Locker Room Lust


CONTENT WARNING: This story contains nonconsent/reluctance, group sex, humiliation and more. If you do not want to read those topics, you have been warned.


“Come on, Charlie, get your head in the game!”

My coach was fuming from the side of the pool while I struggled pathetically against my enormous defender.

“Yeah, Charlie, get your head in the game,” my opponent mocked, then proceeded to dunk me underwater for the tenth time.


I was trying to fight off this huge guy who’d latched himself onto me at the start of the game but he was so strong!

“What’s wrong, Charlie boy? Can’t keep up?” he laughed with a splash to the face. “Maybe you should go play with the girls, huh Charlotte? Would that be easier for you?”

This guy had been pushing my buttons all game and I didn’t know why! We’d never even met but he really seemed to have it out for me. Like he wanted to piss me off because he knew I couldn’t defend myself.

He was around 6’6″, and though I was tall too at 6’2″, he had 50 or so lbs on me. He was bigger, faster, stronger and worst of all…. sexy as fuck.

There’s always been a stigma that gay guys join the swim team and in my case it was true. But this was water polo, which I was forced to play in the winter to stay in shape. I was god awful, never having craved the camaraderie of a team and despising violence. Yet here I was again, another season of this shit as I tried to make my way through college on a sports scholarship.

“You’re not carrying much in that speedo,” my defender sneered after lewdly grabbing my package as we fought underwater.

“Fuck off dude!” I spat while trying to tear his big hands off my lean swimmer body.

“I’m not goin’ fuckin’ anywhere,” he grunted, then continued to grab me in places most guys don’t touch.

If you’ve ever played water polo you know it’s a hectic, hands-on sport. There’s a lot of grabbing and thrashing, but his grabs felt more like gropes. Most guys tug on arms but for some reason he kept going straight for my legs, pinching my slim, smooth thighs. I couldn’t tell what was a joke, what was an accident, and what was deliberate!

When I tried to kick away, he held me still with my peachy ass shoved right up against his crotch.

“Well, hello there,” he growled.

“Go away!”

“Where do ya think you’re goin’!”

He laughed while lazily trailing behind me as we swam to the other goal. He then grabbed my ankle to yank me, and while propelling himself forward slid his hand straight up my speedo! His huge paw squeezed my small cheek so tightly, determined to feel it in its entirety. I went red wondering if he was also gay and this was his juvenile way of flirting.

“You like that huh, princess?” he asked gruffly in my ear as we settled back into our battle.

“Hnng, what the fuck, man!”

Dammit! He just confirmed he’d touched my ass on purpose and I didn’t even fight back! I probably should’ve stood up for myself but the horny gay boy in me was curious about him and longing for another butt touch. Possibly by accident, who knows, my tush smushed up against his package while we wrestled.

“So princess did like it,” he chuckled confidently, then slid his hands back down my speedo.

I tried to squirm away but as my legs eggbeatered underwater my buttcheeks spread open, giving my molester access to my pink hole! He grazed up against it and I gasped.

“I knew you’d like that,” he smiled, his other arm around my shoulder to ensure I stayed still while he touched me.

“Duuude, c-come on! Why are you doing this!”

He rubbed my wrinkled hole for at least 10 seconds and I was frozen. Except, of course, for my dick, which was hardening in my suit! To finalize the humiliation, my bully reached around and gave it a squeeze!!

“That’s exactly why I’m doin’ it. Cuz you like when I play with your little pink pussy.”

“N-no… Unnnhh! Stop…!!”


Thankfully the game-ending whistle saved me from more abuse, but the raw humiliation of my butthole being called a pussy had already sunk in. Extremely flustered, I swam to the other side and hopped out.

Unfortunately I’d forgotten about my boner and when I looked back at my molester he pointed and laughed. I blushed deeply and ran to grab my towel, then showered off the situation in the locker room.

We were at a huge tournament and sadly I had more games to play. My one consolation was that at least I got to stare at hot guys in speedos for the rest of the afternoon. I was also glad the bully’s game was out of the way, but he was still at the pool and gave me weird looks whenever I saw him.

When I hopped out after finishing my next game, I heard him yell from afar, “nice ass, princess!”

I looked over and he was snickering with two goons who were equally large, and yes…. equally sexy….

My bully grabbed his junk, which I could now see was comically big in his tiny speedo, and shook it at me. He winked and licked his lips while his friends howled to the side, their own sausages also fat and intimidating. Eryaman Escort I scurried away covering my much smaller pouch to avoid any more embarrassment.

