Lori and Daddy Ch. 02


Many thanks to all those who gave feedback on part 1. Sorry this has taken so long, but I have been on holiday, then had major problems with the net, but I am back now with lots more chapters to add. I hope you enjoy.

All characters are of legal age and are totally fictitious. Please leave as much or as little feedback as you want. All is welcome.


While Lori was in the shower cleaning herself up her mother came home. A little disappointed because this meant she couldn’t continue her game with her daddy, she went down to dinner. She had decided to wear her small shorts and a crop t-shirt, with no underwear.

As she sat down at the table she expected the usual lecture from her mum, who had always noticed her daughter’s dress code, but none came.

“Is everything ok mum?”

“Not really Lori no.” her voice was almost a whisper. “A flu bug has gone around work and I think I’ve caught it. Looks like I’ll be at home for a while.” She looked a little disappointed, but not as disappointed as Lori was. She had only just started her games with her Daddy and now she would have to put them on hold for a while.

“I’m sorry to hear that mummy.” Lori replied putting on her sympathetic face as best she could.

After dinner Lori got up and started to do the dishes suggesting that her mum and dad went into the living room to relax. They both shot her a surprised look, but agreed all the same. When she was almost finished her Daddy walked into the kitchen to make some coffee.

“Lori…. About this afternoon…” he started.

“Yes daddy?” she replied in her sweet innocent voice.

“It… Shouldn’t have happened, Lori. I’m your daddy”

Lori picked up a big dinner plate and dropped it into the sink. Water splashed up all over her top. Gasping and acting shocked she rubbed her chest with her wet hands trying to get the soap off. Her daddy couldn’t help but stare as her small white t-shirt turned see through.

Lori looked down at her chest and noticed too, then looking to her father she smiled to herself. He was defiantly staring at her large chest. She felt her nipples begin to harden as she looked down at her daddy’s crotch, noticing the growing bulge she figured she’d give it another go.

“I’m sorry daddy” Lori said putting on her innocent face and stepping right up to him. “It won’t happen again, I promise.” She pressed her body right up against him “Can I have a hug? To say I’m sorry?”

“You’re umm… all wet…” he almost croaked

Lori escort bayan şişli huffed and in one quick action pulled off her t-shirt and rang it out. Then she handed her daddy a towel, pulling his hands to her large firm breasts. Lori couldn’t help but let out a little sigh of pleasure at the feel of the rough material on her erect nipples. Her daddy tried to pull his hands away, but she held him firm moving closer to him. It only took a second for him to give in and soon he was readily groping away at her.

While her daddy was occupied Lori slid her hands down his body and quickly opened his fly before slipping her hand inside.

“Lori? Wha…” but before he could finish he let out a gasp as Lori gripped his hardening cock in her wet slippery hand. It only took a few strokes and he was fully hard. Lori still got excited at just how big it was. She could just get her hands around it and it was so long… Her mouth was watering again. Her daddy let out a moan and started to squeeze her breasts just that little bit harder, sending tingles through her slim body.

“Sorry, I’m being a bad girl again aren’t I daddy?”

“Yesssss baby, v-v-very naughty”

“Should I stop then?” Lori asked letting go. Her daddy stayed silent, still grasping her breasts. “Or we can keep going and you can just give me a spanking like a bad little girl…” saying this she pulled one of her daddy’s hands from her breasts and put it on her cute round ass, patting it slightly.

Her daddy gave it a quick spank, but as Lori started stroking his cock again he slipped his hands into her shorts. They both let out a soft moan as he ran his fingers down between her ass, letting the tips of his fingers probe her slippery wetness.

“You’re such a dirty girl baby”

“Oh god daddy, it feels soo good, don’t stop!” Lori panted opening her legs a little. She felt her daddy squeeze her a bit tighter as he slowly eased a finger into her tight wet hole. Lori pumped her daddy’s cock harder loving the feeling of his finger buried inside her. Her daddy started groaning louder and Lori could feel his body clench.

She stepped back a little and he put his hands on her shoulders. Seconds later he was emptying his heavy balls all over her shorts, spurt after spurt. The force was so strong that some made it up onto her flat stomach and started running down her body and slender legs.

“Oh baby, you’re so bad”

“I know daddy, but I can be naughtier…” Lori started unbuttoning her sarıyer escort sticky shorts.

