Linda’s Birthday Bash


As Linda and I continued going to Good time Charlie’s she got to liking it more and more and getting wilder and wilder when she was there. When her birthday was coming up she told me she wanted to go there for a really wild time.

When Saturday night came around we had a quick dinner at home and then got ready to go out. Much to my surprise she stripped to nothing but her shoes and since it was January she went to the Hall closet and got her coat out and put it on. I pointed out that we had to cross the border before we got to the show but she insisted that it wouldn’t be a problem. Somewhat reluctantly I got into the car and away we went. As she had on several other trips over the river she undid a button at the top of her coat and as we entered the inspection area she was showing about half her breasts for the customs agent. This time however it didn’t get her any extra attention when it became apparent the agent was a woman. With a quick shrug she closed up the collar of the coat so it showed less and we got through the usual questions in short order. As we pulled away for the 20 minute drive from the border to the Theater she was laughing and said she hoped the rest of the night would work out better.

When we got to the place we walked in and as she had done before Linda wanted to walk through the booth area before going into the movie side. She moved up and down through the 2 areas of booths and checked out the guys as they were checking her out. Going to one of the booths with a glory hole in it she told me she wanted to go into it by herself and that when she was “involved” with someone she was going to open the door so guys in the hall could see what she was doing. My job was to make sure that if a crowd gathered which she was sure would happen she didn’t end up getting raped.

Linda went into the booth by herself and I saw the light come on that showed a movie was playing. A Few seconds later a guy went into the booth beside her and that light turned on to. I just hung mecidiyeköy eskort around the door to Linda’s booth and after about 2 minutes the door opened about half way. As I looked in there was my wife open to anyone’s view on her knees in the booth sucking off the guy from the next booth. Within a half a minute another guy walking by glanced in and saw what was going on and stopped to watch the action. Linda saw this and smiled while she continued sucking her partner. Others soon joined us and soon there were a half dozen men crowded around the door and one of them swung it the rest of the way open. Without missing a beat Linda just continued sucking and ignored us all standing around watching her. Several of the men pulled their cock out and started jerking off and then I saw her go down on the other guys cock taking it deep in her mouth and start swallowing. I knew he was cumming in her mouth and so did most of the guys watching. One of them turned to the side and blasted his own cum all over the wall beside her door.

Finishing up with her blow Job Linda stood up and stepped out of the booth. Several men reached out to touch her and she didn’t mind as long as they didn’t grab hold as she walked through the group and took my hand. We walked over and into the theater at that point while all the men except the guy who had shot his load followed. Our favourite spot on the couch was available and we sat down while the men sat and stood around to see what would happen next. All this time her coat had still been done up and after giving me a big kiss she settled back to watch the movie for a few minutes.

Not sure what she wanted to do I just enjoyed the lull and asked if her blowjob had been as much fun as she had hoped. She whispered to me that it was fine but she had much more in mind for the night and to just relax and go with it. She told me she’d let me know if it ever got too much for her but unless she asked for my help I was to let her do whatever she wished. With that she taksim eskort undid her coat and spread it open so the men closest to her could see she was naked under it. With that one moved to the end of the couch right beside her and took out his cock starting to jerk off right beside her face. Linda turned towards him and smiled and as he turned towards her she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking her second cock of the night. That activity brought another man over to her and he stood right in front of her taking out his cock. She took it in her right hand and started jerking him while she blew the guy beside her.

As she did this she pulled the man in front of her to the right and then with his cock still in her hand backed off the cock she was blowing and told me to start sucking the new guy. I looked at her and then him. He smiled and pushed his hips forward so I took his cock from Linda and started sucking him. While I sucked him and she went back to work on the guy beside her my guy started feeling her up. Seeing that the guy beside her grabbed her other tit and started pinching her nipple. She took his balls in her hand and fondled them and spread her knees apart at the same time. The other men in the theater were all gathering around by now and several had their cocks out stroking while they watched the show. The guy beside her started pumping into her mouth and then holding her head still pushed into her and held still and again I knew she was getting another load of cum down her throat. When he finished she took the guy I was sucking by the balls and then pulling me back told him she wanted to be fucked.

He immediately got down on his knees and dropped his pants. Linda slid her ass forward to the edge of the couch and guided his cock into her already wet pussy. Another man stepped up beside me presenting his cock to me and she nodded so I started blowing him while watching another guy fuck my wife sprawled on the couch beside me. Yet another man moved up beside her and şişli eskort she turned and started sucking him. Another man stepped onto the couch and stood in front of the guy fucking her and furiously jerked off and within a few seconds sent a shower of cum all over her tits.

As I saw that the guy in my mouth erupted and I got a mouthful of cum for myself and then the guy fucking her grabbed her hips and thrust hard into her pussy and came in a flood up her cunt. AS he pulled out and cum dribbled out of her pussy another started to move into position but she stopped him. Swinging around on the couch she got on her knees with her ass towards me and told me to move down the couch. As I got out of the way another man moved in behind her. She took her coat off and tossed it on the back of the couch as he started fucking her doggie style and she went back to blowing the guy beside her.

For the next half hour she took on all cummers. At least 4 more guys fucked her and she blew another 3 several came up and jerked off on her back and in her hair. Many of them grabbing her tits as they stood beside her. At one point I got into her from behind and I don’t know if she even knew it was me. She finally stopped blowing guys waving one away from her face so he just jerked off and spurted on her. When the guy fucking her finished she again waved the next guy away. She turned to me and with a smirk told me to clean her up. I did what I always did I started licking cum out of her pussy and then off her ass and her back and her tits. Several guys watched this while jerking off and as she opened her legs again told me to clean her pussy really well and she came again while I licked her red sore swollen pussy.

She through her coat on without closing it and went to the women’s bathroom. She emerged a few moments later with most of the cum wiped out of her hair and then told me she was tired and wanted to go home. She was so tired that by the time we got back to the border I had to wake her for customs and then again by the time we got home. The next morning she told me her pussy was too sore to even think about fucking but she gave me a blowjob and thanked me for letting her have the wildest birthday she had ever had.

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