Lingerie Store After Hours


I knew it was late when I entered the store, but I had hoped maybe the clerk would let me browse around while she closed the shop. My girlfriend Cathy’s birthday was tomorrow and she told me she would like something sexy to wear in the bedroom. We had been going out for nearly three months and I didn’t want to screw up by not having a gift for her on her special day. I’ve always been a procrastinator and I was hoping that it would catch up to me later, rather than sooner.

It was 8:57 pm when I asked the clerk if I could stay past the store’s 9pm closing time. She hesitated at first, but when I explained my dilemma, she admitted that she had a few tasks to finish up after she locked the doors. I thanked her, and I promptly looked up to scan the store for my target purchase. Obviously, I was interested in some lingerie, which was the shop’s primary fare. But I could also tell that it offered other items, like sex toys, magazines and videos. There was even a video screen in that section that appeared to be playing sample scenes from adult movies. She let it play as she went about her tasks and I went about mine.

I began to browse the many racks of sexy apparel, occasionally looking up to see what the clerk was doing. I noticed her putting some objects in a box. They looked like an assortment of sex toys that were out of their packaging. I guessed that they were probably samples that customers could examine. She took the box to the back and returned shortly.

This was a new experience for me. I had never gone to a store like this to buy lingerie. I’ve never bought lingerie before, but now that Cathy was serious about wanting some it seemed a no-brainer. Cathy was a very sexy brunette with medium length hair and a slim build. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were full and complemented her figure very well. I thought to myself that if anyone were in the store they would think I was completely ignorant if I looked half as lost as I felt.

I looked up again and saw that the clerk was just standing behind the counter watching the video screen. The scene showed a tall, sexy brunette in a lace bra with matching panties. She was doing a strip tease that was so hot I expected the screen would melt in seconds. I continued to browse, but would often glance up to see the stripper’s progress. Eventually, she had removed all her clothes and was touching herself in every place imaginable. I heard the clerk sigh as she reached under the counter and turned off the video. For a moment I wondered why she was so taken by that scene. I quickly put the thought out of my head and resumed my browsing.

After a minute or so, I heard her speak to me.

“Sir, is there anything I can help you with?”

“I was hoping you would ask”, I replied. “I’ve never bought lingerie before and I want to get the perfect set for Cathy.”

As she spoke, I gathered from the nametag she was still wearing that her name was Audrey. “You’d be surprised at how many guys come in here that need help finding something for their lover. I think I’ve gotten pretty good at suggesting the right piece for them.”

“Well, it looks like I’m in the right place, then. I’d really appreciate your help,” I said.

“First off, what does Cathy look like?”

As I thought about the answer I began to size Audrey up for the first time. “The funny thing is, she looks a lot like you!”

And I really meant it. I was shocked to notice that Audrey had about the same build and hairstyle as Cathy. They weren’t identical twins or anything but I’d swear they could pass as sisters.

“Yeah, right! I can’t look that much like her!”, Audrey exclaimed. “No, really. Look at her picture.” I opened my wallet and showed her Cathy’s picture to which she said, “I guess I owe you an apology. I see the resemblance”. “No apology necessary. Now what do you recommend?”

“I think I have just the thing.” She reached over to an adjacent rack and showed me this black, lacy bra-and-panty set. It looked familiar and I realized it was very similar to the one the stripper was wearing in the video. I took it from her Pendik Escort and examined it. I had to admit that I liked it, but there was one problem. “It’s very nice, but it’s hard to tell if it will look good on her.”

“Hmm. Yes, I see your point.” She looked down at the set and I swore I saw a subtle grin appear on her face as she began to speak. “I’ve never done this before but there is one thing we could do”. I replied, “Really? What’s that?” “Since I look like her, I could put it on and you could see how it might look.” I thought about it a moment and said, “That’s a great idea! Are you sure you don’t mind?” “No, not at all. In fact, I’ve always thought it might be fun to model. This could be like an audition! C’mon. Follow me to the back.” I did as she said and followed her to the back of the store. On the way, she turned off the main set of lights, leaving only the lights near the dressing room, which was adjacent to the storeroom. I noticed a makeshift office there, with a desk and chair.

“Wait there by the desk while I slip this on.” Audrey disappeared into the little stall and I sat in the chair by the desk. There was an open box sitting there, so I curiously peeked into it. It appeared to be the unpackaged sex toys Audrey put away earlier. They were mostly vibrators and dildos. I looked a few of them over until I heard Aubrey emerge from the dressing room. I looked her direction and was amazed by how sexy the bra-and-panty set looked on her. It was even better than I had originally anticipated. There was plenty of light, so I knew my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. Her breasts were round and firm. The lace material allowed me to see the faint image of her nipples. Likewise, I could make out her pubic hair behind the panty. She appeared to have a small patch there, indicating that she regularly trims her pubic region.

