Life Saver


I’ve been thinking of spending a couple days in the mountains for some time now. Just me and the magnificent outdoors. So as soon as my shift ends I head home, load what I need in my truck and head for the campground at Ames Lake. I have a small dome tent, sleeping bag, my fishing gear and tackle, a light jacket just in case it cools down more than I plan, several bottles of water, and just enough cooking gear to prepare the fish I expect to catch. On the way I stop at a fast food place for a light dinner and a little something for breakfast and lunch the next day. It’s mid-week so I hope the place won’t be full of tourists and it isn’t. I find a camp site towards the back of the grounds with no one else within several spaces of me. I set up my tent and, even though it’s a little early, climb in and get some sleep so I can start catching fish early the next morning.

The next day is truly glorious. Bright and clear, blue skies, mountains all around. I fish for a couple hours and catch nothing. Unfortunately, that’s not so unusual. I mean, I’ve caught lots of fish but I’ve also been skunked a lot. So, late morning, I take my gear and lunch and hike further up about two miles to Bristlecone Lake. I again start fishing and in a short while eat the lunch I brought. Just being here is so great that I enjoy the whole experience. It’d be nice to also catch fish but if I don’t, it won’t be a disaster. Then, just when I’m ready to give up and leave, I catch a great one. Must be five pounds. Dinner! So I hike back down to my camp site. I peel a potato and chop it up some, filet the fish, start a small fire and begin to fry the fish and potatos in some butter in my old iron pan.

I’m minding my own business, happy with the day, when my world changes. A really lovely girl, totally stark naked and with a truly bodacious body, runs out of the scrub growth around my site. “Hide me,” she says, breathing rapidly, “they’re after me!” And with that she stoops down and clambers into my little tent, pulling the flap shut after her.

I’m stupified. In a daze or something. What the hell is this? I mean, she’s a truly gorgeous girl. Well, with a body like she has, I guess she’s a woman and not just a girl. And she’s naked. Out here in the middle of nowhere. And she says ‘they’re after her’ and just what does that mean. And then I find out.

Running up the lane, or unpaved camp road, come three guys. The Sweeney’s. I know of them rather than know them. And I’ve never heard anything any good. The biggest, the oldest I would guess, blurts out to me, “See a naked girl go by here?”

I’m still sort pf squatted down holding my frying pan over the little fire. “No,” I say to him, “I think if a naked girl ran by here, I’d notice it and none have passed by here. In fact, for about the last hour that I’ve been here, no one on foot has passed by.” I’m not lieing, no body has passed by. She stopped.

The three Sinop Escort of them look at one another, breathing hard, and the oldest turns to me aagain and says, “Mind if we look around and check out your place?”

I stayed where I was and looked back at them. “Well. since I have nothing to hide, I guess on one hand I wouldn’t mind.” Then real quick, just as the oldest one was starting to lean forward into motion, I added “But,” which stopped him. “Just on general principles, I guess I don’t like people walking up and messing with my stuff, so my answer is, yes I do mind. I don’t want you messing around here.”

The three looked at one another for a moment and then with a sort of dirty, evil grin, the oldest, who is the only one that ever said anything, blurted out, “What if we decide to look anyway?”

I look at the fish in my pan and use a fork to turn it over. “Well, since there are three of you and one of me, I guess you’d succeed,” I said, trying to sound tough. “But I know who you are, the Sweeneys, and I suspect at least one of you knows who I am, so you know you’d end up in an awful lot of trouble. You just have to decide if it’s worth it.”

They looked at each other, glared at me, and the oldest said, “C’mon, she can’t have got far.” and they headed on down the lane.

In a minute, a small voice came out of the tent, “You scared me there for a moment, I thought I was a goner.”

Without turning my head but speaking just loud enough for her to hear, I said, “Shush, they’ll be back.”

My food was done so I went over to the table with attached benchs that every camp site has and started eating, right out of the frying pan. I’ve never been interested in dirtying anything more than I need to. The fish was delicious. A little over cooked. I wasn’t as calm as I hope I sounded to them but that fish helped settle me. I looked around and realized that as much as I love the outdoors and getting away from civilization and its rules, it had it’s drawbacks. And the Sweeney’s could sure be a drawback.

It was only a couple minutes and they came back down the road, glanced over at me and glared but went on. I’m not sure but I think I heard them say something like, “If she made it to the store and a phone we’re in trouble.” And, “How could she use a phone, she was naked, didn’t have any money.” They were still talking as they passed out of sight. I stayed there and finished my meal, then cleaned everything just as I always would and put stuff away. I waited a few minutes longer wondering how safe it was going to be since I knew they weren’t going to catch her. Then a truck went by with the three in it, all looking around. I figured they were about to give up and get out of there be fore they got into trouble from the possible phone call she might have made.

