Lily’s First


The fire crackled and popped as Lily sipped her wine. It was Friday night after a long week and she was excited to be cozying up at home. She curled under her favorite blanket and opened her book.

‘Welcome Pet. Please lock the door behind you and head up to the private room. The door is unlocked. Once you are in there, remove your clothes and leave them on the chair. You will see a collar, put it on. If your hair is not in a ponytail, please put that up as well, I’ve left a hair tie if you need it. Then I want you to assume the waiting position by the door. You will kneel down on the floor, and sit back on your feet. You will spread your knees apart so that I will have easy access to what is mine. Your hands will be clasped behind your back. I will be with you momentarily. Kisses, Rachel.’

Lily gently bit her lip, feeling the excitement starting to build in her own body. She slid her hand up her shirt and gently rubbed her nipple between her thumb and index finger making it perk up. ‘Mmm….I wish that were me in the story…’ she kept reading…..

Suddenly the knob turned, and Rachel walked in. Unlike previous times Rachel was not wearing everyday clothes. This time she was wearing a black leather corset that went into a matching garter belt and thigh highs. On her feet were black stiletto heels that clipped with every step she took. Her hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. Her hands were covered with black satin gloves that went up past her elbows and she was carrying a crop. “Good evening Pet. How are you?”

“I’m well Mistress.”

“Are you looking forward to tonight?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Wonderful, let’s start with an inspection.” With that she reached down and checked Allie’s wetness. Allie began to moan and thrust. Rachel slapped her thigh with the crop and Allie jumped.

“No pet, not yet. Tonight you begin your training. Your pussy needs to stay wet and ready, but you are not to cum until you have been given permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, now come over to the bed.”

She slid her hand down to her slit, she normally wasn’t like this but she couldn’t resist. She slowly ran her middle finger up and down her clit. Her wetness increased with every line. I can’t take this she thought, so she ran to her bedroom and grabbed her wand. Slipping out of her pants she slipped under the blanket and put the wand on her clit.

Rachel told Allie to sit up in the waiting position and Allie obliged. Rachel then took the spot on the bed laying her head on the pillow. She removed her thong, but left the garter and thigh highs. Opening her legs she created a space for Allie to come into. “Now pet, I want you to bring your lips close to my pussy and stick your tongue out. I will guide you where I want you. I will direct you to move faster or slower and will push and pull your head to the spot I want.”

Allie couldn’t believe that she was staring at another woman’s pussy. She leaned forward and saw that Rachel’s pussy was glistening. Allie reached out and touched Rachel’s lips with her fingers. “Oh pet, did I tell you you could touch with your fingers?”

“No, Mistress.”

“On all fours. Now is not the time for free exploration, you’re in the middle of a lesson. I’m going to spank you ten times for that”

Allie got on all fours and Rachel brought the crop down on her ass again.

“Count!” she demanded.

Lily began to move her hips up and down faster and faster holding the wand to her clit tightly. “Ahh! Yes!” she was almost there….right on the edge.

“Ding dong!”

‘Who is that?’ Lily thought she wasn’t expecting anyone. ‘They can deal,’ she went back to her wand.

“Ding dong!” “Lily, open up! It’s me Sara. I know you’re in there.”

“Dammit!” Lily said out loud. She quickly pulled up her pants and pushed the wand into the couch cushion.

Opening the door slightly she said “Hey Sara, what’s up?”

“Men suck is what’s up,” pushing past Lily with a bottle of wine.

Lily rested her head on the door jam, guessing that was the end of the cozy night alone. She padded into the kitchen to find Sara already pouring a large glass of wine and rummaging through the cupboard for a snack. Sara was a feisty, 5’5″ with moderate curves in all the right places, her breasts were round full D and always caught the attention of those istanbul travesti around them. She had blonde hair that was kept in a tousled lob style and blue eyes that sparkled like ice. She worked out occasionally but more for the social aspect rather than the exercise itself. Her and Lily would go running or to yoga every now and then. Lily was a little taller at 5’9″, brunette, with long beautiful curls and hazel eyes. Her frame was more petite but her small B cup breasts did the job. When they would go out, men would fall all over Sara and her spunkiness while Lily would sit there quietly.


“Yup! Same old crap just another night.”

Todd and Sara had been on and off for about 2 years now. She was always looking for more, while he seemed to just enjoy the fun of it. Lily was used to this now and usually just let Sara work through it at her own pace.

“Well, maybe it’s time to move on…you want something different that he’s not ready to give yet.”

“I know, but when it’s good, it’s so good and it’s hard to think about not having those times anymore. Can I just crash here tonight?”

“You know you’re always welcome.”

They headed into the living room.

“Movie?” Lily asked.

“Yup, but none of the girly shit tonight…something either funny or where stuff blows up.”

They settled on an action movie and cozied in on the couch.

Lily must have dozed on the couch because she woke to a humming noise. Her eyes popped open when she saw Sara holding her wand.

“Guess I know why it took you so long to answer the door,” she said laughing.

Lily blushed. She could’ve died right there on the spot. She was incredibly private and didn’t talk about such things with anyone.


