Lockdown Slave Ch. 01


My name is Chase Bradley. I am an American businessman. I ventured into entrepreneurship very early in my life. This made me a very busy person.

Sometimes running your own business makes you a master of your time, sometimes, it totally takes control of your life and your time. The latter is the case for me.

As soon as I wake up in the morning, I get busy working on business ideas, meetings and so on. I jump from task to task all day until the sun sets, the darkness comes in, and I have to retire for the day.

Somehow, that affected my relationships badly. The kinds of girls I have always had around me are the attention-seeking types, and clearly, that doesn’t work for me.

My last girlfriend, Cynthia, broke up with me because I was so busy I couldn’t attend her birthday party, though my office is just ten blocks away from her house.

I had to get back online to meet someone else. I rarely meet girls I’m interested in offline, because I don’t attend parties or hang around the street that much. But since I work on the computer a lot, and when I’m not on the computer, I would be on the phone, meeting people online and online dating is the easy way out.

There was this girl I met online shortly after Cynthia broke up with me, her name is Chen.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t even have bothered with someone like Chen, owing to the fact that she doesn’t live in my country. But there is something very special about her. She is very captivating. There is this aura of control around her that comes in a way I find difficult to resist. I found it very amazing, that despite the distance between us, she living in China and I in the United States of America, just in about two weeks of chatting, I Bostancı escort found myself losing control to Chen as I had never done to anyone.

The first video chat totally swept me off my feet. I couldn’t believe this was the girl that was having great effects on me in such a short time. She looked short and very petite, with a round and cute face. Her jet black hair terminated at her neck. She looked so confident and spoke authoritatively.

I was amazed she had a good command of English, though it wasn’t perfect. Her English was laced with her thick Chinese accent.

“And I have a blockchain conference next week, in Japan,” I said to her on the WhatsApp video call.

“You know, cowboy, you should get your ass down here on your way back.”

“Yes, of cause, I really look forward to meeting you!”

“Well, I’m not sure I can say exactly the same about you just yet,” she chuckled and continued, “But if you turn out really cute, maybe I could just tie you down here somewhere in my basement!”

We both laughed. That got me aroused already. I slipped my left hand down into my shorts and gently stroked my dick. She had no idea what was going on between my thighs, or so I thought.

I was shocked to the bones when at the end of the video call, just as we were done talking, she smiled and asked me,

“So, when will you to cum? You’ve been stroking for quite a while…”

I was shy and shocked. How in the world did she know I was masturbating. I feigned ignorance and acted like I had no idea what she was talking about.

“Chase, I know you are wanking!”

“Come on! get your hands back on it, you dog!”

“If you are going to be dishonest with Anadolu Yakası Escort me, this will be the last time we talked!”

I quickly apologized and accepted she caught me red-handed. Or better said, dick-handed. I returned my hands into my shorts and continued stroking my dick lightly.

“Chase, do you know you are a dog?”

“Answer me!” she said very authoritative again.

“Yes, I am a dog!”

She smiled and that made me comfortable. I had thought she was pissed with me, but I later realized she just wanted me to come clean. I had seen enough of her to know she is not a regular girl. The things that piss regular girls off don’t piss her off, and the things that excite regular girls probably may not move her an inch. Every time I chat or talk with her, I learn more about who she is, and what unique experiences lie in having something to do with someone like her.

“Remove your shorts now, and show me what you are doing!”

Now she was giving me orders, not mere suggestions, and she was counting on my obedience.

I removed my shorts right there in the office and turned the camera downwards so she could watch me wank. I continued to stroke gently.

“Wait, tap your balls!”

I did as commanded.

“Once more!”

I tapped my balls again and winced, I felt the pain she made me inflict on myself.

“Ok, continue wanking!”

I was very horny and completely taken by her dominance. Right here in San Diego, a petite girl all the way from China was making me do compromising things right in my office, during work hours.

“Chase, what did I say you are?”

“I am a dog!” I replied.

My dick was throbbing Kadıköy Escort in my hands and I was approaching an orgasm. She could tell I was gonna blow my load soon.

“Start barking! Bark for me until you cum!”

It was weird. I had never done anything like that my entire life, but I had to please her.

Wooof Woooof Woooof!!

“Louder! And stroke your cock harder too!”


I started barking louder and stroking my dick harder. The pleasure was great. Chen looked intently at my dick as it throbbed in my hands.

I got to the climax and had an orgasm. I cummed really hard and shot my load across the room. Some of it splattered on my desk, the rest fell on the floor.

“Have you eaten your own cum before?”

“No,” I answered.

“Dog, it’s time for you to do it for the first time,” she said very gently.

I licked my cum off the table and licked the drops on the floor too while showing her as I did. I sat back on my chair and I could see she was satisfied.

“Do you know what is amazing about this?”

“Yes I do, me barking like a dog! I have never done that before,” I answered.

“Nope! No, no no!” she replied.

“What is it then?” I asked.

“The fact that you obeyed me and did as I commanded!”

I took a deep breath and smiled.

“You must have noticed right, I love controlling dogs like you, and humiliating them. There are so many men like you here in China. But I find the idea of doing this to someone born under the distant sky very fascinating.

“Hmmm, thank you, Chen. Honestly, I really can’t wait to meet you!”

“Don’t worry, dog, next week is almost here!”

I noticed she had switched from calling me by my first name to calling me ‘Dog.’

“Yes, Chen, and you haven’t given me your address,” I picked up my pen and a sticky note to write on.

“Ok, dog, this is it; Wuchang, Wuhan.”

(To be continued).

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