After my third game, the tournament finished and I was ready to go home. My team was one of the last to play and by the time the lane lines were put away I was the only guy in the locker room. While taking a relaxing shower, I didn’t notice someone had come up behind me.

Before I could finish rinsing, a voice I recognized as the bully’s said, “aww, the little princess stayed late for us.”

Confused and with shampoo in my eyes, I turned skittishly to see three hulking figures surrounding me.

“W-what are you guys doing?” I stuttered, very disoriented and also a little scared.

He was with the same two from before and they were all towering over me. But it wasn’t just their muscles that were huge. Since we were all buck naked, I quickly noticed their dicks hung LOW, and it was painfully obvious I lacked in that department.

The douchebag took note and said, “why don’t you turn back around, sweet cheeks, we’re not here to look at your little twig dick.”

His friends laughed again and one of them started palming his fat, flaccid fuckstick.

“C-come on, guys, seriously…. I don’t know what you want b-but… I-I-I can-“

“You know what we want, princess. And lookin’ at you now I think you want it too.”

The circle got tighter as the guys pushed me back against the wall and now our wet bodies were all touching. Just like during our game, the leader began groping my thighs and buns, although this time he was unimpeded by a speedo.

“Unnhhhh….” I accidentally let out when his big hand expertly cupped me.

“See, I knew she liked it. Ain’t that right, Charlotte? You like when big Benji touches your sweet little ass?”

“She definitely likes it, Ben,” one of his friends smirked.

When they all looked down they saw my shriveled dick had already risen to its 5 inch potential and was throbbing with each cheek squeeze.

“More a clit than a dick, huh, boys?”

“Definitely a clit.”

“Hear that, princess. Since you’ve got a clit, I want you to take a real good look at my cock. Okay? So you can see how a Man looks.”

My eyes stayed glued to the floor, but when he barked “DO IT!” I jumped to look at his crotch.

His penis was also erect and seemed to be 2-3 times bigger than mine. I felt deeply emasculated as they stood up and twitched side by side.

“Touch it,” he commanded, and fearing another growl I reached forward to feel his huge mass.


While I gripped him, he simultaneously sent a finger straight to my smooth, tight hole.

I let out an accidental, “oh fuckkkk…”, my bottom brain short-circuiting the second my hole was burrowed against.

“Mmmm, she shaved for us too, boys. Got a smooth lil cunt.”

“Fuck, can’t wait to see her,” one of the goons drooled, but I was again dying over my butthole being called a vagina.

“Yup,” Benji continued. “Charlotte’s got a smooth little pussy for us, but it’s not time to get inside her. Nope, not yet, at least. I think it makes more sense to give our girlfriend a quick snack first, huh boys? Then she’ll be properly fed when we give her pussy the beatin’ of a lifetime.”

“Aye, sounds good, Benj.” The friend turned to me. “You heard him, on your knees. Time for your protein shake.”

“W-wait… G-guys…!” I begged half-heartedly as they pushed me to the floor.

There I was: kneeling on wet tiles, 3 pairs of hairy legs encasing me against the wall, my pink dick sticking straight up between my smooth thighs. I looked up and saw each set of muscular legs connected to a thick, brown hairy cock. All 3 men were slapping their clubs against their hands as they grew, prepping for the beating they were about to dole out.

“Open up now, sweetheart, I know this ain’t your first time.”

Sadly he was right… I sucked my roommate off most of freshman year after coming out to him while drunk. He was never into kissing but he’d let me drain him after nights out if he didn’t get any girls. And then there were also the few guys I’d blown at the glory hole… And that random from Grindr…. And….

So between my love of sucking dick and the adrenaline coursing through me, I came off as eager when Benji pushed his beautiful penis toward me. Instead of biting him or even attempting to fight, I docilely opened my mouth so he could dock. When his big, uncut tip entered, I then slowly closed around it and looked up at him.

“Ain’t she a sweet lil girl,” he asked his friends and they all agreed. “But don’t forget to be a good bitch and make yourself useful. I don’t like seein’ idle hands.”

The other boys lunged their clubs forward and I latched onto them out of both fear and excitement. Still staring up at Benji, now also holding 2 dicks, I was too shell shocked to move. I felt like I was watching it all happen in the third person. But I could taste his salty precum as it drooled out Sincan Escort of his slimy helmet. And when he pushed my head back against the tile wall and began jamming his ramrod down my throat, I knew it was all too real.

“GGGLLLLGGGGGHHHH!!!!” I gasped after Benji pulled out.