“No worries, it’s not like we all don’t do it. I just feel bad that I interrupted.”

Lily moved to grab her wand and the book fell off the couch.

“What’s this?” Sara asked, reaching for it. “More Than Just Coffee, hmm sounds interesting. How far did you get?”

‘Great this is just how I saw my night going,’ thought Lily.

“Not far, thanks to someone, just give them to me,” Lily groaned.

“Why can’t I have a read?” Sara pleaded, an evil smirk crawling across her face….she began reading.

“I’m getting more wine,” Lily said, hopping off the couch and taking the wand with her.

She decided this was more than just a glass worth’s occasion so she brought the bottle. When she walked back into the living room Sara was enjoying her own wand.

“What? You don’t have a travel one you bring with you?”

“Uh no, I just got that one and I was hoping nobody would ever know about it.”

“Well, cat’s out of the bag now. Why don’t you read with me?”

Lily gulped more wine and sat down on the couch.

“Might as well get more comfy based on what I’ve already read.”

Sara shimmied out of her pants to reveal a bright pink lace thong. When she took off her hoodie her full breasts fell nicely on her chest revealing no bra. “Your turn,” she said. Lily ran to the door and locked it. She didn’t need any more surprises tonight. “Come on, it’s just me. We’ve known each other forever.”

Lily took another gulp of wine. “Fuck it!” she said as she pulled down her pants and took off her shirt. She quickly wrapped herself in the blanket trying to have some bit of pride.

Sara laughed, “What are you 12?! Come on. Come sit closer.”

Lily scooted closer and they began reading. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Here she was naked, tipsy, reading a sex story with her best friend who she had caught masterbating on her couch. Before she knew it, Sara took out her wand again, she laid back on the pillow and pulled her thong to the side. Lily was trying not to watch, but she couldn’t help. Sara caught her, “Like what you see?”

Lily blushed.

“It’s okay…I don’t mind if you watch.” She took the wand and began circling her clit. Lily could see a damp spot forming on Sara’s panties. Sara began to moan as she moved the wand down, she took off her panties, “These are too restricting…now we can really have fun.” Lily could see that Sara’s damp spot was actually glistening with her juices. It made Lily’s pussy begin to tingle. She began to slide her hand down, sure enough she was very wet.

“Want to join me? Grab your wand.”

Lily istanbul travestileri did as she was told and put the wand on her clit.

“I want to watch…only fair. You see mine, I see yours,” she said with that devilish look.

Lily slowly moved the blanket off not wanting to reveal much.

“Oh come on! I’m not going to bite, well unless you want me to,” she pulled the blanket off of Lily. “What a cute landing strip!”

‘Omg Lily thought, could this get any weirder.”

Sara immediately returned her attention to her wand making her hips move faster. She pinched her nipples and began to moan. Lily didn’t know what to make of it, but found herself incredibly turned on. She began grinding on her wand faster and faster. Before she knew it she could tell that both of them were on edge. She had never been with a woman or watched a woman and she couldn’t believe how turned on it had made her. A moment later Sara cried out, “Fuuucckk!” as she came. She held her orgasm for a moment enjoying the high of it. As she watched Sara’s pussy pulse as she came down, her own pussy throbbed. “Shit!” she yelled. She felt her juices run down her pussy. Her nipples taught and her back arched.

“Well done lady! I didn’t know you had kink in you!”

Lily blushed and scrambled for the blanket. “Don’t be shy. Think of all the doors that are open now,” Sara said, bending in to give Lily a peck on the cheek. “I’m off to the shower. I’ll be right back or you know where to find me.”

‘What just happened’ thought Lily. While at the same time thinking ‘I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on before in my life.’ Her heartbeat steadied….what next? To shower or not to shower? She watched Sara’s bare ass bounce off to the shower and heard the water turn on. ‘What the hell,’ she thought as she tiptoed to the bathroom.

When she arrived the bathroom was already full of steam. She could see Sara soaping up her hair and could hear her humming. ‘At least she seems to be in a better mood’ thought Lily. Lily continued to watch Sara as she moved on to soaping up her body. She noticed that Sara’s breasts were even more beautiful now that they were free. She imagined herself holding them in her hand and wondered what it would be like to suckle on her nipples. Almost on cue as if she knew Lily was there, but not saying anything, Sara began to pinch her nipples and moan. Her nipples stood on edge and Lily felt her body begin to tingle once more. Next Sara slid the extra loofa she kept at Lily’s full of soap to her pussy. Sara leaned forward and rested her head on the shower wall while she began to move faster and faster against the loofa. ‘Damn, this girl doesn’t get tired of this does she?’ thought Lily who was surprised at the intensity of her own orgasm tonight. She heard Sara’s breathing picked up and began to blush, she turned to give her some privacy but accidentally bumped against the table in the hallway. “Everything okay out there?” Sara asked.

“Uh yeah, just wondering if you were hungry and wanted me to pop a pizza in the oven.”

“Yeah, I’m definitely hungry….but maybe we’ll start with dessert.” Lily blushed.

