Lost In The Moment Part Four


Her lips were intoxicating, Jack thought to himself. There was so much in her kisses. It had been years since he had felt such passion. Hell, it had been years since he felt anything remotely close to what he was experiencing now.In the recess of his mind, he was aware that this was wrong. This was Christine. His best friend of twenty-six years. It was even more wrong because he was married. So what if the marriage had long been devoid of anything other than name only. It was still an oath and a promise.Jack was aware that he had broken that promise, having never even kissed another woman in the entire time that he had been married, let alone making another woman cum.He imagined that he should feel some measure of shame and guilt. He didn’t. What he felt was need. A need for the sundress-wearing beauty on his lap. With every touch of her lips against him, he needed to have more of her.A man possessed, Jack pushed Christine up so that he could use one hand to begin pulling her panties down her legs. Very damp panties, he noted.Christine was already lost, not realizing she was his willing accomplice in taking her panties off as she stood on her couch. Kicking the panties away, she became aware of his hands on her bottom and the small of her back as he brought her near to him.She splayed her arms onto the wall in front of her to keep herself steady. The next thing she realized was that her sundress was hiked up over his head and that his tongue traced the slick and swollen folds of her pussy.She called out his name again, shamefully low as if it came from the very pit of her stomach, as his tongue sunk deeper within her. Christine slightly trembled in a moment of anticipation as she tried to contemplate what he might do next.Jack’s hands both moved to her bottom, squeezing her cheeks firmly and possessing them in such a manner that she couldn’t have wrestled from his grip if she had even wanted to. He controlled and manipulated her as she spread her thighs wider, as instinct took over, as reason and thought escaped her. He moaned against her flesh, completely entranced by her delightfully sweet scent and the taste of her.Her right hand grabbed a hold of his head, pulling her hair as she clutched and tried to possess him as completely as he had done her. Fuck, she tried to say but the words were lost as he took a long lick of her.Jack savored every bit of her flesh. Exquisite was the only word that he could think of besides more. He needed more. It was as if he couldn’t feast on her enough. Christine had made him a man possessed.As he swiped his tongue in a sudden movement upward, she tore her hand from izmit escort bayan his head and uncontrollably ran it over her breasts. Her fingertips unashamedly drew over her nipples and she squeezed them tight through the layer of cloth and her bra.If Jack could tongue fuck her like that, she needed to find out how magnificently he would play with her breasts. The same breasts that she was now sliding her hands over, reveling in every drag of her fingers over them, and each squeeze made her realize just how much of a sexual being she truly was. Christine drew in her bottom lip as she felt the first pang of fire tickle her belly and began to surge outward from where Jack was feasting on her.He needed to savor every second, every bit of her, as he continued his exploration of her. Jack’s tongue, lips, and teeth became insistent that they lathered her completely. There was a sudden rush of sweet honey that made him wild with hunger as he fought to keep her pressed against him.Her hips were now writhing against his mouth. The low, whimpers of pleasure along with the rush of honey within her made him realize that she was so incredibly close. His possession of her bottom grew more intent and squashed any protest that she might have had as she became compliant to his silent, physical demand immediately.Shit, shit, shit. Christine thought as her entire body hummed with energy. The hand bracing her against the wall, fell to Jack’s head and alternated from clenching his scalp to pulling on his hair.The hand which had been making tender love to her breasts now clawed greedily at them, if she were capable of ripping the damned sundress and bra off she would have just to feel her soft breasts be plundered by her own lust.Jack nibbled on her swollen lips as his tongue darted out and soothed the agitated flesh to create havoc for her senses. He smiled against her wet flesh, loving how she responded to him. To him. He never thought he could make a woman respond to him in such a way. Especially this woman.The next time his teeth made the slightest connection to her clit, Christine was gone. Her frame erupted. It seemed to penetrate every nerve in her body. It penetrated and wrapped itself around her and clothed her in its potency.The next thing she knew, the hand on Jack’s head was now on her throat and she began to slowly stroke it up and down and across her collarbone. She laughed, weakly, as she began to realize that her body was betraying her. Her senses overwhelmed her.He was devastated when her body jerked away from his lips. Jack was certainly not finished feeding on her body. He craved her.Completely.When izmit eve gelen escort she collapsed onto him, in a moment of weakness, his hands now free from her curved bottom, Jack