“Is that cup of coffee almost ready dear?” Both Lori and her day froze at the sound of her mother’s voice and the looked towards the living room. “Just coming!” he shouted back. Then softer to Lori, “Sorry baby, looks like we’re gonna have to wait.” He started to tuck his softening cock away into his trousers.

“NO! What am I gonna do?”

“Sorry huni” He made the coffee and went back to the living room. Lori put her top back on and wiped her daddy’s cum off with the towel. She went straight to her bedroom and opened her underwear drawer. Pulling out her vibrator she stripped naked and got under her duvet. She hastily put it onto its highest setting and stuffed it into her soaking young pussy. After she had cum she noticed it didn’t have the same effect as usual, but it did help to take the edge off.

The next few days were agony. She got no time alone with her daddy and the yearning from her young pussy was becoming unbearable.

It was a Thursday and her last lesson was P.E. The girls played badminton while the guys got to play rugby. Throughout the lesson Lori noticed that the teacher Mr. Timmons seemed to stare at some of the girls. The ones like her that had matured nicely with larger breasts and cute little asses that showed whenever their little skirts rose up. Lori’s devious little mind started working overtime, her horniness taking over any sense of right and wrong.

She spent longer in the shower than the rest of the girls purposely making sure she was the last one left. Then, still dripping she wrapped her towel around her and headed for the teacher’s office, where she knew they had a small sauna.

Standing on tiptoes she looked through the small circular window and could just about see Mr. Timmons through the steam. Lori burst into the sauna, the heat hitting her like a wall, and locked the door behind her.

“What the? Lori?!” Mr. Timmons gasped. “You shouldn’t be in here.”

Lori went to stand in front of him. He’s quite old, she thought, but not bad looking. He was about the same size as her daddy, but his face looked older and his hair had grey streaks in it. His small towel was just large enough to cover his mid section. Lori decided to go for the direct approach.

“I saw you looking today and just wanted you to know I didn’t mind”

“I err, don’t know what you’re talking about…” Mr. Timmons shifted his position looking a little uncomfortable. çapa escort Lori leant forward bringing her face close to his. She could see him staring at her deep cleavage and couldn’t help but smile. This is gonna be much easier than cracking daddy!

“You’re staring now!” she said winking. “My, it is hot in here isn’t it?” Lori continued. She stood up straight and dropped her towel to the floor. Mr. Timmons’s mouth dropped open. Standing right in front of him was a sexy young girl with the body of a goddess, her body wet with water and perspiration.

“Oh my god, you really shouldn’t be here, I… I could loose my job…”

“Then lets make it worth while” Lori smiled getting on her knees. She whipped off his towel and started stroking his already hard cock. She noticed it was a bit smaller than her daddy’s, but right then she didn’t care. It was a cock and she wanted it!

“Oh god that feels so good” Mr. Timmons moaned as pre-cum started to ooze out.

“Oh my” gasped Lori.

“Don’t just look at it, lick it up!” He ordered. Lori had read about licking and sucking cock before in magazines, but had never actually thought about doing it. She was so horny though that she thought what the hell and stuck out her tongue. She slowly licked it off with the very tip, causing Mr. Timmons to jerk slightly. Not hating it Lori decided to lick some more. She circled the head with her tongue then licked all over it. Mr. Timmons was moaning with pleasure so she continued, looking forward to when it would be her turn and she would get him to fuck her silly.

She started to lick up and down his throbbing cock and when it was totally covered with her saliva she sucked the head into her warm wet mouth. This brought a positive reaction from Mr. Timmons who thrust his cock up deeper into Lori’s mouth. Lori started sucking lower and lower trying to see how much she could get into her mouth at once.

“Oh my god you’re fantastic!”

Lori managed to get the whole length into her mouth as she started tugging on his large balls. She brought her mouth up so she just had the head of Mr. Timmons’s cock in her mouth when he let out a loud groan. He started shooting wad after wad of hot sticky cum into her mouth. Lori swallowed the first few spurts instinctively then pulled away from his spewing penis. He finished emptying his balls over her chin then her large sweaty breasts.

Lori stood up smiling and licked her lips.

“That was brilliant, but you mustn’t tell anyone ok? I mean it!” Panted Mr. Timmons

“What? We’re not done yet! I came in here to get fucked!! Screamed Lori

“Sorry, but I need down time. Give me a couple of hours…”

“For fucks sake! I just want to fuck!!” She screamed storming off. She cleaned up in the shower and quickly headed for home.

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