Lesbian Call Girl – The Stylist

I’m sitting in the salon, waiting to get my hair done. I’ve been waiting a while, but I don’t mind. I like watching people, in this case, both the hair stylists and the customers. And it helps that I have champagne to sip. It seems that I’ve come in on the anniversary of their opening, and it’s free champagne for everyone.

The receptionist told me that my “associate” would be with me “momentarily”, which has proven to be a bit optimistic. But at last, she’s ready, and comes to greet me. As she walks up, she extends her hand. “Milene? Hi! I’m Amanda. Nice to meet you!”

I shake her hand, but I already know who she is. I asked for her specifically when I made my appointment at the salon. I keep my hair style pretty simple, so I don’t have a regular stylist. I usually just get whoever is available for my appointment. But I do like someone with a personality, and frankly, I prefer a pretty girl. That’s why I requested Amanda. I noticed her the last time I was in. She’s young – I’m guessing in her early to mid-twenties – very pretty, with a personality that’s kind of flippant and pleasantly goofy, in an endearing way.

And she’s a talker. I find that out immediately on my way to her station. She talks nonstop, but the talk is smart and entertaining. I like her. She apologizes for making me wait, though it was not really that long. “I’m so sorry,”. she says. “You’re the last slot of the day, and, you know, things get backed up over time.”

Amanda offers me another glass of champagne, and I accept. We talk briefly about my hair, but I’m distracted. I’m checking Amanda out. She’s definitely pretty – fine, porcelain skin, blue eyes, and a full, sweet face, framed by curly brown hair with a tinge of red. She’s tall – maybe five foot nine – athletic and toned. Her stylist smock hides much of her figure, but from what I can see, she’s a little small on top, with somewhat slim hips on the bottom. She’s wearing yoga pants under the smock, and their tight fit highlights her legs, which are long and shapely. She has a nice body.

Amanda moves away briefly to gather her styling tools. She turns away from me, and now I get to see her ass. Very nice! Then she turns sideways, and I get a real eyeful. Oh my god, her butt is amazing. It’s deliciously round, and from this angle, it protrudes four or five inches out from the rest of her silhouette. I’m immediately obsessed with it.

Christ, I think, it’s obviously been too long. I can always tell, because I start noticing every cute butt that passes by. And honestly, it has been a while. In the best of times, I will book at least one or two clients a week, which means I get a good amount of sex. But it’s been over three weeks since my last client, and I’m in need. I miss my ladies. I miss eating pussy. And ass.

” You like the champagne?” she asks. “It’s really good, isn’t it?” She leans in to whisper conspiratorially, “I’m on my third. I think I’m a little tipsy!” She giggles, and then catches herself. “Oh! But I can still cut your hair. Don’t worry, I’m not that gone! Besides, I could do this in my sleep. It’s in my genes.”

Amanda starts on my hair, and after a short while, the receptionist stops over to see her. “I’m taking off,” she says. “You can close up, right?” Amanda assures her she can, and turns her focus back on me. She continues to talk almost constantly while she cuts my hair. It’s mostly idle chatter, but then, as she’s finishing up, she asks the question that always makes me pause. “So, what do you do for a living?”

I consider giving her one of my usual evasive fibs – that I’m a “life coach” or a masseuse – but then, perhaps emboldened by the alcohol, I think “What the heck?” and give her the truth. “Well,” I tell her, “to be honest, I’m a call girl, a high-priced one.”

I pause to let that sink in. Amanda just looks at me for a few, long seconds. I can see the shock on her face. “Wait… you mean… you’re a prostitute?” She lowers her voice on the last word, despite the fact that we are now alone. So cute.

“I prefer ‘call girl’ actually. I’m not a cheap hooker. In fact, I’m not cheap at all. My clients are all top-shelf – wealthy. And…” I add, dramatically, “they are all female. I only do women.”

That last bit throws her back. She looks at me, mouth agape. “Really???” she says. “Only women? I didn’t know that was a thing.”

“Oh, it’s a thing alright, at least for me. And I have to tell you, it’s a gr-r-r-reat thing.”

Amanda looks a little puzzled, but shrugs it off, as she puts the final touches on my hair. But she’s clearly still distracted by my revelation, and wants to know more. As she’s putting her things away, she suddenly looks over at me, her head cocked to one side, and says, “So basically, you .. um…. you eat pussy for a living. … Is that right?” I can’t suppress a laugh at her comment, and then she seems to realize what she’s said. Her hand goes to her mouth. “OMIGOD! Did I say that out loud??? I’m soooo sorry!!! That was so rude! bursa escort bayan I’m sorry, sometimes I need a governor for my mouth. I think something, and then it just comes shooting out.”