“Sure, sounds good. I’ll meet you downstairs,” she stammered as she turned.

Lily was putting another log on the fire when Sara came in wearing just a towel.

“Did you enjoy the show?” she asked Lily.

“Umm, I don’t know what you mean?”

“Don’t be bashful, I knew you were there. Anything you want to see more up close?” she asked while slowly dropping her towel to the floor. She walked slowly to where Lily was in front of the fireplace. She laid a blanket down on the floor, before kneeling in front of Lily. Lily was stunned, she wanted to touch and explore but was hesitant. Sara could see the interest and intrigue in her eyes. “It’s okay. Just go with it.” She took Lily’s hand and brought it up to her breast. She began to massage her breast using Lily’s hand. Sara pinched her other nipple and as if on cue, Lily took over and pinched it. Lily’s breathing picked up and the adrenaline took over. Before she knew it she began to kiss Sara’s breast.

“That’s it, explore, seek, find what you’ve been missing that you didn’t know you were.”

Lily took Sara’s nipple into her mouth and began sucking slowly…it was heavenly. She began sucking harder as if she was being fed and travesti istanbul having an unknown hunger satisfied for the first time. Lily didn’t even notice that Sara was beginning to move against her, making their pussys almost touch. Sara slid her fingers down the inside of Lily’s pants and pushed them down. Lily sat back and kicked them off, then slid her hoodie back off. She sat there on her heels looking at Lily with her hands behind her back.

“There’s no need for the waiting position. You’re not my pet….yet. That’s another conversation and area to explore another time. Tonight is about you discovering.” She pushed Lily down and climbed on top of her. She began to massage Lily’s breasts…”They are small but they look delicious!” She nibbled and Lily jumped. She leaned down more, putting her breasts near Lily’s mouth while she kissed her face softly. Lily began to suck on Sara’s breasts again and began moving her hips up and down. Sara took her cue and began to lay flat on Lily so that their pussys met. She met rhythm and could feel the wetness increase for both. Not wanting the night to end so early, slid herself down so that she could tease Lily’s pussy. She slowly began tracing her clit with tongue. Lily panicked and tried closing her legs. “What are you doing?”

“Tasting your sweetness. Have you ever been down on before?”


“Oh my heavens! It doesn’t get much more vanilla than you does it? I think we’re about to change that. Open your legs, relax. If you want me to stop at any point, just say so. I promise nothing will hurt and I’ll stop whenever you want.

Lily had known Sara forever so she trusted her. She slowly lowered her legs. Sara began kissing her thighs which made Lily go crazy. Lily tried raising her hips to encourage Sara to move faster, but Sara’s playful grin told her she wasn’t in control. When Lily was about to burst with madness, Sara began tracing her clit again, slowly up and down her slit. She noticed that Lily’s clit was swollen with passion and her pussy was dripping. She took the swollen clit in her lips and sucked on it just as Lily had sucked on her nipples. Lily was getting closer to edge but Sara wasn’t letting her off that easy. She gave her pussy 3 quick slaps. This made Lily squeal and jump. “You said nothing would hurt!”

“Did it really hurt or did it just surprise you?”

“Surprised me.”

“Good that’s what it was supposed to do. I want you to have the orgasm of your life, but not yet. Lay back.”

Lily did as she was told and Sara went back to pleasuring her clit. It wasn’t long before Lily was raising and lowering her hips against Sara’s sucking. Lily reached down and held Sara’s head right in the spot that felt the best. Sara began sucking harder and faster knowing that Lily wouldn’t hold out much longer, she thrusted 2 fingers into her glistening pussy and began fingering her while sucking on her clit. Lily went wild. She was moaning while bucking and before she knew it she was cumming all over Lilly’s fingers and the blanket. She had never known such ecstasy before and she laid there coming down from the high. Sara began to slowly lick Lily’s juices off of her pussy. Lily’s eyes began to roll in the back of her head as she felt more urges building.

“You had your fun, now it’s time to return the favor.” With that being said, Sara climbed over Lily and placed her pussy directly over Lily’s. Lily, unsure of what to do, began to do what she thought Lily had just done to her. First she used her fingers to push back Sara’s lips. She began rubbing her fingers up and down Sara’s clit. She could feel the wetness build so she knew she must be doing something right. She was tempted to slide her fingers down and into her pussy but wasn’t sure if she should. Instead she pulled Sara closer to her mouth and took in her clit. She began sucking her clit before she noticed that Sara took over. Sara lowered herself and began riding Lily’s face.

Lily was then taking in both Sara’s clit and her wet pussy at the same time. She stuck her tongue out further hoping to take in her sweet taste the next time she passed over. Her body tensed at her reward the next time Sara bucked on her face. Lily grabbed Sara’s ass holding her tighter on her face. Sara began riding faster and faster. Lily knew it wouldn’t be long now. She watched Sara pinch her nipples harder before reaching her climax. Sara’s juices covered Lily’s face and against what Lily thought she would feel, she felt the opposite. She didn’t feel dirty covered in another woman’s juices, she felt incredibly turned on and wondered what possibilities she had been missing out on all of this time.

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