Lost Virginity


Special thanks to Imthediva2005 for her editorial assistance.

All parties in this work were over 18!


A short while ago, I attended my 40th high school reunion. I saw many of the people that I had grown up with, hung around with, and a couple that I had dated. One of those was Jane. She was on the reunion committee and by some chance, my wife and I were seated at her table. She appeared a little chunkier than I remembered, but still sported a short pixie style hairdo, albeit gray rather than black.

We caught up on what had happened to us since graduation, and went out on the dance floor. As we moved across the floor she whispered in my ear, “I remember dancing with you like this forty years ago.”

“So do I!” I replied.

“And if you weren’t attached, I’d take you back there!” she said with a wink.

It was the winter of my senior year in high school, December 1965. Fall semester was almost over and the winter formal was just four weeks away. One of my buddies had been dating Jane for about a month or so, had a fight with her, and they broke up. I wasn’t seeing anyone steady, and after securing his approval, I asked her to the dance, fully expecting to be turned down. It wasn’t that I didn’t think she liked me, but, even though I had gone on a couple of double dates with her and her best friend Debbie, I just didn’t have a lot of self confidence.

To my surprise, she said yes! I just couldn’t believe my luck! Here I was, a tall, skinny, as yet unmotivated but, admittedly a really nice guy, going to winter formal with this petite brunette, who looked wholesomely hot in a two piece bathing suit.

As co-captain of the Cross-Country team, I was fairly well recognized by the students and when word got out that this hot chick was going out with me I got a lot of teasing. Things on the order of when was I going to score, to which I answered, we were just friends and that nothing more was about to happen.

I was what my mother referred to as ‘a late bloomer’, adult talk for someone socially and academically inexperienced. I was unbelievably naive! When I got a phone call from Jane asking if I would like to take her to a movie, I was ecstatic! I picked her up at 7, met her parents and was given instructions to have her home no later than 11.

Off we went to the movies. “So, what do you want to see?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t care.” she replied, snuggling up to me in the car. Putting my arm around her, we made small talk until we got to the theater and went inside. After buying a bucket of popcorn, we stood in the back, letting our eyes adjust to the dark, I asked where she wanted to sit. “In the back. In the corner.” she said. Hiding my disappointment at not sitting in the front row, we slid into the corner seats.

The movie started and I slid my arm around her again, holding her close, my hand reaching her bicep. After a few minutes, she unbuttoned her cardigan and took my hand, putting it under the wool fabric. I cupped my hand around her small but full breast, uncomfortably aware of the tent forming in my chino’s. Jane was also aware of my condition, taking advantage of it . Reaching for the popcorn, she extended her fingers and grabbed the head of my pants covered cock. I flinched with surprise. “Oops!” she said, looking up and smiling as she did so. Enjoying the teasing, and not quite sure what to make of it, I played along, asking her if she would like me to feed her, so she wouldn’t make that mistake again. “Sure” she said, still sweetly smiling, “But it was no mistake.” As she whispered that to me she gave my swollen manhood a good squeeze. I picked up a piece of popcorn to give her, placing it on her lips. She opened her mouth as if to eat it and it dropped past her chin, falling into her cleavage. I blushed! She said, “Well, don’t just sit there! Go get it.”

Tentatively, I fished my hand down her blouse, between her young, but full breasts, finally grasping the kernel, and re-feeding her. We spent the better part of the movie, alternately watching it and playing around, doing a lot of light petting.

Afterward, on the way back to her house, she suggested we go parking.

“Where?” I asked.

“Lets go up to Sleepy Hollow Road!”

My mind was instantly filled with anticipation and dread! She wants to make out with me! I have an idea what to do, but I’ve never done it! When she finds out, she’ll think I’m such a dork! Part of me wanted to tell her this was not such a good idea, but Şirinevler escort the head in my pants told me to go for it.

