Letter # 7 — From The Lost Letter Bin At Everheart North Dakota

Adriana Chechik

MEMODonna Getenny – ChairmanWomen’s Council for the Preservation of Everheart City Park1145 E. West StreetEverheart, NDRe:  The Summer Fundraiser ProblemDear Chairman Getenny,You asked me to investigate and report to you about the unfortunate occurrences at this year’s summer fundraiser for the preservation of Everheart City Park. This is my report and conclusions.As you well know now, in the spring, Mona Lott made a powerful argument that the Council was losing out on significant funding by relying on pot luck donations, bake sales and car washes to raise funds for Everheart Park. She pointed out that one thing the women’s council had in abundance was breasts. Every woman on the council had a pair, and we sex izle could raise more money faster with our breasts than with a plateful of cookies. Men who wouldn’t open their wallets for a pulled pork sandwich or a pineapple upside-down cake would pull out the bills like no tomorrow if it meant a chance to see a pair of tits. So after much discussion, the Council decided to raise money through a booth at the Summer Solstice Festival in which we would show our breasts for donations. Things went well at first. We rented and set up a medium-sized tent in the park and put up a sign that told the good things the Council did for the park and then invited people into the tent to look at our tits for a fransız porno donation of five dollars. The tent opened at 11:00 A.M, along with all the other festival concessions. Mona was there. She has delightful tits and elicited smiles and cheers from the guys by hopping up and down and doing jumping jacks. Olga Swensen was there, and her big Swedish tits were particularly popular with the local farmers. As the line in front of the tent grew, more and more Council members decided they wanted their tits to be part of the event and started shedding their blouses. The thinking was, more tits, more money.However, there was trouble brewing, caused partially by the box of wine teen porno that had been opened in the back of the tent to make it easier for our more modest members to lift their blouses. It seems that a few of the ladies, after hitting the wine pretty hard, decided that if tits could bring in money, perhaps their other womanly charms would bring in even more. Agnes Moorehead started it by lifting her skirt to reveal a thong so small that it left nothing to the imagination. This offended Lacy Bandover who claimed Agnes had broken the agreement that the show would be limited to tits and would not include butts and pussies. Agnes appealed to Helga Ogleson who was in charge of the concession. Helga ruled Agnes’s thong was okay because it technically covered both Agnes’s pussy crack and her asshole. This did not please Lacy who said if Agnes could wear a thong then Lacy was going to put on her see-through panties and really give the guys something to look at.

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