“It’s okay,” I assure her, “I didn’t mean to shock you. I’m sure you don’t get someone like me in here on a regular basis. At least not that you’re aware of.” I can’t resist adding more. I smile sweetly as I continue. “Actually, I like to think I’m a cut above. There’s a reason all my clients are rich. They’re mostly celebrities – actresses, singers, you know?”

Amanda is once again clearly shocked. She stares at me in wide-eyed amazement. “Wow. I’d never have imagined that.” Then after a moment, she asks, “Celebrities, huh? Like who? Who are these women? Come on… dish!”

Now this has gotten tricky. I know I shouldn’t tell her anything. Discretion is essential in my business. But, maybe it’s the alcohol working on me, because I’m really tempted to tell her something, anything, just to keep her interested. The more this goes on, the more I want her. She’s simply adorable.

Finally, I succumb to the temptation. “Well,” I tell her, “it all started years ago with Jessica Simpson.”

Amanda gives me that same look, wide-eyed, her mouth agape. “No!!! Jessica Simpson??? She’s really hot. And she’s a lesbian???”

“Oh, Jessica’s not a lesbian. She just enjoys getting great oral sex.” I keep my eyes riveted on hers as I continue. “And that’s what I gave her. It’s what I give all my clients – exquisite oral sex, the way only another woman can give it, for as long as they want it.”

Amanda seems in a daze, apparently imagining me in bed with Jessica Simpson. “Yeah,” she mutters, “I’ve read that Jessica has a really high sex drive. John Mayer said she was ‘sexual napalm’, whatever that means.”

“Yes, she was pretty much insatiable.” I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t help myself. At this point, I ‘m just hoping to get Amanda interested and turned on. “Sometimes I would do her for hours. It was great fun, actually. You’re right, she’s really hot.”

“Hours??? Wow. I didn’t know that was possible. So… you must eat a lot of pussy, huh? I assume you like it?” Amanda seems to enjoy saying those words – “eating pussy”. I’m not sure why. Maybe it makes her feel naughty. Or, better yet, maybe it’s turning her on.

“Yes, I like it. Actually, I love it. I love pussy. I love women. So, yes, I love eating pussy. And my profession gives me the opportunity to do it for some of the most famous and most beautiful women in the world. I’m living my dream, if you want to know the truth. Oh, and yes, it’s definitely possible to do it for hours. With a few breaks, of course. That’s the benefit of being with another women, versus a man – patience and total dedication to pleasure.”

Amanda has a faraway look for a few seconds, her mind obviously trying to picture all that I’m telling her. Then she snaps out of it and asks, tentatively, “So, who else? Who else’s pussy have you eaten?”

I struggle internally with my answer. Should I tell her more? I could mention Lindsay and Britney, whose past sluttiness is public knowledge anyway. And I’m tempted to tell her about Kaley, which, I think, would really blow her mind. But I don’t. I’ve already said too much. “I really think it’s best that I stay mum on the others, ” I finally respond. But she persists.

“Well, what else did you do for them? Besides eating pussy, I mean” Yeah, she does like saying those words.

“Oh, I eat ass, too, for most of them. Jessica always wanted that. And I enjoyed doing it.” Amanda responds with an open mouth and a slight blush. I continue, “And some of them want to return the favor, if you know what I mean. Which is fine. Not Jessica, though. She’s a total pillow-princess, all take, no give. Not that I minded, of course. I love to give. And she does have an incredible body., even more so when she’s naked and writhing with pleasure.” I keep my eyes focused on Amanda’s and give her a sultry smile as I tell her this, trying to gauge her interest.

Amanda bites her lip as she listens. Her eyes dart from side to side. There is definitely some interest there. I forge ahead. “You know, sweetie,” I say in my best seductive voice, “you seem pretty interested in this. We’re the only ones left here, right? Maybe you’d like to try me out?”

Now she’s totally flustered. “Oh! No. I mean, I don’t know. I… I… Really??? I’m sure I couldn’t afford your fee.”

I’m excited now. She’s on the verge. I smile and reach over to touch her as I tell her, “You don’t understand, dear. There’s no fee. I just want to do you. I think you’re adorable.”

She seems stunned, either by the confession of my attraction or by the situation in general. “Oh… ummm…” she sputters, “I don’t know… I…”

My hand strokes lightly on her arm as I tell her how I’d love to show her how good it can be. “Sweetie, you’ve never had your pussy eaten like bursa anal yapan escort I will eat it.”

