My name is Tracie and I have been living as a woman since I graduated college. Moving to a new town afforded me the opportunity to pursue my career as a female high school English teacher. I loved my job and I had great students. After a year or so of teaching I had my favorite students who were attentive, hardworking, and had a passion for education. One of my favorite students, Lori, was rumored to be a lesbian. Rumor networks in high school are often false and quite ruthless. Either way it mattered not to me. It wasn’t until Lori began spending a lot of time stopping by classroom during period breaks and after school did I wonder about her orientation. The 17 year old girl was quite obvious about her affection for me as most of her visits were filled with erroneous questions about assignments and home work to spend more time with me. I felt flattered to receive such attention from a girl like Lori. I humored the girl and smirked as I sent her off after entertaining her frivolous queries. One particular late afternoon Lori took advantage of having me alone to lean over my desk as I sat grading papers. I saw through her after she slipped one of her perfect assignments on my desk as she made sure to lean over in front of me. Here we go again, I thought to myself as I took off my glasses and looked up at Lori. My head froze as I could clearly see right down this sexy girl’s blouse. My heart fluttered Magosa Escort as I shamefully took in Lori’s firm B cup tits as they hung inside her blouse. Normally it would take a sexy man’s body to illicit such a response from my body and soul. But whatever Lori was attempting to do, it was surely working as my tucked cock throbbed in my panties. My eyes lingered on Lori and I could see her light brown areolas and perky dark nipples. I was pretty sure when Lori was in my class earlier she was wearing a bra. I looked up and smirked wondering how I was going to tell this horny girl that I in fact was not a natural born woman. I decided to let this girl down easy as I pushed back from the desk and asked Lori to fix her blouse. Lori didn’t seem to be embarrassed as she stood up pressing her chest out. Her hard nipples showed through her blouse as she came around the desk to take her paper back. Her hand brushed my back sending little bolts of electricity through my body. Lori thanked me for looking her assignment over and she lightly and sensually dragged her hand off my back. I watched Lori leave my classroom and I focused on her nice round ass. I found myself thinking about how wet her panties were as she put herself out to me. The door closed and I sat back in my chair and I slipped a hand under my skirt. My fingers caressed the front of my silk panties feeling my Kıbrıs Escort hard girly cock as it strained against them. I knew the janitor was off that day and the other teachers had left for the day. I spread my stocking covered legs and pulled my panties down to my mid thighs. It felt amazing letting my cockette out from its prison. I knew it was wrong but I began to fondle myself as I thought of Lori’s sexy young body and how much she was trying to seduce me. I wondered how her fingers would feel on my body. Then I realized I could never succumb to Lori’s lesbian fantasy without exposing my secret. I whimpered as I rubbed my C cup tits and fondled my throbbing cock. My eyes closed tightly as I was nearing an orgasm. I felt dirty being a teacher who was masturbating to one of her student no less in my classroom. I shoved a hand into my blouse and fondled my tits as my other soft hand worked my pre cum into my shaft. My eyes were still closed as I focused on Lori’s sexy form. I thought of kissing her and sucking her perky tits into my mouth while she fondled my ass and sucked on my tits. Thoughts of Lori’s spread pussy and what it might look like filled my head as I squirmed in my chair. My hard girly cock was about to begin squirting when I heard a female voice moan. My hand froze around my throbbing cock but it was too late. My pearly white cum began spurting Lefkoşa Escort up and cascading down my clinched hand as I locked eyes with Lori. Lori grinned as she stood at the doorway watching me pleasure myself while she had a hand down her shorts. She told me she had left her purse on my desk and that she had to come back. I felt embarrassed as Lori kept staring at my spread legs and my cock leaking cum down my shaft. My embarrassment faded quickly as Lori pulled her pulled her hand from her shorts as she walked to me. I whimpered as Lori took her wet fingers to my cum covered cock. I moaned as she scooped my cum and mixed it with hers. Lori’s fingers went to my lips smearing my lip stick. I could taste the tang of her juices with my salty cream. We then began to kiss as Lori opened my shirt. Between kisses Lori told me how shocked she was I had a cock. She murmured how turned on she was as she watched as I pulled my panties down and stroked my hard clitty. My hands fiddled with Lori’s shorts until they dropped to her ankles. Lori’s wet pink satin panties rubbed my cum covered cock as she climbed on and straddled me. I reassured my sexy student that other than my cock I was all woman. As I pulled off her half open blouse and took one of her perky tits in my mouth. What was left of my lipstick was rubbed off on her hard little brown nipple as I eagerly devoured her soft flesh. My cock rubbed along Lori’s wet panty crotch and up against her swollen clitoris. My soft hands gripped her ass pulling at her panties. There was no going back to student teacher at time as I pushed Lori off my lap. The young beauty’s eyes locked with mine as I pushed her onto her knees as I sat in my chair.

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