred yards or so in a matter of minutes, before turning back and heading in towards the beach. He stopped to frolic in the water, like a seal. She could hear him splashing and thrashing the water, sighing, and crying out with joy and pleasure at the gentle touch of the cool ocean on his naked body. She had done this herself many times and knew well the sense of freedom he was experiencing, the sense of being an animal and a part of nature, of having shed all the conventions and obligations that come with human clothing. She wanted to be there.

He dabbed himself dry and spread his towel on the sand. The gentle warmth of the sun, and the lazy murmuring of the waves lulled him into a dreamy state. He had walked twelve miles before coming across the beach and was pleasantly tired. He turned over to expose his back to the sun. He was drowsy and reckoned that if sleep came it would be less embarrassing that way should anyone chance across him. His skin tingled after the sea, and the sun, wind and salt played curious melodies on it as his eyelids grew heavy and his breathing deepened. He sighed and was asleep.

Suddenly he was awake. He had no idea how long he had been asleep for, but he sensed a presence. He must have turned over at some point, for the sun blazed through his closed eyelids. He thought he heard something just behind his head, a footfall perhaps, then the sun dimmed momentarily as though a shadow had flitted across his face. He sat up and opened his eyes. He was dazzled, but as his eyes accommodated to the glare he could see a figure standing over him, a woman. He was in her shadow and with the sun behind her he couldn’t see her face. He whipped the towel from under himself to hide his nakedness. All he could see was Eryaman Rus Escort the outline of her figure and her shoulder-length hair being teased by the gentle wind. She had a strong presence. It was the way she stood there, looking silently down at his vulnerability.

“Well, well. Look what the tide’s brought in,” she said in the softest of brogues. “That’s the strangest piece of driftwood that I’ve ever seen on this or any other beach. What’s your name?”

“Richard,” he replied, struggling to sit up and to preserve his modesty with the towel at the same time.

“Well then, I’ll call you Dick” she said, with a smirk. “Dick. All Irishmen with the name of Richard are Dicks. As a matter of fact all men are Dicks” she said.

“But I’m not Irish” he replied.

“That doesn’t matter. You’re still a Dick.” He couldn’t see her face clearly and squinted up at her, one hand clutching his towel, the other attempting to shade his eyes from the sun.

“So what’s your name?” he asked.

“Áine,” she replied in a gentle falling cadence that caressed his ears. “Do you like it?”

“It’s a lovely name. Irish?”

“Oh yes” she whispered. “Very.”

“But I can’t see you. The sun’s right behind you.”

“Yes” she replied. “I know.” She didn’t move.

“It’d be good to see who I’m talking to.”

“OK then, you will,” she said, moving out of the sun to kneel on the sand beside him. “There. Is that better?”

He could now see her properly. She was in her late thirties, shoulder-length black hair, sparkling blue eyes and a healthily fresh complexion. Her sensual lips constantly flirted with a smile. She wore a grey t-shirt and tight black jeans that hugged her legs.

“Well how was it?” she asked, teasingly.

“How was what?”

“The sea!” uttered in mock amusement at his stupidity for not knowing what she’d been referring to. “I’ve been watching you a while, since you arrived on the strand in fact.”

“Oh well, just wonderful. Difficult to put into words, you know, the freedom, the feeling of the water against my tired body. After twelve miles on the path I came across this jewel of a place and couldn’t resist it. In fact, I think I just might go in again.” He was starting to feel more at ease with her now. He liked her easy-going manner, the way she smiled, and her inviting eyes. He found her extremely attractive; he sensed that she felt the same way about him.

“Might you now?” she replied teasingly. “Well in that case I might just go in too.”

“Feel free,” he replied, smiling as he stood up, still hiding his modesty behind his towel.

‘Oh! Come along now,” she said, as though chiding him. “You’re a big boy and I’m a big girl. I’ve seen lots of Dicks before.’ She pulled the towel away firmly and swiftly. She looked him up and down, her eyes smiling, her lips parted to reveal a row of perfect white teeth. “My, you are a big boy” she said gazing at his stiffening sex. “Well maybe a quick dip’s just the thing to cool your ardour.”