Leaving the car running, with the heater blasting full tilt I leaned over to kiss her. Our lips met. Then I felt her tongue trying to worm its way into my mouth. I felt her tongue ripple across my teeth and I opened my mouth. My nuts were aching at this point, and my dick twitched with the new sensations I was feeling. Our tongues met. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, mimicking what she had done to me. Immediately, she began sucking voraciously on my tongue. Pulling me down on top of her, she managed to insinuate one of her legs between mine. I could feel the heat from her crotch as, I’m sure she could feel the heat from mine.

Breaking the kiss as she pushed off the car seat, she whispered, “Unclasp my bra.” After several seconds of fumbling, I finally succeeded. I slid my hand from her bare back, around to her side, feeling the slight swell of her breast. Continuing forward, I cupped the warm bare flesh of her tit. All the while, she continued rubbing her leg against my painfully rigid cock. My hand seemed to fit perfectly under the soft silky mound of flesh. I was soooo horny! I went to unbutton her blouse, so I could see this woman-child’s heavenly body.

“Unh Unh! Not tonight!” she teased. I started to withdraw the hand under her blouse and she stopped me. “I don’t want to take away all your pleasure.” She leaned upward, indicating that I should kiss her again. Our lips met, our tongues danced! She rubbed me with her leg. I moved my hand slightly, reveling in the warm softness of her breast when my thumb came in contact with her nipple.

It was like an electric current shot up my hand to my shoulder, split off, continuing to both my heads. I had never felt anything so phenomenal! My brain short-circuited and my balls emptied their contents onto my boxers. I grunted into her mouth. as she continued rubbing, smearing my pearly essence all over the inside of my shorts. Breaking the kiss, she asked gently, “You feel better now?” A look of total embarrassment covered my face. “It’s OK. I meant to do that.”

Looking at the clock on the dashboard, I sat up and disentangled from her delectable body. “We need to get you home” I stammered. She sat up, sidled over and tucked in under my arm, taking my hand and cupping her breast with it.

“Can I ask you something?” she said.

“Sure” I answered as we swung out of the parking space and headed for her house.

“Are you a virgin?”

I looked at her in total disbelief. What do I tell her? Do I lie and say no, or do I admit to having no experience with girls? Before I could answer, she said, “It’s OK if you are! You have been incredibly sweet tonight.”

“It’s that obvious, isn’t it.” I said back ,smiling weakly.

“You’ve got great potential” she said leaning up to kiss me. “And I intend to tap into it!”

When we arrived at her house, she redressed quickly, asking if I had plans for tomorrow. I told her no. “Good!” she said, “I’ll call you”

I got ready to walk her to her door and she stopped me, pointing at the widening wet spot in the front of my pants. “It’s better if dad doesn’t see that.” she said pecking me on the cheek and giving my cock a quick squeeze.

The next day, she called asking if I wanted to come over about seven. “Sure.” I said, “What did you want to do?”

“Just hang out. You know, get to know each other better, if you know what I mean.”

I arrived precisely at seven. She met me at the door wearing a tight tee shirt with no bra, and a tight pair of jeans. She told me her parents were at a dinner party and would not be home until late. Taking my coat she pointed to the couch and invited me to sit. Snuggling up next to me, we kissed deeply, our tongues caressing each other until she sucked mine into her mouth. I felt her unzipping my jeans and pulling them open, freeing up my stiffening rod. In return, I reached up under her tee, reveling in the warmth and softness of her breasts. Breaking the kiss, I lifted the fabric, gazing at her beautiful chest. Lowering my head, I kissed her between those perfect peachy hillocks, dragging my tongue up the swell until the tip touched her nipple. As it stiffened under the gentle assault of my tongue I heard her moan softly. Wrapping my lips around it, I sucked the tender fleshy bud into my mouth, secretly wishing she could feed me some of her warm milk. Şirinevler escort bayan Letting go with a smack of my lips, I led my tongue down into the valley between and up the other side. Repeating the process and eliciting another moan, she said, “You are a quick study! Are you sure you’ve never done this before”

“Not since I was six months old” I answered smiling at her.