Her lip biting becomes more exaggerated. For a few moments, she’s just on the brink, considering my proposition. Then, finally summoning up her courage, she gives me her answer. “Well… Okay, yeah, I guess so.” Not the eager response I was hoping for, but I’ll take it.

“Oh! I’d better close up,” she says, and suddenly, she’s moving frantically around the salon, locking the door and closing all the blinds. Then, she comes back to where I’m still sitting in her stylist’s chair. “Sooooo… what do we do now?” she asks.

“Well, first, let’s move over there,” I say, indicating a large couch in the waiting area. We walk over together. Neither of us sits down. “And now, we probably should take off our clothes.”

Amanda seems hesitant. “Uhhh… everything? Or just…”

I see where she’s going. “Well, I guess you could just take off your bottoms, but trust me, it’s a lot more fun with everything off. I assume you don’t mind if I do the same.”

“Oh. Yeah. Sure. Whatever.”

I take the lead, quickly stripping off my clothes and sitting down casually on the couch. Amanda is a bit shocked by my sudden nudity. “Oh, my goodness,” she exclaims.

“Okay,” I say. “Your turn.”

“Okay. Oh, wait!” she says, and scurries off to the hair-washing area. She comes back with two towels, which she neatly arranges on the couch. “Just in case,” she says with a smile. “It’s an expensive couch.”

Amanda now begins to slowly, somewhat nervously, take off her clothes as I watch. Her smock comes off first, then her tank top, and then her bra, exposing her cute little breasts. She’s blushing again – so sweet. I stay silent, but with a quick raise of my eyebrows, I urge her to continue.

Amanda kicks off her flats, and then, for some reason, perhaps an odd sense of modesty, she turns away from me as she lowers her yoga pants. It’s an unexpected move, but it gives me a prime view of her lovely bottom as her pants come down. She gets them down to her knees, panties included, then bends over to pull them the rest of the way off.

My god, she does have a beautiful ass! Her alabaster cheeks are delightfully round and full, and perfectly proportioned. They look absolutely delicious. All I can think of is two perfect scoops of vanilla ice cream – not the best analogy temperature-wise, but certainly applicable for their creamy yumminess. I had already pretty much decided I was going to eat Amanda’s ass – that’s what started me down this path – but the sight before me definitely clinches that deal. A rush of excitement runs through me as I think about having my face jammed between those luscious young buns. But first things first – I have some pussy to eat.

Amanda sits down, and I immediately give her a gentle push, urging her down on her back. Then I lie on top of her, our faces inches apart, our bodies totally engaged. Her cute face is awash with anticipation and trepidation. I give her a warm smile before covering her mouth with mine. Amanda emits a cute little “Eeek!”, but that turns into a moan as she opens up to let my tongue in. It finds hers, and we swirl them wetly around each other. Now it’s my turn to moan. God, I really want this girl!

I stick with kissing for a while, warming her up, though I’m not sure she needs any more warming now. My hands go to her lovely tits, cupping and squeezing them, at the same time, rubbing my body into hers, letting her experience the feeling of female flesh against her own.

“This is nice, isn’t it?” I ask her. “This is why I insisted we get completely naked.”

“Mmmm, yeah. You feel good,” she replies. “And you’re a good kisser… so soft.”

I’m still fondling her breasts as I answer. “Mmmm, so are you, sweetie. Everything is soft when it’s two women. You’re going to love this. I promise. I’m going to give you an experience you’ll never forget.”

I kiss her again, and Amanda responds with a low moan. Her hands move over my back and sides, tentatively holding me, caressing me. We make out briefly, and then I slide downward, to her neck, her shoulder, and finally to her breasts. As I suspected, they are not large, but they’re certainly big enough – the proverbial “more than a mouthful”. I take in one creamy morsel and suck, pulling the nipple in and flicking my tongue all over it, then maintain the suction as I pull away and make the nipple pop from my mouth. I give its partner the same treatment, and get a delightful “Mmmmm” from Amanda.

I suck on them just a little more, but not too long. I’m dying to go down on her, to give her the pleasure of my mouth on her creaming cunt. Leaving her tittles, I wander downward, lingering briefly on the flat expanse of her belly, which flexes with anticipation. She knows where I’m headed and she wants it. I’m getting excited myself as I go down further, placing gentle kisses bursa rus escort in the hollows of her hipbones.