“Well, how does it look?” Audrey asked. As she stood there with hands on hips, I looked her up and down and was finally able to spit out an answer. “It’s uh . . . it’s umm . . . it’s unbelievable. I’ll take it!” “Not so fast, lover boy! I haven’t shown you all the features of this hot little number.” I immediately tuned in to the suddenly seductive tone of her voice. I thought to myself, ‘Who am I to argue?’. So I leaned back in the chair and quipped back, “ok, let me see what she’s, uh, I mean, see what its got!”

She began to move very sensually. Her hands moved up her hips and side until they came to rest below her breasts. She leaned over, cupping them and showing me how well the bra supported her nicely shaped tits. She stood back up and turned around, allowing me to see how the lace panty beautifully accentuated her tan behind. She proceeded to bend over, giving me full view of her crotch from behind and the nearly see-thru material covering it. After wiggling her ass a little, for good measure, she stood again, turned around and began to approach me. On the way, she looked down and said, “It appears that you like what you’ve seen, so far!”

I had been so entranced by this store clerk’s dangerous curves that I hadn’t paid any attention to the growing bulge beneath my denim shorts. She came closer and leaned over. “You must feel the quality of material and how nicely it fits.” I reached out and ran my fingers over the lace that covered her breasts. She turned and thrust her ass in my direction, so I felt the panty, as well, making sure that I also touched the bare part of her ass. She made a subtle flinch at my touch and turned back around. By now, my shorts were stretched to their limits and it not go unnoticed by Audrey. “It appears that you are in some discomfort. It is essential that my customers feel completely comfortable in my shop.”

Without hesitation, Audrey leaned over and unfastened my shorts. She grabbed the waistline and pulled. I rose up off the chair slightly, allowing her to pull my shorts and underwear down my legs and eventually completely off. I kicked off my sandals and sat there, naked from the waist down. She glanced at my growing member and said, “there, that is much better.”

We Kurtköy Escort both knew that this had now progressed beyond modeling a piece of lingerie. She backed up a little and began to do a little dance. A very sexy, seductive dance. It wasn’t long before I recognized that her movements resembled that of the girl on the video earlier. The two were too similar to be a coincidence. It suddenly occurred to me why she was so focused watching that stripper. This was her fantasy! I presumed that Audrey has had a burning desire to strip in front of a total stranger and my coming in at closing time provided her the perfect opportunity to make her fantasy a reality. And let me tell you, I didn’t mind it at all!

Upon my realization, I had a good idea what she was about to do. Not surprisingly, she unclasped the bra, and after a little teasing, dropped it to the floor. Her tits were as perfect as any I had ever seen. They were a little larger and rounder than Cathy’s was and her nipples were nicely proportioned to her breasts. The perfectly round nipples stuck out about a half-inch. She caressed her breasts and teased her nipples as her dance continued. I could tell she was torn between looking in my eyes and looking at my cock, which now stood erect. Occasionally I would lightly stroke it, and that would elicit a pleasurable expression from Audrey’s face.

Her hands worked their way down to her hips, where she hooked her thumbs under the panties. She slowly pushed them down until I could just see the small patch of pubic hair peek above the waistline. She stopped them there and gracefully turned halfway around. She had worked the panties down far enough that the top of her ass was already exposed. She resumed the decent until her ass was fully exposed; the panties just below her cheeks. Audrey bent over as she pushed the flimsy panties down her legs until they were at her ankles. Even though her legs were mostly together, I could still see a little bit of her hairless vulva. She stood and stepped out of the panties, then turned to face me. Her hands immediately began to trace the crease between her legs and pubic area, occasionally touching her crotch. By now I could no longer keep my hands off my own sex organ. I was now slowly, but firmly rubbing my erection.

Audrey glided over to a sofa that sat about eight feet behind the desk. I turned in the plush office chair and watched as she sat down in the sofa. She leaned back, spread her legs, and began playing with her nipples. She was now presenting her beautiful and noticeably wet pussy to me. My eyes were glued to this glorious site as I started massaging my balls. When I finally pried my eyes from her crotch, I discovered she was watching mine, too. So I instead began to stroke my cock. She joined in the masturbating fun by running her fingers up and down her slit, spreading her natural lubrication all around until every square inch of her pussy was glistening.

