Lilac’s 18-Year-Old Friend: Madison Is #1


The other guys on our football team’s staff agree with me that our university should really be called “Fuck U.” Because it is filled with slutty coeds who love to fuck. Although I have to say, now into our third season here, the best fuck of all of them was actually an 18 year old high school senior visiting the campus for a night, named Madison. She was a hot, shapely black track athlete who could fuck the skin off of a hard cock!

I can proudly say, I have a bit of experience in the area, I mean, seeing 18 to 22 year old girls have wild sex. I’m 39 and used to play some ball and got into coaching professional teams in the NFL. That was insanely hard work for really lousy pay. So two and a half years ago, I got invited to join a staff at a not-so-successful college. What a fucking good decision I made to join them. The work was just as hard, the pay even lower, but I found myself around horny college girls pretty constantly. I’m married, but so what. I can’t turn down 19 year old pussy when it’s offered to me. Now halfway through our third season, to date I’ve banged no less than 12 separate girls who go to this school — mostly in their dorm rooms, sometimes on road trips when I’m saying in a motel room. This year I have three regular girlfriends I’m fucking, including a blonde cheerleader in her Junior year, whom I started banging last year.

Based on all this sex I’ve had with the school’s female students, I definitely know a good lay when I have one. And this hot chick Madison was unquestionably a hot lay — who was so good, her man-fucking skills stood out in an orgy with two 19 year old college sophomores. She was one incredibly sexy fuck!

* * * * *

I can’t give a lot of details because I don’t want to particularly identify our school. The night’s events that involved the 18 year old also included what could be deemed to be NCAA recruiting violations. Dude, they go on at every school. We aren’t the Gators, Trojans or Wolverines, we need every competitive advantage we can get. So yeah, sometimes we make sure our recruits have particularly favorable memories of our campus and football program, anything to make sure they are more likely to commit and join us.

That’s how it went down with this one recruit, Thad. A couple years ago he came out of high school as a “5 star” recruit, meaning, the national ranking services thought he was one of the top 30 or 40 incoming players in the entire country, out of over 2,000 they rank. he had ever school lined up to recruit him. But his grades sucked, so he had to qualify by attending a junior college (a JUCO). Now he was eligible to transfer into a D-IA (that is, FCS) program like ours, so we were recruiting him hard.

I have to say, I liked Thad, he was a great kid. A chiseled specimen — six foot four, 220 pounds of solid muscle, and fleet of foot — he looked every bit the part of a football player in pads and helmet. Off the field, he wore glasses and was soft-spoken, a real gentleman. We had a home game that weekend, and that Friday night, he turned down going to some parties because he wanted to see the coaches’ last preparations with the team before the team headed for mandatory curfew in our hotel.

Normally, when the team meetings broke up, I’d just let a recruit like him go off to party with some of the other kids. While the team had to be in bed, lights out, by 11 pm for our noon game the next day, there are plenty of other kids who watch over the recruits when they come to visit for a game. Those kids, usually, are hot chicks.

Chanie was one of the “recruiting guides.” Her job, officially, was to lead recruits around campus for meetings, making sure they were on time, going to the right place, and so forth. Really, she was eye candy. She was a sophomore — 19 years old — and had a hot, slim body, long dark hair, big brown eyes, and a gorgeous face. We aren’t in the sun belt and, at this time of the Fall, cool weather prevailed, but her white skin was still fairly well tanned. At a place like Florida or ASU, she’d be one of a thousand pretty girls. At our school, she was one of a few dozen, I’d say. She was a great hostess, very polite and polished, and was at ease leading around large, athletic black men even though she was a petite white girl. Really, she was great at her job.

I had the hots for Chanie from the day I met her, when the season began. I loved her small ass in her tight jeans, and her perky titties looked luscious on her thin frame. She flirted back with me, talking to me around the team offices time to time, but I’d never made a move on her — yet. The way she looked at my muscular body in my clothing at the offices, she clearly was attracted to me. She saw me staring at her butt more than once, and she never scowled at me for that. So I had the inkling that, if I asked, she’d hook up with me — she was, in those respects, just like many of the girls around campus I’d been fucking. She was just a lot more pretty than most of them, or frankly, any of them.