steadied her and brushed the strands of hair from her face, tucking them behind her ear. Tenderly, he stroked her cheek and down to her chin and lifted her head to gaze up at him.Her face was flushed. The glasses had been discarded sometime during the frenzy and he looked into those brown eyes with a deep love and compassion. Despite the exhaustion her body seemed to have, Christine’s eyes were narrow and full of fire.Her pupils were dilated.She said one word to him. One word that told him everything he needed to know.”Bed.”With a power he didn’t know that within his reach, Jack wrapped his arms around Christine and stood up. Her legs fell down the length of his body but he took a hand and propped her up and secured her against him.There was a struggle to wrap those weakened legs around him but the moment he stood, Christine sought out his mouth and they began to kiss feverishly as they moved together towards the hallway.His heated lips touched her shoulders as they escaped her own onslaught. Jack’s teeth grazed across both the strap of her bra and sundress and even against the bone underneath. He was ever so aware of the heat of her body especially where her drenched cunt was now angled and pressed against his lower stomach.Christine took advantage of his breaking their kiss to splay many kisses down his neck. She darted up and nibbled on his ear before kissing a spot on the right side of his neck. The result ended up with her being slammed against the wall and his mouth devouring the erratic throbbing vein in her neck.”Is that a spot? She weakly managed to mutter against the side of his head. Christine did not hear his voice to confirm an answer but rather it was a broad smile and a pair of teeth beginning to hungrily feast on that throbbing vein. Did he intend to leave his mark on her? The thought made her body flood with surprising pleasure.One arm flayed out to steady herself on the wall and failed to push off and urge him to the bedroom faster. He was intent on taking his time now consuming her, she realized as her eyes rolled in the back of her head. She was lost in rapture.They managed past Alyssa’s bedroom and bathroom before entering the sitting room. There, Jack stopped and looked down at the daybed as if contemplating taking her right there.”Uh uh,” she mewed against his ear in seductive protest, “my bed.”He grumbled, teasingly against the curve of her neck and carried her izmit otele gelen escort past the threshold of her room and she pulled back from him as a sign to let her down.When Christine’s feet first touched the wooden floor, she was wobbly and unsteady at first. As usual, Jack was there to keep her steady and wrapped an arm around her to keep her still. She was quite aware that he was taking her in with his eyes now. It’s as if she was being viewed by him for the first time with a completely different and new set of eyes. It electrified her and made her feel intensely powerful.The late midday sun was kept away from the room because her blinds and curtains were drawn but Jack could see her perfectly as she stood an arm’s length away. Her hair was tussled, those kissable lips were swollen, her bra straps and sundress were disheveled.He couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked at this moment. How radiant she was and how very much she was on edge and wanted him.She dipped ever so slightly and took the bottom of the sundress into her palm and began to push it up her thighs, her stomach and over her head. Never had Christine been so aware of her femininity and how a man could affect her.She reached out for him and Jack took her in the palm of his hand and she guided him to her right breast. Even through the lace and fabric of her bra he could feel the tartness of her nipple as she reacted to his touch.To Christine, it was electric. The fingers that now splayed over her practically scorched her flesh and she couldn’t stifle the sharp gasps of air as she melted against his touch.Jack cupped her breast as if testing its weight, thumbing her nipple through the lace. Her head fell forward to watch him covet his new possession and the gasp had become a full-throated moan.He took a step towards her, kissed his way across her shoulder and with his free hand cradled Christine’s hip. Her bare skin was smooth and silky. Jack could taste the vanilla lavender that she showered with earlier in the day now, mingled with her perfume. The result made his cock rage beneath its cage of cloth and denim.Christine couldn’t help but smile at how tender his touch was. She barely had time to process how amazingly intimate such an innocent act was before he began to smooth his palm up her bare waist and traced it over her chest and across her collarbone. The result made her shiver with excitement and goose flesh erupted all over her body.Caressing her shoulders, Jack reached for the straps to her bra and lowered them. One hand wrapped itself around her and pushed her nearer. There was a slight sound of metal against metal and the restraint which kept her breasts from his eyes and touch eased its way to the floor.Her petite breasts hung heavy. They ached to be claimed by Jack. Her nipples were already tight and incredibly sensitive. Christine closed her eyes and allowed the cool, fresh air to wash against her.

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