She wasted no time getting down to business. She thrust her middle finger into her cunt and moved it in and out several times before inserting her index finger. Aubrey was noticeably (and audibly) enjoying her self-induced finger-fuck while her eyes were focused on my self-pleasure. Of course, I was careful not to make it too pleasurable, hoping that a greater pleasure was to come. After a couple of minutes, Audrey withdrew her fingers and promptly began massaging her clit. I, too, changed my action and returned to lightly rubbing my cock and balls.

Aubrey suddenly looked up and said, “Get something from that box and bring it here.” I looked to the side and saw the box of sex toys. I quickly located a medium-sized dildo, walked over and stood beside her. She looked up at me and whispered, “use it”. Knowing exactly what she meant, I leaned over and rubbed the tip of the dildo up and down her well-lubricated slit. She looked down, lightly biting her lower lip. I positioned the fake dick at her point of entry and slowly, but evenly pushed it inside her. Audrey closed her eyes and titled her head back with a moan that sent shivers up my Tuzla escort spine. She grabbed the sofa cushions and squeezed them hard as I started to work her pussy over with the dildo. Occasionally, I would remove the dildo and rub her clit with it, which I could tell only served to tease her. As I continued to lean over her and fuck her cunt with the apparatus, Audrey’s hand found my rock-solid cock and she began to jack me off.

The hand fucking didn’t last long. She started to get up and instructed me to lie down on the sofa. I set the dildo on the floor and did as she said. Audrey climbed on top of me, putting her pussy right into my face. She leaned over and before I knew it was licking and sucking my cock like a starved animal. I gained my composure and immediately returned the favor by licking the treat before me. The musty taste and smell was sweet to my sexually charged senses. We eagerly devoured one another’s intimate entrees. I felt her warm mouth envelop my cock as I sucked on her pussy lips and licked her clit. This felt so good I was amazed that I had been able to avoid orgasm this long.

We continued the oral stimulation for only a few moments when Audrey moaned, “I need to feel you inside me.” She got up, as did I, and kneeled on the sofa with her head rested on the back. I stood behind her and I grabbed my cock with my hand. I inched forward until the tip of my dick pressed against her cunt. I teasingly moved it up and down her slit, causing her to squeal, “ohhh, please! I need to you fuck me now!”. I didn’t want her to think I was not grateful for her special treatment so I re-aligned my cock and pressed into her. She responded with a half-moan, half-squeal. With my dick now firmly planted in her fertile soil, I grabbed her hips and began to thrust. Audrey could not keep still. She rocked in an opposite direction, pushing her ass back to meet my torso with each thrust. I looked down to see my cock fucking this girl I’d met just an hour before. I was finally able to focus on the feeling of fucking this sweet pussy. She had obviously had sex before but yet she felt tighter than I had expected. The tightness combined with how extremely wet this vixen was created a feeling like none I had ever experienced, and a feeling I didn’t want to end. But moments later Audrey exclaimed, “I want to see your cock fuck me and I want to see your face when we cum!”

So, I pulled out and she walked over to the desk, cleared a space and sat down on it. I followed and stood between her legs. She leaned back, supported by her hands on the desk. She watched as I re-inserted my cock in her dripping cunt. Her moans became louder and she alternated her gaze between our sex and my eyes. I could tell she was getting close to orgasm and I knew I was close, as well. “I’m going to cum soon”, I told her, in case she wanted me to pull out. She looked back at me and said, “Oh, yes! Cum inside me! I want you to.” I looked at her longingly but our gazes couldn’t hold for long. She began to breathe faster, and her motions became more intense. I noticed that familiar feeling begin to well up inside me. I started to thrust harder and faster. For good measure I began to rub Audrey’s clit. That seemed to push her closer to orgasm. I concentrated on holding out as long as possible. I was rewarded when Audrey began to moan in short, staccato bursts. About the time I felt her body begin to tremble and her pussy tighten its grip around my cock, I could hold out no longer. My eyes closed involuntarily and my head thrust back as I felt my cock shoot the first stream of cum into Audrey. Although she seemed lost in her orgasm, I felt her respond to each spurt of my seamen into her cunt. As my intense orgasm subsided, I braced myself against the desk. Aubrey was breathing slow and heavy and I could still feel her pussy intermittently squeeze my cock.

She reached down, pulled my dick out and took turns stroking it and rubbing it over her pussy. She cooed softly at the post-orgasmic stimulation.

I finally pulled back and began to get dressed. She continued to rub herself and play with her cunt. “Thanks, Audrey, for your invaluable help”, I told her.

She replied. “It’s the least I can do for a special customer. If you ever want to buy Cathy another set, I’d be happy to give you another full service treatment!”

“You can count on it!”

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