So the thing is, when Chanie came around to pick up Thad and take him to the dorms to meet people and check out any parties, escort şişli I found myself wanting to tag along with them. Not to police Thad, he was a built, 20 year old black guy who could handle himself around college students. No, I wanted to see if I could hook up with Chanie that night. No more putting off what I might be able to do right then. So I called my wife and said I had some late-night game planning with the other coaches, then I asked Thad if he wanted a guide to help him find some “hot fun” for the night. I told him, trust me, I know where to find horny girls on the campus. It’s called Fuck U., after all, right.

The sexy brunette Chanie didn’t seem to mind too much, when I told her I was tagging along with Thad. She gave me a flirty grin, batting her long dark eyelashes, I was sure she welcomed my presence. So, with a bounce to her step, the sexy brunette sophomore she led Thad and me across the campus, back to her dormitory.

Ah, one of the female dorms. I get hard just walking into it, knowing it was filled with horny, young female pussies, most of them aching for big hard dicks like mine to fill them. I’d even been laid in Chanie’s particular dorm, although the most recent time was the previous school year. A senior named Paulina, if I could remember right, real early in the school year.

Ten minutes later, we wound up with Chanie in her dorm room — but, there were two other girls there already.

One was Chanie’s sophomore roommate, Holly, a long-haired blonde on the track team. I knew Holly from the weight rooms where I coached, she was like the other female athletes — thin, sexy, built, lithe. Probably a good fuck. My first year on campus, I had an ongoing affair with a senior black basketball star, Tricia, whom I befriended in the weight rooms. I had no idea Holly was Chanie’s roommate, it was like a two-for-one prize. I greeted Holly with a gusty grin, saying I recognized her from the track team, but never had the pleasure of really meeting her. Holly smiled at me, almost not surprised to see me. I had earned a reputation of dropping in on college parties (particular sorority parties) and being seen around dorms, so Holly wasn’t phased I was in her room.

Along with Holly was another girl, an eye-popping black youngster named Madison. I was told Madison was still in high school, she was only 18, and was visiting to meet the school’s track team coaches the next day. She had been a teammate of Holly’s back in high school, so she was staying with Holly for the night.

I liked this girl Madison right away. Thin, short, with light-chocolate black skin. Her hair was dark and curly, and full, surrounding her narrow, triangular face. Her pink lips were full, her brown eyes wide and large. She had really slender shoulders and a tiny waist, but oversized C-cup tits that stood out on her chest. Her ass was round and bulbous, it was all muscle, above equally muscular, powerful thighs. She definitely looked every part the track athlete. She was wearing tight cut-off jeans that showed every curve of her hot black butt, and a tight t-shirt that wrapped around the fabulous melons on her chest.

“You’re a football coach?” Madison inquired of me, sounding a little incredulous. When assured that I was, she shrugged and even smiled a bit, as if she was being let into a secret college society where athletes got to hang out with the adult football coaches.

Already aroused just by being with Chanie, now I was fucking lusty being with Chanie, Holly and Madison. Both my heads were plotting how I might fuck not just Chanie, but two or three girls at once. In all my time on campus, I hadn’t fucked two college girls together at the same time. I’d shared girls with other guys, and even fucked one girl in her sorority house bedroom while her roommate ostensibly was asleep (but no one sleeps through that kind of noise and aroma). But never had two or three girls on campus at once. I hadn’t done that since my NFL days, before I was married, or maybe just shortly thereafter. So I was on the prowl for some of the pussy in this bedroom.

The two girls in the room were quite friendly with Thad, and in fact, immediately admired him. Holly’s and Chanie’s beds were in a loft, that is, a wooden structure so the beds were raised off the floor a good five feet. Underneath each bed on the floor was a small loveseat — a two-person sofa — backed into the wall, so these twin sofas were facing each other. Holly and Madison pulled Thad to sit between them on one sofa (well, Holly was sitting on her feet, while Madison was perched on an arm rest), and I snuck onto the opposite sofa next to petite Chanie. It was quite the cozy arrangement.

At first, it was just a place to settle down for a couple of minutes — the plan was to go out to some fraternity parties, and show Thad a good time. Chanie kept getting up to put on makeup and brush out her hair. Holly had the same intentions to show Madison around, but with the studly black athlete sitting next to her, I could see Holly’s eyes betraying a new plan. Maybe a hookup with Thad was in order, the way she was checking out his kağıthane escort body and laughing at every stupid thing Thad said.

Madison, meanwhile, was quiet. She just sat there, perched on the arm rest of the sofa, her muscular, athletic legs dangling in the air. She seemed like she was just along for the ride, and would go wherever Chanie and Holly decided. Her eyes, however, gravitated to Thad’s body time after time, too. The guy had both these college girls lusting for him, I could easily see that.

