Lori and Rick and Liz and Me Ch. 03.5


The characters in this story are from the series Lori and Rick and Liz and me, in the Anal category.


Lori and Liz had gone off to New York for a few days, and I was at home, puttering around on Saturday afternoon, with really nothing to do. The dishes were clean, my laundry was done, and dinner for me, when alone, was just a couple of sandwiches thrown together, There wasn’t anything on TV that interested me, and I was pretty much bored . . .

. . . when my cell phone rang. It was Rich, Lori’s husband and one of my closer friends. Heck, after what happened a few weeks ago, I guess you’d call him a very close friend.

“Hey, Reed, I’ve got to ask you something, and I’m not really sure how to go about it.”

“Just come right out with it, buddy.”

“Well, you remember a few Saturdays ago, after the poker game” – it had been a strip poker game, and that was the first time that we ‘swapped’ wives – ” and how it ended up?”

“Yeah, that’s kind of a hard thing to forget.” I had been pestering Liz to let me try anal for a long time, and after I had screwed Lori in the butt, Liz said that she’d let me try with her, but only if I knew what I was going to be doing to her, and by that, she meant me letting Rich fuck me in the ass! We were all horny and had been screwing each other’s brains out, and more than a little bit of alcohol had been consumed.

“OK, well, here’s the thing: did you actually like it?”

“Yeah, I did. I wasn’t expecting to ever do that, but it wasn’t bad at all.”

“OK, as in did you like it enough to try it again?”

“What are you asking me, Rich?” I had my serious voice on now.

“OK, here’s the thing. Lori’s away, has been away, and she’d been on the rag for a few days before the girls left, and I’m just plain horny. I don’t want to go out and pick up some strange, and, well, shit, how do I say this, I’d like to fuck your ass again.”

“Uhhh, Rich, we were all drunk and horny then, and we had the girls right there. I was OK with it in that situation, but I don’t know how turned Eryaman Escort on I’d be with just a guy.

“OK,” Rich continued, “why don’t you come on over, we can drink some beer, put on some hot videos, and just see if it happens. I’ve been with just guys before, and yeah, sometimes it’s hard to get the mood right, but I think that you’ll like it.”

Against my better judgment, I said OK, I’d head on over to Rich’s place. I understood how he felt, because I was horny, too, but I sure hadn’t planned on getting my rocks off with another guy.

Rich’s place was only a ten minute drive away, so I didn’t have too much time to think about it before I got there. He had a selection of porn DVDs available, some cold beer on hand, and told me to pick a movie. Some were straight videos, and some others were bi. I figured that, if I was really going to consider this, I ought to see how turned on I’d get from the bisexual vid. Fortunately, he had one ‘retro’ movie from the eighties, before everybody started shaving off their pubes. To me, while it’s interesting to see a girl with a bare pussy every once in a while, I like women to look like women, and that means hair down there! I picked the ‘retro’ video, and Rich put that one in the DVD player.

The movie started out pretty straight, with two couples partying – not too different from what happened to us a few weeks back – and moved a bit more slowly than is usual for a porn video to sex. Then one of the girls got a call, on a real telephone (since this was from before everybody had cell phones) where she had to leave, leaving two guys and one mid-1980s ultra-teased-haired bottle blonde to carry on. There was one particularly hot scene where the three of them were eating each other in a triangle, which meant one guy sucking the other guy’s dick. This was hotter than I expected it to be, and my cock was getting pretty hard in my pants. Rich pulled his pants down and off, and told me to do the same thing.

This was the moment of decision: I could Sincan Escort have left my jeans on, and that would have been the end of it, but I didn’t. I stood up, pulled off my pants – no underwear; I am always freeballing – and then sat back down on the couch, watching the video. It wasn’t long before my hand was on my cock, which was already hard; Rich was doing the same thing to himself.

Then, when the actors changed positions, and the camera showed one guy doing his best to deep throat the other (who had the girl sitting on his face at the time), Rich got off the couch, put his hand on my cock, and started to give me head. I had figured that he was going to try this, so I wasn’t shocked, but I was still not quite into it . . .

. . . until Rich proved that he could deep throat a cock just as well as his wife could. Lori was an awesome deep throater, who could go from head to base with one smooth motion, and while Rich gagged just a bit, he made it all the way down, too. I knew that more than just head was coming as Rich started working his fingers into my butt, trying to get me ready for anal. I tried to keep my attention on the porn flick and not think so much about who was sucking my dick, and it didn’t take too long before I was shooting my load into Rich’s mouth.

Rich kept sucking until my orgasm was completely done; he didn’t back away early. The he asked me, “Do you want to try doing this?” It wasn’t really anything that excited me – and giving head to women does turn me on – but I didn’t really see much way I could refuse to at least try it, given that I had entered the situation knowing in advance that this could happen. Rich sat back down on the couch, the very couch we had fucked each other’s wives on a few weeks ago, and I gave in to the moment: I got on my knees on the floor, took his dick in my hand, looked at it for a couple of seconds, and then lowered my mouth onto him.

I don’t think I was giving particularly good head, but Rich’s cock, which was mostly hard anyway, Etlik Escort got as hard as a dick gets. I continued for a few minutes, and found that it really wasn’t bad. I tried to take it all the way down, but couldn’t, couldn’t get more than half of his something like seven inches in my mouth, but it was actually kind of fun. After a few minutes of this, I saw him reach for a tube of Astroglide he had sitting on the end table. He had already worked some into my butt, and now he was coating his cock with it. I didn’t have to be told what to do: I got on my knees on the edge of the couch and rested my forearms on the back. Rich stood up and got behind me, and started to work the head of his cock into me.

He got the head in past my rectal ring, and then stopped for a few seconds; I had been holding my breath at this, and he was giving me some time to get used to it. After the initial tension subsided a bit – it was more a heavy pressure than pain – I said, “Go ahead,” With that, Rich started pushing in slowly, sinking all of his cock into me. A “Whew,” escaped my lips, and I felt hugely full, but it wasn’t bad.

Then Rich started to fuck me. He was moving slowly, trying to hit that happy medium between not putting too much stress on me and having fun himself. I’m not sure how much time passed this way, sometimes it seemed like a lot, and sometimes not all that long, but one thing was sure: the more he fucked my ass, the better I liked it, and I felt myself starting to get hard again. If one of the girls had been there to play with my cock, I’m pretty sure that would have put me over the edge, and I’d have shot my wad onto his couch.

I gave in to the moment. This slow sodomizing was feeling really good, but wasn’t quite getting me there, so I looked half way around and said, “Just do it! Fuck my ass!” That was all the encouragement Rich needed, and he started to speed up his strokes. About a minute later and he had his hands on my hips and was really slamming into me. At that point, my asshole started to burn, but I was getting hotter and hotter, and when Rich came with a roar in my butt, without any other stimulation at all my cock twitched and I shot all over the couch.

Rich held himself hard against my flaming ass for I guess half a minute, finishing his orgasm, before he pulled out. Then we both sort of collapsed on the couch, pretty much as the porn flick was ending.

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