Getting me to sit up, she skinned off her tee shirt and helped me off with mine. Pushing me onto my back and kissing me again she rubbed her turgid nipples against my bare skin. It was then that I noticed she had put her leg between mine and started dry humping me again.

Unwilling to resist, I let her do as she pleased. After all, it was her idea and I was enjoying the ride. Suddenly she got up, peeling off her jeans and stood in front of me wearing only a pair of dusty rose colored panties. “Look what you’ve done! You bad boy! You’ve made me wet!” she said standing inches from my face. I could smell the musky scent emanating from her crotch. Combined with the heavy dose of Shalimar, it was making me extremely horny.

“You want to kiss it?” she asked, looking at me with those innocent eyes.

“Yes” I croaked as she straddled my face, lowering herself slowly until my nose was pushing the dampened fabric of her panties up into the crevasse of her young sex.

“I want to see how good you are at eating pussy. Show me what you can do” she cooed, thrusting her hips back and forth, driving my nose deeper inside. Pulling her panties aside, I stuck my tongue into her soft warm folds. She tasted like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I moaned as my tongue lapped up some of her juices. After just enough of her to get me truly excited, she arose from the couch and shucked the panties. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and my cock was rock hard just looking. She pulled off my jeans and boxers and pushed my legs apart. Her face was mere inches from my manhood when she kissed the bloated head. Waiting until she knew I was watching, she let the crown slide in between her lips, rubbing her tongue along the underside. I groaned in ecstasy as I watched her bob up and down, taking more and more of me in her mouth with each stroke.

“Oh God, Jane! That feels so good! If you keep that up much longer I’m gonna cum.”

“Good!” she mumbled onto my shaft as her hand frigged and her mouth sucked. Pulling off momentarily she said, “I don’t want to waste any of this like last night.”

I reached out and snaked a hand down to her naked crotch, caressing the moist lips of her cunt, seeking the heat from within. My middle finger slid effortlessly in to her and she squirmed against it as I sunk in until the palm of my hand was being tickled by her sparse black bush.

I thrust my hips up to meet her face as she pushed her hips down to keep my finger buried.

As inexperienced as I was, it did not take long for my brain to reach overload. “Oh Jeeezus! I’m cummimg!” I said, grunting loudly as I felt each spurt of sperm shoot out my cockhead.

I heard her moaning as well, each time my cock spat. She was swallowing my cum! All of it! Well, almost all of it! A little dribble escaped from the corner of her mouth , dripping down her chin. “Mmmm! You taste good! Now it’s your turn to make me cum. But before you do that, kiss me”

I eagerly obliged, stuffing my tongue into her sperm soaked oral cavity, tasting myself for the very first time. It was warm and salty, almost bitter, and I didn’t care much for it, but she was totally turned on by it. Who was I to complain!

“Now use your fingers and your tongue. Get me off.” she said parking her lithe young body on the other end of the couch, spreading her legs and opening her pussy for me. Crawling up her body I kissed her foot, dragging my tongue up her inner calf, her thigh, until I reached the pink flesh of her vaginal opening. Spreading her lips with my right hand, I slid one finger inside watching as my digit got swallowed up by her tightness. Lowering my head I began licking from the palm of my hand up the slit and into her bush. “Not so high” she whispered, squirming on my finger. “Go for the little button at the top of my slit.” Finding what she indicated, I fluttered my tongue against it. “Yes! That’s it! Right there! Oooh! That feels good! Lick my clit!”

