Losing my virginity to the football team


I was in the boys locker room with my boyfriend. I was your typical cheerleader. I had ashy blonde hair, tanned skin, green eyes, firm cheekbones, a tight firm ass, huge tits, long legs and a tiny, tiny waist.
I was saving my virginity for Brent. We were both virgins, or at least that was what I thought.
“Brent, be gentle with me, okay? I’m scared!” I pleaded to Brent.
My best friend Ashley told me that when she lost her virginity, she told her boyfriend to slow down, but he couldn’t control himself. She told me that “useful” information the day before I was planning on losing my virginity to Brent.
Brent sat me down on the benches that the boys had in the changing room. He opened my legs and I hesitantly told him to slowly put it in.
He glided about 2 inches of his thick dick into my tight cunt. It hurt so badly. I decided to let the pain sink in because hopefully it would turn into pleasure. I finally couldn’t take it anymore.
“Am I hurting you, Kiara?” Brent asked not really concerned about me.
“Yes, Brent, I’m sorry, but this hurts like hell, stop!” I said in pure pain.
“It’ll start to feel good, this is just the beginning, I promise babe. Would I hurt you?” Brent asked as he was about to break my hymen.
I stared at him Sex hikayeleri with my desperate green eyes and he stared at me back with his deep blue eyes. Brent was supposed to be at football practice, so the guys would be coming in any minute. There was a loud slam and chanting on the other side of the locker room before Brent could pop my delicate cherry.
“Look who it is.” Justin said, “What are you doing naked in our locker room, slut?”
Justin was the captain of the football team and had basically banged all of my cheer friends. I pushed Brent off of me and started putting my clothes on. This was so embarrassing, I was naked in front of the whole football team.
“You won’t need those.” Cameron, Brent’s best friend declared as he snatched my clothes.
“Hey! Leave my girlfriend alone!” Brent chimed in.
“This is just revenge for you fucking my ex, Ashley, and losing her virginity. That bitch cheated on me with you.” Cameron yelled.
I looked at Brent with my glaring and now tear filled eyes.
“Is this true Brent?” I managed to choke.
“Baby, I’m sorry, you waited too long to go down on me.” Brent said with a slight smile.
“You’re such a little tease, bitch. You’ve dated half of us and only fucked one, barely. You need a real Sikiş hikayeleri man, a dominant man.” Parker said pushing me to the floor.
“It’s your chance to finally fuck her without her telling you what to do.” Justin informed Brent.
Brent shrugged and walked over to me. He told me to suck on his cock. But, of course, I said no. I put my head down so he wouldn’t have access to my mouth, so he pulled my hair which lifted my head up.
“Brent, I thought you loved me!” I said in confusion.
“I do love you, but none of this would be happening if you didn’t make me wait so long. So stop talking and start sucking, honey.” Brent said as he and the other guys laughed.
He stuck his 6 inch wiener in my mouth. Apparently I don’t have a gag reflex. Great. He started cumming in my mouth so I pushed him away and spit it out. Jake and Brad made me lick it off the floor and swallow it.
“See, if you did this everyday to me we wouldn’t have this problem.” Brent said as he stroked my long, soft hair.
“Crawl over to me.” Justin demanded.
I crawled over to him and he picked me up and set me on a bench.
“This might hurt, Kiara. Actually, this will definitely hurt!” Justin smirked.
Justin pulled down his shorts unleashing his Erotik hikaye huge cock. He told me it was 9 inches.
“If you think fucking Brent hurt imagine what this is going to feel like!” He said cruelly.
I thought he was bluffing, but he stuck his huge meat into my tight, virgin pussy. He was pumping in and out of me at such a fast and steady pace. It hurt like bloody hell at first, but it started to feel like pure heaven.
“Hahaha the slut’s starting to like it.” Justin noticed.
“Here’s the thing though, She only has 2 holes and there’s 30 guys here.” Drew announced.
“Fuck my ass!” I yelled at the top of my lungs feeling hornier than ever.
The guys chuckled and called me dirty names.
Drew, one of my many exes, came up to me and picked me up. He dropped me on the floor, so I was on my hands and knees looking up to all of them.
“You’re so hot when you’re on your hands and knees.” This guy that I had a make out session with named Darius blurted out as the other jerks nodded.
Drew got on his knees and pressed his penis head against my tight, pink ass hole. Without his warning he stuck it in dry. Tears started rolling down my face, but after a while it started to feel good (probably better to him). The boys fucked me for about 3 hours before they were all done. They left me naked on the floor and shaking from all my forced orgasms. When I was done, I got in my pink convertible and called up Justin for some more…… Fun. 😉

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