He went so deep I was afraid I was gonna puke!

“That’s it, baby, that’s how I like it. I wanna know you’re workin’ hard to make me feel good.”

I looked up at Benji and he walloped my face a few times with his heavy meat. Each hip twist another thud against my pale cheeks. I wanted to block them but my hands were occupied.

“Stay lookin’ at me, cutie,” Benji ordered after I tried to turn away. “I like seein’ your pretty face while I fuck it.”

This compliment made me blush which blended with the redness from his molly wops. I felt warm inside thinking about Benji finding me cute and it made me so conflicted. I looked shyly back up at him and he rubbed my pink cheek.

“So cute. But even cuter with my dick down your throat, so get to it, princess.”

He stood there waiting while I looked up. When he nodded I knew what to do, so with both hands still slowly jerking the boys I pushed my lips up against his tip.

“Kiss it.”

I did.


I did, this time following up with a french kiss and some tongue, purely out of instinct.

“Damn he really does like this,” one friend laughed.

Benji patted my head as I slipped his tip into my mouth.

“Yup, Charlie boy here loves cock down his throat, right? Come on, baby, work it down. Another inch.”

Eager to obey in my feral state, I glided his salty, leaking head further. When I looked up for approval Benji was staring down smiling. He nodded again so I followed with another centimeter. I looked up, he nodded, I swallowed. We repeated this again and again until I could no longer. My arms flailed as I jerked the boys and I was gagging like crazy, but it still wasn’t deep enough for Benji!

“Come on, baby, all the way,” he coaxed while grabbing my skull to push his anaconda straight down my gullet.

I gagged, coughed and shook but Benji held me down at his pubes.

“4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!”


I gasped for air when he finally pulled me off. After coughing and spitting I looked up at him with red, teary eyes. He rubbed my cheek tenderly and put his long thumb in my mouth to suckle.

“That’s good, baby, that’s good. And look how hard that little dick of yours is.”

FUCK!! He was right! I loved the feeling of a penis in my throat and turns out I liked it even more when it was forced! Who knew I was such a sub boy….

“Alright, come on now. Let’s do it again. Ten seconds.”

I tried to back away but my arms were still being held. Benji grabbed my head and placed his club back in my mouth. Then he pushed and pushed and pushed until wiry hairs tickled up my nose.

“GGGHHHHHH” I choked at maximum depth, but I knew it wouldn’t end until the time was up.

“5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Good girl!”

Benji looked genuinely happy with me after he pulled out and for some reason it made me proud to have made him feel good. And I couldn’t deny that my cock was probably the hardest it had ever been. I loved the feeling of his long dick lodged in my throat, of pleasing this big man against my will.

“Again, baby, come on.”

Without realizing it, I reached my mouth out to grab his dick tip and began suckling it, then looked up in wait for him to grab my head. Benji smiled at my eagerness and said this time we were gonna do 15 seconds.

“I want you to do this for me, okay, sweetheart. It’s gonna make me feel so good. Don’t you wanna make me feel good?”

Hypnotized by everything that had already gone down, I nodded submissively. With the practice from before, 15 seconds wasn’t even that hard and I smiled when Benji noticed my improvement.

“You’re getting so good, baby,” he complimented and my whole body turned beet red.

“I want you to try by yourself now, okay? You think you can do that? I’ll help you get down but then I want you to hold it.”

I nodded. When my nose got back down, Benji lifted his hands off. I had to lunge forward to stay deep and I did, all to the amusement of my handlers. That simple action, pushing my head forward to keep my nose pubes-deep, purposely depriving myself of oxygen for another man’s pleasure, proved my status.

But once 15 seconds hit and I tried to back off, a new voice shouted, “go home, boys, day’s done!”

“We know coach, just finishing something up in here,” replied Benji, his hands now back on my head to keep me from pulling off and coughing during their conversation.

“Alright. Well don’t be too long. Would hate for the little queer to waddle outta here after the night janitor comes. Wanna make sure he cleans up any leakage!”

“Ah don’t worry coach, we’ll have him outta here by then. And I plan on shootin’ so deep up this boy’s cunt it won’t come out til he queefs in bed tonight!”

“Haha! Etlik Escort You’ll have to give him a tampon! And be sure to send him my way after, I don’t mind sloppy seconds!”

“Sure thing, coach!” Benji laughed, then finally let me off his dick.

As I gasped for breath after what must have been 30 seconds, coach’s voice got closer.

“I recognize the sound of a happy faggot. Y’all are doin’ that boy a favor, don’t forget it.”