I steered the conversation to boy/girl topics. I polled the three girls, asking if each had a boyfriend. Chanie did, someone “back home.” How unlucky for him. Holly didn’t have anyone “serious,” and Madison said she was “sort of” dating a college guy, but at another school. I asked how much leeway Chanie and Madison had to hang out with other boys — could they go to parties with a guy? Kiss? Have sex, if it was just for fun? I made it more and more racy, even asking if they could go on dates with other girls without pissing off their boyfriends. The girls answered with laughter usually, but gave me honest replies. Basically, they just wouldn’t tell their boyfriends what they wanted to do. It’s what I wanted to hear.

The way the girls were looking at Thad, and even Chanie at me, I figured maybe we didn’t need to go out hunting for parties. That’s how I put it. “Maybe we could just have our own party here,” I told Thad, barely asking for the girls’ permission, “these seem like nice girls, a guy doesn’t hardly need more, does he?”

The football star flashed a toothy white grin at me, leaning back on the sofa and stretching his arms along the top of the sofa — more or less, putting his arms around Holly’s and Madison’s shoulders. “Nope, can’t disagree wi’chu there, Coach.”

“How about you?” I gave Chanie a hug right next to me, pulling her slim body against my bulky, muscular frame. “You’re the hot hostess — wanna party with Thad and me?”

The petite brunette giggled, allowing herself to be hugged by the married white guy almost twice her age, sitting next to her. “Well, I’m not really supposed to provide my own parties,” quoted the girl to me of recruiting rules, “but, we can stay here, if he won’t get too bored.”

“Ah, hell, who’s gonna be bored?” I was out of control, all I could think about was getting some or all of these bitches naked. “How about, we play a game — something like, strip poker?”

You might think I was being reckless, proposing to get naked with much younger women. But my experience was, these kinds of girls like to get naked with me. That’s how I was so good at finding the horny ones to fuck me. I’d been turned down plenty of times, but if you don’t at least ask, you’ll never get a “yes” answer. Girls know what I’m all about, when I stare at their bodies and tell them how sexy they are. If they aren’t put off by my age or being married, they’ll say yes, most of the time.

Of course, at first, my suggestion of strip poker needed a moment to be welcomed. The four college-age people in the room laughed, mostly nervously, but Thad stroked his stubbly, broad chin pretending to think about it. “Hmm, yeah, strip poker, huh, that sounds fun,” he agreed, smiling playfully at Holly and Madison, two girls he’d only met fifteen or twenty minutes earlier. “Yeah, I do believe, that would be a lotta fun.”

The three girls at first seemed to think it was a joke, laughing and snickering, looking at each other stupidly. But that’s how they do it, girls in college — they were all horny and didn’t mind the idea, but no one wanted to admit it. Someone had to take the lead, like me.

“Got a pack of cards?” I asked of Chanie, realizing that while every college-aged male has at least a pack plus chips in his dorm room, a female might not. Fortunately, she did, fishing them out of her busy desk drawer and tossing me the small box.

My seven inch dick was throbbing hard in my jeans now. I was going to play strip poker with two hot 19 year old coeds and an even more hot 18 year old high school senior. The fact that Thad was in the room too didn’t bother me one bit. I played college and pro football, I’d been around other naked males my whole life, and frankly, I’d fucked girls with other guys. One of my regular girlfriends on campus, Catie, a pretty blonde sophomore, liked me to do her with her college-age boyfriend. I’d also done “FMM” threesomes with two different girls, once Catie and once with another girl, Kiki, the year ago with a rich booster (an alumnus who supported the team in lots of ways). So the fact another male was going to get naked too didn’t phase me one bit.

I took the pack and shuffled it. “Simplified rules,” I announced, pulling a box to serve as the table in the middle of the room between the two sofas, “low card loses. If it’s a tie, draw one more.”

“Ohh my gawwd,” the blonde track athlete Holly moaned, her face lit up with a stupid grin, “are we really gonna do this?”

I answered emphatically, dealing out a face-down card to everyone. “Sure,” I said without hesitation, “why not?”

You know, this escort ataköy really wasn’t a game as much as a stupid, artificial device to get us all naked. I mean, if you play “strip poker,” aren’t you really trying to lose the game? So what’s the point of bidding, or picking more cards. Just decide the loser who has to strip next. In fact, after a couple “rounds” of handing out cards, it was obvious I didn’t need to put them face-down. It was more fun to hand them out face-up, one at a time, slowly, let the suspense build as to who would get the lowest card.