I crawled into the tent. It was twilight by now and fairly dark in there but in the little light Sinop Escort Bayan that was available I could see again that she was a dream of a woman. Dark hair, nice face, great body, and totally naked. She doesn’t shave her pubic hair but apparently she does shave under her arms and her legs.

”What are you doing here like this?” I ask as I’m still on my way in and taking in the looks of her .

“Thank you, thank you,” she says quickly, reaching for me. “How can I thank you enough?”

I have to admit that a thought entered my mind as to how she could thank me. She was about as fuckable a female as I’ve ever seen. For a moment as I crawled in, my face was close enough to her that I had a very quick impulse to lean in and take a lick at that unshaved pussy. I bet it would be delicious. But I didn’t. “Who are you,” I asked, then, again, “How did you end up like this?”

“Well,” she said, and I wondered if I’d get the truth or even be able to tell anyway, “My name is Sue. I came up here with Gary Sweeney. I know now how dumb it was, I guess everything I’ve ever heard is true. But my Dad and the Sweeney’s hate each other and I figured it might be fun to find out about one of them. I mean, Gary’s pretty nice looking and was nice to me. I guess I look for trouble. And we were in his tent and, gee I hate to admit this part, we were both naked because I thought we were going to have some great sex. Then he tells me that his older brother would go first, then him, then his younger brother and something that indicated they’d probably all start over after that. Just then, I heard a truck pull up. Gary was holding his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet so I bit him. I know I drew blood, I could taste it, He yelled real loud and I got out of there and saw two more guys coming and just started running. As I ran, I decided that Gary had only sweet talked me to get me into this situation, that the Sweeneys were going to get to my Dad by raping me. And then I also realized, they’d probably have to kill me because if I told my Dad, he’d sure as Hell kill them.”

“What’s your last name, Sue?”

“Delpy,” she said.

“Jim Delpy is your Dad?”


“I know, or know of, your Dad and brothers. You’re a lot younger.”

“Well, I’m from his second marriage, although my Mother left years ago.”

Jim Delpy is important. Lots of land. Lots of money. Lots of businesses. A tough old bird. I‘ve never heard anything truly bad about him but he’s made a lot of enemies over the years as he’s succceeded. I actually met him once. Or maybe it would be better to say I was once in the same room with him. Then this gorgeous naked female puts her arms around me snuggles up close and moves in to kiss me. I take hold of her arms and hold her away from me.

“Sue, you’re a beautiful woman with a truly delicious body but I think the best we can do is get the heck Escort Sinop out of here as fast as we can and get you home. I think it’ll be best if I can manage to deliver you back to your Dad in the same shape as I found you.”

I gave her my shirt. At least it has long tails and it’s big on her so it covers her to some extent. I put on my light jacket. I put all my things in the truck and then as she skedaddled into my truck, I dropped the tent and stowed it in back and jumped in and we drove away. From Ames Lake, it’s about three hours down out of the mountain and to the Delpy place. I watched the whole way for that truck of the Sweeney’s but never saw it. She acted as if she’d like to be affectionate, slid over next to me, her arm and hand on me one place or another the whole time. I think she’d got herself in the mood for some great sex and didn’t want to go home without any. We didn’t drive in quiet all the way. She told me more about herself. And I did tell her that she was one heck of a good looking female. She found out who I was and told me she was lucky that she ended up in my camp site. I’m pretty sure I could have parked for a half hour or so and enjoyed that body but didn’t. I meant it earlier when I said I wanted to deliver her back to daddy in the same shape as I found her.

It was about nine p.m. when we got to Delpy’s, so Jim didn’t seem all that worried about her. Apparently she often missed dinnner and came in late. Didn’t seem all that concerned, that is, until she got out of my truck and it became obvious to anyone within sight that she was naked beneath that shirt of mine. She couldn’t help flashing a naked pussy as she slipped off the seat and down onto the ground. But she saved the day by yelling out early that I had saved her life, so Jim glared at me some but waited to hear the rest rather than shoot me on sight. Then he got the whole story from her and shook my hand and was very friendly as she went off to get into some clothes and he probably started thinking about what he was going to do to the Sweeney’s.

The fact that I’m a member of the California Highway Patrol, pretty much the same in California as State Troopers are in other states, helped a lot and that he very vaguely remembered me from our one meeting. Then Sue was back with my shirt and walked me to my truck and told me how she really wanted to thank me a lot better than she had up to then. I admitted that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her, or seeing her again since I could hardly ever see more than I had. So she got my address.

When I got home, about twenty-five minutes later, she was parked in front, waiting for me. I guess she drives faster than I do.It took maybe four minutes for us to get to my bedroom and both of us naked just as she was the first time I saw her. I did manage to taste her and she’s delicous. Juicy and loud. But only after she tasted me first. Then my cock fitted into her vagina just as if it was intended to all along and we both managed to have more orgasms in several positions. All night. I have the next day off and she doesn’t act as if she’s leaving so perhaps we’ll try some more positions. She sure knows how to thank a guy.

# # #

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