I looked up and saw coach’s head pop over the trio.

“Damn, ain’t that a sight. Benji, why don’t you stick yer dick back in his mouth. I like this image, with his thin lil arms up jerkin’ off Joe and Paul.”

Benji plopped his tip back in and I again looked up. This time though I saw an iPhone and coach was taking pictures!


I tried to move away but Benji told me to stay still.

“Look at the camera, bitch, don’t be difficult. You don’t want me to have to fuck up that pretty little face, do you?” I shook my head. “Good boy, then smile at the camera. So I can always remember how perfect you look with my dick in your mouth. I’m gonna jerk off to your cute little face every day, baby.”

Benji’s compliments made it so hard to be mad at him and I found myself subtly posing for the camera. A nymph face here, a sultry smirk there.

“Make sure we’re not in it,” Benji reminded.

“Don’t worry, it’s just the little money maker. Yeah, that’s right, bitch. Suck that dick. Do what God put you here for.”

I could tell he was zooming in on my plush lips as they devoured Benji’s crown. My hands also started getting more excited and the boys added conditioner so I could glide on them more easily.

“Fuck this, lemme in here,” coach muttered, then turned off the shower so he wouldn’t get his sport polo and khakis wet.

“Say hi to Daddy,” he said once his cock was out of his zipper.

He was holding my chin in one hand, his phone in the other. I went to suck him but he pinched my cheeks and repeated, “say hi to Daddy.”

I was so embarrassed it was hard to look up at the camera.

“H-hi, Daddy…..”

“Uh, uh, uh, I’m not your Daddy.” I gave him a quizzical look. “That’s your Daddy,” he then said while pointing his phone at his dick.

Humiliated beyond belief, I made “eye contact” with his jutting tip and whispered, “hi, Daddy…..”

“Good girl, now give him a suck so I can get on my way.”

Unlike the virile studs I’d been playing with, coach probably wasn’t used to mouth-watering treatment. In just a few dozen sucks he was leaking like a faucet. I circled my tongue under his uncut foreskin to drink down all the salty juice and he could barely handle it.

“Fuck… This one’s good…” he huffed. All the boys had to agree.

“And we haven’t even cracked open her puss yet,” one reminded, which drove my adrenaline levels right back up!

It was terrifying that my anal virginity’s fate was shrouded in mystery, that they kept referring to the inevitable “cunt cracking” ceremony, over which I had no control. It made me feel weak and insignificant, but also put me on an excited edge. The sexual anxiety was driving me crazy and I channeled it though giving coach mind blowing dome, sucking him off until he jettisoned one, no two dozen ropes.

“Aahhhhh….” coach groaned, his tip on my tongue as he poured into my mouth. “Don’t you go swallowin’ my seed yet, boy, not til I let you.”

As I kneeled with my head back, acrid sperm coating my tongue, Benji moved one of my hands onto his cock to ensure I never had a moment free during the entire affair. Coach dipped his tip in the cum puddle then began smearing some on my face as he filmed.

“Now say cheese,” he commanded, and I gargled a pathetic “cheeeezzeeee…” after which I was finally allowed to swallow.

“Alright boys, I’m gonna head out. Thanks for lettin’ me have a go at your new toy.”

“No prob, coach. Don’t forget to send me that video! And hey, can we get the keys to the massage room. Little missy here ain’t even close to bein’ done with her chores.”

“Of course, of course. Just make sure you lock up after. And maybe you can even leave her in there for me, ha! So I can have another go when the wife’s asleep.”

“We’ll see, coach, we’ll see,” Benji laughed, then lifted me up and started walking me towards what I assumed was the massage room…..

Benji could tell I was getting nervous so he wrapped his big arm around me and started stroking my side. He told me how pretty I looked down on my knees and that he wished he could see me down there more often. I wasn’t sure if it was all some Romeo ploy or if the roughhousing in the pool had truly been a schoolboy crush, but either way it made me feel desired. I looked at him timidly, terrified of what I knew was about to happen.

“I’m so glad you’re giving me your little pussy,” he cooed, seemingly unfazed. “It’s virgin, right?”


I could barely get it out, I was so afraid, but his eyes lit up at my response. This made me feel good about myself for some fucked up reason, like I’d done well to remain pure, and when he gave me an aggressive kiss it felt even more right.

I was bewildered by the sudden smooch but it pretty much confirmed his homosexuality. Him being gay also made me feel strangely happy, like he actually wanted me unlike my old roommate. I scooched closer into Benji’s arm and he pulled me tighter.

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