I alternated between flicking the fleshy button and rasping it with my tongue. Her scent became stronger, escort şirinevler as did the taste of her. I also noticed my hand was wetter. Accidentally, a second finger slid into her, making her moan and grab the back of my head. I took the nub of her clit, which seemed to have grown, into my mouth, gently grazing it with my teeth. My fingers were sliding in and out of her wetness with ease and speed. She bucked her hips against the dual assault, her moans growing louder and longer. My fingers began to cramp, but I didn’t dare pull them out. I didn’t want to stop! I wanted her to come! All over my face, my hand. I wanted to show her as much pleasure as she had shown me, but my fingers ached. With out pulling out, I flexed them while they were buried to my palm inside her heavenly warmth. “Oh! Oh!” she stammered. I thought I had done something wrong, so I stopped. “No! Don’t stop! Do it some more! Please!”

Sucking voraciously on her burgeoning clit I shoved my fingers in, flexing them, scratching the front wall of her tight cunt. It felt a little spongy, but made her moan every time I scratched. “Oh Fuck! Oh yes! Don’t stop! I’m..I’m …cumming!” She bucked and screamed as I felt the interior muscles of her love tunnel squeeze my fingers. Feeling more wetness on my chin, I let go of her clit and licked up her liquid essence.

I looked up at her face, still set in an orgasmic grimace. She panted, “Fuck me! Now! I need it in me!”

I crawled up her body and poised myself to enter her. I stopped, remembering that I had no condoms, and told her so.

“No need! I’m on the pill! Now FUCK ME!”

Lowering myself down, she grabbed my shaft, placing the head between her honey soaked lips. I pushed in slowly, gently basking in the extreme pleasure of entering a woman for the first time. The warmth of her drew me deeper and deeper until our hairs met and my balls bumped against her ass cheeks. Pulling out equally slowly, I watched as my manhood emerged, shiny with her juices. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Part of me wanted to freeze that moment for ever, and part of me wanted to continue mating with the petite pixie pinned beneath me. I pushed back in. She moaned, encouraging me to fuck her faster, harder, promising it would not hurt. I began sawing in and out of her sweet, tight womanhood, bending over to share a kiss, or nuzzle her neck, or take a nipple in my mouth and make love to it.

I was reaching the point of no return. I asked if she wanted me to pull out. She shook her head no, shoving her hips upward to meet my downward thrusts. I could feel the semen as it rushed from my balls down my shaft. At that moment she panted, “Oh god! You feel so big!”

I felt as if the head of my penis had blown apart as I shot wad after wad of pearly fluid into her eager, cloying womb. Totally spent, I collapsed on top of her, whispering in her ear how awesome it was to make love to her. Recovering my senses, I asked what I could do to get her off again.

“Play with my clit. Eat my pussy” she said as I pulled my spent manhood from her drooling gash.

Settling down, I watched as my seed leaked from her for a moment before stuffing two fingers inside and rubbing my tongue on her swollen clit. I must admit, I liked the taste of both of us much better than me alone, and she told me how much of a turn on it was to be eaten after a good fuck. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into the soft, warm folds of her swollen cunt. I licked and sucked on the well lubed lips, thrusting my tongue inside to taste more of her. “Oh fuck! Oh God yes! Don’t stop!” she squealed. I pushed my fingers deep inside her again. Almost immediately she came again, trying to crush my fingers as she spasmed and moaned. Pulling my cum and honey soaked fingers from her gash I offered them to her and she eagerly sucked them clean. We kissed, got up, got dressed, and I left, totally sated, hoping she was too.

I called her the next day and we had a very frank discussion about our evening activities. She told me that she liked me, and thought of us a very good friends, but she was disturbed by my ‘making love’ comment. I apologized for the misunderstanding, agreeing that we needed to stay friends, even though, down deep, I did not feel that way.

We did end up going to winter formal together and having a really good time. Shortly before the dance ended, she informed me that she and Bill had reconciled their differences and were getting back together. I took her home. We kissed deeply for one last time and she gave my raging hard-on a squeeze.

As the dance ended, Jane looked up at me and smiled. “Daydreaming?” she asked as she pressed her pelvis into mine.

“Yup!” I replied, smiling back, as she gave my raging hard-on a squeeze.

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