I think we each “lost” a hand, the first five times around. It was a good way to get the nerves out of the room, the girls were still giggling stupidly, while Thad grinning joyously. Each of us removed our shirts — except for Holly, who when she lost, suddenly realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. Instead, she took off her jeans, leaving her in just the t-shirt and her panties. Madison had a black, silky bra that barely contained her awesome tits, while Chanie had a push-up bra revealing cleavage of her smaller, B-cup boobs, a creamy white color offset from the tan lines of her otherwise bronze skin.

I should add, there was some debate whether the whistle around my neck counted as “clothing.” I pretended that my omnipresent whistle would count as one article of clothing — which, like, is a joke, not only because it isn’t, but because the goal of the game was to get nude, not avoid getting nude. But I was hamming it up with the college girls, and they universally told me no, the whistle doesn’t count. Off comes the shirt, Coach, they yelled at me. I gladly obliged, pulling my t-shirt over my head, showing off my thick, sandy-blonde curls of hair on my powerful, muscled chest. I don’t have a six-pack, but I work out daily and have swollen muscles on my arms and not an once of flab on my brick abdomen. I knew those three pairs of female eyes appreciated what they saw as I disrobed.

I kept the whistle on, just for fun.

Things started getting interesting, however, on the sixth round of cards I dealt. Madison got that low card, and she shed her tight jeans — revealing a skimpy black thong to match her black bra. As she bent over to remove her jeans, I had an eyeful of her mostly-naked buttocks. Those cheeks were beautiful: round, powerful, muscular, and a tasty, chocolate-brown color. I hadn’t seen a high school girl’s ass in years, maybe since I was in high school two decades ago, so I very much appreciated the delightful sight of that girl’s hot butt in her skimpy thong.

My attention to Madison’s exquisite, 18 year old ass was quickly diverted. On the next “hand,” poor Holly lost. As I said, she wasn’t wearing a bra and already had lost her jeans, so at the time she was wearing only panties and the t-shirt. The loss meant she had to strip off the t-shirt, and we were about to be exposed to her teenage titties. Thad and I sat back on our respective couches, staring at her, even licking our lips. We were making her nervous. But the track athlete knew she had a hot body, and she ripped off her t-shirt, exposing her delicate, soft A-cup boobies. Thad let out a moan and I grinned adorably at her petite, fit little body. Her shoulders and arms had a deep tan, but her chest was mostly lily-white, and her firm nipples were pink little circles on those milky-white boobies. Combined with her long blonde hair and flat tummy, Holly was perfectly fuckable, and my dick was aching even harder as a result.

While taking off her t-shirt made her blush, Holly was in for an even greater surprise — she lost the next round, too! Yup, wearing only her panties, those had to come off as well. Fuck, most of the rest of us still had on two or three articles of clothing, and Holly was about to get naked. I laughed and made a joke to ease the sexual tension in the room — something like, she had the winning streak of our bad quarterback — but, like Thad, I couldn’t wait to see some teen pussy. The blonde stood up, peeled her panties off, and sat back down on the sofa next to Thad, her knees slightly partied, knowing he and I — as well as Chanie and Madison — were staring at her vagina. It was trimmed, with a thin strip of close-shaved blonde hair around very pink, soft pussylips. My mouth watered, she was fucking hot.

“You’re fucking hot,” I moaned, making sure I was breathing.

She blushed badly at me. “Ummm — thanks.”

The black stud athlete next to her was in full agreement. “Damn right, you’re hot,” he gasped, staring down at her cunt, then flashing a toothy grin at her face. She smiled back, and I saw her glance down his fit, six-pack chest to his crotch, spying his large bulge there.

By this point in the “game,” I had my arm around slender Chanie next to me. She let me caress her naked skin around her bra’s strap. When Thad began observing Holly’s cunt right next to him — but not reaching for it — I felt the brunette under my arm stir, she was restless. I glanced to her face, catching her looking up at me. It was just one of those moments. I didn’t hesitate, I leaned forward and kissed the 19 year old sophomore. She let me, even allowing me to slip some tongue in her mouth briefly, as I had my first kiss with the gorgeous brunette that I’d been meaning to do for weeks. She tasted sweet and fresh, even a hint of mint from her toothpaste.

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