And then, at last, I’m there. Amanda legs are just slightly open. God, they are beautiful, long and shapely, with an incredibly pale tone that just reeks of lush femininity. I run my hands gently over the silky warmth of them, and she shivers delightfully in response. She gives a little moan and opens her legs wider for me, her left leg climbing up the back of the sofa, while her right hand goes to her knee to pull the other one up and back. Fuck, it’s so hot seeing her do that, splaying herself open for me, physically begging for more. I give it to her, but not too much, not yet. My lips and tongue move delicately over her quivering inner thighs, and Amanda reacts with a delicious series of whimpers that enflame me even more.

As I tease her lovely legs, I sneak a peek between them to check out the treasure of her womanhood. Yum! Amanda’s cunt is a thing of beauty. Her outer lips swell up to form a full, soft mound, and her inner lips, already swollen with arousal, protrude symmetrically all around the edges of her slit, like hot wax oozing out around a seal. I can’t see inside yet, but I’m just dying to. I’m sure she’s wet as fuck.

I continue to tease her, moving from one leg to the other and back again, each time getting closer to her needy cunt, but never touching it. Finally, she groans out a plea, “Oh god, please… just do it… please do me!”

I can’t resist her begging. I use my thumbs to spread her open, revealing the vivid pink flesh inside. Yeah, she’s wet. The delicate tissues are all glistening with moisture. I close my eyes as I take my first taste, licking lightly all over her exposed petals, savoring the delicious heat of her cunt. I take one long, slow lick from the bottom of her slit to the top that makes her gasp and shiver. So hot. I take another, and another. Now the moisture is growing. “Oh my god,” she murmurs, “your tongue feels so good down there.”

Amanda is hot, and she tastes good. She tastes really, really good. I plunge all the way inside her, relishing the clinging heat, the embrace of her inner channel around my tongue. Amanda gives a low whimper and rewards me with a heavy dose of her delicious syrup. I swirl my tongue around in her pussy, gathering more, as her hips start to gyrate, beginning that involuntary but inevitable journey to ecstasy. As I lick her, my fingertips wander over her body, caressing her as my tongue explores inside her.

I push my mouth deep into her hot gash, licking as far into her as I can. Her cuntlips form a tight circle around my mouth as my tongue works its magic, moving up and down, back and forth. “Oh god,” she moans, “that feels so good.” My god, she is so, so wet now, her pussy literally drooling fluids. I’m trying to keep up, but now I can feel her juices running down my chin. I love that. It tells me that she’s really turned on, that she’s thoroughly enjoying what I’m doing to her. And the sounds she’s making! What started as intermittent moans has now become an uninterrupted series of groans and gasps and shrieks. “Ohhh… God!… Yes!…Mmmm… Nnnngg… OOOHHH!!!” Her body moves erotically on the couch, her hips bucking frantically. She’s going to cum soon, and it’s going to be a good one.

I’ve been rubbing my nose on her clit as I eat her – not too much, just enough to keep her swollen little knob stimulated. Now it’s time to really do it. I reluctantly pull my mouth out of her juicy hole and edge up just a bit to take in her pleasure-bud. I give it a gentle suck and then lick oh-so-slowly all over it. Amanda gives a short shriek, and then her voice descends into a deep, needy groaning, “Nnngggg…aaaaah!” I keep at her, licking and sucking to the accompaniment of her groans and squeals. Her back arches off the couch, straining, pleading, and finally, she’s there. She blurts out an “Oh-h-h-h…Fu-u-u-ck!!!” as the waves of pleasure overtake her. I grab onto her hips and keep my mouth plastered to her pulsing cunt as her body trembles and her legs clamp firmly around my head.

It’s a good orgasm, and it goes on for some time. She’s just starting to settle down, her breaths still coming in gasps, when I start back into her. “Oh my god,” she cries, “More???”

“Mmmm,” I reply. “Yes, hon, definitely more. I want you to remember this for a long, long time.” She sort of swoons, and I start licking her again. Her lips are still swollen with desire, and she’s just as wet as the first time, just as tasty. I lick her through another very intense orgasm, and then another. By the time I’m finished, her whole crotch is covered with cunt-cream, which I eagerly lap up, including one stream that has dripped down between her buttcheeks. Finally, I move up to lie on top of her again. I cover her face with light, loving kisses, then slide off to lie beside her. “Well, did you enjoy that?” I ask with a smug smile. I get a girlish giggle in response. “Oh god. Couldn’t you tell?”

We relax for a bit. I’m hoping for more, but I don’t want to push her. Finally, however, I press forward. Sitting up on the couch, I ask, “Do you want some more? Because I definitely do.”

Her first response is surprise, but then a big grin fills her face. “Oh my god. Oh. Yeah. Okay.”

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