“Maybe it doesn’t need cooling.”

“We’ll see about that.”

She stood up beside him, kicked off her trainers, pulled her t-shirt over her head and unzipped her jeans. Then she stepped back from him so as to let him see her. She unhooked her white bra and then slipped out of her panties. He gasped.

“Dear God. You’re beautiful.” He paused a moment as he looked her up and down. “Just beautiful”

She giggled when she saw the effect that her beauty was having on him. “You are a big boy, but you need to cool off first.” She pushed him to the ground playfully, then held out her hand to help him back up. “Come on, Dick, let’s swim. Come with me” she said, taking him by the hand and pulling him towards the sea. “Feel what it’s like to be free.”

She ran ahead of him leading him by the hand into the shallows. He was breathless with the excitement that comes from totally unexpected and unsought pleasure. She turned and kicked water at him, so he ran after her, grabbing her waist and pulling her to him. But she pushed him away and ran into deeper water, Sincan Rus Escort diving into the green and swimming powerfully away. He tried to keep up with her and was just about gaining on her when she suddenly dived and disappeared from view. He stopped, his breath coming rapidly in short bursts, trying to establish where she might be. But the water was now up to his chest, and he couldn’t see where she was.

Under water she swam like a porpoise and doubled back on herself towards him. She saw his legs, so she grabbed them and pulled him down to her. He didn’t know what was happening and let himself be led by her. Their mouths met under the water, and they kissed, their lips and tongues melding in the saltiness. Bursting for breath they surfaced and then continued their long passionate embrace, their hands exploring each other’s bodies.

“I want to make love to you here, in the sea.” He was kissing her beautiful breasts and greedily sucking her nipples, which in the cold water were now taut and erect. His hands then followed the full voluptuous contours of her hips and buttocks, finally settling on her thick bush. He probed her inner lips with his fingers, penetrating her tight wet warmth. “God, you’re beautiful, Áine. You’re exquisitely sexy. Let’s fuck here.”

“No, on the beach.”

They embraced again and turned to head out of the water. Richard picked up his towel and shook the sand out, then dried her down. His touch was soft and reverential as he traced out the firm contours of her body, the beautiful curves, planes, and textures. He stood behind her as she lifted up her arms so he could dry under them, and beneath her breasts. Then he dropped the towel and embraced her from behind, massaging her tits while he gently licked her ears and earlobes, and the nape of her neck. She sighed and gasped at his touch and could feel her vagina becoming wet and juicy. Her clitoris was erect and throbbing, so she moved his right hand from her tits and encouraged him to play with her clitoris. “Lick me out, Richard. I want your tongue inside me, playing with my clitoris.”

He ran his fingers through her bush, groaning gently with pleasure as he did so. Then he found her clitoris and started massaging it gently. Her back arched and her groaning intensified. She wanted him so much, so she turned round and kissed him wildly and passionately all over his face, his eyes, and forehead. They collapsed onto the sand as he fingered her clitoris, driving her into a frenzy of pleasure. She gently nibbled his lips and nose as her breath came in shorter and shorter gasps. She was on the verge of coming when she pulled his head down towards her mouth and bit into his right earlobe. She came as she did so, letting out a long low groan of pleasure.

He let out a yell of pain. “For Christ’s sake Áine, what did you do that for?” He touched his ear. The lobe was still there but his finger was covered with blood. But her orgasm lingered in every cell and fibre of her body, and she didn’t hear him; she was incapable of responding to him.

“Dick, that was absolutely fucking wonderful’, she said eventually. ‘Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you like.”

“Oh, anything you want.”

“Would you like me to suck you off?”

“Yes please baby.”

She kissed him and took hold of his prick. “God, I just love your big fat dick. I bet you’ve masses of thick white sperm for me, you beautiful man. I bet those big heavy balls are full of cum. I love the taste and feel of it when it spurts off into my mouth. I love to play with it and dribble it over my tits. Would you like me to do that?”

“Oh God, yes please.” He was playing with her cunt, which was still dripping wet after her orgasm. She bent down and took his prick in her mouth and started to lick the purple rim of his glans. “God I just love your prick, Richard. I love circumcised cocks.” His prick was now rock hard and felt as though it was about to explode as the tension built up in his body.

“Well will you just look at that!” She took his cock out of her mouth as watery sperm Etlik Rus Escort leaked out of the slit and down the shaft. “That tastes delicious. Come on now you fucking gorgeous sexy man, shoot your load into my mouth. God, you make me want to do the most depraved things.”

She started sucking him, more vigorously this time, flicking the sensitive glans with her tongue. His body tensed and unable to contain the tension any longer he shot his cum into her mouth. Her lips were open, and he could see the thick white globs spurt into her mouth and onto her tongue. She closed her lips, then sat up, opened her mouth, and let his thick fluid dribble down over her beautiful lips. She held up her magnificent tits and let the cum slither down over them. “Mmmm.” Her lips and tongue were still coated with sperm. “Delicious. You have masses of cum, and now I’m going to swallow it all. She licked his fluid off her breasts, and what she couldn’t lick off she scooped up with her fingers which she then licked clean. “Look!” She opened her mouth which was full of sperm. She closed her mouth and a moment later opened it again. “See. All your sperm has disappeared. Delicious. Now it’s my turn again.”

She pushed him down on the beach and stood above him, lowering her cunt towards his face. She squatted above him and parted her cunt lips so he could lick her out. The rich musky scent of her slit drove him wild with pleasure, and his tongue began to explore her vagina. By now she was so wet that her juices covered his face with a delicious satin sheen. He adored the soft texture of her vagina, like a sensuous fig split open for their delight. He focussed on her clitoris, which was a tight throbbing knot of tissue that racked her body with the most delicious sensations. Then she came again, with greater intensity this time. He could feel her delicious vagina contract around his tongue as she came. Then, utterly spent, they collapsed in a heap together and fell asleep in the warm sun.

He stirred and pulled her closer to him. ‘I want to fuck you again, here, in the sea.’

She broke off the embrace and pushed him away. ‘No! Not again.’

‘Why not?’ He was puzzled by the sudden change in her demeanour. He tried to embrace her and she half-relented, allowing him to put a hand on her waist. He was confused and didn’t know what to make of her behaviour. ‘What is it, Áine?’

He put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. The sun vanished behind a cloud and dark gusts broke the placid surface of the sea, agitating the waves and making him shiver. She started to nuzzle his right ear and gently flicked her tongue over his ear lobe. He pulled her closer to him, but as soon as he attempted to explore her body, she held firm and resisted his advances whilst kissing and nibbling his ear with increasing force.

‘What the hell are you playing at?’ his voice was raised. ‘Do you want us to make love, or what?’

‘Or what!’ she replied, giggling as she continued to nibble his ear.

‘What the hell are you doing? That’s painful!’

He was now trying to push her away, to stop her chewing his ear, but she had it grasped tightly between her teeth, and the more he pushed her away the more firmly she bit into it, until he was screaming at her to release him. But she wouldn’t, and she held on and bit ever more firmly into the sensitive, flesh-covered flap of cartilage. He was crying, weeping with pain and anger, begging her to let him go, but still she clung on, now shaking her head like a terrier with a rat, her eyes ablaze with anger, until with a shocking, tearing sound flesh and cartilage were rent and he fell back into the pink-tinged sea free of her deadly embrace.

The casualty department was over forty miles away, and twice he almost fainted from pain and loss of blood driving through the mountains, his right hand clasped tightly to the blood-soaked handkerchief that he pressed against the stump of his ear. He didn’t know what to say to the triage nurse, but he didn’t have to bother.

‘Don’t worry’ she said. ‘We’ve seen it all before.’

‘I doubt it.’

‘God’s truth, yes. The Gardai don’t know what to make of it. Three this month would you believe. Now come along with me, the doctor’s ready to see you.’

The doctor was typing away at his computer. ‘Now what seems to be the matter?’ he said, turning away from the screen to face his new patient. Richard started. The young man’s head was swathed in a bandage; a bulky dressing covered his right ear.

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